Trump critic Liz Cheney in crosshairs of fellow House Republicans

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WASHINGTON — The Republican drive to oust U.S. Representative Liz Cheney as a party leader for criticizing Donald Trump’s false claims about election fraud gained steam on Wednesday, as top Republicans including the former president backed a Trump ally as her replacement.

Representative Steve Scalise, the No. 2 Republican in the House of Representatives, publicly endorsed Representative Elise Stefanik for Cheney’s job as chair of the party’s conference, the No. 3 House Republican position. The move appeared to make certain a vote on Cheney’s future, as early as next Wednesday.

Stefanik, a 36-year-old New York state Republican whose status in the party rose after she aggressively defended Trump during congressional hearings ahead of his 2019 impeachment, also has Trump’s support.

Trump spoke with Stefanik by phone on Wednesday, said a source familiar with the situation, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“House Republicans need to be solely focused on taking back the House in 2022 and fighting against Speaker Pelosi and President Biden’s radical socialist agenda, and Elise Stefanik is strongly committed to doing that, which is why Whip Scalise has pledged to support her for Conference Chair,” Scalise spokeswoman Lauren Fine said in a statement.


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Democratic President Joe Biden said a “mini-revolution” over identity appeared to be under way in the Republican Party.

“Republicans are further away from trying to figure out who they are and what they stand for than I thought they would be at this point,” he told reporters at the White House.


Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger on Wednesday noted on Twitter that Cheney has stood by her criticism of Trump for a fiery Jan. 6 speech, in which he urged his followers to “fight” his election defeat immediately before hundreds of them launched a deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol.

“They are trying to remove Liz for telling you the truth, consistently,” said Kinzinger, who also voted to impeach Trump on a charge of inciting the Capitol riot.

The Wall Street Journal’s conservative editorial page also urged Republicans not to oust her.

“Purging Liz Cheney for honesty would diminish the party,” it said in a Wednesday opinion piece.

Cheney’s office did not respond to requests for comment about the issue.

During Trump’s presidency, Republicans lost control of both chambers of Congress, but they are now looking to oust narrow Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate in 2022’s midterm elections.


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Trump, who is publicly flirting with running for president in 2024, this week stepped up his false claims that his election defeat was the result of widespread fraud, an assertion rejected by numerous courts and state and federal election officials.

Scalise’s statement surfaced a day after House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy told an interviewer that Cheney’s repeated criticism of Trump’s falsehoods about the 2020 election were distracting Republican messaging against Biden, who won the November election and became president on Jan. 20.

Cheney, 54, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, held off an initial challenge to her leadership position earlier this year after joining Kinzinger and eight other House Republicans in impeaching Trump.

The Wyoming Republican has since said repeatedly that the 2020 election was not stolen, has called on Republicans to be a “party of truth” and has warned that Trump’s falsehoods about the election are “poisoning our democratic system.”

Stefanik lobbied other members by phone about Cheney’s job on Tuesday, according to the person familiar with the situation. The source said Stefanik told colleagues she would run for election to the position if Cheney stepped down, adding that lawmakers on both sides of the caucus have been receptive.


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“Elise Stefanik is a far superior choice, and she has my COMPLETE and TOTAL Endorsement for GOP Conference Chair,” Trump said in a statement on Wednesday.

The congresswoman responded in a tweet: “Thank you President Trump for your 100% support for House GOP Conference Chair. We are unified and focused on FIRING PELOSI & WINNING in 2022!”

House Republican aides have said they believe Cheney is unlikely to resign.

Scalise’s endorsement of Stefanik emerged on the same day that a Facebook oversight board decided to uphold the company’s suspension of Trump, a move that followed the Capitol riot by his supporters that left five people dead, including a Capitol Police officer.

Cheney, Wyoming’s only House member, won re-election with 69% of the vote in November. But multiple Republican hopefuls, including two state legislators, have said they plan to launch primary challenges against her next year.

(Reporting by David Morgan and Steve Holland; additional reporting by Andrea Shalal and Susan Cornwell; editing by Jonathan Oatis)


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House Republicans bring resolution condemning Texas Dems for ignoring ‘oreo’ slur against Tim Scott

Democrats quick to accuse others of racism have been slow to decry the racial slur leveled last week by a Texas Democratic official against Republican Sen. Tim Scott, and now House Republicans are moving to force their hand.

