Red White & Truth with Mike Crispi – A New World Order Ft. Anthony Sabatini 9/16/21

The country we have seen and read about for the last 100 years literally doesn’t exist anymore. Over the
past decade, world leaders abroad and within the United States have actively worked to undermine
America’s standing on the world stage. This is why they were so afraid of Trump. Whether it’s a
fundamental belief in “global governance” or dark financial interests pulling the strings, Democrats and
RINOS alike have equally led us to the point we are at now. On this episode of RWT, we string together
all of the major events from the last 18 months up until today to demonstrate how at every turn America
was intentionally harmed. None of it is a coincidence. We are also joined by a man trying to reverse this
troubling trend, Anthony Sabatini, Florida House Rep running for US Congress.

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Biden prepares to host historic ‘Quad’ summit at White House

President Biden is preparing to host the first-ever in-person summit of leaders from the so-called Quad countries — the U.S., India, Japan and Australia — in a sign of growing momentum behind what began as a Trump-era push to rally Asia’s most powerful democracies into a more formal grouping to confront and contain communist China.

The Sept. 24 White House summit dovetails with this week’s announcement of a U.S.-Australian-U.K. security pact that many see as a parallel effort to counter China. The administration’s embrace of the pact and promotion of the Quad underscores what analysts say is an accelerating U.S. shift in focus toward the Indo-Pacific region after decades of war and focus on terrorist groups in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Mr. Biden has essentially picked up where Trump administration officials left off by embracing the Quad as a central vehicle for the strategic shift, triggering increasingly heated responses from Beijing. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said this week that the Quad is “doomed to fail” because its members are united by little more than the challenge they face from Beijing.

Regional experts, however, say the U.S., Japanese, Indian and Australian strategic alignment is openly and rapidly expanding in response to years of Chinese aggression against democracy in Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as Beijing‘s growing economic and military clout.

“This kind of cooperation among the Quad leaders, with a meeting at the White House, broadcasts clearly to China that it has a major challenge on its hands,” said Patrick M. Cronin, the Asia-Pacific security chair at the Hudson Institute in Washington.

Mr. Cronin said in an interview that he believes Chinese President Xi Jinping has encouraged pushback by embracing an offensive foreign policy.

“On top of all of Xi’s other problems, including those he’s facing at home with the COVID-19 pandemic, he has now galvanized four leading maritime democracies to spearhead a political, economic and military alignment that can stand up to China‘s provocations and coercion,” Mr. Cronin said.

“The fear that Taiwan could get whipsawed by China and that other regional actors, such as the Philippines and Vietnam, could be bullied by China has the Quad leaders wanting to help,” he said. “They want to do something about it to help insulate Southeast Asia from China’s bullying and coercion.

“The point here,” he said, “is that perception of the ‘China threat’ has dramatically risen in the eyes of New Delhi, Tokyo, Canberra and Washington in recent years.”

China has responded with increasingly heated rhetoric since August 2020 when Deputy Secretary of State Stephen E. Biegun floated the idea that an informal U.S., Japanese, Australian and Indian defense alignment could be the core of a NATO-style alliance in Asia.

Chinese Foreign Ministry officials have downplayed the notion, saying the Quad has no momentum. They also have accused the U.S. of trying to militarize the region and foment a confrontation with Beijing.

Chinese analysts say the Quad countries have different agendas and challenges regarding China. One analyst compared the Quad grouping to “four patients with different illnesses but stay in the same hospital ward.” Skeptics also note that China is the single biggest import and export market for Australia and Japan and the biggest importer for U.S. and Indian markets.

Gaining momentum

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison will be coming to the U.S. for the U.N. General Assembly session next week, but the Quad meeting is likely to generate its own wave of international attention.

The grouping was initiated in 2007 by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, although it struggled to gain major momentum as the U.S. and other powers still sought to engage with a rising China. Regional strategists say the landscape has been far more promising since the Trump administration put its weight behind the idea.

