POLL: Republican Candidate For Virginia Governor Up 5 Points

A new poll shows former Carlyle Group CEO Glenn Youngkin leading former Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe by five points among likely voters in the state’s November gubernatorial election.

The poll, conducted by Research America Inc. for the University of Mary Washington, found Republican candidate Youngkin with 48% support among likely voters, compared to 43% support for McAuliffe, a Democrat. Research America Inc. surveyed 1,000 Virginia residents, including 885 registered voters and 528 likely voters, between Sept. 7-13, for a margin of error of 4.1%.

The poll of registered voters found McAuliffe with 46% support, compared to 41% for Youngkin.

The poll also found that 49% of Virginians believe that the U.S. is moving in the wrong direction, compared to only 23% who view the country as moving in the right direction.

“To borrow from Mark Twain, the reports of the end of Virginia’s status as a swing state are greatly exaggerated,” University of Mary Washington political science professor Stephen J. Farnsworth said.

“This is an electorate in a very foul mood,” he added. “We shouldn’t be surprised. COVID has created the biggest health care and economic shocks to the world in decades and we prematurely thought the crises were over. So it is no wonder that voters are expressing high levels of frustration.”

The race is expected to serve as a bellwether for the 2022 midterms. Republican Bob McDonnell won the Virginia governor’s race in 2009 by 17 points, a year before the GOP netted 63 seats in the House of Representatives. Similarly, Democrat and current governor Ralph Northam won by 9 points in 2017, a year before Democrats picked up 41 seats.

Youngkin, who received former President Donald Trump’s endorsement upon winning the state Republican Party’s convention, has never before run for elected office. Before leading the Carlyle Group, he consulted at McKinsey and Co. (RELATED: ‘Big Lurch Left’: GOP Governor Candidate Glenn Youngkin Says Virginia Is Tired Of Democratic Leaders)

McAuliffe served as Virginia’s governor from 2014 to 2018. The state’s constitution permits governors to serve two non-consecutive terms. McAuliffe has received endorsements from his lieutenant governor and successor, Northam, as well as President Joe Biden, who is campaigning for him.

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Virginia Governor Race: Youngkin Takes the Lead over McAuliffe in New Poll

Left: Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin speaks during a campaign event in McLean, Va., July 14, 2021. Right: Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe participates in a campaign event at Lubber Run Park in Arlington, Va., July 23, 2021. (Evelyn Hockstein/Reuters)

The Virginia gubernatorial race is shaping up to be much closer than previous elections, according to a new poll by the University of Mary Washington and Research America Inc.

The poll found that 48 percent of likely voters back Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin, while 43 percent support former Democratic governor Terry McAuliffe. However, among total registered voters, 46 percent back McAuliffe while 41 percent favor Youngkin.

“The reports of the end of Virginia’s status as a swing state are greatly exaggerated,” Stephen J. Farnsworth, director of UMW’s Center for Leadership and Media Studies, said in a news post on the UMW site. “The large number of undecided voters at this stage demonstrates that either major party candidate can become the next governor of Virginia.”

The UMW/Research America Inc. poll was conducted from September 7-13, in phone and online interviews with 1,000 Virginia residents. The total sample held a margin of error of 3.1 percent, while the likely voters sample (528 of the respondents) held a 4.1 percent margin of error.

Republicans last won statewide office in 2009, when Bob McDonnell became governor. However, McAuliffe defeated Republican Ken Cuccinelli in the 2013 gubernatorial contest, and current governor Ralph Northam defeated Ed Gillespie in 2017 by 9 points amid backlash against President Trump among suburban voters.

In the current campaign, Youngkin has sought to portray McAuliffe as soft on crime and radically pro-abortion, while McAuliffe has characterized Youngkin as a “Trump wannabe.”

“This election looks very different from those of the past four years, when Democrats could win by substantial margins by just focusing the electorate on President Trump,” Farnsworth noted. “He is not president anymore, and recent Democratic advantages in statewide contests seem to have departed with him.”

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Zachary Evans is a news writer for National Review Online. He is a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces and a trained violist.

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Poll: Biden’s Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low

President Joe Biden’s approval rating has hit an all-time low, according to a Gallup poll released Wednesday.

Following a disastrous U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and another migrant surge at the southern border, the president’s approval rating is now underwater. Only 43 percent of voters approve of Biden—a 14-point drop since his inauguration. And for the first time in his presidency, a majority, 53 percent, disapprove of his leadership.