A group of Texas House Republicans introduced Wednesday a resolution condemning the Democratic Party of Texas “for refusing to denounce racism” after the Lamar County Democratic Party rejected the resignation of chair Gary O’Connor for labeling Mr. Scott an “oreo.”

Rep. Pat Fallon, Texas Republican, who flagged Mr. O’Connor’s Facebook post last week, called the lack of response from Democrats “astounding.”

“The Democratic Party of Texas’s refusal to condemn a racist remark by their Lamar County Chair and the county party‘s refusal to accept his resignation is astounding,” Mr. Fallon said. “Had a Republican chair made this remark, Democrats would be in the streets demanding his or her resignation.”

The resolution, co-sponsored by Reps. Michael Burgess, Roger Williams and Randy Weber, condemns “racism in any form” as well as Mr. O’Connor’s remark and the Texas Democratic Party for its lack of response.

The state Democratic Party has “refused to condemn or respond to the racist remark despite numerous opportunities and repeated calls to do so,” the resolution said.

In a Wednesday statement, Texas Democratic Party chair Gilberto Hinojosa did not address the resolution directly but blasted Texas Republican Party chairman Allen West for “massive hypocrisy.”

“After years of looking the other way while the GOP fueled a rise in hate and racism across the country, West and Republicans are playing politics and wasting legislative oxygen on a mistake made by a Democratic county party chair—a mistake for which Chair O’Connor has profusely apologized and taken responsibility for,” said Mr. Hinojosa.

Mr. O’Connor issued an apology Tuesday and tendered his resignation, saying he was “deeply and sincerely sorry for my inappropriate and hurtful use of [a] racist term,” but the Lamar County Democrats refused to accept it.

“After much discussion — especially among our local Black Democrats — we chose not to accept Mr. O’Connor’s resignation,” they said in a statement. “Mr. O’Connor has written a public letter of apology to Sen. Tim Scott, and Lamar County Democrats join him in this apology.”

The resolution comes as critics accuse Democrats of downplaying or ignoring attacks on Black Republicans even as the party ramps up alarm about “systemic racism” to push an ambitious array of policy goals on issues such as voting rights, climate change and law enforcement.

“If the Democrats didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all. They must be held accountable,” said Mr. Fallon.

The slur “Uncle Tim” trended on Twitter for hours after Mr. Scott delivered the GOP rebuttal to President Biden’s April 28 address to a joint session of Congress, while MSNBC host Tiffany Cross blasted the senator as a “token” and a “clown.”

Mr. Scott is hardly the only target. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a conservative who is also Black, has been vilified for years by the left, including MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who called him “Uncle Clarence” during a November show.

Conservative radio talk-show host Larry Elder noted that Democratic Rep. Cedric Richmond, now a senior White House adviser, accused then-Attorney General William Barr last year of “systematic racism” for failing to bring a Black staffer to a congressional hearing.

“So, having no Black Republican senators would be systematic racism. Having a Black Republican senator, well, he’s a token,” said Mr. Elder on Twitter. “You can’t win. What a con!”

Mr. Fallon and other Republicans, including Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, called on Mr. O’Connor to resign over his “oreo” crack made in a now-deleted Facebook post.

“I had hoped Scott might show some common sense, but it seems clear he is little more than an oreo with no real principles,” Mr. O’Connor said in the post.

The “oreo” smear refers to a Black person who is seen as “Black on the outside, White on the inside,” according to the Urban Dictionary.

Mr. West announced Tuesday he would send a package of Oreos to the Texas Democratic Party, and encouraged others to do the same, saying, “because I’m sick and tired of the duplicitous hypocrisy of the true party of racism.”

In its statement, the Lamar County Democratic Party defended Mr. O’Connor’s record.

“Gary O’Connor has led Lamar County Democrats for seven years and his life of service, collaboration, and activism for racial justice is well known throughout this community. His recent remark is incompatible with his core values,” said the party.

Mr. O’Connor expressed gratitude to the party for its support.

“I am grateful that those who actually know me and the many years I have worked locally for racial and other forms of equality were able to forgive my insensitive and inappropriate remark on my personal Facebook page,” he said in an email.

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Biden: Republicans are in the midst of a ‘mini-revolution’

President Biden said Wednesday that Republicans are in the midst of a “mini-revolution” as party leaders move to oust Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming from her House leadership post over her persistent criticisms of former President Trump.

