New Anthology Series Bashes ‘Social Justice System:’ ‘F*** This Woke Bullsh**!’

A rare television show premiered this week that dared to use the phrase “woke bullshit” when portraying the current cultural moment.

On Thursday, September 16, FX on Hulu premiered the new anthology series The Premise created by B.J. Novak of The Office fame. The series refuses to be pigeon-holed into easily definable categories, sometimes promoting the leftist line and other times skewering it.

The first episode, “Social Justice Sex Tape,” does rely on the offensive anti-police narrative that is now a standard part of BLM-era scripts, but it also satirizes the cruelty and hypocrisy of contemporary social justice. 

In the comedic, over-the-top episode, an innocent black man named Darren (Jermaine Fowler) is wrongfully accused of assaulting a police officer. The twist is that a twenty-something woke white man, Ethan Streiber (Ben Platt), has a homemade sex tape with his ex-girlfriend that can prove the officer lied. Through the window in the background of his tape, it shows that the police officer tripped and injured himself while the black man’s hands were up. 

Streiber, who majored in creative writing at Middlebury College, likes to talk about how he is an ally to black people. “Look I protest, I donate, I march regularly. I really do believe in my bones that black lives matter,” he tells the black female attorneys representing Darren.

Streiber is also a beta-like buffoon whose ex-girlfriends resent him for being selfish and comically clueless in the bedroom, as shown on the tape. The particular ex-girlfriend in the voluntary sex tape uses her time on the stand during the defendant’s trial to attack “how our society gaslights insecure young women that they should be with white men who have nothing to offer them but unearned status, privilege and arrogance.”

The prosecution, after looking through his 10,000 tweets, points out that Streiber behaves like a hypocritical fraud on social media: “This one calls for abolishing the police. This one calls for more law enforcement at a Tame Impala show. ‘Never trust the government.’ ‘Never trust the pharmaceutical industry’ and then ‘The government is doing an amazing job rolling out the vaccine. You’re an idiot if you don’t get it.'”

The defense counsel illegally leaks the sex tape to the media to gain national attention for the case, publicly humiliating Streiber far outside the courtroom. In a final courtroom moment, Streiber expresses frustration at his inability to satisfy the woke gods and how eager everyone is to score points by destroying his life, including his supposed allies.

Streiber: You know what? All I wanted to do is help, okay? And everybody is just – everybody is just making it impossible. Okay. Everybody is dragging me for not being a perfect person. I’ve really done everything I can think of to do. Okay. I posted that black square, I deleted that black square, I reposted the black square, and then I redeleted the black square. And literally nothing is ever enough. Okay. And everyone on all sides is just destroying me to show how good they are. Well, how am I supposed to get a job after this? Hm? You ever thought of that? How am I ever going to get a date after this? Do you realize how deeply fucked up this is for me. 

Judge: Language.

Streiber: No, no, no, no. This system is fucked up. Okay. You know what, actually, actually, both systems are fucked up. The justice system wants to fuck people like Darren and the social justice system wants to fuck people like me. And I’m not perfect. Did I ever say that I was perfect? I am so deeply fucked up in a myriad of fucked up ways just like everybody fucking in this room is, right. But I try so hard. I really try all the time to do the right thing, but it seems like the harder I try the more I just get incessantly shit on. So forget it. Okay. I quit, it’s all over, fuck this court, fuck this system and fuck this woke bullshit!

After his exoneration, Darren thanks everybody but Streiber for helping him to gain his freedom. Instead, he takes time in his thank you speech to make fun of Streiber’s clownish sexual performance on the tape. 

“You said I’d be a hero for this,” Streiber tells the defense lawyer. “I didn’t say you’d look like one,” she replies. His life is ruined, but the national destruction of his reputation is irrelevant to those around him. He is disposable. He spent much of his young life feeding the woke crocodile that says he is worthless as a white “privileged” male. As the episode closes, the crocodile has eaten him and spit him out. 

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Woke Generals Must Be Purged to Save Nation

Woke Generals Must Be Purged to Save Nation

(Caroline Brehman/Pool via AP)

Revelations from a new book, Peril, by Bob Woodward and Rob Costa, reveal just how deep the spiritual rot in the military goes. In the days after the January 6 protest, General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, promised, in the event of a war, to give aid and comfort to China. According to the Washington Post, after the Capitol protest, Milley sent secret communiques to the head of the People’s Liberation Army, promising that “If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time. It’s not going to be a surprise.”