Biden’s plummeting poll numbers come as the president moves from pillar to post in an effort to restore his administration’s message of “competence.” Since his inauguration, Biden has faced a series of domestic crises, including a resurgence of COVID hospitalizations and deaths and a flood of immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. But the withdrawal from Afghanistan proved to be the first great test of his administration, as hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens and allies were hastily evacuated amid the Taliban’s swift and violent takeover of the nation.

Thirteen U.S. service members were killed by a terrorist attack at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport during the pullout. More than 100,000 U.S. citizens and allies were flown out of Kabul over a two-week period in August. About 100 Americans remain trapped in Afghanistan, Secretary of State Antony Blinken testified before Congress last week. And tens of thousands of Afghans who assisted the U.S. military were left behind.

The botched withdrawal was complicated by a national resurgence of COVID-19 cases that forced the Biden administration to return to a federal policy of masking as well as a vaccine mandate for federal and non-federal workers. The country has had an average of more than 1,000 COVID deaths every day since Biden took office—a quarter of a million deaths in total.

The rise in cases coincided with a spike in migration at the southern border, which prompted the Biden administration to make use of Title 42, a policy the Trump administration used to expel migrants who pose a risk of spreading communicable disease.

Of the previous four presidents, Biden now enjoys the lowest approval rating in the September of a president’s first term, with the exception of former president Donald Trump.

Gallup’s poll also found that voters are split on Vice President Kamala Harris: 49 percent approve and 49 percent disapprove of her leadership.

Biden’s approval rating declined most among independent voters. Gallup conducted its poll from Sept. 1 to 17, surveying more than 1,000 adults nationwide via telephone.

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Biden Is Not Going to Like What Americans Have to Say in New Poll on His Mental Stability – RedState

Fox News has a new poll out, and it’s not good for Joe Biden.

Less than half of Americans think he’s “mentally stable” enough to hold his job.

From Daily Caller:

Confidence in Biden’s mental fitness has continuously dropped since July, when only 39% of Americans said he was mentally unfit. Just 49% of respondents to Monday’s poll were confident that Biden is mentally fit enough to serve as president, while 48% believe he is not.

Fox said the poll, conducted Sept. 12 – 15, has a 3% margin of error.

The poll is referencing registered voters, so it’s folks more likely to vote.

What’s even more problematic for Biden is, like many polls, this one is weighted to the Democrats, with Democratic people outnumber Republicans responding to the poll 44% to 39%. So, that’s Democrats who are coming around to this as well, not just Republicans.

This is on top of all other manner of polls over the past couple of months showing his numbers in free fall.

He had the most brutal poll of his time in office this month, with only 39% approving of job performance and 49% disapproving.

He’s also taking a hit in a very important state for the future — Iowa. It’s an acid bath for Biden.

Less than a third of the people polled approve of the job he is doing in office, with almost two-thirds disapproving.

From Fox News:

Biden’s approval rating stands at 31%, with disapproval at 62%, according to a Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa poll, which was released on Tuesday.

That’s a significant drop from June, the previous time the question was asked, when the president stood at 43%-52% approval/disapproval. The last time Biden’s approval ratings were above water in Des Moines Register/Mediacom polling in Iowa was in March, early in his presidency, when he stood at 47%-44%.

“This is a bad poll for Joe Biden, and it’s playing out in everything that he touches right now,” the survey’s pollster, J. Ann Selzer, said to the Des Moines Register. The poll was taken September 12-15.

That’s pretty much the size of it right now — everything Biden touches blows up on him — from Afghanistan to the border — and nothing he’s doing is really digging himself out of it. And you can bet that media isn’t going to amplify how badly all these indications are for Biden.

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Biden’s numbers are worse than Trump’s ever were in latest Iowa poll – HotAir

If we had a flashing red light alarm here, it would be going off on the results from the latest poll in Iowa. The new poll is absolutely devastating for Democrats hoping to retain control of the House of Representatives and the Senate in the 2022 mid-term elections. After only eight months in office, Joe Biden has botched things up so badly that he is polling worse than either Trump or Obama ever did in Iowa.

Veteran pollster J. Ann Selzer notes that everything Biden touches turns to crap right now. “This is a bad poll for Joe Biden, and it’s playing out in everything that he touches right now,” Selzer told the Des Moines Register. How bad are Biden’s numbers? Biden’s overall approval number is below the lowest ever measured by Selzer – just 31%.

Two big issues for Americans in important swing states like Iowa are the COVID-19 pandemic and the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Biden has failed miserably on both those topics. His polling on pulling out troops from Afghanistan sits at an anemic 22% among Iowa voters. Iowan’s approval of Biden’s handling of the pandemic is at 36%. Less than 1/3 of Iowa voters approve of Biden’s job performance so far. He hasn’t been in net positive polling territory since March.

