Three California Recall Ballots Sent to Address of Deceased American Veteran and Patriot Ashli Babbitt, Who Was Shot and Killed at Capitol on Jan 6

Three California Recall Ballots Sent to Address of Deceased American Veteran and Patriot Ashli Babbitt, Who Was Shot and Killed at Capitol on Jan 6

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In 2003, No One Hated U.S. Army Patriot Missiles More than U.S. Air Force Pilots

Here’s What You Need to Know: Studying the Patriots-versus-friendly jets conflict after the invasion, the U.S. Defense Science Board expressed deep worry.

During the spring 2003 invasion of Iraq by U.S. and allied forces, U.S. Army Patriot air-defense missile batteries were so dangerously unreliable—and prone to firing on friendly planes—that they provoked a brief, and today largely forgotten, civil war between missileers and fighter pilots.

“Many allied pilots believed that the Patriot posed a greater threat to them than did any [surface-to-air missile] in Iraq’s inventory,” Benjamin Lambeth wrote in his exhaustive Iraq war monograph The Unseen War.

“The Patriots scared the Hell out of us,” one F-16 pilot remarked. As Army missiles downed two allied warplanes, killing three crewmen, fliers did their best to avoid the trigger-happy Patriot batteries—and in one case an Air Force pilot actually fired on a Patriot crew.

When American and coalition armored battalions swept into Iraq in March 2003, 62 Patriot firing units followed behind them, maintaining a continuous air-defense screen just behind the front lines.

America’s main ground-based air-defense system, Patriot combines a radar, a control trailer and—for early versions—several quad-pack missile launchers, all mounted on heavy trucks. A Patriot can shoot down aircraft up to a hundred miles away. Some versions can intercept incoming ballistic missiles, although critics have questioned the Patriot’s effectiveness in this role.

In 2003, there were serious deficiencies in the Patriot’s software. The system applies complex computer algorithms to judge a target’s speed and altitude and, in the case of an airplane, its radio transponder signal. If the computer decides a bogey matches the profile of an enemy aircraft or missile, it displays the target as hostile on operators’ screens.

In certain modes, the Patriot can even automatically launch a missile at a radar return it decides is a bad guy.

The Patriot’s computer and human minders don’t always get it right. On March 23, a Patriot battery shot down a Royal Air Force Tornado fighter-bomber returning to Kuwait after a mission over Iraq. The two crew died.

“Early speculation attributed the incident to either a failure of the Tornado crew to identify their aircraft properly to allied acquisition and tracking radar controllers or a failure of the Patriot battery operators to interpret correctly the Tornado’s IFF signal,” Lambeth wrote.

IFF is Identification Friend or Foe—a radio signal that warplanes emit to identify themselves. The latest planes have multiple IFF systems, including encrypted and non-encrypted versions.

According to Lambeth, the British ultimately blamed the fratricide on the Tornado’s malfunctioning IFF, but one “unofficial account” claimed the Patriot system misidentified the Tornado as an Iraqi missile.

In any event, the Patriots quickly proved an awful menace. “Allied aircrews experienced a notable spike in their stress levels whenever they operated within a Patriot threat envelope,” Lambeth reported. “More than a few who were locked up by a Patriot radar had been forced to drop chaff, engage in aggressive countermaneuvering and make frantic calls to the AWACS [radar control planes] to get the offending Patriot to break its lock.”

U.S. Air Force pilots quickly lost patience with the Army missileers. One day after the Tornado shoot-down, an F-16 pilot was flying over An Najaf in Iraq when a Patriot radar zeroed in on him. The flier fired a HARM anti-radar missile that destroyed the Patriot’s sensor dish but, luckily, did not harm the Army crew.

The Air Force insisted the F-16’s attack was accidental—that the pilot did not know that the radar he was shooting at was a Patriot manned by fellow Americans.

But other airmen were unapologetic. “Those guys were locking us up on a regular basis,” one F-16 pilot said. “No one was hurt when the Patriot was hit, thank God, but from our perspective they’re now down one radar. That’s one radar they can’t target us with any more.”

But there were still dozens of Patriots in the war zone. And on April 2, a Patriot shot down a U.S. Navy F/A-18 fighter over southern Iraq, killing the pilot. The F/A-18 pilot had detected the incoming missile and had tried to dodge it. His wingman survived the engagement. The Navy, Lambeth wrote, was “understandably distressed.”

Again, the murderous Patriot had apparently decided the Navy plane was an Iraqi rocket.

U.S. commanders ordered safety measures. They barred Patriot crews from placing their missile launchers on fully automatic modes. They told pilots to use the more-reliable non-encrypted IFF. The Army promised it would fix the Patriots.

Studying the Patriots-versus-friendly jets conflict after the invasion, the U.S. Defense Science Board expressed deep worry. After all, Iraq had offered only token resistance to the allied air campaign. Iraqi jets never counter-attacked. Baghdad launched only a few ballistic missiles.

Future wars “will likely be more stressing,” the DSB warned. If the Patriot batteries couldn’t cope with an essentially one-sided aerial battle without accidentally killing three allied airmen, how would the missileers fare against a sophisticated and determined foe?

David Axe served as Defense Editor of the National Interest. He is the author of the graphic novels War FixWar Is Boring and Machete Squad.

This article first appeared in March 2020.

Image: Reuters.

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Under The Influence: The Patriot Sisters 8/22/21

This dynamic duo is all about Jesus, Country and Family. In this week’s episode of ‘Under The Influence’ we double down with our guest as we profile The Patriot Sisters.