“It seems as though the Republican Party is trying to identify what it stands for and they’re in the midst of a significant, sort of mini-revolution going on in the Republican Party,” Mr. Biden said at the White House.

Mr. Biden was asked about House Republicans’ push to oust Ms. Cheney as conference chair amid her clashes with former President Trump over the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

“As one of you said on national television last night, we badly need a Republican Party,” the president said. “We need a two-party system. It’s not healthy to have a one-party system. And I think the Republicans are further away from trying to figure out who they are and what they stand for than I thought they would be at this point.”

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Biden Tells Reporters He’s Eating Tacos and Enchiladas, Says He ‘Doesn’t Understand Republicans’ – The First TV

President Biden picked-up some Mexican food in honor of Cinco de Mayo Wednesday; bizarrely telling reporters he simply doesn’t “understand Republicans.”

“Mr. President, what did you get?” asked one reporter.

“Tacos and some enchiladas,” said Biden, apparently celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

“Do you have any comments on the efforts to oust Liz Cheney from the House Republican leadership post?” pressed the journalist.

“I don’t understand the Republicans,” said the President.

Watch the strange exchange above.

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Republicans Demand Answers from FBI as ‘Widespread’ FISA Violations Are Reportedly Revealed

Republican Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Andy Biggs of Arizona are seeking answers from FBI Director Christopher Wray after a declassified opinion from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court revealed “widespread” FISA abuse by the FBI, Fox News reported Tuesday.

Last week, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence unsealed a November opinion from the FISC, the outlet reported.

Jordan and Biggs believe this opinion from the FISC, the court overseeing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act system, reveals that the FBI “has been seriously and systematically abusing its warrantless electronic surveillance authority,” they said in a letter Tuesday.

They argued that it “only raises more questions about the FBI’s respect for the constitutional and statutory parameters of FISA.”


Top Defense Contractor Handed China Technical Docs on Our Best Weaponry, Here Is the DOJ’s Infuriating ‘Punishment’

The opinion describes the FBI’s “apparent widespread violations” of privacy rules while engaging in surveillance under FISA’s Section 702, Fox News reported.

Under Section 702, the attorney general and the director of national intelligence can jointly authorize surveillance of non-US persons without a warrant. However, this surveillance is subject to certain conditions.

To prevent any “intentional acquisition” of U.S. domestic communications during surveillance, the section requires that “targetting procedures” be adopted, the report said.

Do you think more should be done to prevent FISA abuse by the FBI?

Section 720 also mandates the use of minimization and querying procedures. Before reviewing Section 702 query results for criminal investigations that are not related to national security, the government needs to get a FISC order.

According to Fox News, the declassified opinion revealed that a Justice Department audit of the government’s Section 702 querying-safeguards-compliance found the FBI to have “violated the querying standard.”

The FISC further found that the “FBI’s failure to properly apply its querying standard when searching section 702-acquired information was more pervasive than was previously believed,” the report said.

In approximately 40 queries, the opinion stated, the FBI tried to access information for investigations not related to foreign surveillance, such as “healthcare fraud, transnational organized crime, violent gangs, domestic terrorism involving racially motivated violent extremists, as well as investigations relating to public corruption and bribery,” according to Fox News.

Judge James E. Boasberg, FISC chief judge, concluded that the FBI’s “widespread violations” were concerning.


FBI Agents Shoot Man Outside CIA Headquarters

In a Tuesday letter to Wray, Jordan and Biggs described the news of the violations as “particularly disturbing in light of prior FBI misconduct.”

“We write to request information about the FBI’s illegal spying activities,” the congressmen wrote in their letter requesting the bureau to explain why it was “abusing” FISA, “given the seriousness of this matter for civil liberties.”

The congressmen further asked the FBI to immediately provide a detailed account of every instance where the agency accessed information under FISA for purposes not related to national security.

Jordan and Biggs also asked Wray what steps are being taken to “prevent the FBI from using its section 702 authorities to surveil, investigate, or otherwise examine U.S. citizens,” the outlet reported.

We are committed to truth and accuracy in all of our journalism. Read our editorial standards.

Andrew Jose is a journalist covering business and finance, foreign policy and the aviation industry, among other beats.

