Chaos breaks out live during ‘The View’ as co-hosts test positive for COVID-19 mid-show — with VP Kamala Harris backstage

Chaos erupted on the set of “The View” on Friday after co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro tested positive for COVID-19 mid-show.

What are the details?

Co-host Joy Behar was just beginning to introduce Vice President Kamala Harris to the show when producers yanked Hostin and Navarro from the stage, a report from the Daily Beast says.

“There seems to be something happening here that I’m not 100% aware of,” Behar said. “Can someone please apprise me of the situation?”

An off-camera voice could be heard asking the two to “step off for a second.”

The two left the stage while a confused-looking Behar then asked the off-camera producers if she could continue introducing Harris when one person shouted “yes.”

She began, but another off-camera voice shouted “no!”

Behar, stalling for time at that point, joked, “OK. Shall we dance? Let’s do a tap dance.”

She soon called for a commercial break.

Following another commercial break, Behar told the audience what happened behind the scenes.

“OK, since this is going to be a major news story any minute now, what happened is, Sunny and Ana both apparently tested positive for COVID,” she revealed. “No matter how hard we try, these things happen, they probably have a breakthrough case and they’ll be OK, I’m sure because they’re both vaccinated up the wazoo, you know, a lot of vaccines!”

According to a report from the Daily Beast, she then added that Harris was still set to join the table after it had been “wiped down.”

What followed next, the outlet reported, was a “chaotic attempt to take questions from masked audience members without microphones.”

Harris still had yet to arrive onstage at that point.

Shortly thereafter, a producer informed Behar and remaining co-host Sara Haines that they would remotely interview Harris despite her being in the building.

With only 10 minutes left in the segment, Harris appeared via livestream from elsewhere in the building.

According to People, Harris addressed the co-hosts’ disappearance and said, “Sunny and Ana are strong women and I know they’re fine. But it really also does speak to the fact that they’re vaccinated, and vaccines make all the difference because otherwise we would be concerned about hospitalization and worse.”

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Daycare teacher caught on video shoving 4-year-old to ground

Disturbing video shows an Ohio daycare teacher shove a 4-year-old girl onto the floor while a second teacher looks on and then walks away.

Wilde Kingdom Early Learning Center teacher James Ciolino was fired and slapped with an assault charge for the June 21 incident, in which he knocks the girl to the ground as her legs are flung into the air and she bursts into a crying fit.

“Get out of here,” Ciolino is heard saying as he goes back to clapping and leading the class in a good morning song.

The girl cries loudly on the ground for about 50 seconds before he finally gets up from a chair — but rather than check on her or try to comfort her, he slings her under his arm like a sack of potatoes and takes her from the room.

Lisa McMillion, the Fairfield daycare’s director, told WKRC-TV she fired both teachers and filed the report against them.

Wilde Kingdom Early Learning Center teacher James Ciolino was fired and slapped with an assault charge.
Fairfield Police Department

“The video itself has all the truth it needs in it,” McMillion told the station. ”So as you watch that, or as soon as you see that, you know immediately what needs to be done.”

Before the video, the little girl had left the room with another class, according to WKRC. The teacher of that class, identified as Jennifer Miller, yelled at Ciolino to come get her, but the man – who is described as 6-foot tall and more than 300 lbs. – closed the door to his classroom.

Miller is seen in the video opening the door to Ciolino’s class and leading the girl into it.

James Ciolino knocked the girl to the ground as her legs are flung into the air.
James Ciolino knocked the girl to the ground as her legs are flung into the air.
Fairfield Police Department

Ciolino forcefully pushes the girl, in plain sight of Miller, who does nothing but watch, letting the door close again. Miller faces a charge of child endangerment. Both teachers have pleaded not guilty.

The little girl’s mother, who wasn’t identified, told WKRC the video showed the man push the girl away “like an animal.”

“A little baby who knows nothing who all she knows in life is play, eat and sleep – you push her down on her chest,” the mom said. “And she’s lying down crying and you are still doing what you were doing? What a heartless man.”

James Ciolino slung the girl under his arm like a sack of potatoes and took her from the room.
James Ciolino slung the girl under his arm like a sack of potatoes and took her from the room..

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Porn videos interrupt Louisiana regulator on Hurricane Ida

A meeting of Louisiana’s utility regulator about Hurricane Ida turned raunchy Wednesday when porn was blasted out to attendees.

The state’s Public Service Commission met virtually to discuss power and phone outages during Ida — but several users shared their screens and broadcast “explicit” pornography, The Advocate reported.