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Woke Education: Teaching Math Is Racist Delegitimizes Field

(jittawit.21/Getty Images)

Teaching that math is ‘racist’ will taint the field for everyone, including those who need it most.

Math proficiency is white supremacy, proclaims Deborah Lowenberg Ball, a mathematics professor and former dean of the University of Michigan School of Education.

In the latest episode of the EdFix Podcast, Ball complains that math is a “harbor for whiteness” and “the very nature of the knowledge and who’s produced it, and what has counted as mathematics is itself dominated by whiteness and racism.” She groans that considering math proficiency to be a sign of intelligence is “raced.” In response, host, Michel Feuer, dean of the George Washington University Graduate School of Education and Human Development, gushes, “Listening to you is the greatest positive reinforcement to be in this profession.”

Unsurprisingly, Ball’s solution included a plug for her consultancy, TeachingWorks, funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. TeachingWorks is no doubt ready to profit by assisting school districts to interrupt “patterns of racism.”

Ball’s views and Feuer’s obeisance sound like parody. Yet, this dangerous paradigm — that getting the right answer, using the right method, or believing some students are more capable than others is white supremacy — is strongly endorsed by educators, leading mathematics organizations, and policy-makers. Include, in the latter group, the Oregon and California Departments of Education. Much of the research and the dissemination of this twaddle is funded by the Gates Foundation, which last year spent $642 million for its U.S. program, including Pathways and other initiatives that focus on eliminating white supremacy from math.

The canard that math is racist has been around for a while. Campus Reform concisely summarized the thesis of a 2017 book by Rochelle Gutierrez, a professor at the University of Illinois, who asserts: “On many levels, mathematics itself operates as whiteness. Who gets credit for doing and developing mathematics, who is capable in mathematics, and who is seen as part of the mathematical community is generally viewed as white.” Gutierrez worries that algebra and geometry perpetuate privilege, fretting that “curricula emphasizing terms like Pythagorean theorem and pi perpetuate a perception that mathematics was largely developed by Greeks and other Europeans.”

Like Ball, Gutierrez complains that math perpetuates white privilege because society’s premium on math skills creates “unearned privilege” for math professors, who are disproportionately white. “Are we really that smart just because we do mathematics?” she asks, questioning why math professors receive more research grants than social studies or English professors.

Gutierrez overstates her concern about credit. Asian and Islamic contributions to math are properly respected, though Greeks and other Europeans played an outsized role in developing the math used today. It seems her objection is more about the paucity of “credit” for so-called marginalized minorities. In faulting facts for perpetuating privilege, Gutierrez falls in line with Ibram X. Kendi’s outcome determinative casuistry: If the outcome of an activity does not at least proportionately benefit blacks, then the activity is per se racist.

Gutierez’s and Ball’s views are gaining traction. As early as 2017, two of America’s leading mathematics organizations, the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics and TODOS: Mathematics for All issued a joint statement criticizing an “unjust system of mathematics education” and demanding a social-justice approach, including reduced testing and ending classes for superior students.

Last September, Education Trust-West, an “advocate for educational justice,” announced its study and tool kit for math standards, “A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction” — funded, of course, by the Gates Foundation. Aimed particularly at grades 6–8, this “Pathway” was developed through a partnership of California educators and “equity” organizations.

Trust-West’s parent organization, The Education Trust, was formed in 1997. Its president, John B. King Jr., was secretary of education in the Obama administration. His credentials are a testament to the ability of black children in America to succeed: B.A. from Harvard, M.A. and doctorate from Columbia, and J.D. from Yale. With his background of accomplishment, it is sad that True-West’s answer to improving math education is to eviscerate its purpose, messengers, and content.

The introduction to “Pathway” explains its purpose:

This tool provides teachers an opportunity to examine their actions, beliefs, and values around teaching mathematics. The framework for deconstructing racism in mathematics offers essential characteristics of antiracist math educators and critical approaches to dismantling white supremacy in math classrooms by making visible the toxic characteristics of white supremacy culture . . . with respect to math. Building on the framework, teachers engage with critical praxis in order to shift their instructional beliefs and practices towards antiracist math education. By centering antiracism, we model how to be antiracist math educators with accountability.

