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This looks like New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s version of cleaning house.


More from the New York Post:

Embattled state Health Commissioner Howard Zucker will step down from his position as soon as a replacement can be found, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced Thursday.

Zucker was a key figure in the administration of disgraced Gov. Andrew Cuomo, where critics charged he played a central role in its efforts to minimize and disguise the pandemic’s death toll across the state and in its nursing homes.

“He understands that, in this time, I’ve wanted to take the first 45 days to assemble a new team going forward,” Hochul said, announcing Zucker’s departure. “That process is ongoing, and he understands and he respects that.”

She added: “He also has an opportunity to move on to new ventures and I appreciate his his service.”

Hochul said a search for a replacement is underway.

Besides being part of the corrupt administration of former Governor Andrew Cuomo, it is well-known New York folklore that Dr. Zucker dined out on being the inspiration for the television series Doogie Howser, M.D.

The jokes write themselves.

According to journalist Zack Fink, Stephen Bochco’s agent denies this. The penchant for lying and deceiving came early and often with this bunch.

Under then-Governor Cuomo’s direction, Zucker issued the executive order that placed COVID-positive patients from hospitals into nursing homes. Zucker went even further, by barring nursing home staff from testing the returning patients for coronavirus. This resulted in the death of 15,000 elderly residents (from last count), including the in-laws of Fox News’ meteorologist Janice Dean. Dean has led the charge in shining the light on this horrific policy and its fallout, as well as holding Cuomo and his administration accountable for the deaths of innocent elders.

Zucker and Cuomo defended the nursing home orders, saying the facilities were obligated to provide care and to obtain the necessary protective equipment to shield their staffs and other residents from the virus.

However, massive shortages of PPE made that impossible and it took state officials weeks to begin delivering the needed supplies, all as the death toll mounted.

They also came under fire for not allowing city nursing homes to send sick residents to two hospital ships that largely sat empty during the first wave of the pandemic.

Since Cuomo pretty much skated on killing grandma and grandpa, the investigation required a scapegoat, and Dr. Zucker was it.

Additionally, Zucker’s Health Department provided incomplete tallies of coronavirus death counts from nursing homes for months, by refusing to release the tallies of residents who later died in nursing homes.

The Cuomo administration only released the complete figures after state Attorney General Letitia James released a report saying the Health Department’s count likely understated COVID-linked deaths at nursing home facilities by 50 percent.

Zucker’s incomplete counts obscured the connection between 1,900 COVID deaths and nursing homes in New York City alone.

At the very least, the not-so-good doctor should also be stripped of his medical license, and prevented from ever practicing medicine again. At the most, he should be brought up on criminal charges and put on trial.

Only if we lived in a just world.

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Florida leads nation in nursing home resident, staff deaths: AARP

Florida led the nation in nursing home resident and staff deaths in the four weeks ending Aug. 22, the American Association of Retired People (AARP) reported Wednesday in a “four-week snapshot” analysis.

According to the Florida Fact Sheet webpage accessible via AARP’s Nursing Home COVID-19 Dashboard , 237 residents and 13 staff in state nursing homes died from the disease during the span, accounting for 21% of all nursing home resident deaths and 17% of all staff deaths due to the virus nationwide.

Meanwhile, Florida’s 73.6% vaccination rate of 160,000 residents in 700-plus nursing homes is third-worst among all states except Nevada and Arizona, and its 48.5% vaccination rate among nursing home employees – up 3% from July – is still the nation’s lowest percentage other than Louisiana’s 47.9% rate.

“It is a frightening, tragic time in our state. The new data released in today’s dashboard is a heartbreaking reminder that the pandemic is not over,” AARP Florida Director Jeff Johnson said in a Wednesday statement. “As vaccination rates have stalled, COVID cases have risen, and Florida nursing home deaths have soared to the highest in the nation.”

