Bill Maher Show: Republicans Are ‘All Crazed,’ McConnell an ‘A-Hole,’ Democrats Are Too Weak

Our editor-at-large Brent Baker reported on Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher, the HBO host felt Joe Biden’s pain at finding the Republicans weren’t feeling bipartisan. Maher spent zero time pondering if the Democrats were feeling bipartisan. That never matters.

BILL MAHER: I think the thing that may be the most disappointing to him, but it is kind of sad.  He thought that the Republicans would go back – am I right? He really did. You could hear it, you could see it.  He thought the Republicans, or something, that Mitch McConnell would stop being an asshole, and they’d have a drink together, and we’d work together.

Maher is showing his age using the example of Sen. Everett Dirksen, who died in 1969. Were the Democrats going to try and be the Mike Mansfield Democrats of the Sixties? Not when today’s Senate Democrats are more like the SDS than the Vietnam War-fighting Democrats of the Sixties.

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin — the one who’s been so pro-Biden it embarrasses Bidenites and Post reporters —  made this all about her, like anyone viewed her as a leader of a political party or faction:

RUBIN: They thought they were Jennifer Rubin Republicans. I left because there were no Jennifer Rubin Republicans, that these people were all crazed. And Mitch McConnell is – has just decided he would rather drive the car into a brick wall, set off an economic catastrophe, than to do his job, which is to pay for what he already spent under the last president. So this notion that we need [Delayed applause]  to chat with them, or that we need a filibuster, because a filibuster, you see, is going to promote dialogue and compromise, and debate, is nonsense.

The irony here is that the “centrists” like Joe Manchin or Kyrsten Sinema are the stand-ins for Dirksen and Mansfield, and Rubin and all the other liberals want them whipped into submission.

Rubin then condemned the Democrats as worthless and weak: “Many of the Never Trumpers, like myself, who came over – we look at this and we say ‘must we do everything?’ These guys do not know how to use power. They don’t know how to whip their own people into shape.”

Then Maher started babbling that the riot on January 6 was “1,000 times more consequential than Benghazi.”

Rubin kept ripping the weak Democrats: “And they don’t even get the language right. These people are domestic terrorists, domestic terrorists! Instead, they use all kinds of language – er, rioters, dissenters.” Maher said “protesters!” Rubin added “Protesters. They’re traitors, and they’re criminals. And the party is being run by a guy who told the criminals to go break in and wreck the Capitol.”

Maher added “They’re treason enthusiasts.”

The idea that Democrats, political or journalistic, have gone soft on describing the rioters — or that “rioters” is somehow weak terminology? — speaks more about Rubin’s emotions than the facts of current debate. 

PS: Last year, when the rioters in the street were leftists and the insurrection was at police headquarters and federal courthouses, hyper-partisan Rubin blamed it on Trump (italics hers). “Trump incites violence. Trump encourages vigilantism. Trump refuses to acknowledge that slogans such as Blue Lives Matter can encourage vigilantes.

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La Brea Is a Sucking Sinkhole of a Sci-Fi Mystery Show –

La Brea. NBC. Tuesday, September 28, 9 p.m.

Way back in 1977, the same year the ever-forward-looking programming geniuses at the broadcast networks brought back The Mickey Mouse Club, ABC aired a landmark episode of Happy Days in which Fonzie, wearing his leather jacket and a bathing suit, jumped over a shark on water skis. Prescient TV critics immediately declared Happy Days dead Nielsen meat and coined the phrase “jumping the shark” to pinpoint the moment when the creativity of a TV series expires. (Those philistine viewers, unaware they were watching a corpse, kept the show in the broadcast top five for another five years.)

The shark-jumping occurred in Happy Days’ fifth season. But a critic who waits five years to declare a shark jumped these days probably won’t have a show left to declare dead; three and a half seasons is now considered a healthy lifespan for a TV series. So let’s give mad props to NBC’s La Brea, which vaults the Selachimorpha in precisely nine minutes when it debuts next week.