Electric companies and the PSC have been under fire in the wake of Ida, facing lawsuits and general community ire, the publication stated.

“It was unfortunate and disgusting,” PSC Chairman Craig Green said of the Zoombombing incident, the Advocate said. “Apparently, the hackers have adequate electricity and internet access.”

The five-member commission had to adjourn the meeting for 15 minutes while they resolved the issue, reports said.

The executive secretary of the group told WGNO-TV that there were multiple “fraudulent” accounts involved, but once the meeting resumed there weren’t any further interruptions.

Workers repair utility poles during a power outage after Hurricane Ida in New Orleans, Louisiana, Friday, Sept. 3, 2021.
Eva Marie Uzcategui/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The PSC meetings have to be held publicly under law and come with a public comment period, which made the meetings susceptible to the X-rated interruption, the secretary said.

Included on the to-do list for the meeting was a discussion of reports from utility companies about the massive service outages as a result of Ida, which hit the Louisiana coast in late August.

Ida knocked out power to more than 1 million customers, The Advocate stated – and 25,000 are still without electricity after the monster storm.

A man rides a bicycle on a road covered in sand in the wake of Hurricane Ida on September 3, 2021 in Grand Isle, Louisiana.
A man rides a bicycle on a road covered in sand in the wake of Hurricane Ida on September 3, 2021 in Grand Isle, Louisiana.
Sean Rayford/Getty Images

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Disturbing 911 call concerning Gabby Petito’s fight with Brian Laundrie apparently contradicts police report, details public assault

A bystander called Moab, Utah, authorities to report that Brian Laundrie was seen striking his girlfriend, Gabby Petito, during an Aug. 12 domestic dispute,
Fox News reported.

What’s a brief history here?

Authorities declared Laundrie a “person of interest” in Petito’s disappearance after he came home to Florida from a cross-country trip in Petito’s van without her.

Laundrie inexplicably
went missing last week, and local authorities have embarked on a manhunt to discover his whereabouts after he reportedly went for a hike in a Florida swamp preserve.

Authorities on Sunday
discovered remains in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park that they said were consistent with Petito’s description. An autopsy to confirm the findings and possibly determine the cause of death is scheduled for Tuesday.

Petito was reported missing on Sept. 11 after falling out of contact with her family in late August.

You can read more on the background of the case
here and here.

What are the details?

Fox News reported Monday that an unidentified male 911 caller phoned in a “domestic dispute” to Moab police and was heard telling a dispatcher that the “gentleman was slapping the girl” and “proceeded to hit her” before the two drove off in their vehicle.

“We drove by and the gentleman was slapping the girl,” the caller said.

Fox News obtained audio of the call, in which the dispatcher can be heard saying, “He was slapping her?”

“Yes,” the caller responded. “And then we stopped. They ran up and down the sidewalk. He proceeded to hit her, hopped in the car, and they drove off.”

The 911 call apparently contradicts a
previous police report on the incident in which a responding police officer named Petito as the primary aggressor in an incident that was categorized as a “mental/emotional health break” rather than a domestic assault.

“Police said the couple agreed to spend the night separately instead of charges being filed,” a portion of the original report noted.

Fox also noted that the 911 call apparently contradicted the police report, in which a responding officer added that “no one reported that the male struck the female.”

Anything else?

Last week, police released bodycam footage of Petito and Laundrie’s interaction with police.

The footage showed an inconsolable Petito crying and attempting to explain what had happened between the two before police stopped their van.

“I have really bad OCD,” she told one of the responding officers. “I was apologizing to [Laundrie] saying ‘I’m sorry I’m so mean.’ We’ve been fighting all morning. He wouldn’t let me in the car before … he told me I needed to calm down.”

The officer then asked Petito if Laundrie had struck her, to which she responded, “I guess.”

She gestured to her chin in a grabbing motion and said, “He, like, did that with his hand.”

In a separate interview, Laundrie told the officer that Petito “just gets worked up sometimes.”

“I try to distance myself from her,” he added. “I locked the car. … I said, ‘Let’s just take a breather.’ She had her phone. I was trying to push her away to say, ‘Let’s just take a step back.'”

Laundrie at that point said that Petito struck him with her phone.

In the police report, it was noted that at “no point” during Petito’s interview did she “stop crying, breathing heavily, or compose a sentence without needing to wipe away tears, wipe her nose, or rub her knees with her hands.”