Florida’s total number of COVID-19 deaths topped 50,000 Thursday with the seven-day average of new deaths the second-highest pace since the pandemic emerged in March 2020.

According to data reported by Florida to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), at least 3.473 million confirmed cases and 50,811 deaths attributed to the disease have been recorded in the state the last 17 months.

AARP’s analysis states that 4,986 Florida nursing home residents have died from COVID-19 since March 2020 – 12% of the state’s total fatalities – and 109 nursing home workers have been killed by the virus since June 1, 2020.

“These sadly predictable data trends are also preventable,” Johnson said. “Our most vulnerable residents deserve to be protected from this devastating disease. The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to get vaccinated.”

The AARP Public Policy Institute and the Scripps Gerontology Center at Miami University in Ohio analyzed U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) data to compile the analysis. Florida stopped reporting this data publicly in May.

Florida during the four-week span had a COVID-19 death rate for nursing-home residents of 0.36 per 100 residents, tied with Alaska nation’s highest.

Other findings:

  • Only 7% of Florida’s nursing homes meet the industry standard to vaccinate at least 75% of staff.
  • The percent of Florida nursing homes reporting new staff cases of COVID-19 more than doubled since July’s report, increasing from 40.3% to 94%, the nation’s highest and nearly double the national average of 51%.
  • The percent of new resident cases quadrupled during the same time period, from 12.6 to 61%, three times the national average of 20%.
  • Approximately 22% of Florida’s nursing homes suffer from staffing shortages, up from 18% in July.

The Biden administration announced in August that nursing homes that receive Medicaid and Medicare funding must fully vaccinated staffs. The White House last week expanded the mandate to other types of healthcare facilities, including hospitals.

The Florida Health Care Association (FHCA), which represents about 80% of the state’s nursing homes, expressed fears the mandate would lead to unvaccinated workers on already-thin staffs leaving their jobs, but praised the extension.

“A broadened vaccination policy will help protect our residents who often interact with other healthcare professionals for their care needs,” FHCA CEO Emmett Read said in a statement. “We know the vaccine is the safest way to protect our residents, and we support efforts that will help get more people vaccinated.”

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Hearing delves into what went wrong in Illinois nursing homes during pandemic

The Illinois Department of Public Health was in the hot seat Wednesday during a House committee hearing on nursing home reform.

Nursing homes and long-term care facilities house a small part of the U.S. population, but are estimated to account for about 3 in 10 deaths from COVID-19. IDPH reported 46% of all deaths from COVID-19 in Illinois occurred in long-term care facilities.

Lawmakers had questions for IDPH representative Becky Dragoo, including the number of deaths in long-term care facilities during the pandemic, and the number of nursing homes that were cited by the state for a lack of protocols.

State Rep. Lakeshia Collins, D-Chicago, was not happy that Dragoo did not provide the number of deaths in Illinois nursing homes during the pandemic.

“If there’s no numbers that you can present to us when we get on these calls and you have to give us a follow-up, that’s a problem because you know we are going to ask these questions,” Collins said.

Collins said she believes a lack of staff is the cause of many problems in facilities. She said residents have been experiencing issues during the pandemic, but facilities aren’t reporting those issues to the state.

“The physical restraints, the dehydration, the bed sores, the workers injuries, all of that is related to one root cause and that is short staffing,” Collins said.

In August, Gov. J.B. Pritzker issued an executive order requiring health care workers, including in nursing homes, to get vaccinated against COVID-19. He also signed into law legislation that addresses the lack of personal connection brought on by the pandemic by requiring long-term care facilities to ensure virtual communication is facilitated among residents and family during a public health emergency.

As for accountability by nursing home facilities, Dragoo said IDPH is aware of problem operations around the state.

“Our databases allow us to look at a nursing home all of their previous annual inspections, all of the complaint inspections to determine what deficiencies they have,” she said.

The agency has been criticized for the outbreak at the LaSalle Veterans Home, which killed 36 residents. A scathing Illinois Department of Human Services Inspector General report said a lack of COVID-19 plans and failures in leadership contributed to the deadly outbreak.