Andrew Jose is a journalist covering business and finance, foreign policy and the aviation industry, among other beats. Besides The Western Journal, he regularly contributes to the Daily Caller and Airways Magazine, and has bylines in Lone Conservative and The Times of Israel. Speak to Andrew securely via


Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service

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Republicans are ‘salivating’ over chance of taking the House in 2022 – HotAir

You know things are bad for Democrats whenever a newspaper reports that Republicans are pouncing or seizing on something. Well, things must look pretty bleak for Democrats in 2022 because today the NY Times published a story headlined “Why Democratic Departures From the House Have Republicans Salivating.”

In the past two months, five House Democrats from competitive districts have announced they won’t seek re-election next year. They include Representative Charlie Crist of Florida, who on Tuesday launched a campaign for governor, and Representative Tim Ryan of Ohio, who will run for the Senate seat being vacated by Rob Portman. Three other Democrats will leave vacant seats in districts likely to see significant change once they are redrawn using the data from the 2020 Census, and several more are weighing bids for higher office.

An early trickle of retirements from House members in competitive districts is often the first sign of a coming political wave…

This could be just the beginning of the Democratic departures: The high season for congressional retirements typically comes in early fall after members spend the August recess taking the political temperature of their districts.

So five departures isn’t that significant on its own but the fact that we already have this many months before the usual retirement season could be a sign of many more to come. And if that’s the case then you begin to set the conditions for a wave election, a red wave in this case.

And it’s not just retirements that have Democrats facing an uphill battle. The Census reapportionment process was also bad news for Democrats. Seven states including California, New York and Pennsylvania will lose a House seat while six states, including Texas, Florida and North Carolina will gain seats (Texas gains two). It’s a shift that is probably going to help Republicans. In fact, some have already connected former DCCC chair Cheri Bustos’ announcement she would be retiring to the loss of a seat in Illinois:

The big blow came last Friday, when Illinois Rep. Cheri Bustos, one of just seven Democrats who currently represents a district former President Donald Trump won in 2020, announced she would not run again. While Bustos didn’t mention redistricting — and the news that Illinois’ delegation will be forced to shrink by a seat before 2022 — it’s hard not see that, plus the fact that there was no obvious statewide office for her to run for, as contributing to her decision to step aside.

While Democrats control the line-drawing process in Illinois, it will be tough to draw a Democratic-friendly district in the western Illinois area that Bustos’ 17th district covers. (Trump won the 17th in 2020 and 2016.) Which could cost the party a seat that Democrats can ill afford to lose.

And speaking of redistricting, because Republicans control many more state legislatures, they will have control of drawing the new district maps necessitated by reapportionment. That alone could be enough to help them take back the House.

Finally, there’s the history of off year elections to consider:

According to Gallup, the average numbers of seats lost for a president’s party in a midterm election since 1946 is 25. Since World War II, the average seat loss is 23 for a president’s party in their first term.

Add all of this up and Democrats are really looking at an election that could put an end to their chances of passing any big initiatives for the rest of Biden’s term. Again, it’s still really early and a lot could change before next year but if you just listen to the people on both sides it’s pretty clear which way the wind is blowing:

“This is going to be like 2010, 2012, 2014 where we pick up seats because of Obama’s agenda,” Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), head of the Republican Senate’s campaign arm, said on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show Friday.

“Now what I talk about every day is do we want open borders? No. Do we want to shut down our schools? No. Do we want men playing in women’s sports? No. Do we want to shut down the Keystone Pipeline? No. Do we want voter ID? Yes,” he continued. “And the Democrats are on the opposite side of all those issues, and I’m going to make sure every American knows about it.”

Contrast that with what Democratic strategist Joe Trippi told Politico yesterday, “I don’t think people understand, writ large, how perilous 2022 is for holding on to the House.”

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Are Republicans So Afraid to Stand Out in a Crowd They’ve Lost Their Humanity?

Senators Liz Warren and Dick Durbin spoke out last week against the harsh treatment of the January 6 detainees.

Republican lawmakers are silent and afraid.
What good are they?

Via Jack Posobiec.

TRENDING: EXCLUSIVE: The Democrats are REALLY, REALLY Worried About the AZ Audit – All of Their Big Guns Now Involved

The Gateway Pundit has written extensively about the abusive treatment Trump supporters are facing after their participation in the January 6 demonstrations. Many of these people DID NOT EVEN ENTER the US Capitol. Several others were waved into the Capitol and then later left when they were told.

There was never mass chaos or violence by any supporters at ANY Trump rally.
The few rallies that did see violence was because of leftist infiltrators starting fights.

