Oregon Epidemiologist Makes Asinine Statement as to the Cause of Drop in Oregon COVID Numbers – RedState

Among the cardinal sins committed by many within the government science community is that of believing that correlation equals causation.  Throughout the pandemic, many “scientists” have misattributed occurrences within COVID-19 data as being caused or triggered by a particular event, even though those occurrences are non-unique to that event.  In other words, if I thought that my alarm clock going off in the morning caused the sun to rise, that would not be the case.  This has occurred over and over again, especially when referring to a rise or drop in the death or hospitalization rate of a particular population.

Among the hardest-hit states for the last several months is Oregon.  Despite Oregon’s strict COVID mandates for masks and their over 60% vaccinated population, Oregon’s COVID cases have pushed the state to the brink, requiring state officials to issue ominous warnings about the state’s future absent continued COVID-19 mitigation efforts. In fact, Oregon State Officials made a bigger stink about people who had negative side effects from alleged ivermectin use, despite those who have had negative side effects from the vaccine outnumbering them, both in raw numbers and in percentages.

However, one statement made by one of Oregon’s epidemiologists hit a new level of intellectual disingenuousness, by attributing the drop in Oregon’s COVID numbers to Oregon’s COVID mitigation efforts.

From KOIN:

“The slow but steady decline of cases and hospitalizations can be traced to more adult vaccinations, wearing masks and “reconsidering plans that put us or others at higher risk,” Oregon Health Authority’s State Epidemiologist Dr. Dean Sidelinger said during the press conference Thursday morning.”

Statements like these should immediately be cause for the removal of any licenses held by people in authority.  Not only is a statement like this absolutely untrue, but it also paints a picture that suggests that these very people who are making such recommendations are in some way, helping.

A quick look at the COVID-19 data coming out of Oregon shows the following:

Oregon Cases (Credit: Worldometers)
Oregon Deaths (Credit: Worldometers)

While the data shows that cases have dropped slightly in Oregon, their death rate, at the very most, has plateaued, rather than dropped.  While Oregon officials would like to suggest that this drop and (at best) plateau is a direct result of their mitigation efforts, the data suggests that this drop isn’t unique, in fact, states without those mitigation efforts also saw a drop in COVID-19 numbers.  Instead of doing a state-by-state comparison, let’s take a look at the states which the Democrats and Media would like us to believe have the biggest problem.

Let’s start with Florida:

Florida Cases (Credit: Worldometers)
Florida Deaths (Credit: Worldometers)

Florida, during the same period, has seen a greater percentage drop in both daily cases and daily deaths than did Oregon, all without any mask or vaccine mandates.

Mississippi (I can’t be the only one that has to spell that out loud every time I write it), another state that has been villainized by the media has a similar drop:

Mississippi Cases (Credit: Worldometers)
Mississippi Deaths (Credit: Worldometers)

Just like Oregon:  Cases dropped, deaths plateaued.  The only difference?  No mandates.

Texas, another state labeled as “extremist” by the media for not enacting further restrictions, follows the same pattern as Oregon:

Texas Cases (Credit: Worldometers)
Texas Deaths (Credit: Worldometers)

How could the Oregon State Official make such a wildly inaccurate statement without it being challenged by anyone?  Why wouldn’t a single member of the media at least ask how it could be related to their mandates when states without these mandates are having the same drops in numbers?

Furthermore, the CDC even shows the difference.  Look at Oregon and Florida.  Who has the bigger issue?

US Reported Cases per 100,000 Population (Credit: CDC)

The narrative is failing at a meteoric pace.  Their fearmongering is now almost immediately countered by the data of record.  At some point, they will either have to admit the catastrophic failure of their message or be forced to by calmer and more reasonable persons in the media.  Either way, we are here for it.

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Mississippi bans universities from requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccine

Mississippi is banning universities from requiring students, faculty, and staff to provide proof of their COVID-19 vaccination status.

According to Mississippi Today, the state’s Board of Trustees of the Institutions of Higher Learning voted earlier this month to implement the ban in response to numerous schools and universities implementing vaccine mandates.

Mississippi’s eight publicly funded universities are now “prohibited by the Board from implementing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate as a condition of employment or enrollment except for clinical settings,” IHL spokesperson Caron Blanton said in a statement.

Despite voting to ban schools from implementing a vaccine mandate, the board did emphasize that it was in favor of students getting vaccinated. 