“Pathway” asks administrators to “examine programs and policies and how white supremacy impacts student outcomes (e.g., tracking, course selection, intervention rosters),” and to “hold teachers accountable for completing the activities [recommended by ‘Pathway’].”

“Pathway” makes clear what its authors think of math in the United States, stressing the importance of “dismantling white supremacy in math classrooms by making visible the toxic characteristics of white supremacy culture (Jones and Okun 2001; dismantling Racism 2016) with respect to math.”

The ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions “Pathway” characterizes as white supremacy include: a focus on getting the right answer; independent practice over teamwork (that is, the individual’s ability to learn and solve the problem); tracking (permitting gifted students to take advanced courses not available to less capable students); seeing mistakes as failure; control of the classroom by the teacher, as opposed to permitting students to set the agenda; teaching in a linear fashion; and rigor being taught through the difficulty of the problems.

Other examples of white supremacy in “Pathway” include worship of the written word, perfectionism, either/or thinking, and objectivity. “Pathway” objects that current teaching “allows the defensiveness of Western mathematics to prevail. . . . It also presupposes that ‘good’ math teaching is about a Eurocentric type of mathematics, devoid of cultural ways of being.”

The last observation is gobbledygook. If the authors of “Pathway” believe ending the enumerated practices accommodates the needs of black children, then they do not believe black children can learn math.

That conclusion is reinforced by one prescription offered by “Pathway”: to avoid “paternalism and powerhoarding,” the teacher should stop teaching math. Instead, the teacher should learn from students. Further, “good math” is not about good learning. It is about eliminating “inequity.” That is why tracking is intolerable. It allows better students to advance. If no one learns, the outcomes are equitable. Instead of using numbers to teach math, “Pathway” advocates that schools use numbers to motivate anti-racist discussions of social justice.

It would be one thing if the guidelines of “Pathway” wallowed in obscurity. But the opposite is happening. In July, the California Department of Education issued a Mathematics Framework. Repeatedly quoting from and confirming the conclusions and remedies in “Pathway” and citing a long list of progressive social-justice warriors as its sources, the Framework rejects “natural gifts and talents” and calls for de-emphasizing calculus and eliminating classes for gifted children in grades 6–12 to eliminate “inequity.” Chapters 1 and 2 explain that “equity influences all aspects of this document,” and direct teachers to use math for political discussions about “marginalized communities,” and move away from focusing on correct methods or answers.

The framework also reminds teachers that examining “issues of environmental and social justice” is a high priority for California’s education system. The state is committed to “equity,” which “extends throughout the framework.”

In the 58 pages of Chapter 9, “Supporting Equitable and Engaging Mathematics Instruction,” the framework lambasts educators for a “long history of inequitable access to rich learning” and calls for teachers to overcome “legacy practices” in “culturally relevant” ways including “attention to the impacts of unconscious bias on students’ experiences in the mathematics classroom.”

As a result of pushback from parents and educators, the California Education Department has delayed a final decision on the Mathematics Framework until 2022.

The fiction that seeking the correct method and answer in K–12 basic math is white supremacy, rather than people supremacy, is belied by common sense. In 1999, NASA lost its Mars Climate Orbiter because engineers failed to convert from the metric system to inches, feet, and pounds. During the Gulf War, an American Patriot Missile failed to track and intercept an incoming Iraqi Scud missile, which struck an American army barracks, killing 28 and injuring 99. A GAO report concluded the cause was an inaccurate calculation of the time. Each year, 7,000 to 9,000 Americans die from math errors in medication dosage. Math errors kill and cause substantial property damage and losses each year.

It is an undeniable truth that there are correct and incorrect answers in basic math.

There is no white math, or black math. There is only math. Americans, particularly our black and Hispanic students, are falling behind because, instead of finding better ways to teach, progressive educators debase math.

In the most recent Program for International Student Assessment rankings, the U.S. ranked 38th in math. National Association of Educational Progress math scores show long-term improvement, including by blacks and Hispanics, though progress largely stopped in 2009. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2020, nearly four out of five black and Hispanic eighth graders were not proficient in math.