La Brea starts with a perfectly normal slice of Los Angeles life: a hopeless traffic jam in the Hancock Park area near the La Brea tar pits, the gooey final resting place of many a giant and unfriendly Pleistocene creature. And, all the sudden—boy, is it hard to write this review without screaming “spoiler alert!” every other sentence—a humongous sinkhole opens in the tar, swallowing approximately 1.3 zillion Angelenos and their cars.

I know, I know, your first thought is probably, “Oh, man, do we have to hold that recall election again,” followed by, “What’s for dinner tonight?”

But the traumatic birth of the sinkhole is really a terrifying state-of-the-CGI-art event, with roads and buildings crackling into twisted dust, while stuff (including people) plummets into a supernatural void. For nine minutes, you’re in the middle of the most awesomely blood-curdling disaster movie ever.

And then: shark ballet!

It turns out those all those people didn’t plunge to their deaths, metaphysical or otherwise. They just wound up in a pile in a meadow somewhere, conveniently surrounded by jumbled mounds of food, water, heroin, and rabid Second Amendment practitioners. As the looting begins, one character looks on the bright side: “Maybe we’re just in an episode of Lost!”

That might be a bright side for them. For us, not so much. The signs of multi-dimensional time travel and seething government conspiracy begin appearing at once, and it’s apparent that La Brea is going to be another one of those sci-fi shows like Manifest or Fringe or, yeah, Lost, that’s high on concept, low on planning, just dawdling along toward nowhere in particular until its fans rise up in fury and disembowel the producers with shards of their own cell phones. (This very last bit hasn’t actually happened yet, but I’m a glass-half-full kind of guy.)

Meanwhile, remember that Happy Days continued on for a while after shark bite, and so might La Brea. There’s undeniable interest in watching the survivors trying to organize themselves against those giant prehistoric wolves (yes, the same ones you saw in Game of Thrones, but not as child-friendly). Particularly so the splintered remnants of the Harris family, which was already a mess before the tar pit opened: Mom Natalie Zea of Justified had dumped her husband Eoin Macken of Merlin, crazier than a bedbug since crashing his Air Force jet in the desert a few years back. And the annoying teenager son and daughter had taken sides. Now half the family is hanging out in the incipient Ice Age and the other half in Orange County. For Angelinos, figuring out which is more dire may be the real point of La Brea.

For the rest of us, well, life is an old Bobby Darin record: “You know when that shark bites with his teeth, babe, scarlet billows start to spread…”

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Indications Arizona Audit Appears to Show Crimes Committed Related to Tampering with Public Records

BREAKING: Indications Arizona Audit Appears to Show Crimes Committed Related to Tampering with Public Records

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King Impressed By ‘Thoughtful’ Portrayal of Harassing Morning Show Host

During a Friday interview with actress Reese Witherspoon about season two of AppleTV+’s The Morning Show, real-life CBS Mornings host Gayle King was impressed with the “thoughtful” and “very interesting” way the fictional series dealt with the all-too-real topic of a network news anchor being fired for sexually harassing co-workers. Without mentioning her disgraced former co-host Charile Rose, King marveled at how the #MeToo storyline humanized the perpetrator.

“Last season, Steve Carell’s character, Mitch Kessler, he was ousted from the morning show because of misconduct. You all could have ended his storyline there very easily. But yet, his storyline continues. Why?,” King wondered. Witherspoon claimed that it was an examination of “cancel culture” and lamented that “we’re dismissing people and exiling people,” though she admitted “some rightly so.”  



The actress sympathetically noted:

I think that there’s this whole human cost, and what does it mean to be publicly shamed? How do you put your life back together?… And I think it’s really – really thoughtful of our writers to think about what is the extent of the human experience that comes out of cancel culture….And also can we separate the person from their work. And it definitely makes you think.

In response, King seemed impressed: “Yeah, it does. It raises some very interesting questions.”

Later in the discussion, King asked: “Watching your show, Reese Witherspoon, makes me think morning TV is ruthless. Is it?” Witherspoon quipped: “I don’t know, Gayle. You tell me.” King chuckled and dodged: “I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate others.”