Despite this many Trump supporters sit in jail today — in isolation– after three months — held without bond and without being convicted of any crime.

And yet these Trump supporters are still being tortured in prison today.

This is an abomination of justice.

Julie Kelly from American Greatness was recently on OAN’s Tipping Point to discuss the outrageous double-standard in our government and the silence of Republican lawmakers.

Julie Kelly is fearless in her defense of these abused Americans.

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Nancy Pelosi Praises Liz Cheney, but a Slip of the Tongue Tells the Real Story – RedState

Republican infighting has taken center stage in the last week, with Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) facing the possibility of being ousted from leadership. As I explained previously, the reasons behind that stem from Cheney’s insistence on continually relitigating January 6th and her anti-Trumpism, instead of moving forward with the rest of our caucus towards a broader, more relevant message.

(Related: Liz Cheney Does Liz Cheney Things Again, and Her Colleagues Are Just About Done)

Of course, because everything must be absurd, we are now at the point of this saga where Nancy Pelosi praises Cheney as virtuous and courageous. If you had that on your card, collect your winnings at the window.

Now, I’m no expert, but I would think that if you are going to call someone courageous and patriotic, you should at least know their name, right? I mean, if you want to appear sincere at least. Pelosi pauses for several seconds and still can’t get it right. Lynne Cheney is Liz’s mother, but Pelosi doesn’t seem to know the difference between the two.

Part of this is the Speaker’s clear mental decline as an 80-something-year-old woman, but we all know the other part of it is that Pelosi isn’t actually being sincere. In fact, she’s so insincere that she didn’t even bother to refresh herself on the name of whom she’s attempting to address. Does anyone really think a rabid left-winger like Pelosi believes any Republican is patriotic? Lest we forget, former VP Dick Cheney was literally the devil to Democrats, and his daughter’s foreign policy is a carbon copy of the same Bush-era tripe that earned so much scorn.

No, this isn’t sincere. Rather, this is just an attempt by Pelosi to cause further division within the GOP caucus, and it’s yet more evidence that Cheney needs to continue her crusade outside of Republican leadership. When you’ve got Nancy Pelosi praising you in public, you are now officially a useful idiot.

Cheney’s response to all this recent “newfound respect” from the left tells the tale as well. She appears to be enjoying this and embracing her role as a creator of chaos within her own party. Is that what Republicans need from the person in the #3 position in House leadership? Or do they need someone who is going to reject the veiled mockery of the left and focus on actually winning 2022? I’d posit that the answer is the latter, and it’s not even close.

But hey, what do I know? Clearly, all the editorials from The Wall Street Journal and National Review ensuring me of Cheney’s virtue and usefulness have this all figured out.

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GOP reps want FBI director to explain FISA warrant ‘violations’

Two House Republicans are demanding answers from FBI Director Christopher Wray in the wake of the nation’s secretive FISA surveillance court, citing “widespread violations” by the FBI in monitoring American citizens.

​Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Andy Biggs ​of Arizona wrote to Wray to explain “the FBI’s illegal spying activities” after a ruling made by James Boasberg, the presiding judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, last November.

It was declassified last week by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Fox News reported.

The two GOP congressmen said the ruling from the court that oversees the​ Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act revealed the FBI “has been seriously and systematically abusing its warrantless electronic surveillance authority.”  ​

The ruling said the FBI violated the privacy rights of Americans in conducting surveillance under FISA’s section 702, which allows the attorney general and the director of National Intelligence to authorize warrantless monitoring of non-US citizens believed to be outside the US borders within limits.  ​

Republicans have long criticized FISA for allowing a surveillance ​warrant against former Trump campaign associate Carter Page as part of the Russian collusion investigation.

And last year, Wray called the actions to get a FISA warrant against Page “unacceptable.”

FBI Director Christopher Wray testifies during a House Intelligence Committee hearing on Capitol Hill.
FBI Director Christopher Wray is being asked by Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Andy Biggs ​of Arizona to explain “the FBI’s illegal spying activities.”
Al Drago/Pool via AP

Boasberg’s ruling did not pertain to Page.

The section 702 also requires that limitations on “targeting procedures” be set on monitoring foreign actors to prevent the “intentional acquisition” of US domestic communications, Fox News reported

It goes on to require the use of querying procedures and a warrant to review results in criminal investigations not involving national security.