The progressives retort that tests and disparities in scores also are white supremacy, though they never quantify the “race premium” or explain performance by Asian Americans. There is race-neutral evidence that a poor high-school student who lacks access to coaching and AP courses likely will have the same college performance as a wealthy student whose SAT math score is 30 to 50 points higher. That is a measurable outcome with a clear remedy — adjust the scores for poor students. If and when a differential can be shown to be the result of skin pigmentation, the remedy would be similar.

Instead, advancing “equity” by ending the use of the SAT and ACT, as the University of California system did in May, or ending proficiency exams for high-school seniors, as in Oregon (see here and here), or simply disregarding test scores and pre-selecting outcomes by race, as many progressives demand, won’t help identify those who need help, or improve their education.

Black and Hispanic children should be doing better in math and the sciences. We need to find ways to achieve that result, not ways to hold back gifted children, destroy our ability to measure achievement, or delegitimize math.

The idiocy of having math teachers lead discussions on social justice instead of teaching black children how to do math will ensure that black children never receive the tools they need to succeed.

The only cause being truly advanced here is the cause of employment for progressive consultants. The sophistry of their cringe-inducing lexicon is dangerous. Those who claim the mantle of protector have become the oppressors.

Kenin M. Spivak, is founder and chairman of SMI Group LLC, an international consulting firm and investment bank, and a lifetime member of the National Association of Scholars. 

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Pro-life victories in Texas cause woke corporations to flip out

Pro-life victories in Texas cause woke corporations to flip out

In pro-life news this week, the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision allowing the Texas heartbeat law to stand is creating a stir with companies like Uber and Lyft, the popular taxi alternatives, which are trying to undermine the law. Plus, there was a bomb threat made against a Texas pro-life group.

LifeSite News ClipsSeptember 15, 2021


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Pro-life victories in Texas cause woke corporations to flip out

(LifeSiteNews) — In pro-life news this week, the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision allowing the Texas heartbeat law to stand is creating a stir with companies like Uber and Lyft, the popular taxi alternatives, which are trying to undermine the law. Plus, there was a bomb threat made against a Texas pro-life group. But here’s the thing, the law in question is estimated to have already saved the lives of over a thousand babies, and has led to courts approving other pro-life laws in other states. Meanwhile, there are pro-life victories in England and India, too.


The Texas heartbeat abortion law, which basically bans abortion after six weeks gestation, went into effect on September 1 after the Supreme Court of the United States ruled 5-4 to reject an emergency request to block the law by abortion activists. Instead of having the state prosecute violators, the bill “exclusively” empowers private citizens to bring civil suits against abortionists, or those who aid or abet abortions, punishable by a minimum of $10,000 in statutory relief per abortion.

Texas Right to Life (TRTL) set up a website called, so concerned Texans could anonymously report abortionists and those who abet them in committing abortions after finding a heartbeat, or without testing for one. The web-hosting giant GoDaddy, which is famous for originally advertising with scantily clad women, kicked Texas Right to Life off their platform.

If you’d like to contact them, here is the GoDaddy 24/7 support line phone number: 480-463-8390. In response to GoDaddy’s stance, Seth Dillon, the CEO of popular Christian satire site Babylon Bee, said he would donate $20,000 to Texas Right to Life.

Indeed, abortion activists are not happy with the heartbeat law — so much so that one of them sent a bomb threat to Texas Right to Life. The group was forced to evacuate its Houston headquarters late Friday over an emailed bomb threat. Police were called around 10:15 a.m. on September 10 after receiving the bomb threat. While police were on the scene, a postal worker delivered a suspicious package. Officers immediately evacuated the building and called the Houston Police Department’s bomb squad. The bomb squad evaluated the package with x-ray and determined the contents were not harmful.

Meanwhile, the popular taxi alternatives Uber and Lyft have shown themselves to be abortion activists. Both companies have promised to pay the legal fees for drivers who are sued under Texas’ recently implemented heartbeat law. Lyft CEO Logan Green also said he’d donate one million dollars to Planned Parenthood. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi echoed Green’s commitment to paying the fines of those who aid and abet criminal abortions. Uber has previously fired a New York driver for refusing to drive a woman to an abortion facility.