Thirty-one percent of Iowans approve of how Biden is handling his job, while 62% disapprove and 7% are not sure, according to the latest Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll.

That’s a 12 percentage point drop in approval from June, the last time the question was asked. Biden’s disapproval numbers jumped by 10 points during the same period. In June, 43% approved and 52% disapproved.

Biden’s job approval has not been in net positive territory in Iowa since March, when 47% of Iowans approved of his performance and 44% disapproved.

It should not be a surprise that Joe Biden has almost zero support from Republicans in Iowa. Republican support polls at just 4% for his overall job performance, with 95% disapproval. And, as the reality is in our hyper-partisan world of domestic politics, the opposite is true with Democrat support. Democrat approval of Biden is at 86%, with 7% disapproval. The all-important Independent voters poll at 62% approval for Biden’s performance in office while 29% disapprove.

For reference, Trump’s lowest approval number was 35% that he received in December 2017. Barack Obama’s was 36% in February 2014. George W. Bush received 25% support in September 2008. So, at 31% approval, Joe Biden’s numbers are in the dumpster. Will he go even lower? We’ll have to wait and see. The withdrawal from Afghanistan brings Republicans, Independents, and Democrats together in their criticism of Biden.

“The way we exited Afghanistan was pretty sad,” said poll respondent Brad Singleton, 45, a political independent and pastor from Montezuma who used to identify as a Republican. “Not the fact that we left Afghanistan, because we probably should have done that a long time ago, but just the way we did that it felt like Americans were abandoned and it felt like we just left equipment there.”

Biden’s handling of Afghanistan is the policy area where he has the least support from Democrats among a range of issues tested. Just 61% of self-identified Democrats approve of how he’s handled the issue, while 25% disapprove. In contrast, 89% of Democrats approve of how he’s handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kimala Peterson, a 62-year-old Democrat and poll respondent from Spencer, said she approves of Biden’s handling of Afghanistan and likes that the United States got out of the country. But she said she still feels it could have been handled better.

“The thing that probably disappoints me the most is I think with Afghanistan that maybe that could have been handled better with getting the Americans out and the people who helped us,” said Peterson, a retired library administrative assistant.

Others were just happy to see U.S. troops come home. Jesse Guerra, a 52-year-old poll respondent and political independent from Cedar Rapids, said the military “had no reason being there.”

“He said he was going to get them out, and he did,” he said. “As far as I know, that’s the one good thing he’s done.”

Not said by that last respondent is that 13 of the American service members Biden “got out” were flown home in caskets, thanks to his catastrophically poor decision-making. Hundreds of Afghans were killed in the process at the Kabul airport, too.

The right track/wrong track polling isn’t good for Biden either. Again, it is split along party lines but Democrat support for Biden isn’t anything to get excited about. Only 21% of Iowans polled think the country is going in the right direction.

Iowans are also more likely to say things in the nation have gotten off on the wrong track than they were earlier this year. That number is at 70%, compared to 59% in June. The percentage of Iowans who say things are headed in the right direction has also dropped by 10 points, from 31% in June to 21% in the latest poll.

Those numbers show a clear partisan divide. Just 4% of Republicans say the nation is headed in the right direction, compared to 58% of Democrats and 18% of independents. And 94% of Republicans say things are on the wrong track, compared to 30% of Democrats and 70% of independents.

All of this is particularly bad news for Democrats because Biden’s unpopularity will affect down-ticket races in 2022. It will be impossible for Democrats to keep the House and the Senate if Biden can’t turn this ship around. Democrats will suffer big losses. I’m here for it but it must be terrifying for folks like Pelosi and Schumer. If other swing states begin to show results like these in Iowa, they will see the writing on the wall – their time in power is coming to an end.

While first term, midterm elections are, historically, very difficult for the president’s party in the House, that trend is made far, far worse if the president’s approval rating is below 50%. As Gallup wrote in 2018:
“In Gallup’s polling history, presidents with job approval ratings below 50% have seen their party lose 37 House seats, on average, in midterm elections. That compares with an average loss of 14 seats when presidents had approval ratings above 50%.”

That average is even higher in the wake of the 2018 midterms, where Republicans lost 40 House seats thanks in large part to Donald Trump’s approval ratings being stuck in the low 40s.