State Rep. Mary E. Flowers, D-Chicago, said officials at IDPH have played a role in the state’s long-term care facilities.

“You knew COVID was there and your agency didn’t do anything to isolate or protect those patients, and so they didn’t have a choice but to die,” Flowers said.

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Project Veritas Whistleblower: Washington Nursing Home Patient Dies After Being Given a ‘Chemical Restraint’ to Coax Her Into Taking Vaccine Against Her Will; Was Allegedly Told Jab Is a “Flu Vaccine”

Project Veritas Whistleblower: Washington Nursing Home Patient Dies After Being Given a ‘Chemical Restraint’ to Coax Her Into Taking Vaccine Against Her Will; Was Allegedly Told Jab Is a “Flu Vaccine” – (VIDEO)

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Nursing home owner would rather close than fire unvaccinated – HotAir

In the town of Rowley, Massachusetts, just north of Boston, Sea View Skilled Nursing and Rehab Services has been in operation for nearly seventy years, caring for the elderly and their families. Its current owner is Steve Comley and the operation has been in his family for generations, dating back to the early 1950s. But all of that may be coming to an end soon. Since the state issued an order saying that all nursing home employees must be vaccinated against COVID by October 10, Comley has been faced with a vexing decision. Because of the pandemic, he was already short on staff, but now one-quarter of his remaining workers have informed him that they do not plan to take the vaccine. Rather than fire anyone, Steve is in the process of simply closing the family business. (CBS Boston)

“I have a very limited staff left, and about 25% of them have decided against the COVID vaccine,” Comley said.

He said shutting down is a better option than forcing his 40 employees to follow the statewide mandate requiring nursing home employees to be vaccinated by October 10. The mandate allows religious and medical exemptions.

“They have a right to make a decision what they put in their body and I have to back them up on it,” Comley said.

In the early days of the pandemic, Comley also refused to require staff and residents to be tested for COVID.

Interviews with the staff revealed what seems to be a fair amount of solidarity. One of the healthcare workers there who is already vaccinated, supported the right of her coworkers to make that choice for themselves. The family members of some of the residents aren’t as happy because now they’ll have to find a new place for them. Comley has already informed the Department of Public Health of his plans to shut down and he’s now working with other nursing homes to find places that have openings to accept his remaining residents.

It’s easy to see how this situation will be controversial no matter where you stand on the whole vax mandate question. On the one hand, seeing government mandates drive people out of business in the private sector is objectionable. Also, when otherwise healthy employees are going to lose their jobs because of a government mandate, we also have a problem.

But at the same time, we have to recognize that this is a nursing home we’re talking about. As noted in the linked article, even at the beginning of the pandemic, Comley’s operation was one of the ones that were refusing to require the testing of residents and workers for COVID. Isn’t that exactly what we’ve been yelling at Andrew Cuomo about ever since the massive number of deaths in New York nursing homes? Those residents are some of the most at-risk patients imaginable given their age and underlying medical conditions.

In May of 2020, the state cited Sea View for failing to meet the COVID testing benchmark. They tested enough residents, but not enough staff members. That would seem to conflict with the CBS report, unless they simply meant the testing wasn’t mandatory, but they were doing it voluntarily. Sea View also failed to submit its results by the original deadline. By June of last year, they were one of 32 long-term care facilities in the state that was still out of compliance and being investigated as to their future viability. But by May of this year, the state was still recording Sea View as having recorded “1-4 deaths” total over the course of the pandemic, so perhaps they figured out a way to keep it under control.

I suppose those are two separate conversations, however. Some are free to argue that the state shouldn’t have put him in the position to make this decision. Others could possibly say that the home should have been shut down long before this for potentially exposing the residents to the virus long before there was a vaccine ready for initial testing. But if they really lost fewer than five people over an entire year, that might be a bit of a harsh judgment.