If you ever wanted a motivation to get back to regular taxi service, you’ve got it now.

The CEO and co-owner of a video game development company called Tripwire Interactive has been forced out of his job after he made comments on Twitter in support of Texas’ law.

John Gibson wrote September 4 on Twitter: “Proud of #USSupremeCourt affirming the Texas law banning abortion for babies with a heartbeat.”

“As an entertainer I don’t get political often. Yet with so many vocal peers on the other side of this issue, I felt it was important to go on the record as a pro-life game developer.”

Gibson “stepped down” as CEO of Tripwire Interactive as of September 6, according to the company. He co-founded the Georgia-based corporation in January 2005.

Not surprisingly, the Biden administration launched a federal lawsuit Thursday against Texas over the law, claiming it violates both federal law and longstanding judicial precedent. In a press scrum Biden lambasted the Texas law suggesting it is un-American.

But the heartbeat legislation in Texas has also had positive feedback around the nation, as several states have already signed similar legislation.

On Thursday, Gov. Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma celebrated nine new pro-life laws including a heartbeat bill with a ceremonial bill signing. Stitt was unapologetic about the pro-life direction of his state. “I promised Oklahomans I would sign every piece of pro-life legislation that came across my desk and I am proud to keep that promise,” he said. “As a father of six, it’s an honor to be the most pro-life governor in the country and I will always step up to protect the lives of unborn children.”

And the Supreme Court win has already led to wins in other courts, as well. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals on September 8 ruled in favor of Indiana’s bid to enforce several pro-life laws, including a prohibition on chemical abortion drugs being dispensed through telemedicine, as well as establishing health and safety standards for abortion facilities. Two of the three federal judges on the panel ruled that Indiana would likely succeed in its legal battles and overturned a stay, or pause, on enforcement of the laws, some of which have been on the books for years.

But rulings from the courts have not all been positive.


On Tuesday, the Mexican Supreme Court struck down several articles that protected unborn life in the penal code of the Mexican state of Coahuila, potentially opening the door to legal abortion throughout Mexico. Currently, elective abortion is legal in Mexico City, and in the states of Oaxaca, Hidalgo, and Veracruz until the unborn child is 12 weeks old. Since 2019, abortions for reasons of rape have been permissible throughout the country, though elective abortion has remained illegal. Coahuila is the most recent state to change its tune on the legality of abortion, although decriminalization does not make the procedure legal. Coahuila shares a border with Texas.

Mexico is home to the famous apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who appeared almost 500 years ago to St. Juan Diego in what is now Mexico City. Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Patroness of the unborn. Historically a devout Catholic nation, the abortion debate is very contentious in Mexico, even among Mexicans who do not practice the faith. Almost immediately after the pro-abortion decision, a major earthquake struck near the port city of Acapulco. The quake was measured at a 7.1 magnitude on the Richter scale, and aftershocks were felt as far inland as Mexico City. Over a million people were left without power for a time, and so far at least one person has been killed as a result.


Meanwhile in India, the High Court of the Indian State of Kerala dismissed a mother’s request to abort her 31-week-old baby, stating the “right to life of an unborn” cannot be treated “differently from a born child.”

“In the absence of any threat to the life or health of the mother,” the ruling stated, “the reproductive choice of the mother, which is a facet of the fundamental right guaranteed to her under Article 21 of the Constitution, will have to give way to the right of the unborn to be born.” Article 21 of the Indian Constitution secures two rights: the right to life and the right to personal liberty. The ruling says “the unborn has life from the stage it transforms into fetus. If the unborn has life, though it is not a natural person, it can certainly be considered as a person within the meaning of Article 21 of the Constitution, for there is absolutely no reason to treat an unborn child differently from a born child.”


And speaking of good pro-life news internationally, the U.K. held its annual March for Life on Saturday, gathering around 4,000 pro-life activists who marched through the streets of London with the slogan: “Life from conception! No exception!” The march ended in prayer with a blessing from Bishop Paul Swarbick of the Diocese of Lancaster.

John-Henry is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of He and his wife Dianne and their eight children live in the Ottawa Valley in Ontario, Canada.