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AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Speaks At ASU Mask Protest: “When I’m Governor I Will Pardon Every Patriot Who Stood Up Against This Tyranny”

AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Speaks At ASU Mask Protest: “When I’m Governor I Will Pardon Every Patriot Who Stood Up Against This Tyranny” – Tells ASU President To SHOVE IT

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Under The Influence: Glenn Story with Patriot Mobile, Emma Mitchem 7/30/21

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Mother of Murdered Jan 6th Patriot Ashli Babbitt Honored at Trump Rally, Speaks Out to Reporters on DC Political Prisoners (VIDEO)

Justice for Ashli: Mother of Murdered Jan 6th Patriot Ashli Babbitt Honored at Trump Rally, Speaks Out to Reporters on DC Political Prisoners (VIDEO)

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‘I Fought For Cuba, They Didn’t’: Trump Says Biden Admin’s Response To Cuba Is An ‘Insult To Every Cuban Patriot Who Has Suffered’

Former President Donald Trump called President Joe Biden’s administration’s response to the Cuban protests an “insult” to Cubans suffering under the communist regime in a Thursday statement.

“The Biden Administration’s refusal to forcefully condemn Communism and the Cuban Communist Regime is a national travesty,” Trump said. “The Biden Administration’s ludicrous suggestion that the Cubans are protesting government mismanagement-not brutal Communist oppression-is an insult to every Cuban patriot who has suffered, been imprisoned, or died in pursuit of freedom.”

“Today’s Democrat Party is so far left they can’t even take a stand against violent Communism,” Trump said. “Many are Communist themselves!”

Thousands of Cuban citizens protested the Cuban Communist Party in over 32 cities Sunday chanting “Freedom!” “Down with Communism!” “Patria y Vida!” and “Liberty!”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday that Cubans protested due to “government mismanagement” without mentioning communism. On Thursday, however, she said, “Communism is a failed ideology,” and added that the repressive government in Cuba “failed its people.”

The July 11 Cuban protests (Photo by YAMIL LAGE/AFP via Getty Images)

The former president praised the Cuban protesters for defending themselves against the “heartless and brutal regime” and said he stands in “total solidarity” with them over their grievances. (RELATED: ‘THEY ARE NOT AFRAID’: Trump Shows Support For Cuban Protesters)

“The proud people of Cuba are desperate to be free from the iron boot heal of the Island’s wicked Communist Regime,” Trump said. “These incredible warriors for freedom risk everything to take to the streets in their quest for freedom.”

“I stand in total solidarity with the freedom fighters who have watched their families suffer in the motherland at the hands of this heartless and brutal regime.”

The former president called what he perceived was the Biden administration’s lack of response to the “freedom-loving” Cuban demonstrations a “betrayal” and that he fought for the people living under socialist regimes during his presidency.

“The Biden Administration is squandering a historic opportunity to stand for freedom and human rights in our home region,” Trump said. “The Biden Administration is betraying the freedom-loving people of Cuba. I fought for Cuba, they didn’t.”

The Trump administration placed new sanctions and penalties on Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua in an effort to end the rule of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and weaken the power of Cuba’s communist government in April 2019, NPR reported.

The measures included strengthening the U.S. embargo with Cuba and allowing U.S. citizens to file lawsuits against foreign companies operating on Cuban land seized by the U.S. during the 1959 Cuban revolution.

“As President, I advanced a strategic vision in which the people of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua would be free, and that the Western Hemisphere would be the first free hemisphere in all of human history,” Trump said.

The Trump administration’s National Security advisor John Bolton said the U.S. will stand with the people of these countries that are fighting for freedom, according to NPR.

“This is just the beginning,” Bolton said regarding the policies. “As long as the people of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua stand for freedom, the United States will stand with them.”

Biden issued a July 12 statement saying that the administration stands with Cubans people as they fight against their country’s “authoritarian regime.”

“We stand with the Cuban people and their clarion call for freedom and relief from the tragic grip of the pandemic and from the decades of repression and economic suffering to which they have been subjected by Cuba’s authoritarian regime,” the statement said.

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Former NE Patriot Bequette announces GOP primary bid for Boozman’s Arkansas Senate seat

Former New England Patriots Jake Bequette says he will enter the Arkansas GOP primary race to challenge incumbent Sen. John Boozman.

Bequette, who was an NFL defensive end, made the announcement Monday about his 2022 bid. 

Bequette, an Army veteran and Arkansas native, says Boozman has been in Washington for too long and that it’s time for a new person to hold the Senate seat.

“What’s happening in Washington these days is a disgrace. Democrats have been taken over by radical socialists, and too many Republicans just go along to get along,” Bequette said in his announcement video. 

Although Bequette is a supporter of former President Trump, the former president has already endorsed Boozman for reelection.

Boozman also has the support of other key GOP power players such as former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders and junior Arkansas GOP Sen. Tom Cotton. 

Boozman is seeking a third Senate term after having served 10 years in the House.

Other GOP challengers include Jan Morgan, a gun range owner who ran against Gov. Asa Hutchinson in the 2018 GOP primaries.

Arkansas is a solidly red state, so the winner of the Republican primary will likely will the general election. 

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Rapper Patriot J on going against the mainstream narrative and streaming platform bans

Patriot J is a hip-hop artist who has come out against traditional political narratives in Californian politics, challenging Democratic norms on race issues. He’s had top 10 songs in the country, without mainstream airplay.

Patriot J (real name Jordan Dixon-Hamilton) joins Andrew Says to discuss streaming platforms Spotify and SoundCloud banning his song with Bryson Gray over “hateful content.”

Andrew and the rapper also discuss the U.S. women’s soccer team kneeling during the national anthem, and CNN‘s attempt to paint Tucker Carlson as an extremist.

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