The Biden administration hosted the first virtual meeting of the Quad leaders in March. After a round of joint military exercises among the Quad nations, the meeting produced a joint statement in which the leaders vowed to coordinate closely on COVID-19 vaccine and climate initiatives.

They also pledged greater collaboration on “maritime security, to meet challenges to the rules-based maritime order in the East and South China Seas.” The language references frustration among many Asian nations that view China‘s aggressive sovereignty claims and construction of military bases on artificial islands in disputed areas of the South China Sea as violations of international law.

Because most countries in the region depend heavily on China for trade, few have been willing to fully break with Beijing.

The March meeting spurred speculation that Washington may seek to establish an informal “Quad-plus” to include smaller nations on China’s periphery, including South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and perhaps Vietnam.

A senior administration official told The Times that “there are currently no plans to expand the Quad by adding additional countries,” but Mr. Biden’s top Asia policy adviser has openly sought to encourage others to “engage” with the grouping.

“This is not a fancy club,” Kurt Campbell, National Security Council coordinator for Indo-Pacific affairs, told an online event hosted by Stanford University in May. “If there are other countries that believe that they’d like to engage and work with us, the door will be open as we go forward.”

Chinese officials appear to be fuming at the notion. “China can retaliate economically if red line crossed,” a headline in the Chinese Communist Party-aligned Global Times warned ahead of the March meeting.

This time, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said any anti-China grouping in the region is “doomed to fail.”

“Forming closed and exclusive ‘cliques’ targeting other countries runs counter to the trend of the times and deviates from the expectation of regional countries,” Mr. Zhao told reporters in Beijing on Tuesday when asked about the upcoming summit at the White House.

“It thus wins no support and is doomed to fail,” he said, and “relevant countries should discard the outdated zero-sum mentality and narrow-minded geopolitical perception.”

China is not only a major engine of economic growth in the Asia-Pacific but also a staunch defender of regional peace and stability,” Mr. Zhao said.

Despite promoting the Quad, Biden administration officials have sought to avoid provocative rhetoric in public over the initiative. A White House statement announcing the summit of Quad leaders made no mention of China.

“Hosting the leaders of the Quad demonstrates the Biden-Harris Administration’s priority of engaging in the Indo-Pacific, including through new multilateral configurations to meet the challenges of the 21st century,” the statement said. “The Quad leaders will be focused on deepening our ties and advancing practical cooperation on areas such as combatting COVID-19, addressing the climate crisis, partnering on emerging technologies and cyberspace, and promoting a free and open Indo-Pacific.”

Mr. Cronin, meanwhile, said he believes China‘s expanding military activity near Taiwan — the island democracy where the communist government in Beijing has long claimed sovereignty — is likely also to be on the agenda.

“I think we’re going to see this dimension about peace and security in the Taiwan Strait, maritime security and defense technology cooperation, both through joint exercises and through research and development projects,” he said. “It’s just further augmentation of the defense dimension of the relationship.”

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Biden’s coughing questioned during White House briefing

It’s nothing to sneeze at.

President Biden’s persistent coughing and clearing his throat while addressing the public sparked questions at the White House briefing on Thursday about the health of the president — after he paused several times to clear his throat during his speech on tax hikes minutes earlier.

“Many of us were in the East Room watching the president, we’ve seen him on many occasions where he had a repeated cough. What is the situation with that cough and is it a concern?” asked NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell. 

“It’s not a concern,” said White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

“We have a doctor who travels with him, obviously who checks in if it is ever warranted, and certainly that continues to be the case, as it has been since the beginning of his presidency,” she added.

“Is there an explanation for why he coughs so frequently in situations like that?” O’Donnell pressed.

President Joe Biden pauses to cough during remarks on the economy in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC on Sept. 16.

“I don’t think it’s an issue of concern. I think there are a range of reasons why we may need to clear our throat or we may have a little light cold, and that’s certainly something that presidents, elected officials, reporters, spokespeople can confront,” Psaki responded, ignoring the frequency with which Biden’s public comments have been interrupted by his phlegmy delivery. 