He has spoken at conferences and retreats, and appeared on radio and television throughout North America, Europe and Asia. John-Henry founded the Rome Life Forum an annual strategy meeting for pro-life leaders worldwide. He co-founded Voice of the Family and serves on the executive of the Canadian National March for Life Committee, and the annual National Pro-Life Youth Conference.  

He is a consultant to Canada’s largest pro-life organization Campaign Life Coalition, and serves on the executive of the Ontario branch of the organization.  He has run three times for political office in the province of Ontario representing the Family Coalition Party.  

John-Henry earned an MA from the University of Toronto in School and Child Clinical Psychology and an Honours BA from York University in Psychology.

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Social media lambastes woke teacher for resurfaced viral video in which he complains that making children behave in class is ‘white supremacy’

Social media users are calling for a Virginia high school teacher to be fired after a May video resurfaced showing the teacher saying that making children behave in class is akin to “white supremacy.”

What are the details?

According to the New York Post, Josh Thompson — an English teacher at Blacksburg High School in Blacksburg, Virginia — raised eyebrows and ruffled feathers after a since-deleted TikTok video of him from May began making rounds on the internet this week.

In the video, Thompson blasted the district’s Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports program — which is used to help reduce disruptive behaviors in the classroom — by saying that the notion is the very “definition of white supremacy.”

Calling the techniques “white supremacy with a hug,” Thompson said, “It’s things like making sure that you’re following directions, and making sure that you’re sitting quietly, and you are in your seat — and all these things that come from white culture.”

He continued, “The idea of just sitting quiet and being told stuff and taking things in in a passive stance, is not a thing that’s in many cultures. So if we’re positively enforcing these behaviors, we are by extension positively enforcing elements of white culture.”

Such practices keep “whiteness at the center — which is the definition of ‘white supremacy,'” he added.

The Post reported that as of Wednesday morning, Thompson’s social presence appears to have been set to private.

What did people say in response?

According to the outlet, conservative author Brigitte Gabriel shared the clip, which she captioned, “FIRE this teacher.”

Others, the Post noted, said that Thompson was the “perfect poster boy for woke,” while another another social media user added, “So you’re telling me when I was in school and not listening, I was fighting racism? Wait until my mom hears this!”

One user, who identified herself as a black school teacher, pointed out that Thompson’s remarks were divisive to say the least.

She wrote, “I’m a black teacher. Any notion that behaving and following directions are inherently white traits disgusts me. It highlights the bigotry of low expectations that permeates the Education system. Black and brown students are capable and should not be held to separate standards.”

Another user chimed in, “Implying minorities can’t be held to the same standard as the majority because of their color is racism.”

“Assuming that only the white culture shares the value of being polite and respectful is blatant racism,” one user insisted. “Besides, this behavior while learning is way more prevalent in Asian countries than in Occidental ones.”

Yet another user asked, “Has this guy actually been in classrooms in Africa, India, Latin America, etc? I have. If anything, we are way more lax in enforcing classroom behavioral issues than other cultures. The norm in most cultures is still ‘sit quietly and listen.'”

Has the district spoken out?

A spokesperson for the Montgomery County School District told Fox News that while it is certainly “proud” of its PBIS program, it also supports Thompson’s right to freely speak on the topic.

“A teacher is entitled to their personal belief regarding any division program,” the statement read, noting that “the statements made by this teacher do not reflect our PBIS program or the behavioral expectations that we have of students in our schools.”

The statement added, “MCPS has used PBIS in our schools for eight years. We are proud of our PBIS work. This work helps create a standard for social-emotional learning and behavior expectations in the school building.”

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Smear Campaign Against Larry Elder Reveals Fraud by Woke Media

Blue California decided to stay blue.

That appears to be the take from California’s recall election Tuesday, which saw Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, defeat a long list of challengers. The most prominent of them was Larry Elder, a conservative talk radio host.

It’s been a long time since Republicans have done anything at the statewide level in California, and the Golden State is even more left-leaning than when it recalled another Democrat, Gov. Gray Davis, in 2003.  

Recalling and removing even an unpopular and failing Democrat politician such as Newsom was going to be a tall order regardless, especially when he has such a financial advantage.