“I’d like for us to point out our support for the vaccine, and that it is by far and away the best protection we have for our schools.” Trustee Chip Morgan said during the hearing.

The ruling makes Mississippi one of the first states to bar vaccine mandates in higher education.

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Justice Department wants to present arguments in upcoming SCOTUS case on Mississippi abortion law

The Justice Department is asking the Supreme Court to reaffirm the country’s landmark abortion-rights ruling Roe v. Wade when it hears a case challenging Mississippi’s new abortion law and to present oral arguments.

The agency argues any other decision would uphold an unconstitutional law and undermine a doctrine that gives power to Supreme Court precedents, according to The New York Times.

Oral arguments are set to begin  Dec. 1. The department’s request is another indication of the significance of case, amid concerns about a ruling opening the possibility of abortion bans across the country.

The Times also reports acting Solicitor General Brian Fletcher has field the legal briefs for the case, the most recent effort by the Biden Justice Department to try to protect the legal right to an abortion. 

Several weeks ago, the department sued Texas over a law that prohibits nearly all abortions in the state after six weeks and asked a federal district judge to temporarily block the statute until the courts determine whether it is constitutional.

The department is one of roughly 40 parties to file a brief in the Supreme Court case, in support of Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the only abortion provider in Mississippi, The Times also reports.

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Biden’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates an ‘Attack’ on ‘Hard-Working Americans:’ Mississippi Governor

President Joe Biden’s new COVID-19 vaccine mandates are an attempt to impose rules on American workers, Mississippi’s governor said Sunday.

“The president very much wants you and everyone else to believe that this is a fight between politicians. The reality is, this is an attack by the president on hardworking Americans and hardworking Mississippians, who he wants to choose between getting a jab in their arm and their ability to feed their families. And I just believe that’s a false choice,” Gov. Tate Reeves, a Republican, said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“The president does not have the authority to do this. He knows he doesn’t have the authority to do this, in my opinion, but he wants to change the political narrative away from Afghanistan and away from the other issues that are driving his poll numbers into the ground and focus on anything, particularly a political fight, other than those issues,” he added.

Biden earlier this month announced new mandates for COVID-19 vaccination for federal workers and contractors. He also announced one for private employers. That order, which is not in effect yet, is being developed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a spokesperson has confirmed to The Epoch Times. Officials say it will require companies to make every worker who does not produce proof of vaccination get a negative COVID-19 test on a weekly basis before going to work.

Companies that refuse will face escalating fines.

Mississippi has one of the highest per capita COVID-19 death tolls in the country. Some 9,214 deaths among state residents as of Sept. 16 have been linked to the disease, which caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, according to the Mississippi State Department of Health.

Reeves described himself as heartbroken over the death toll but circled back to criticizing Biden’s recent orders, wondering “If this president has the ability to mandate vaccines, what powers do we not grant this president?”

“This should scare Democrats just as much as it scares Republicans, because the fact is, if we give unilateral authority by one individual to do anything that he wants to do, whether it’s a jab in the arm or anything else, then this country is in deep, deep trouble. And that’s not something that I’m willing to stand by and allow him to do. Obviously, we have made it very clear that we are prepared to sue once we actually see the rule,” he added.

The orders have already been challenged in court by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who said they violate the Equal Protection Clause.

Reeves noted that Biden over the summer directed officials to impose a fresh ban on evictions even after top advisers, and the president himself, acknowledged that doing so was likely illegal following a Supreme Court ruling on the matter. After the new ban was imposed, it was blocked by the nation’s top court.

Biden and administration officials have defended the vaccine mandates. They say they believe the president and federal agencies have the authority to issue the orders, pointing to the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.

“The law basically requires the Department of Labor to take action when it finds grave risk to workers,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters last week. “And, certainly, a pandemic that killed more than 600,000 people qualifies as a grave risk to workers.”

Jack Phillips and Nick Ciolino contributed to this report.


Zachary Stieber covers U.S. news, including politics and court cases. He started at The Epoch Times as a New York City metro reporter.

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Supreme Court sets date to hear arguments in Mississippi abortion case

The Supreme Court announced Monday that it has set a date to hear arguments in a potential landmark abortion case from Mississippi which the state hopes will result in the court overturning Roe v. Wade.

Justices will hear arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health on Dec. 1. This case centers around a Mississippi law that bans most abortions after 15 weeks of gestation. The state passed the law in 2018, but a panel of the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals blocked it from being implemented. 