Perhaps the network news ruthlessness she referred to involved some of the following:

> The sexual harassment scandal of disgraced former CBS This Morning co-host Charlie Rose

> The sexual harassment scandal of disgraced former 60 Minutes producer Jeff Fager

> The sexual harassment scandal of disgraced former CBS CEO Les Moonves

> The sexual harassment scandal of NBC’s disgraced former Today show co-host Matt Lauer

> The sexual harassment scandal of ABC’s disgraced former Good Morning America producer Michael Corn

In addition, CNN still employs Zoom meeting masturbator Jeffrey Toobin and newly accused sexual-harassing anchor Chris Cuomo, brother of disgraced former sexually-harassing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.  

When AppleTV+ began running trailers for The Morning Show in 2019 – during commercial breaks for the real network morning shows – the parallels between it and the Rose and Lauer scandals were obvious.

King’s chat with Witherspoon about rehabilitating a fictional morning show sexual harasser was brought to viewers by Toyota and Comcast. You can fight back by letting these advertisers know what you think of them sponsoring such content.

Here is a transcript of the September 24 exchange:

8:17 AM ET

GAYLE KING: It’s been 20 years since Reese Witherspoon became a household name. You remember Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. Since then, she has also become a powerful force in Hollywood, “powerful” is the word there. An investment firm recently poured hundreds of millions of dollars into her media company, Hello Sunshine. Isn’t that the perfect name for a Reese Witherspoon company? Yup. The investment is accelerating Hello Sunshine’s mission to tell diverse stories about women in all mediums. They produce hits series like Little Fires Everywhere and Big Little Lies, and The Morning Show, which just kicked off its new season on Apple. Reese plays anchor Bradley Jackson in the series. She joined us from Nashville to talk all about it.

Let’s talk about Bradley Jackson. I love this girl because she goes from someone who’s grateful to – “Oh, golly, gosh, I’m so thankful to have this opportunity” – to when she’s passed over for a job at the evening news that she thought she deserved, to basically telling the boss, “[beep] you. And by the way, I’m going to call in sick for the next month.” Why was it important for you – I laughed at that, too, Reese, because I’m thinking if I had done that here at CBS I’d be on Times Square going, “Taxi, please. Does Reese Witherspoon need an assistant? I play nicely with others.” Why was it important for you that she demand more?

REESE WITHERSPOON: Well, I think – I was reading this interesting thing about work and how we – the three stages of work are, “I can’t wait to get there,” and then the next stage is, “I’m so glad I’m here,” and then the third stage is, “Get me out of here.” So I think, you know, she’s so excited to be in the rooms where it happens, but she demands respect. And I think it’s kind of fun to pull behind the curtain and see, you know, when people go into negotiation tactics, they can be ruthless, even if they’re, you know, new to the job.

KING: Last season, Steve Carell’s character, Mitch Kessler, he was ousted from the morning show because of misconduct. You all could have ended his storyline there very easily. But yet, his storyline continues. Why?

WITHERSPOON: I think it’s an important time right now that we’re talking so much about cancel culture. You know, and we’re dismissing people and exiling people. And some rightly so. I think that there’s this whole human cost, and what does it mean to be publicly shamed? How do you put your life back together? Your life isn’t over, you have to reconstitute and rebuild. And I think it’s really – really thoughtful of our writers to think about what is the extent of the human experience that comes out of cancel culture. And also can we separate the person from their work. And it definitely makes you think.

KING: Yeah, it does. It raises some very interesting questions.


KING: Watching your show, Reese Witherspoon, makes me think morning TV is ruthless. Is it?

WITHERSPOON: I don’t know, Gayle. You tell me.

KING [LAUGHS]: I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate others.


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Two Hosts of “The View” Pulled off Show Right Before Kamala Harris Interview Because of COVID – RedState

“The View” planned to have Kamala Harris on the show today.

But then, right before she came on, the ABC show apparently found out that two of its hosts, Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin, had both tested positive for COVID, despite both being fully vaccinated. None of the show’s hosts were wearing any masks.

So, they pulled the two of them live on the air, as Harris was waiting backstage. Now, this is pretty crazy, and you may not see the like again.

A confused Joy Behar then had to fill in the chaos, announcing what had happened, and that her co-hosts wouldn’t be interviewing Harris live on air because of what had just happened.