Later in the briefing, Psaki was asked when Biden would get a physical examination.

“I know this is an understandable question. I don’t have an update. He will get one soon. And when he does, we will make sure you all are aware of it and get the information,” she said.

Biden, 78, often stops during speeches or public remarks to clear his throat.

It’s become so common that the hashtag #Bidencough exists on social media. 

“Biden coughing, gagging and phlegm gurgling is making me ill. Every television speech full of this. Give the man water PLEASE,” one user wrote on Twitter after the president’s East Room speech.

U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the economy during a speech in the East Room of the White House in Washington, U.S., on Sept. 16.

After he coughed and was hoarse while speaking in December after the Electoral College confirmed his victory in the 2020 election, aides said he was suffering from a slight cold. 

More recently, the president hacked at several points during a speech Monday in California in support of Gov. Gavin Newsom in the recall election, causing him to apologize and even pause to take a sip of water. 

During the presidential campaign, his doctor, Kevin O’Connor, told the Wall Street Journal that Biden is fit to serve as president, but also noted that he is being treated for high cholesterol, acid reflux disease and seasonal allergies.

Acid reflux often forces him to clear his throat, O’Connor said.

“This may also contribute to occasional cough and sinus congestion,” O’Connor wrote in a medical statement. “He has received endoscopy to rule out any more significant disease.”

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White College Professor Tells Students She Will ‘Confront The Innate Racism Within’ Herself

A college professor apologized to her students for the privilege she benefits from as a white female, according to her syllabus obtained by Campus Reform.

Crystal Duncan Lane, who teaches at Virginia Tech’s Department of Human Development and Family Science, told students in her Human Development class that she was working “on a daily basis to be antiracist and confront the innate racism” within herself, which is the “reality and history of white people,” Campus Reform reported.

In the syllabus, she said she was a caucasian, “cisgender female” of Scottish, British and Norwegian heritage who is married to a “cisgender male,” Campus Reform reported. She said she didn’t ask for the “many privileges” in her life, but that she will continue to benefit from them whether she likes it or not.

Lane invited her white students to join her “on this journey” to “be better,” Campus Reform reported. “And to my students of color: I apologize for the inexcusable horrors within our shared history,” she added.

Some students expressed their discontent with the teacher’s apology because it was either unrelated to the course material or made students worried about what they say based on their skin color.

“It is a class about disabilities, not political opinion, affiliation, nor judgment in any sort,” Virginia Tech student Natalie Rhodes told Campus Reform. “If you are discussing disabilities, stick to your course.”

“It hurts that someone says I was born with ‘innate racism’ because of my skin color,” an anonymous student said. “[It] makes me feel like I should hide and worry about everything I say.” (RELATED: EDITORIAL: How To Prepare Your Kid For The Woke Onslaught They’ll Face At College)

Virginia Tech did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

Content created by The Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities of our original content, please contact

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White House Offers Nicki Minaj “Educational” Phone Call to Set Her Straight on Appropriate Thinking under the Regime

White House Offers Nicki Minaj “Educational” Phone Call to Set Her Straight on Appropriate Thinking under the Regime

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White College Professor Tells Students She Will ‘Confront the Innate Racism’ Within Herself

A college professor said she harbored “innate racism” as a white woman, according to her syllabus obtained by Campus Reform.

Crystal Duncan Lane, who teaches at Virginia Tech, told students in a human development class that she was working “on a daily basis to be antiracist and confront the innate racism” within herself, which is the “reality and history of white people,” Campus Reform reported.

In the syllabus, Lane reportedly said she was a Caucasian, cisgender female of Scottish, British and Norwegian heritage who is married to a cisgender male.

She said she did not ask for the “many privileges” in her life, but that she will continue to benefit from them whether she likes it or not.

Lane invited her white students to join her “on this journey” to “be better” and “transform,” according to Campus Reform.