While the law would only impact a small group of women between 15-24 weeks pregnant, the state’s only abortion provider, Jackson Women’s Health, argues that under Supreme Court precedents set by Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, a woman is guaranteed the right to an abortion up until fetal viability, roughly around 24 weeks. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 90% of abortions happen within the first 13 weeks of pregnancy. 

The announcement of the court’s argument calendar comes only a few weeks after the court let stand a Texas law which essentially bans abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, or once fetal cardiac activity is detected. 

Despite the high court’s very technical explanation as to why it allowed the law to take effect, abortion rights advocates are taking its decision as an ominous sign in regards to the pending Mississippi case. 

This will be one of the first cases the justices will hear in person since the start of the pandemic. However, members of the public will not be permitted to attend, only lawyers arguing before the court will be present.

The court is expected to provide a live audio feed for the public to listen to. 

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Vaccine Mandates: Mississippi Governor Blasts Biden Policy

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves delivers a televised address at the Governor’s Mansion in Jackson, Miss., June 30, 2020. (Rogelio V. Solis/Pool via Reuters)

Mississippi governor Tate Reeves (R.) on Sunday called President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates an “attack” on “hard-working Americans” that the president is using to distract from a number of issues that are “driving his poll numbers into the ground.”

“The question here is not about what we do in Mississippi, it’s about what this president is trying to impose on the American worker,” Reeves said during an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union.

The governor’s comments come after Biden announced earlier this month that he would require all private employers with 100 or more employees to mandate vaccines or weekly testing. The president also expanded vaccine requirements for health workers.

“The reality is this is an attack by the president on hard-working Americans and hard-working Mississippians who he wants to choose between getting a jab in their arm and their ability to feed their families,” Reeves said.  

The Republican governor accused Biden of trying “to change the political narrative away from Afghanistan and away from the other issues that are driving his poll numbers into the ground.” 

The president’s approval rating has drooped to 43 percent, according to the results of a Rasmussen poll released on Friday.

The comments were not the first time the governor has clashed with Biden over COVID-19 measures: in March, the president accused Reeves and Texas Governor Greg Abbott of “Neanderthal thinking” over their decision to lift their states’ mask mandate.

At that time, Reeves had signed an executive order lifting COVID-19 restrictions on businesses in favor of statewide guidelines residents may choose to follow.

“The governor’s office is getting out of the business of telling people what they can and cannot do,” Reeves said then.

Meanwhile on Sunday, host Jake Tapper said that Mississippi leads the country in COVID-19 deaths per capita, Reeves said that the deaths were a “lagging indicator.” The governor said that the state’s deaths had fallen from peaks earlier in the pandemic.

Send a tip to the news team at NR.

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Jake Tapper Is Heavy on Gaslighting, Light on Facts in His Attempt to Shame GOP Gov. – RedState

President Joe Biden is doing all he can to push his vaccine mandates, and name, shame, and bully any governor or person who does not fall in line.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has already told him to go pound sand. It’s Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves’ turn.

Jake Tapper, one of the Left’s favorite media darlings, invited Reeves to CNN’s State of the Union to talk about Reeves joining the lawsuit against Biden’s workplace vaccine mandates. Tapper alleges that Mississippi has one of the highest death rates, and that one “out of every 320 people have died of coronavirus.”

Tapper begins with invoking “the children,” and childhood vaccinations for schools to frame his questioning, when the vaccine mandate Reeves is fighting involves adults in the workplace.

That is Tapper’s first bit of gaslighting, and the segment is overrun with so much more.

“Well, the Mississippi legislature has enacted laws, Jake — and, again, thanks for having me on today.

“The Mississippi legislature has enacted laws for many years regarding vaccines of many types. It is unique to kids and their ability to go to our public schools. It’s not vaccines mandated in the workplace.

“But the question here is not about what we do in Mississippi. It’s what this president is trying to impose upon the American worker. The president very much wants you and everyone else to believe that this is a fight between politicians.

“The reality is, this is an attack by the president on hardworking Americans and hardworking Mississippians, who he wants to choose between getting a jab in their arm and their ability to feed their families. And I just believe that’s a false choice.”

Not only a false choice, a demand that no president has the authority to make. Reeves hones in on this point.

“The president does not have the authority to do this. He knows he doesn’t have the authority to do this, in my opinion, but he wants to change the political narrative away from Afghanistan and away from the other issues that are driving his poll numbers into the ground and focus on anything, particularly a political fight, other than those issues.”