This is just one poll and it’s only one swing state but for a seasoned professional pollster like Ann Selzer to admit these results are at an all-time low for Iowa polling, well, that’s good news for Republicans. I’ll cautiously take the good news. I honestly don’t think that Biden has the juice to turn things around for himself. His history of poor decision-making is consistent throughout his very long political career. He hasn’t changed. Biden is who he is.

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Poll: Less than half of Americans think Joe Biden is mentally stable enough to be president

Only 49 percent of Americans believe that Joe Biden is mentally stable enough to be president, according to a Fox News poll.

When espondents were asked whether they “think Joe Biden has the mental soundness to serve effectively as president, 49 percent said “yes,” and 48 percent said “no.”

Biden’s marginal polling numbers regarding his mental fitness comes following a series of events where Biden seemingly admits that his handlers often tell him what he can and cannot do, as well as who he is allowed to take questions from.

“Ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. The first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O’Donnell from NBC,” Biden said during an August press conference. He has made several other similar remarks sparking concern that he, despite being president, is not truly in charge.

Americans have questioned some of the various comments that Biden has made regarding his policies. Earlier this summer, Biden told MSNBC that his infrastructure bill could be financed by more aggressive Internal Revenue Service enforcement to the tune of “somewhere between $700 billion and a trillion, 300 million billion dollars.”

Respondents were then asked whether or not they thought Joe Biden was a strong leader. Only 45 percent answered “yes,” while 53 percent said “no.”

Biden has lost leadership credibility among many Americans and veterans across the country, particularly in regards to his policies in Afghanistan. Biden withdrew all U.S. troops from Afghanistan, which consequently led to the fall of the country to the Taliban.

Biden attempted to retaliate against ISIS-K fighters responsible for a suicide bombing at the Kabul airport that left 13 U.S. service members and nearly 200 Afghan civilians dead. Biden authorized a drone strike against the terrorists, though according to the Pentagon, Biden’s attack wrongly targeted and killed a family of ten civilians, including seven children.

Only 16 percent of Americans strongly approved Joe Biden’s Afghanistan policies.

Respondents were asked whether or not the country had become more united or divided under Biden. Only 37 percent thought the country was more united, and 54 percent thought the country was less united.

Biden, who focused his campaign on a message of unity, recently ordered that all companies with more than 100 workers must vaccinate all of their employees or face harsh consequences.

“This is not about freedom or personal choice,” Biden said in his remarks to the nation.

Biden’s approval rating has sharply plummeted over the past several months. According to RealClearPolitics, 39 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s foreign policy, 36 percent approve of his immigration policies, and 45 percent approve of his economic policies.

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Joe Biden Approval Sinks to New Low in Iowa Poll

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on a National Security Initiative inside the East Room at the White House in Washington, D.C., September 15, 2021. (Tom Brenner/Reuters)

President Biden’s job approval rating plummeted over the past few months, according to an Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll released on Tuesday.

Just 31 percent of Iowa residents approve of the president’s job performance, dropping below former President Trump’s lowest rating in the same poll (35 percent in December 2017). Meanwhile, 62 percent of respondents to the latest Iowa poll said they disapproved of Biden’s performance.

The approval rating is down from the June Iowa Poll, when 43 percent of respondents approved of Biden while 52 percent disapproved.

“This is a bad poll for Joe Biden, and it’s playing out in everything that he touches right now,” pollster J. Ann Selzer told the Des Moines Register. The poll was conducted by Selzer & Co. from September 12-15, questioning 805 Iowa residents, with a 3.5 percent margin of error.

Among various issues, respondents rated Biden lowest regarding the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, although this issue also prompted a partisan split. Only 22 percent of all respondents approved of Biden’s handling of the withdrawal, with 69 percent saying they disapproved.

Among Democrats, 61 percent approved of Biden’s handling while 25 percent disapproved, as opposed to 94 percent of Republicans who disapproved. The U.S. left behind hundreds of American passport-holders and thousands of permanent residents and Afghan visa applicants in Afghanistan following the withdrawal.

Various other polls recorded a drop in Biden’s approval rating following the withdrawal, such as an ABC News/Washington Post poll in early September in which 44 percent of respondents approved of Biden’s job performance while 51 percent disapproved.

Biden’s average job approval rating has been steadily sinking since the beginning of his presidency, according to polling averages at RealClearPolitics. Disapproval of Biden’s performance rose throughout the month of August.

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Zachary Evans is a news writer for National Review Online. He is a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces and a trained violist.