But for the record, it’s important to note the vicious smear campaign directed at Elder, a black Republican.

California’s progressive powers that be are among the most committed to the woke “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” revolution. California not only includes critical race theory in its statewide K-12 curriculum, but outright mandates ethnic and social justice studies at its public universities.

Yet Elder, who would have become the state’s first black governor had he won, was smeared continually by California media at the behest of the left in the most absurd and often quite offensive ways.

The Los Angeles Times ran an opinion column in August headlined “Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy. You’ve been warned.” Another Los Angeles Times columnist linked Elder to the politics of David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan.

In fact, the Times ran often misleading attacks on Elder almost nonstop from the moment he entered the campaign to replace Newsom as governor.

It got worse.

Late in the campaign, Elder was subjected to an assault by an unidentified white woman in a gorilla mask who hurled an egg at him. It was a disgusting act.

Imagine, for a moment, that this identical attack had occurred against a black Democrat. Kyle Smith, writing for the New York Post, was spot on with this analysis:

We would be treated to multiple news analyses about the history of the usage of gorilla tropes against blacks. Joy-Ann Reid, Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon would be doing hour-long broadcasts on the attack, convening panels discussing just how the attack pulls the scab off racism in America, and proves we have so much work left to do in dealing with the problem. Vox would commission a series about California’s grim history of racism dating back to the Chinese Exclusion Act, and Asian-American and Latino writers would hasten to explain that California’s historic hostility to all sorts of persons of color is as traditional as its Tournament of Roses parade.


What was the media’s response to the attack on Elder?

From the national media, crickets.

The LA Times actually covered the story, but buried the lede.

“The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating an altercation Wednesday in Venice involving a group of homeless people and supporters of Larry Elder, Republican candidate for governor,” the newspaper’s report began.

This not only dodges the main story, but makes it seem like it was Elder and his supporters who provoked the incident rather than an apparent leftist agitator.

Even worse, the Times published a photo from that event that made it look like Elder was slapping a woman, when she actually was a supporter whom the candidate was about to embrace.

The newspaper later changed the photo after receiving criticism, but it’s hard to see this as simply a thoughtless mistake in photo choice given the other coverage of Elder.

Perhaps this is all entirely unsurprising for those who have observed partisan media behavior in recent years. 

We live in such a twisted media environment that so-called journalists define a black man who is the son of a Marine from South Central Los Angeles as the “face of white supremacy,” but give a pass to his privileged opponent from a wealthy family.

As columnist William McGurn writes in The Wall Street Journal:

Newsom’s father was a well-connected state judge who once managed one of the trusts for the family of oil magnate J. Paul Getty. As for his son, the Los Angeles Times says that ‘a coterie of San Francisco’s wealthiest families has backed him at every step of his rise.’ This privilege is reflected in the $70 million Mr. Newsom raised to fight the recall—more than five times the $13 million raised by his leading challenger, Republican Larry Elder.

The so-called Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion movement is all about ending “white privilege” unless there is a “D” next to the name on the ballot. 

As far as political campaigns, maybe none of this matters much. Elder, who claimed 47% of the vote and led the 46 candidates to replace Newsom, went down in a political environment in which only a progressive Democrat can win statewide office no matter how badly he or she has failed.

However, it does demonstrate just how much the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion mantras are really a mask for political power.

Even if you are a minority and what progressives see as part of a historically oppressed group, you almost certainly will be redefined as a “white supremacist” if you oppose their power in any way. 

All failures, malfeasance, and privilege will be excused away, as long as it’s useful for “the cause.”

Have an opinion about this article? To sound off, please email [email protected] and we’ll consider publishing your edited remarks in our regular “We Hear You” feature. Remember to include the URL or headline of the article plus your name and town and/or state. 

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Woke NFL Owner Give $5 Million to Law School to Help Train Agents of ‘Social Change’ – RedState

Not that pandering NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s league wasn’t already “woke” enough…

Zygi Wilf, the principal owner of the Minnesota Vikings has donated $5 million to New York Law School to support a program intended to train agents of “social change.”

As reported by Reuters, Wilf is a real estate billionaire who received a law degree from New York Law School in 1973. In a statement after making the donation to the school from his family’s philanthropical organization, Wilf said that the donation would help encourage diversity in the legal field.