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Study: Federal reporting of COVID-19 fatalities in nursing homes missed at least 16,000 deaths

Government estimates of the coronavirus deaths in U.S. nursing homes may have missed more than 16,000 COVID-19 deaths, a new study finds.

A peer-reviewed study published Thursday in JAMA Network Open, a publication of the American Medical Association, found that up to 14% of the true COVID-19 death toll in nursing homes was unreported nationally.

Also, researchers estimated that as many as 68,000 coronavirus cases were missed in the federal National Healthcare Safety Network reporting system because the government did not require reporting until late May 2020.

The study arrived at its findings by comparing COVID-19 cases and deaths reported by U.S. nursing homes to the NHSN with those reported to 20 state departments of health in late May 2020. This comparison found that 4 in 10 COVID-19 deaths that occurred before the federal government implemented reporting requirements were never reported.

“These findings suggest that federal NHSN data understate total COVID-19 cases and deaths in nursing homes and that using these data without accounting for this issue may result in misleading conclusions about the determinants of nursing home outbreaks,” the researchers wrote.

Extrapolating for the nation, the study suggests there were as many as 592,629 COVID-19 cases and 118,335 related deaths in nursing homes by the end of 2020.

“We did not find differences in nonreporting by facility characteristics (i.e., region, ownership, chain affiliation, or star rating) as of May 24,” the researchers said. “This implies that facilities of all types omitted previous cases and deaths in the first NHSN submission. This may demonstrate a widespread inability of nursing homes to reliably collect data early in the pandemic or that pressures to report fewer cases and deaths were common to all facilities.”

According to the study, there was a “clear regional correlation” in the percentages of cases and deaths that were unreported, with states in the northeast having the highest percentages. This means that delays in reporting affected states like New York most.

“Using the raw NHSN data would imply that similar numbers of nursing home residents died in New York and California in 2020,” the researchers explained.

Federal data suggests there were 5 deaths for every 100 beds in New York and 4.8 deaths per 100 beds in California. But after adjusting for the unreported deaths, the researchers estimate there were actually 8.1 deaths per 100 beds in New York compared to 5.5 deaths per 100 beds in California.

The bottom line is that federal reporting of COVID-19 cases and deaths in nursing homes is likely understating the true number of each. It’s possible the true number of people who died of COVID-19 in those facilities will never be known.

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Nursing baby died with blood clots, inflamed arteries following mother’s Pfizer shot, VAERS report says

(LifeSiteNews) – A six-week-old breastfeeding baby became inexplicably ill with a high fever after his mother received a COVID-19 vaccine and he died weeks later with blood clots in his “severely inflamed arteries,” according to a vaccine adverse event report filed with the U.S. government.

An unidentified 36-year-old woman from New Mexico said she received a first dose of Pfizer’s Covid-19 jab on June 4, 2021 when she was breastfeeding her six-week-old infant son, according to a report filed with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

“On July 17, my baby passed away,” says the report, which first appeared on VAERS August 13, 2021.

Blood clots, inflamed arteries

The baby boy became “very sick with a high fever” on June 21 when he was treated with intravenous antibiotics for two weeks in hospital for what was assumed to be a bacterial infection.

The VAERS report says that hospital tests “never found any specific bacteria,” and called his diagnosis “culture-negative sepsis.” It states that at the end of his two-week hospital stay he tested positive for rhinovirus and was sent home.

At home, the baby developed further symptoms over the following week, including a swollen eyelid, “strange rashes” and vomiting. His mother returned him to the hospital July 15 when he was diagnosed with “atypical Kawasaki disease”

The Mayo Clinic describes Kawasaki disease as a condition primarily affecting children which causes swelling (inflammation) in the walls of medium-sized arteries throughout the body. Coronary arteries, which supply blood to the heart muscle tend to be most affected, but the disease can also affect lymph nodes that swell during an infection as well as the membranes inside the mouth, nose and throat.