They delayed the interview with Harris and filled in the time taking questions from the audience for several blocks of the show, while they worked to set up doing a remote feed from Harris elsewhere in the building. But, they did later interview Harris remotely, with her in another room, for a short period of time.

Harris shamelessly continued to lie about the CBP whip story. As we previously reported, even the photographer who took the pictures that the Biden administration and media are using to lie about the CBP has said there was no whipping going on. If they want to continue to lie about it, then Harris, who was supposed to be solving the border problems, should be hauled on the carpet for it.

According to the White House, Kamala Harris had no contact with “The View” co-hosts.

Because of the exposure to Hostin and Navarro, that raises the question if Behar and the other co-host, Sara Haines, will now have to quarantine.

So, a couple of questions. How did they not test them before they went on the air — why did they wait until the middle of the show? Or was this only because Kamala was coming on? It’s really not the best way to operate, when they could have exposed Harris.

It’s also ironic because “The View” hosts are always preaching about COVID and slamming the unvaccinated over the issue, yet here they are, coming down with it despite being vaccinated, and seemingly very close to exposing Harris.

People were just stunned that it all rolled out, live on air.

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Arizona ballot review will show Biden won — by a larger margin – HotAir

Arizona’s six-month recount/audit project will prove an expensive bust, reports the Washington Post, and confirm that Joe Biden really did win Arizona by more than first reported. Not by a much larger margin — just 360 votes over the initial count, barely a blip in the 2.1 million ballots reviewed. Still, that wasn’t the direction that Donald Trump supporters expected from the Arizona recount commissioned by the Republican state senate:

A Republican-commissioned review of nearly 2.1 million ballots cast last year in Arizona confirmed the accuracy of the official results and President Biden’s win in Maricopa County, according to a draft report prepared by private contractors who conducted the recount.

The draft was obtained by The Washington Post late Thursday night in advance of a planned public release of a final version on Friday.

The ultimate findings will cap a costly and drawn-out recount launched by the GOP-led Arizona Senate that had been championed by former president Donald Trump and kept alive false claims that fraud tainted the election in the state’s most populous county. The process was pilloried by election experts who warned that the methods used by the firm hired to run the review were sloppy and biased.

After nearly six months and almost $6 million — most of it given by groups that cast doubt on the election results — the draft report shows that the review concluded that 45,469 more ballots were cast for Biden in Maricopa County than for Trump, widening Biden’s margin by 360 more votes than certified results.

The draft report found the count to have “no substantial differences” from the county’s certified tallies.

Local NPR station KJZZ got a copy of it as well and some comment from the spokesman for the review team. “It’s not the final report, but it’s close,” Randy Pullen told KJZZ, and had this to say about the overall conclusion:

But the report itself throws cold water on the grandest claims of fraud.

“What has been found is both encouraging and alarming. On the positive side there were no substantial differences between the hand count of the ballots provided and the official canvass results for the county,” the draft states.

Pullen confirmed that the hand recount was “relatively close” to the official tally.

“Was there massive fraud or anything? It doesn’t look like it,” he added.

The “alarming” part is mostly gripes about a lack of cooperation from Maricopa County, which objected to the state senate Republican caucus’ design for the recount/audit as well as the partnership with Cyber Ninjas, who repeatedly erred in their understanding of election laws and processes. The “alarms” sound like an attempt to cover for the fact that the audit and hand recount confirmed the actual election results, a way to justify the six months of essentially wasted time and effort.

If the draft report seen by the Post and KJZZ is substantially the same as the official report released later today, the Arizona GOP will be left with some egg on its collective face. Coming up empty after six months and this much disruption and chaos would normally be a politically crippling outcome. Perhaps they’re fortunate that Joe Biden turned out to be as awful as he has, because Biden’s disgraceful conduct in Afghanistan, his abandonment of Americans to the Taliban, and his utter incompetence at domestic policy will go a long way to helping voters forget this nuttiness.