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SpaceX’s Inspiration4 Crew Shares Photos, Videos From Earth’s Orbit

SpaceX’s Inspiration4 crew shares their experience in space. Inspiration4/Twitter

SpaceX on Wednesday evening successfully launched a crew of four amateur astronauts into space in a fully automatic Crew Dragon spacecraft. The mission, called Inspiration4, is the first full-civilian orbital flight ever launched. On Friday, the crew sent back their first snapshots of the space journey through the mission’s Twitter account.

Photos posted on Inspiration4’s Twitter page showed the four passengers floating in zero-gravity inside a modified SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule (with a glass dome) with our home planet in the background.

The crew has been in Earth’s orbit for just a day, but have already seen the sun rise and set 15 times, the mission’s Twitter handle posted early Friday.

One of the crew members, Haley Arceneaux, a physician’s assistant at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, shared a 30-second video through St. Jude’s Twitter account of herself giving a virtual tour of the passenger cabin, especially the glass cupola, which SpaceX designed specifically for this mission to allow a better view from space.

Arceneaux is one of three passengers invited by the fintech billionaire Jared Issacman, who bought the entire flight. The other two passengers are Chris Sembroski, a U.S. Air Force veteran, and Sian Proctor, a planetary science professor at the South Mountain Community College in Arizona.

The Inspiration4 crew will spend three days in Earth’s orbit at an altitude of 357 miles, about 100 miles higher than the average orbital height of the International Space Station.

The crew is scheduled to give a live in-orbit update about their journey so far at 5 p.m. Friday. You can watch the event on SpaceX’s YouTube channel.

SpaceX Inspiration4 Completes First Day in Space: Take a Look Inside the Passenger Cabin

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Thousands of Migrants Still Crossing Rio Grande into Del Rio, Texas; Camp Now Holds 12,000; FAA Grants Fox News Drone Permit (Videos)

UPDATE: Thousands of Migrants Still Crossing Rio Grande into Del Rio, Texas; Camp Now Holds 12,000; FAA Grants Fox News Drone Permit (Videos)

Tap here to add The Western Journal to your home screen.

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Ted Cruz Reports From the Border as Shocking, Must-See Videos Expose a National Security and Humanitarian Disaster – RedState

While Nicki Minaj and “swollen testicles” are still trending on social media, a far more important story is unfolding in real-time at the Southern border. Over 10,000 illegal immigrants have now gathered under a Del Rio, TX bridge, leading to horrific conditions and a complete overwhelming of the Border Patrol.

Sen. Ted Cruz arrived at the border and is now helping expose what is happening. The videos are, in a word, shocking. They show a refugee camp that looks like something you’d expect to see in Syria, not in the United States.

As Cruz points out, this is wholly created by the Biden administration and there’s no way to pretend this isn’t a crisis any longer. Illegal immigrants are simply marching across the river and there is nowhere near enough manpower to deal with them. Reports are that Border Patrol doesn’t even have the porta potties needed to maintain some basic semblance of hygiene. That’s leading to conditions that resemble how people live in the slums of Haiti.

And speaking of Haiti, it seems like a lot of these illegal immigrants are from the battered nation, which recently experienced another natural disaster.

My question is how exactly are so many able-bodied men getting to Mexico to then rush the US border? Why are we even allowing them to? Where’s the National Guard? Where’s Joe Biden (well, we know he’s on vacation again)? The distance by boat is substantial so you have to assume they are flying. But who is playing for the flights? And why have we not worked out a deal with Mexico yet to cut the influx off at the head?

There are so many issues at play here, and it’s vital that leaders like Cruz keep speaking out because far too many Republicans are scared to speak the truth for fear of being criticized. The Texas Senator also noted that Biden stopped deportation flights as a response to the Haitian surge, causing what we are seeing right now.

This can’t continue, and this certainly represents a new level of lawlessness on the border. It’s one thing to have individuals streaming across at different points in the desert. It’s another to have a full-scale breach of a US entry point where people are gathering in refugee camps. This is not how our immigration system is supposed to operate, and eventually, some really bad things are going to occur if they haven’t already.

We need a president willing to suck it up, take responsibility, and take decisive action to stem the tide. Unfortunately, we have a mental invalid who is heading to the beach again for a long weekend. As a result, things are likely to only get worse.

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MSNBC guest journalist Katty Kay tells Dr. Anthony Fauci that it’s ‘crazy’ she can travel around the country without showing proof of vaccination

British journalist Katty Kay told infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci on Tuesday that she found it “crazy” that she was freely able to travel in the United States without having to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

What are the details?