Watch: Biden’s Ugly Coughing Repeatedly Interrupts Entire Speech Rallying for Gavin Newsom

“And to my students of color: I apologize for the inexcusable horrors within our shared history,” she added.

Some students expressed discontent with Lane’s apology.

“It is a class about disabilities, not political opinion, affiliation, nor judgment in any sort,” student Natalie Rhodes told Campus Reform. If you are discussing disabilities, stick to your course.”

“It hurts that someone says I was born with ‘innate racism’ because of my skin color,” an anonymous student said.

“[It] makes me feel like I should hide and worry about everything I say.” 

Virginia Tech did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

Content created by the Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities of the DCNF’s original content, please contact

A version of this article appeared on the Daily Caller News Foundation website.

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Doddering White House Resident Rants About GOP Governors and Spins Conspiracy Theories – RedState

The local White House resident emerged today to give a short speech about something or another. To be honest, I’m not really sure what the occasion was, but the result was more ranting about the evils of Republican governors mixed with conspiracy theories about gas prices. You see, nothing that is transpiring is Joe Biden’s fault. Rather, it’s the fault of shadowy partisans purposely trying to kneecap his presidency.

Yeah, that’s it.

For once, Biden’s shot wasn’t really aimed at Ron DeSantis, though, he’s no doubt on Biden’s mind here. Instead, he was likely aiming at Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves, who recently hit Biden’s order as tyrannical (fact-check: true). Further, the mention of children here is, as has been shown many times, nonsensical. One, there’s not even a vaccine approved for use in children yet (12 and under), so how does not having a federal vaccine mandate affect them? Two, if the worry is about exposing children to COVID-19 via unvaccinated adults, the science says healthy children are at essentially no risk, and that includes developing so-called “long COVID.” In short, Biden just wanted to mention children because he thinks he can emotionally manipulate people.

Regardless, I would define the worst kind of politics as being those that use the federal government to stomp on individual rights under the guise of a crisis. Given that, Biden is projecting enough here to operate a movie theater. Everything he’s doing or is responsible for, he puts onto others.

That theme continued when he suggested high gas prices were the result of a conspiracy.

What evidence is Biden speaking of? Oil prices are hanging around their highest point in the last year. Are we to believe there’s some secret agreement to keep gas prices high to hurt Biden’s presidency? Or is the more logical explanation that canceling pipelines and federal leases actually have an impact? I’m going to go with the latter.

Finally, the president whined about billionaires.

If you’ve followed my prior articles, you know my thoughts on this. If major corporations don’t want to pay higher tax rates, they should stop bankrolling Democrat candidates. Wall Street overwhelmingly supported Joe Biden. Now, he’s trying to raise the capital gains tax to 25%. I’m not personally in favor of that, but I also think the electoral dynamics will never change until these woke corporations and financial firmers feel the pain of their choices a bit. Hopefully, it’s a lesson they only have to learn once.

Past that, Biden seems to be suggesting that major corporations got rich during the pandemic by sheer chance or some form of corruption. No, they got rich during the pandemic because politicians like Joe Biden supported pointless lockdowns and strangled small businesses. That’s why Amazon is thriving while Main Street is dying.

I’m old enough to remember when Biden used to brag about the buck stopping with him. He was going to be a president who took responsibility, unlike that dirty orange man. Yet, here we are, with yet another embarrassing performance in which the president pretends his policies have no effect on the country. They do, and those effects have been terrible.

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Who is in Charge at the White House? Republicans Want to Know

During Sec. of State Antony Blinken’s testimony before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relation on Tuesday, Blinken was asked to explain who was responsible for the crisis in Afghanistan.

Sen. James Risch, R-Idaho, claimed that someone in the White House, other than Joe Biden, is “calling the shots.”

Idaho Sen. James Risch (left) questioned Sec. of State Antony Blinken (right), asking him “Who made the decisions?” for Joe Biden.