Between this and the discovery from the Dominion lawsuits this week, this should put a stake through the heart of the “stolen election” claims from Trump and his campaign. American ballot counting processes and systems are remarkably reliable and accurate, as repeated recounts and audits proved this time around and in the 2016 election, too. Remember Jill Stein’s strawman recount demands on behalf of Hillary Clinton when the Democratic nominee couldn’t believe she could have lost to Trump? The changes in those results were microscopic too, and for good reason — our systems work incredibly well, at least the systems after the ballots have been submitted. Any work needed in securing election processes should focus on ballot handling prior to submission.

So what really happened in the 2020 presidential election? The pandemic crisis and lockdowns made voters a lot more politically active and much less tolerant of the chaos Trump created. That drove turnout to record levels on both sides, and enough of them — barely — reached back for the status quo ante of the Obama years and what they hoped would be normalcy. Had Trump put aside the chaos and opted for calm and focused leadership over rallies and stream-of-consciousness rants, who knows? Perhaps he could have won, or maybe that might have depressed turnout of his base. One could argue that point either way, but he lost an election he should have won after winning an election he probably should have lost.

Instead of normalcy, however, voters ended up with incompetence and radicalism. Expect that to drive the midterms, and the 2024 choice, too.

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The Joe Cozzo Show – Democrats Want To Destroy The Middle-Class 9/23/21

The Democrats are masters at manufacturing a crisis. Their goal is to bring as many migrants into the country and keep them on welfare. Then destroy the middle-class and have complete control of the poor.

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FACT CHECK: Does This Image Show 5 Intelligence Agencies Meeting In Delhi, India?

An image shared on Twitter allegedly shows intelligence agencies from five countries meeting in Delhi, India.

Verdict: False

The image shows Russian and Indian national security advisors meeting in New Delhi, India.

Fact Check:

The image shows a group of about two dozen people in business attire sitting at a conference table in a finely furnished room. The caption claims the people are from the top five intelligence agencies in the world, including India’s Research and Analysis Wing, Israel’s Mossad, Russia’s KGB, the U.K.’s Secret Intelligence Service (also known as MI6) and the U.S.’s CIA.

“First time ever the top five intelligence agencies of the world are sitting together for a high level meeting in Delhi,” reads the caption. “This is the power of new India.” (RELATED: Tweet Claims To Show Video Of Indian Soldiers Collapsing After Being Vaccinated)

However, this is not what the image depicts. Through a reverse image search, Check Your Fact found the same picture in an article from the Hindustan Times and in a tweet shared by Asian News International’s (ANI) verified Twitter account. Both sources state the photo shows national security advisors from India and Russia meeting on Sept. 8.

“Delhi: A delegation-level talk of National Security Advisors (NSA) between India & Russia underway,” reads the caption of the tweet from ANI.

The article from the Hindustan Times explains the meeting, led by Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and the Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolay Patrushev, focused on the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan. It was held in New Delhi, India, the outlet reported. This account matches a report from Reuters about the Sept. 8 meeting.

It is worth noting that the KGB, which the Twitter post mentions, was dissolved in 1991, according to The Foreign Intelligence Service currently operates as Russia’s chief foreign intelligence agency.

While there is no evidence that five intelligence agencies met in India at the same time, both CIA Director William Burns and Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service Richard Moore did also meet with Doval separately to discuss the situation in Afghanistan, according to Voice of America.

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The Counter Culture Mom Show with Tina Griffin – Tatiana Ibrahim Calls Out CRT Corruption at the Carmel County School Board Meeting 9/23/21

When Tatiana heard students in her neighborhood talking about killing cops and hating the American flag, she knew she needed to get involved. She found out that local schools were promoting racism through CRT training and discovered Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ flags flying all over school grounds. School staff were recruiting high school students to join the BLM movement and telling children to hate police officers. Tatiana reprimanded the school board and if you love America, you will love what happened as a result of her speaking up at her child’s school. Let’s all do our part to protect our kids!


Dangerous tactics the schools are using to promote racism to kids

Teacher unions are educating teachers that “domestic terrorists” are Patriots

Tatiana’s District received three big wins because parents got involved

The plan of action to implement to end the Marxist CRT indoctrination

Tatiana Addresses School Board:
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