The judge’s ruling said the FBI “violated the querying standard and the court “​and ​determined that the “FBI’s failure to properly apply its querying standard when searching section 702-acquired information was more pervasive than was previously believed.”

“​The government has reported numerous incidents regarding searches of section 702 FISA information without first obtaining court permission​m,” Boasberg’s ruling said.

​It said ​an audit discovered 40 queries by the FBI in which it access information involving “healthcare fraud, transnational organized crime, violent gangs, domestic terrorism involving racially motivated violent extremists, as well as investigations relating to public corruption and bribery​.”

N​one of them had to do with foreign surveillance. ​​

Jordan and Biggs said the ruling is “particularly disturbing in light of prior FBI misconduct” detailed by the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz in his 2019 report, which revealed a pattern of “abuses and deficiencies in the FBI’s FISA process.”​

His report said the FISA warrant process was abused regarding Page. ​

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, left, talks to Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., during a House Judiciary Committee markup of the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.
Jim Jordan and Andy Biggs have been outspoken in their criticism over the FBI surveillance.
Patrick Semansky/AP

“Similarly, in March 2020, the OIG warned you of extensive noncompliance with Woods Procedures, which act as a safeguard and are designed to minimize factual inaccuracies in FISA applications by maintaining supporting documentation for each factual assertion in the application,” Jordan and Biggs wrote.

“The OIG alerted you to unsupported, uncorroborated, or inconsistent information in the Woods Files of all 25 surveillance applications on U.S. Persons that the OIG examined,” ​the two said.​

The November 2020 ruling “only raises more questions about the FBI’s respect for the constitutional and statutory parameters of FISA.”​

They want the FBI to answer why the FBI was “still” “abusing” FISA, a detailed listing of all queries accessed since December 2019, and ​explain what actions the FBI director is taking to address the concerns in the ruling to “prevent the FBI from using its section 702 authorities to surveil, investigate, or otherwise examine U.S. citizens.”

A senior FBI official told Fox News the ​agency has taken “numerous steps to facilitate compliance with the 702 query procedures,” including implementing additional documentation requirements to ensure personnel “have thought about the querying standard and articulate why they think it has been met,” while also modifying “multiple systems to better help personnel meet those legal requirements.”

FBI Director Christopher Wray testifies during a Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing about worldwide threats.
Christopher Wray had previously called the FISA actions against Carter Page “unacceptable”
Graeme Jennings/Pool via AP

The person said the FBI then “developed new guidance and training on those requirements and deployed the training to all FBI personnel with access to unminimized Section 702 information.”​

Those who did not complete the training will not be allowed to access the information.​

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Republicans Are Insane To Engage With Left-Wing Media Outlets

Senior commentary writer for the Washington Examiner Becket Adams pondered Tuesday why Republican lawmakers continue to appear on left-wing media outlets that “see it as their job to kneecap Republicans.” Adams wrote in his Substack blog:

Why do GOP lawmakers keep agreeing to do interviews with partisan activists posing as news anchors? Sure, there’s something to be said for going into the lion’s den. Successful efforts to calm a hostile room can win the admiration and respect of one’s opponents. But when it comes to newsrooms such as MSNBC, it’s more like a hyena pit. It’s beyond hostile — it’s crazed.

Adams cited a recent example, in which West Virginia Republican Gov. Jim Justice appeared on MSNBC to discuss the bill he signed to ban biological men from competing in women’s sports.

Host Stephanie Ruhle challenged Justice and cut him off while he was speaking several times. Ruhle shot back at Justice and said, “Please, come back when, beyond anecdotal feelings as a coach, you can show me evidence where those young women are being disadvantaged in your state, because I can show you evidence about how ranking that low in education is disadvantaging young women and men in West Virginia,” vying for the last word.

As the Examiner writer noted, MSNBC’s Ali Velshi later played clips of the Justice interview and remarked, ” …it looks like Justice got served.”

“This is the modus operandi for left-wing news organizations,” Adams wrote. “They see it as their job to kneecap Republicans, certainly not to debate issues dispassionately. Yet, for whatever reason, Republicans keep accepting invites to these shows. Republicans keep treating left-wing anchors and reporters as if they’re fair and even-handed operators.”

“Republicans complain a lot about media bias, claiming they’re not being given a fair shake by the press,” Adams continued. “Why, then, do they continue to patronize news networks that are explicitly not in the business of being fair and impartial?”

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