“One of the things we need to get to the bottom to is who is responsible for this?” said Risch. “Who made the decisions? [Biden] can’t even speak without someone in the White House censoring it or signing off on it.”

Sen. Risch referred to an incident on Monday where the White House camera feed suddenly cut off during Biden’s briefing on wildfires. The camera feed cut Biden off mid-sentence when he tried to ask George Geissler from the National Association of State Foresters a question.

“This is a puppeteer act, if you would, and we need to know who’s in charge and who is making the decisions,” said Risch.

“Somebody in the White House has authority to press the button and stop the president, cut off the president’s speaking ability and sound. Who is that person?” Risch asked Blinken.

“There is no such person,” Blinken replied, adding that Biden “speaks very clearly and very deliberately for himself.”

Biden has repeatedly implied that his handlers determine when and where he can take questions, and who he can to take them from.

On Sunday, Biden said that he was not “supposed to take any questions” from reporters while visiting the National Response Coordination Center during Hurricane Ida.

During a White House press conference in August, reporters had a rare chance to ask Biden questions following the fall of Kabul, Afghanistan to the Taliban. Biden admitted that he was given a prepared list of reporters to call on.

“Ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. The first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O’Donnell from NBC,” Biden said. 

During a press conference following his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Biden told reporters, “I’ll take your questions, and as usual folks, they gave me a list of the people I’m going to call on.”

During a different press conference, Biden ended remarks from the East Room of the White House. He told the crowd after his remarks, “I’m supposed to stop and walk out of the room.”

In March, Biden, accompanied by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and other House Democrats, addressed lawmakers on the Covid-19 vaccine rollout during a press conference. As Biden began to take questions, the camera feed cut abruptly.

“I’d be happy to take questions if that’s what I’m supposed to do, Nance,” Biden said. The camera feed ended seconds later.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told CNN in May that Biden is advised by her staff not to take questions, noting “that is not something we recommend.”

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Nicki Minaj Now in Tussle With White House Over Offer to Visit – RedState

It’s definitely been fun watching singer Nicki Minaj respond to leftist attacks after asking questions and saying that people should not be bullied into the vaccine.

She made it clear that she was not opposed to the vaccine and would probably be getting it, but rather was against people being forced into it against their will.

That was too much for some folks like MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who attacked her for raising questions. But Minaj was not shy about responding back, noting how Reid had raised questions about a vaccine under President Donald Trump and bringing up her old blog scandal about homophobic posts.

Then the left really flipped out when Minaj tweeted Tucker Carlson’s comments about her tweets. Carlson said what they were really upset about was Minaj telling people not to be bullied into it. Minaj posted a video clip of the comments with a “bulls-eye” target on it.

Now Minaj is taking on the White House. She said that the Biden Administration invited her to the White House to talk about the vaccine with Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and Dr. Anthony Fauci. She said her manager and publicist were on the call when the White House made the offer. She told them she would rather not travel and proposed a video visit on social media. But she said she hadn’t foreclosed the possibility of an in-person visit.

Minaj tweeted, joking, that she was going to go dressed in pink like Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde.” But that she was going to hold them accountable and “ask questions on behalf of the ppl who have been made fun of for simply being human” — a reference to her being attacked to raising questions.

She then made it clear she would be putting real questions to them and showing her followers.

But then she said the White House called her up and didn’t like that she put out that tweet; that they “weren’t too happy” about her talking about a visit.

The White House then suggested to the public that they’d only offered her a call. “As we have with others, we offered a call with Nicki Minaj and one of our doctors to answer questions she has about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine,” the official told Fox News.

That didn’t make Minaj happy, because it sounded like they were claiming she hadn’t been telling the truth about the offer.

Warning for graphic language:

“Do y’all think I would go on the internet and lie about being invited to the f—ing White House? Like what? Do you guys see what is happening right now?” Minaj said in a video post on Instagram. In the video, she also claimed that the Democratic Party and other liberals were trying to “assassinate” her character (although she specifically said she wasn’t referring to the caller from the White House).