Kay and Fauci appeared on MSNBC’s Tuesday broadcast of “Morning Joe” where the two discussed whether they believed that the U.S. government would mandate proof of vaccination to travel — a notion that Kay said is “common practice” across the United Kingdom.

“It seems crazy to me that a year-and-a-half into this [pandemic], you can still, I can still get on a plane to Boston or California and nobody is going to check me,” she admitted. “Do you think that needs to change?”

He responded by noting that such a practice was “not on the table yet,” but that it is “under consideration.”

What else?

On Monday, Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor,
said that he would support the idea “that if you want to get on a plane and travel with other people that you should be vaccinated.”

“It’s on the table,” he told The Washington Post earlier the same day. “We haven’t decided yet. But if the president said, ‘You know, let’s go ahead and do it,’ I would be supportive of it.”

He also pointed to remarks that the president made last week in which he said that the Transportation Security Administration would double fines for those who refuse to wear masks in airports.

The Biden administration last week announced new, widespread vaccination requirements for all businesses with more than 100 employees, certain health-care facilities, and all federal employees. On Friday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki did not rule out vaccine mandates for domestic flights.

“We are always looking at more we can do to protect and save lives,” Psaki said in Friday remarks. “Obviously, he made a significant and bold announcement yesterday, so I don’t have anything to predict or preview for you, but we’ll continue to look for ways to save more lives.”

Fox News)

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Judicial Watch Fights for Jan. 6 Videos, Exposes The CDC’s Connection to Teachers’ Unions

Top Headlines of the Week

Press Releases

Judicial Watch: CDC Records Show Teachers Unions Gave Guidance to CDC Director on School COVID Restrictions

Judicial Watch announced that it received 12 pages of *records showing the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and National Education Association (NEA) influencing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director and the White House with their own “embargoed vaccine research,” as well as school reopening policy. Additionally, the CDC Director states that she used the unions’ language in the CDC’s school reopening policy.

Judicial Watch Asks Federal Court for Discovery in Lawsuit against U.S. Capitol Police for January 6 Videos

“As the Pelosi House seeks the confidential phone and social media records of countless Americans concerning January 6, its U.S. Capitol Police is covering up 14,000 hours of video about what really happened that day,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The U.S. Capitol Police should be required to explain under oath its reasons for refusing to turn over even one second of January 6 video to the American people.”

Corruption Chronicles

“Refreshing” Curriculum with “Antiracist Design Tenets”—U.S. Invests Millions to Bring Racial, Ethnic Equity to STEM Education

Weeks after giving a private college hundreds of thousands of dollars to “identify any existence of systemic inequities” in science, technology, engineering, and math fields (STEM), the U.S. government is doling out nearly $2 million to address racial and gender disparities in high school computer education.

Issue Deep Dive

The Texas Pro-Life Law

Texas’s heartbeat law is “a great development for the rule of law [and] for our nation’s morality and ethics,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton explains in the Weekly Update. As Fitton notes, the Left’s “apoplectic” reaction to the law is perhaps of little surprise to those who have actively engaged in the fight to protect the unborn. The law allows private citizens to bring civil actions over violations of the law which prohibits abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

In The News

AXIOS: Biden Takes His Shot

President Biden says he’s met the enemy — and it’s America’s unvaccinated. The majority of U.S. sentiment may be with him. But Biden’s still taking a major political risk, and he and his team know it. He’s testing business leaders’ resolve, putting Democrats’ standing in swing states and districts on the line ahead of 2022’s midterm elections and tempting a tsunami of litigation over new requirements that could touch 100 million Americans.

“The Biden White House previously said that the federal government had no role mandating vaccines, said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch. “I suspect statements like this can and will be used in court against this unprecedented federal power grab.”

FOX Business: Gates Foundation helped ‘raise China’s voice of governance’ in Africa, emails show

“Microsoft founder Bill Gates‘ international foundation has helped the Chinese Communist government in various ways, according to a newly-released batch of emails from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases under Dr. Anthony Fauci, obtained by Judicial Watch through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The New York Post: Biden’s dog Major bit Secret Service members 8 days in row, emails show

 President Biden’s German shepherd Major attacked many more people than the White House has disclosed, according to newly released emails.

The documents indicate that Major bit members of the Secret Service eight days in a row in early March — though only one such incident was publicly acknowledged.”


Video Highlights

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