Most cases of Kawasaki disease are “usually treatable and most children recover from Kawasaki disease without serious problems,” according to the Mayo Clinic website.

After the baby was returned to hospital on July 15, he “passed away shortly thereafter from clots in his severely inflamed arteries,” states the VAERS report which inaccurately lists the mother’s age, 36 years, for the age of the deceased.

Few other details about the case are provided. His mother reports that he had been born three weeks early when she developed appendicitis.

In the report to the vaccine adverse event system, she questioned the role of the vaccine in her baby’s death. “I am curious if the spike protein could have gone through the breast milk and caused an inflammatory response in my child. They say Kawasaki disease presents very similarly to the Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome in children that they are seeing in post Covid infections,” she said.

“However, if they know that antibodies go through the breastmilk as a good thing, then why wouldn’t the spike protein also go through the breastmilk and potentially cause problems.”

Spike protein in breastmilk?

In May, Canadian vaccine researcher and viral immunologist Byram Bridle, of the University of Guelph, Ontario, warned listeners of a podcast that nursing babies whose mothers had been vaccinated were at risk of getting COVID spike proteins from her breast milk.

Bridle cited a Pfizer “biodistribution study” of the lipid nanoparticle carrier in its vaccine which showed that the ingredients did not stay near the injection site in the arm muscle as intended, but unexpectedly dispersed to organs throughout the body.

If in a real-life scenario, these lipoproteins would release mRNA which would cause cells wherever they were taken up to produce spike proteins. Spike proteins themselves have been identified as the pathogenic agents of disease in COVID-19.

Bridle also cited a recent study which detected SARS-CoV-2 protein in the blood plasma of 11 of 13 young healthcare workers that had received Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, including three with detectable levels of spike protein. A “subunit” protein called S1, part of the spike protein, was also detected.

Bridle said that “any proteins in the blood will get concentrated in breast milk,” and “we have found evidence of suckling infants experiencing bleeding disorders in the gastrointestinal tract” in VAERS.

One VAERS report describes a five-month-old breastfed infant whose mother received a second dose of Pfizer’s vaccine in March. The following day, the baby developed a rash and became “inconsolable,” refused to nurse, and developed a fever. The report says the baby was hospitalized with a diagnosis of Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, a rare blood disorder in which blood clots form in small blood vessels throughout the body. The baby died.

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People of goodwill can disagree about the safety, efficacy and religious implications of a new vaccine for the coronavirus.

But, everyone should agree on this point:

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Please SIGN this urgent petition which urges policymakers at every level of government to reject calls for mandatory coronavirus vaccination.

Fear of a disease – which we know very little about, relative to other similar diseases – must not lead to knee-jerk reactions regarding public health, nor can it justify supporting the hidden agenda of governmental as well as non-governmental bodies that have apparent conflicts of interest in plans to restrict personal freedoms. 

The so-called “public health experts” have gotten it wrong many times during the current crisis. We should not, therefore, allow their opinions to rush decision-makers into policies regarding vaccination.

And, while some people, like Bill Gates, may have a lot of money, his opinion and that of his NGO (the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) – namely, that life will not return to normal till people are widely vaccinated – should not be permitted to influence policy decisions on a coronavirus vaccination program.

Finally, we must also not allow the rush by pharmaceutical companies to produce a new coronavirus vaccine to, itself, become an imperative for vaccination.

Unwitting citizens must not be used as guinea pigs for New World Order ideologues, or Big Pharma, in pursuit of a vaccine (and, profits) which may not even protect against future mutated strains of the coronavirus.

And it goes without saying that the production of vaccines using aborted babies for cell replication is a total non-starter, as the technique is gravely immoral.

However, if after sufficient study of the issue, a person who has reached the age of majority wishes to be vaccinated with a morally produced vaccine, along with his children, that is his business.

But we cannot and will not permit the government to make that decision for us.