It’s pretty clear that Minaj isn’t going to be played around with or stopped from speaking her mind. It sounds like the White House thought they could convince her privately but when she spoke about it and indicated she would make it very public with real questions, they immediately wanted to create some distance. It remains to be seen if they will go through with a phone call/virtual meeting but it sounds like this didn’t go off the way the White House had hoped and only served to red pill Minaj all the more.

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WashPost, CNN ‘Fact Checkers’ RAGE at GOP for Noting White House Cut Biden’s Feed in Idaho

Sister Toldjah at RedState reported that those “independent fact checkers” at CNN and The Washington Post rushed to Biden’s defense again on Tuesday. They were upset that Republicans pounced on Team Biden for cutting off the president’s White House video feed in mid-question on Monday in Idaho, like he was going to lose his marbles.

For Biden critics, this easily recalled the recent Politico story about how embarrassed the Bidenites are “filled with anxiety” are about Biden speaking in public and “some White House staffers will either mute him or turn off his remarks” at their desks.

And they had a reason: At this same event, Biden claimed “I got my first job offer…I interviewed for a job at Boise Cascade,” the wood-products company. The company said it had no records to prove that.

The New York Post added “The Post was unable to locate any prior record of Biden mentioning the company — including in news clippings archived by the Nexis and Factiva databases. Biden’s 2007 memoir Promises to Keep does not mention the company or a desire to move to Idaho.”

But CNN and The Washington Post weren’t fact-checking Biden! They were upset at the Republicans. As RedState recounted:

The embarrassing moment was caught on video as Biden began questioning Washington State Forester George Geissler during the event.

“Can I ask you a question?” Biden began.

“Of course,” Geissler told him.

“One of the things that I’ve been working on with some others is —–” Biden says before the microphone’s audio was cut off. A “Thank you for joining” White House slide was then shown on the screen.

Glenn Kessler threw Four Pinocchios – his Pants on Fire rating – for Sen. James Risch (R-Idaho) asking the Secretary of State “It’s been widely reported that somebody has the ability to push the button and cut off his sound and stop him from speaking. Who is that person?”

That’s actually a question. Someone obviously cut the feed. They didn’t “stop him from speaking.” They stopped the public from hearing it. But Kessler aggressively and defensively interpreted it (which ain’t fact checking) as “Who’s that person behind the scenes secretly controlling President Biden?” 

Kessler also had an outburst on Twitter about the “Murdock news bubble”. (Correction: That’s Murdoch, Glenn.) 

There was a point in here. The White House described this as a “pool spray,” which suggested in advance they would cut off the feed to the media once the president turned to questions. But the president clearly didn’t wait for his team to cut the feed. He plowed ahead.

Kessler’s conclusion sounded like angry spin, not checking facts:

Once again the RNC has made a mountain out of a molehill. The right-wing media, in an eagerness to keep alive a narrative of an elderly president controlled by his staff, quickly followed suit. It’s especially dismaying that a senior senator like Risch would fall prey to such nonsense and waste valuable time on it during an important national security hearing.

Biden may be old. He’s also a self-described “gaffe machine.” But, let’s not forget, Democrats had dismissed Reagan as an “amicable dunce” manipulated by his staff and then Reagan’s diary entries revealed a president much more hands-on and engaged than was believed during his presidency. So readers should be wary of partisan efforts to craft a narrative out of misleading clips.

Risch and the RNC earn Four Pinocchios.

So Kessler isn’t really “fact checking” here. He’s objecting to “partisan efforts to craft a narrative.” As if The Washington Post is never guilty of this! The newspaper whose reporters have pumped out three hyperbolic anti-Trump books in 2021. 

CNN “fact checker” Daniel Dale also fussed this Republican gaffe patrol was “absurd,” just “ridiculous”! 

You mean, a crazy story about getting his first job offer from an Idaho lumber company? 

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