As transcribed by Reuters:

As an alumnus of (New York Law School), I know the students are committed to creating a fairer, more just world, and we look forward to seeing what these scholars accomplish as part of this program.

It is also essential that we continue to diversify the legal field, and we hope this program will attract a diverse range of students who can bring new perspectives and insights to the legal profession.

The equally woke law school was elated by the donation, saying it would allow them to “profoundly expand” their efforts to “support students interested in seeking legal instruction in social justice.”

New York Law School dean Anthony Crowell said in a statement, according to Reuters:

This transformative gift will open doors and change lives. I am profoundly grateful to Zygi Wilf and his family for their exceptional vision, their commitment [to] a more inclusive legal profession, and their belief in the power of change through the law.

The school will offer scholarships through the newly organized Wilf Impact Center, noted Reuters, for the sake of training agents of social change. Students chosen for the social justice scholarships will be called Wilf Scholars. [rolling-eyes emoji]

In related Woke NFL™ news, as reported by my colleague Nick Arama, Bill Maher blasted the NFL for playing “Lift Every Voice and Sing” before the season’s first game on Sunday.

The host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” referred to the song, sometimes referred to as the “black national anthem,” as part of “segregation…under a different name.”

The bottom line.

The Left continues to employ a “go woke or go broke” strategy — it thinks. In reality — and there is no better example than Roger Goodell’s NFL — “go woke and go broke” is the silly game they continue to play.

Meanwhile, if you missed “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” last night, check out my previous article:

Tucker Carlson: Milley Committed Treason, Others Implicated

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AOC Causes Cringe Meters to Explode With Response to ‘Tax the Rich’ Dress Criticism – RedState

As we reported earlier, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez arrived at last night’s Met Gala function wearing a white, off-the-shoulder mermaid dress that had “Tax the Rich” scribbled in big red letters on the back of it.

For anyone who missed it, here’s what the dress looked like:

Naturally, “woke” Democrats in the fashion industry and beyond gushed over AOC’s fashion choice as though it was one of the most creative and unique ideas for getting a political message across ever (newsflash: it wasn’t).

Critics, on the other hand, were understandably not impressed, like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Donald Trump, Jr, both of who noted the double standards displayed by the so-called “Squad” leader for showing up to a ritzy $30,000/person event and mingling with some of the world’s richest and most famous people while not wearing a mask (though the hired help at the event were spotted wearing masks, of course, because the rules are only for the little people). Others hilariously pointed out how AOC’s dress reminded them of a Chick-fil-A bag.

Not surprisingly, AOC was clearly chomping at the bit to respond to those who she routinely calls her “haters” on the right. She took to Instagram earlier today and invoked the tiresome woman card in the process, causing cringe meters to explode:

“I and my body have been so heavily and relentlessly policed from all corners politically …”? LMAO. Seriously?

Let’s break down her cringeworthy response just to demonstrate the absolute absurdity and stupidity of it all.

First things first, she chose to wear a dress with a political message. Not only that, but she chose the message to be on the back of the dress and not the front, so obviously her, um, assets were going to be on display as she made sure to do in pictures and video.

That said, AOC could have just as well worn a Kentucky Derby-style fancy hat with a political message, or put the message on the front of her dress like model Cara Delevingne did, or carried a purse with a political message like woke soccer star Megan Rapinoe did and she would have received exactly the same criticism over her hypocritical message.

Further, had a male Democrat politician done the same thing he would have gotten similar responses. It was just a dumb thing to do, considering where she was and the lame excuse-making she put out there in the immediate aftermath, laughably making it sound as though she had little choice but to attend considering how “NYC elected officials are regularly invited to and attend the Met due to our responsibilities in overseeing our city’s cultural institutions that serve the public.”

The backlash over AOC’s dress had nothing to do with the fact that she was a woman, nor was her body the focal point of 99.9% of the criticism. Her pretending to be a victim of the patriarchy or whatever here was pretty pathetic even for her, but considering her wacko explanation behind using the term “menstruating people” to describe women, I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised to see her in the innocent damsel in distress role we see supposed “feminists” play far too often.

Final point:

‘Nuff said.

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