Thank you for SIGNING and SHARING this petition, urging policymakers at all levels of government to reject mandatory coronavirus vaccination.


Bill Gates: Life won’t go back to ‘normal’ until population ‘widely vaccinated’ – https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/bill-gates-life-wont-go-back-to-normal-until-population-widely-vaccinated

COVID-19 scare leads to more digital surveillance, talk of mandatory vaccine ‘tattoos’ for kids’ – https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/covid-19-scare-leads-to-more-digital-surveillance-talk-of-mandatory-vaccine-tattoos-for-kids

Trudeau says no return to ‘normal’ without vaccine: ‘Could take 12 to 18 months’ – https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/trudeau-says-no-return-to-normal-without-vaccine-could-take-12-to-18-months

Trudeau mulls making coronavirus vaccine mandatory for Canadians – https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/trudeau-mulls-making-coronavirus-vaccine-mandatory-for-canadians

US bishop vows to ‘refuse’ COVID-19 vaccine if made from ‘aborted fetal tissue’ – https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/us-bishop-vows-to-refuse-covid-19-vaccine-if-made-from-aborted-fetal-tissue

** While LifeSite opposes immorally-produced vaccines using aborted fetal cell lines, we do not have a position on any particular coronavirus vaccines produced without such moral problems. We realize many have general concerns about vaccines, but also recognize that millions of lives have been saved due to vaccines.

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Seizures, rashes, fevers

Another VAERS report describes a 25-year-old woman who received a first dose of Pfizer’s vaccine on May 2, 2021. The following day, both the woman, who was hospitalized for five days, and her six-week-old breastfeeding baby, were diagnosed with viral meningitis.

A report to VAERS from Pennsylvania describes a three-month-old infant who suddenly developed seizures seven hours after nursing from its vaccinated mother.

Some reports describe babies developing diarrhea or vomiting after nursing from their vaccinated mothers. Some describe babies becoming feverish; one North Carolina mother was so alarmed by her nursing 17 month-old’s four-day fever after she received her shot, that she took the baby for a COVID test (which was negative.)

One VAERS report describes a nursing baby in Tennessee who developed alopecia areata – an autoimmune condition that causes hair to fall out – eight days after her mother was vaccinated. “No other causes have been identified,” the report states.

Another report describes a 17-month-old baby girl who developed hives following each occasion that her mother was vaccinated on April 14 and on May 5, 2021. The baby was taken to an emergency room on April 23 and given medications which she took daily to prevent hives. About five days before her mother received the second dose of Pfizer’s shot, the baby’s hives subsided. Then, they reappeared the following morning after the mother took the second dose. The baby saw a dermatologist for hives that were from “her face to just past her knees” and were worst under her arms, on her chest and back.

A number of reports describe mothers’ milk drying up suddenly after vaccination. One VAERS report describes a woman who developed an itchy face and throat and sore joints after her injection and pumped her milk to discard it and noticed it had an unusual blueish hue.

When contacted, a CDC media representative asked LifeSiteNews to e-mail questions about any investigation into the deceased baby and other reports of breastfeeding adverse events following COVID vaccination. The agency did not respond to the email before publication.

Fauci tells mothers it’s a ‘good idea’ to continue breastfeeding after a COVID jab

White House medical adviser and COVID public health chief, Anthony Fauci has advised pregnant and breastfeeding women to take experimental COVID-19 shots. In an interview with whattoexpect.com – a pregnancy advice website – published on August 30, Fauci was asked if women should continue breastfeeding after getting a COVID shot.  “[I]t is not only safe, but it’s a good idea…you should know that you’re doing something positive to protect the baby” Fauci replied.

A study published in April in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology reported that vaccinated mothers’ breast milk contains manufactured antibodies to the spike protein of SARS-COV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19, which some believe may protect the nursing baby from the virus.

There are no long-term studies of any COVID vaccine in nursing infants.