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Poll: Gretchen Whitmer’s Approval Rating Plunges

Down 11 points since last September

Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer (D.) / Twitter

Josh Christenson • September 20, 2021 5:25 pm

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D., Mich.) job approval rating has plummeted more than 10 points in the last year, according to a state poll.

The Glengariff Group, a Michigan survey research firm, found only 48 percent of voters approve of Whitmer’s performance as governor, whereas 46 percent disapprove. In September 2020, the same poll found 59 percent of voters approved of Whitmer’s leadership and 38 percent disapproved. The shift in opinions occurred most noticeably among independent voters.

Whitmer’s lagging poll numbers come after a year of reports showed Whitmer repeatedly violating her own COVID health policies. In June 2020, she joined hundreds to march in a protest during one of the peaks of the coronavirus pandemic. And in January, she attended President Joe Biden’s inauguration—an outdoor event with thousands of attendees—even though she levied a 25-person cap on outdoor gatherings in her state. She was photographed in May violating her own COVID-19 restrictions again while sitting with more than six diners in a bar.

Michigan’s auditor general is also investigating Whitmer to determine how many nursing home residents died of COVID-19 as a result of her controversial pandemic policies.

Alongside Whitmer’s lagging poll numbers, the poll revealed a majority of voters believe the state is on the wrong track and disapprove of Biden’s leadership.

The Detroit Regional Chamber PAC, which commissioned the poll, endorsed Whitmer for governor in 2018 over GOP candidate Bill Schuette. The poll surveyed 600 registered voters in the state via telephone.

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Only a quarter of Americans believe Hollywood has ‘positive influence’ on American society: new poll

Hollywood stars want to change the world in between red-carpet strolls and contract squabbles.

Celebrities, buoyed by their robust social media accounts and reporters hungry for headlines, promote any number of causes, including, for example:

  • Leonardo DiCaprio, director James Cameron: Climate Change
  • Alyssa Milano, Amy Schumer: #MeToo
  • Matt Damon: Clean Water in Africa

Yet a new Rasmussen Reports poll shows the public isn’t impressed by celebrity activism, the industry’s overall impact on culture, or both. In fact, it suggests stars may be doing more harm than good for their preferred causes. The poll, conducted via phone and web-based queries between Sept. 7-8, found a schism between Hollywood and the body politic. The survey asked 1,000 respondents two questions: 

  • Generally speaking, do movies and the movie industry have a positive or a negative impact on American society?
  • How would you describe the politics of Hollywood — conservative, moderate or liberal?

Respondents noted the industry’s progressive tendencies (56% dubbed Hollywood “liberal”), hardly a shock given how celebrities rallied to support Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden during the last two presidential elections. Just 8% claimed Hollywood leaned to the right. 

More telling, though, is how the public views Hollywood’s shadow over the American landscape. Barely more than one in four adults said the industry had a “positive influence” on the country.

The poll’s margin of sampling error was +/- 3 percentage points

That response captures more than just Hollywood’s activist side. It includes the content flowing from the industry, from the shows we stream on Netflix to the films shown at the local movie house.

It’s hard to say if respondents judged Hollywood by its content or political positioning.

Some Hollywood activism is decidedly neutral, and positive. During tragedies, stars routinely rally to raise funds for those directly impacted, think disaster relief efforts or supporting food banks at the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stars also push progressive talking points on and off screens, like recent pro-choice efforts aimed at legislation in both Georgia and Texas.

The poll comes as the stars’ preferred presidential candidate, Joe Biden, finds his poll numbers cratering after several high-profile failures, including the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan amid the U.S. troop withdrawal.

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Alabama Remains Number One In The AP Poll After Week Three

Alabama is still the top team in college football.

In the AP Poll released after week three, the Crimson Tide held onto the top spot after an absolute dog fight against Florida. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Georgia, Oregon, Oklahoma and Iowa rounded out the top five. Iowa jumped up to number six.

Another week goes by in the world of college football, and Alabama remains in the top spot. After their incredibly tough game against Florida, I’d say they’ve done enough to earn the right to hold onto the number one ranking.

Until they lose, I’m not sure how you put any team ahead of the Crimson Tide.

Georgia, Oregon, Oklahoma, Iowa and Penn State have all been very impressive through weeks, but it’s hard to know for sure which one will separate from the group.

Oregon has the best win, but PSU honestly looks like the best team in the B1G right now.

As for my Badgers, we’re holding strong to the 18th spot after having a bye week. Now, we play 12th-ranked Notre Dame this Saturday.

If you’re not hyped up for that, then you’re likely not a real football fan.

This Saturday can’t get here fast enough. We’re in for another great weekend of action!

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