Tapper counters with the language given for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration rule. He calls it a “law,” which it is not. Agency rulings and actual laws are two different things, and Tapper knows this.

“That law says that the government can impose an emergency order if it determines — quote — ‘that employees are exposed to great danger from exposure to substances or agents determined to be toxic or physically harmful or from new hazards, and that such emergency standard is necessary to protect employees from such danger.’

“I mean, if there ever were a reason to use this law, wouldn’t it be during a pandemic, with almost 2,000 Americans dying every day?”

Biden pulled it out of his hind quarters in order to justify forcing Americans who have not taken the jab to get it. He has tasked OSHA—a government agency—not Congress, with coming up with the language on the ruling. This is legislation by fiat, and is not how our republican system of government is supposed to work. This is what Reeves, and at least 12 other governors, are countering.

“Well, again, Jake, over 9,000 Mississippians have passed away with COVID, and every single one of them breaks my heart. It is — it is a very difficult situation that we, as Mississippians, and we, as Americans, find ourselves in.

“But we also have to understand that, as we look forward, if this president has the ability to mandate vaccines, what powers do we not grant this president? What does he not have the ability to do?

“And for my friends on the left, I just want to point something out. This should scare as you well. This should scare Democrats just as much as it scares Republicans, because the fact is, if we give unilateral authority by one individual to do anything that he wants to do, whether it’s a jab in the arm or anything else, then this country is in deep, deep trouble.”

The country is already in deep, deep trouble, with hostages still in Afghanistan, and over 13,000 illegal immigrants flooding our Southern Border in Del Rio, TX—many who are probably COVID positive. Biden is off vacationing on the beach, radio silent on letting these people enter the country. Yet, he wants to threaten Americans who have legitimate questions and legitimate reasons for not taking a vaccine with losing their livelihoods.

That’s dictator territory. Reeves continues:

“And that’s not something that I’m willing to stand by and allow him to do. Obviously, we have made it very clear that we are prepared to sue once we actually see the rule.

“That’s another point that I think your viewers need to know, Jake, is that we haven’t seen the actual rule itself. All we’ve had is a press conference. It was 10 days ago or so when this initially came out.”

Which goes to my point above. According our Constitution, which turned 234 years old this week, presidents do not create laws and rules: Congress does. Creating a new mandate from whole cloth that you plan to blanket our entire federalist system of governance with is not how it’s supposed to work.

Americans are getting the Civics lessons that have been so clearly lacking in our school system, because teachers unions think critical race theory is what children need to be learning, instead of the mechanics of how our government is actually designed.

Reeves concludes:

“And so let’s see what the rule actually says, or let’s see if it’s like the eviction order that the president signed on to, knowing that he was going to get thrown out by the Supreme Court. And, of course, he certainly did.”

Tapper looks visibly irritated at this point, because this is not the answer he wants to hear. So, he goes in for what he probably thinks is his kill shot:

“Let’s talk about what you and the legislature in Mississippi is doing, because I’m sure I don’t need to tell you Mississippi this week became the state with the worst number of coronavirus deaths per capita.

“In fact, if Mississippi were its own country, you would be second in the world, only to Peru, in terms of deaths per capita. That’s a horrible, horrible, heartbreaking statistic.

“So, with all due respect, Governor, your way is failing. Are you going to try to change anything to change this horrible statistic from what you’re doing already?

Here, Tapper is dead wrong. According to World-o-Meters, in total deaths, Mississippi would be fourth (9,214), behind Bosnia and Herzegovina (10,203), and Hungary (30,123). But let’s skip world metrics and go to United States metrics alone. By the same, New Jersey is a close sixth (27,182) (with only North Macedonia (6,437) in between). So, is New Jersey, with its mandates only rivaled by New York, failing too, Tapper? Why isn’t NJ governor Phil Murphy on your show defending his death rate?

Oh, that’s right, he’s not threatening to sue over Biden’s workplace vaccine mandate.

Tapper also makes the comparison to Peru’s death numbers (198,976). Peru has travel restrictions and requires double-face masks to enter many of their establishments. So, without realizing it, Tapper diminishes the Fauci & Co. mitigation measures argument, showing they are not as effective as they would like everyone to believe.

But Tapper continues to reinforce his false narrative:

“Your state is second worst — second worst in the world. I mean, I — how can you say that?”

Reeves calmly explains his position, which in essence is, the virus is going to virus. He doesn’t say this flippantly, but uses the data from Israel, the poster child nation of the vaccinated, and Great Britain, who has endured the Delta variant without putting draconian vaccine mandates in place.