Fatality among newborns from COVID is vanishingly rare. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the current best estimate of the infection fatality rate for all children under 18 years of age is 0.00002 or 0.002%. It is far more likely for children to die of influenza than COVID-19.

Nursing infants increasing exposed to COVID jabs via their mother

It is now increasingly common for nursing babies to be exposed to experimental COVID-19 shots via their mothers. The UK Yellow Card vaccine adverse event reporting system has recorded nearly 3,000 “exposure during breastfeeding” and 120 reports of “exposure via breastmilk” events. No details of why these exposures were reported are provided in the government reports.

U.S. VAERS reports do not establish a causal relationship between the vaccine and the event described and can be filed by any doctor, pharmacist, healthcare worker, or citizen who has experienced or witnessed an adverse event. It is illegal to fabricate a VAERS report.

A 2009 Harvard-Pilgrim Healthcare  study found that the VAERS’ passive reporting system captured only one percent of the true adverse events that should have been reported to the system.

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Louisiana nursing home owner put patients in warehouse during Hurricane Ida

A Louisiana nursing home owner says he did “really good” caring for his elderly patients during Hurricane Ida — even though seven died when hundreds of them were evacuated to a filthy warehouse for days.

Bob Dean Jr., who owns seven nursing homes, allegedly left his charges in disgusting conditions – laying in feces on deflated air mattresses with no air conditioning, nurses who worked there told nola.com.

“You’d walk past them and they’d say, ‘Help me, help me.’ I ended up vomiting twice because the smell was so bad,” one anonymous nurse told the outlet.

When state investigators showed up to check on the patients, Dean initially refused to let them in, claiming to local station WAFB the investigators were there “illegally.”

Nursing home owner Bob Dean Jr. reported that five people died following evacuations to a warehouse amid Hurricane Ida.
Dean allegedly refused to allow Louisiana investigators into the warehouse.
Dean allegedly refused to allow Louisiana investigators into the warehouse.

“The Fourth Amendment says that they have to have a warrant to come on private property, much less seize persons or properties so they came on there illegally,” Dean told WAFB.

Seven evacuated residents died and five deaths were deemed storm related, the Louisiana Department of Health said in a statement.

Department officials quickly rescued the nearly 850 patients from the squalid conditions, but Dean gave himself a pat on the back.

“We only had five deaths within the six days and normally with 850 people you’ll have a couple a day so we did really good with taking care of people,” he told WAFB.

State Health Officer Dr. Joseph Kanter announced Sunday he had ordered the closure of the seven nursing homes pending “further regulatory action.”

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Hurricane Ida toll rises with more nursing home deaths in Louisiana

Article content

Hurricane Ida’s death toll rose on Saturday, nearly a week after making landfall in Louisiana, with two more evacuated nursing home residents among the confirmed dead, authorities said.

Northeastern states started the Labor Day holiday weekend digging through debris left by the deadly deluge that killed more than 44 people https://www.reuters.com/world/us/new-york-city-mayor-declares-state-emergency-after-record-breaking-rain-2021-09-02 and caused public transportation in New York City to grind to a halt, with operators promising to restore some lines before the start of the workweek on Tuesday.

Article content

The loss of life in the Northeast dwarfed the confirmed storm-related death toll of nine in Louisiana.

Southern tempers flared as power outages https://www.reuters.com/business/environment/why-hurricane-ida-crippled-new-orleans-power-grid-2021-09-04 that left more than 1 million people without electricity forced many into long lines at gas stations, scrambling to find fuel for generators.

The new deaths in Louisiana were among evacuated nursing home residents at a Tangipahoa Parish warehouse now under state investigation after reports of squalid conditions.

“Sadly, we also can now confirm 2 additional deaths among nursing home residents who had been evacuated to the Tangipahoa facility,” the Louisiana Department of Health tweeted on Saturday.

Article content

“This brings the death toll of nursing home residents evacuated to this facility to 6,” the health department tweeted.