“Well, Jake, let’s talk about where we are and why we are there.

“In large part, just like the summer of 2020, it was the Sunbelt states that saw the initial surge from the Delta variant. It started — the first state that I saw seeing upticks was Missouri, and then it was Arkansas, and then it was Louisiana. And now it’s Mississippi.

“Our surge went from less than 100 cases per day in Mississippi to 3,600, much like what happened in the country of Israel, much what — like what happened in the country of Great Britain and in England. We saw a very quick spike, and now we’re seeing a very could — a very, very quick decline in the total number of cases. We spiked at about 3,600. We’re now half of that in our state.”

“As you know. Unfortunately, fatalities is a lagging indicator when it comes to the virus. It is a lagging indicator.

“And so timing has as much to do with where — with that statistic that you used as anything else, as we see in 2021 what occurred in 2020 as the Delta variant moves around the country. and it’s going to happen. The president wants you to believe that this is — the Delta variant is only affecting Republicans in red states.”

Therein lies the rub. Biden wants to play political games with lives. Where have we seen this before?

Tapper continues to accuse Gov. Reeves of not doing anything and not caring that his people are dying. Tapper reinforces his lie about the second per capita death toll, and then intones,

“But what President Biden is trying to do is save lives. Now, you can think that policy or it’s unconstitutional, and that’s fine. We can have that discussion. We already have. But he’s trying to save lives.”

Sure, Jake. The same way he’s saving lives in Afghanistan and on the border.

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Memphis Beats Mississippi State After Refs Make Massive Mistakes On A Punt

Memphis beat Mississippi State in shocking fashion Saturday.

The Tigers won 31-29 thanks to the refs massively screwing up a punt late in the fourth quarter. After the Bulldogs punted, no MSU player possessed the ball to stop the play, and Memphis player Calvin Austin III took the ball back to the house, despite a ref signaling for the play to stop. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Watch the insane carnage unfold below.

Following the gigantic screw up from the officials to allow Memphis to score, SEC Officiating released a statement noting two massive errors.

The back judge signaled for the clock to stop, which is reviewable but wasn’t. Second, the Tigers had two players on the field wearing the same number. That’s a five yard penalty that would have brought back the touchdown no matter what.

You can read the entire statement from SEC Officiating below.

I don’t understand how Mike Leach didn’t go absolutely insane Saturday when this happened. I would have lost my damn mind.

There are very few times the refs might actually cost you the game. This is one of them beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Seriously, how the hell do the refs screw that up? Not only did the back judge signal for the play to stop, but Memphis had two players on the field wearing the same number.

You couldn’t make up a screw up of this magnitude if you tried.

I hate teams that complain about the refs, but it’s 100% justified in this case. There’s simply no excuse for allowing mistakes like this to happen. Mississippi State has every right in the world to be furious.

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New York Times issues major correction to story with erroneous claim about ivermectin ingestion: ‘Poof. But damage done’

The New York Times quietly issued a major correction this week to a story that claimed a majority of recent calls to the Mississippi poison control were related to ivermectin consumption.

What was claimed?

In a story published on Aug. 30 to further discredit the use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19, the Times claimed that 70% of calls to Mississippi poison control were related to ivermectin ingestion.

The newspaper reported:

Calls to poison control centers about ivermectin exposures have risen dramatically, jumping fivefold over their baseline in July, according to C.D.C. researchers, who cited data from the American Association of Poison Control Centers. Mississippi’s health department said earlier this month that 70 percent of recent calls to the state poison control center had come from people who ingested ivermectin from livestock supply stores.

The Times, however, did not cite any evidence from the Mississippi State Department of Health to corroborate the eye-popping claim.

What is the truth?

The Mississippi State Department of Health issued an advisory on Aug. 20 warning the Mississippi Poison Control Center “has received an increasing number of calls from individuals with potential ivermectin exposure.” The advisory added that 70% of “the recent calls have been related to ingestion of livestock or animal formulations of ivermectin purchased at livestock supply centers.”

On Aug. 25, the Mississippi health officials clarified their statistics. In fact, only 2% total calls were related to ivermectin ingestion while 70% of those were related to animal formulations of ivermectin.

“At least 2% of recent calls to the Mississippi Poison Control Center are about people ingesting ivermectin, with 70% of those calls being about livestock or animal formulations of the anti-parasite medicine purchased at livestock supply centers, Mississippi Department of Health officials said,” the Associated Press reported.