Louisiana authorities on Saturday were seeking a suspect after gunfire left one man dead during a dispute on Friday at a gas station in Metairie, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto said.

“For somebody to lose their life over getting gas is absolutely ridiculous,” the sheriff told reporters.

Hot weather continues in the area nearly a week after Ida made landfall in Louisiana on Sunday as a Category 4 hurricane, downing trees, power lines and debris with wind gusts that reached 172 miles per hour (276 kph).

Amid the cleanup https://www.reuters.com/business/environment/idas-deluge-stuns-new-yorkers-its-sheer-intensity-2021-09-02 in the Northeast, commuters using public transportation to venture into their offices amid the COVID-19 pandemic may not be completely in the clear with Hurricane Larry https://www.reuters.com/world/us/larry-strengthens-into-category-2-hurricane-us-nhc-2021-09-03 intensifying as it churns about 1,055 miles (1,700 km) east of the Leeward Islands.

“Higher swells could approach the Northeast coast by the end of the week, with Larry staying off shore,” meteorologist Bob Oravec of the National Weather Prediction Center in College Park, Maryland, told Reuters. (Reporting by Barbara Goldberg in New York Editing by Matthew Lewis)

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Nursing home owner under investigation after 800 elderly residents are found packed inside a leaky warehouse during Ida — 4 tragically died

State and local authorities in Louisiana are investigating after four nursing home residents have died and more than 800 others were found languishing inside of a mass shelter while riding out Hurricane Ida.

What are the details?

WWL-TV reported Thursday that residents from seven different area nursing homes had been transported to a large warehouse in Independence recently in preparation for the severe storm. The warehouse, however, was not suitable enough to provide care for the patients.

One nursing home worker who spoke with the outlet on the condition of anonymity said that inside the shelter, residents were forced to lie down on mattresses on the floor and were not given privacy from each other.

Video: Inside the warehouse where 4 nursing home residents died during Hurricane Ida


He said that while there was enough food and water for all the residents, there simply weren’t enough staff to provide care. The worker admitted he wasn’t “surprised” that four people died.

“The conditions weren’t good enough,” he said. “I knew they weren’t going to be safe for the residents and for the workers. We did the best we could with what we had.”

At one point, water started pouring into the warehouse and the facility started flooding. Residents had to be moved from that area to another part of the warehouse, making the packed conditions even tighter.

“It was intense,” the worker said. “We didn’t have privacy to take care of them. We were changing everybody right by everybody and with the COVID there just wasn’t enough space. It was awful.”

What else?

After being tipped off about the poor living conditions at the shelter, Louisiana Department of Health investigators reportedly attempted to investigate but initially were turned away by staff at the door.

The department, along with the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), has since taken control of the situation and moved all 843 of the residents to other nursing homes or special needs shelters, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) said Thursday.

The governor vowed an investigation into the owner of the seven nursing homes from which residents were evacuated. That individual is also the owner of the warehouse where they were moved.

4 nursing home residents die after Ida evacuation


“At a minimum, when the situation degrades to the point that happened fairly quickly starting on Monday, then the owner, the homes, have an obligation to either move those residents themselves to a better facility or to ask for help,” Edwards said. “He did neither.”

“In fact, what he did was try to prevent the Department of Health from coming in and ascertaining the condition of those residents earlier in the week,” he continued.

Anything else?

Relatives of the residents told media outlets this week that they were blindsided after learning about the warehouse conditions.

WWL reported that they “never got a call or any kind of message from the nursing homes, but instead had to find out on the news.”

“If we’d known, I would’ve come and got her for sure,” said one woman whose mother was in the warehouse.

“They could’ve made any kind of phone call,” added another relative during an interview with CBS News.

WWL reported that three of the deceased residents were as a 59-year-old woman from Jefferson parish, a 52-year-old man from New Orleans and a 77-year-old man from Terrebonne Parish, according to the Louisiana Department of Health.

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