Notice the Times published its story with the erroneous ivermectin claim five days after the Mississippi State Department of Health issued the clarification.

How did the Times respond?

Investigative journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer said she contacted the New York Times informing them of the erroneous information. The story was then quietly updated.

Editors at the Times removed the false statistic, but maintained the framing of the story and claimed the statistic was merely “misstated.”

An editor’s note at the bottom of the story reads:

An earlier version of this article misstated the percentage of recent calls to the Mississippi poison control center related to ivermectin. It was 2 percent, not 70 percent.

As Pfeiffer noted, “Poof. But damage done.”

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Why Does America Lag Behind the World on Unborn Life?

The first inalienable right mentioned in the Declaration of Independence is the right to life. Yet America, which enshrines that right in our founding document, does a worse job of protecting unborn life than most other countries. The Supreme Court now has a chance to begin ending this injustice and ensuring that America lives up to its promise.  

We’re both shocked at how far the U.S. falls short in protecting life. We’ve spent the better part of our careers striving to change that. One of us (Ambassador Haley) has also seen how life is devalued across the rest of the world. With so much war, poverty, and hardship around the globe, it’s urgent that America set the standard for upholding this fundamental right.   

But new research shows nearly every European country is outdoing us when it comes to protecting unborn children and their moms. Americans might be surprised to learn that the extreme, no-limits abortion laws of the United States are virtually unknown in Europe. Here, abortion is legal at any stage of pregnancy, including when an unborn baby has a heartbeat, can feel pain, and even when he or she can survive outside the womb. By contrast, the Charlotte Lozier Institute found that 47 out of 50 European countries limit elective abortion to 15 weeks or earlier.  

There’s a reason Europe has such common-sense abortion policies.   

While some Washington politicians struggle with answering the basic question, “Is a 15-week-old-unborn baby a human being?” science has steadily revealed the humanity of children in the womb. By six weeks, they have a heartbeat and a developing brain and spinal cord. By 10 weeks they have arms, legs, fingers and toes, and they can kick and jump. By 15 weeks, they have fully formed noses, lips, eyelids and eyebrows – and by that point, if not earlier, they can feel pain. So can mothers: Abortions are more dangerous for women with every week of a pregnancy.  

European abortion laws align with these deeply human realities much better than America’s. In France, abortion is limited at 12 weeks. The same goes for Switzerland and all of Scandinavia, where abortion is limited to well before the third trimester of pregnancy. Austria and Italy have limits at approximately three months, while Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Romania, and Spain have 14-week limits. Not a single European country allows abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy. Besides the U.S., only seven countries (including China and North Korea) allow such a barbaric policy. That’s not company we want to be in.  

The United States needs to catch up. And that’s where the Supreme Court comes in.  

As soon as October, the justices will hear a challenge to a Mississippi law that limits abortions after 15 weeks. This law is soundly within the global mainstream, yet to date, the Supreme Court has blocked states from following the science and protecting unborn children and mothers. The Mississippi case is the best chance in nearly three decades to right that wrong and protect the right to life.  

Americans overwhelmingly agree that laws like Mississippi’s should be allowed to stand. About two-thirds of people say abortion should be limited after the first trimester in a recent poll, while 80% said the same about the second trimester. We don’t have to wonder where this consensus comes from. The advance of technology has illuminated the beauty of unborn life more than ever. Ultrasound imaging makes it easy for parents to see their child before he or she is born. Thanks to medical breakthroughs, premature babies can now survive as much as six weeks earlier than in the 1970s. Doctors are even able to treat the tiniest patients right in the womb.  

These incredible developments help explain why Mississippi passed its law, and why so many other states are following suit. Across the country, lawmakers have introduced hundreds of pro-life bills, with about 90 new laws protecting unborn children and their mothers enacted this year alone. This progress is incredible, and it reflects the American people’s common sense on life.  

Yet lasting progress is being blocked by the Supreme Court. By overturning its previous rulings and allowing Mississippi’s law to stand, the justices will unshackle states to advance pro-life laws and protections for the unborn and their mothers, reflecting the deepest values of their people and the highest ideals of our country.   

America should be leading the world in defending the unborn – the most precious and vulnerable among us. It’s wrong that our country is behind so many others. The time has come to make it right, and uphold the right to life at America’s heart.

Marjorie Dannenfelser is president of the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List.

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