Kim Jong Un’s sister says North Korea open to ending war if conditions met

North Korea is open to officially ending the Korean War if the South ends its “hostile policies,” according to the powerful sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Kim Yo-jong made her unexpected statement in response to a renewed call from the South to officially end the long conflict, the BBC reported Friday.

The Korean war, which split the peninsula into two, unofficially ended in 1953 with an armistice and not a peace treaty. The two countries have technically been at war ever since, locked in an often contentious relationship.

Last week, South Korean president Moon Jae-in called for the two Koreas and their allies – the US which backs the South, and China, which supports the North – to declare a formal end to the conflict.

The idea was first derided as “premature” by a top North Korean minister.

But in a surprise statement released Friday, Kim Jo-yong said the idea was “admirable”.

The Imjingak ‘peace park’ near the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is seen separating North and South Korea, in Paju.

But she said that the North would only discuss the proposal if the South stopped what she called “hostile policies” towards them.

“What needs to be dropped is the double-dealing attitudes, illogical prejudice, bad habits and hostile stand of justifying their own acts while faulting our just exercise of the right to self-defense,” she said

Kim Yo-jong helps her brother North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sign a joint statement following the summit with South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the Paekhwawon State Guesthouse in Pyongyang, North Korea.
Kim Yo-jong helps her brother North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sign a joint statement following the summit with South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the Paekhwawon State Guesthouse in Pyongyang, North Korea.
Pyongyang Press Corps Pool via AP, File

“Only when such a precondition is met, would it be possible to sit face to face and declare the significant termination of war.”

South Korea earlier this month tested its first submarine-launched ballistic missile, just hours after the North tested their own weapon.

North Korea has also often criticized South Korea’s annual military drills with the US.

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KC Fed’s George: Taper criteria met, size of balance sheet needs to be discussed

FILE PHOTO: Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank President Esther George addresses the National Association for Business Economics in Denver, Colorado, U.S. October 6, 2019. REUTERS/Ann Saphir/File Photo

September 24, 2021

By Howard Schneider

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The U.S. job market has already met the Federal Reserve’s benchmark test to reduce it monthly bond purchases, Kansas City Fed President Esther George said, and the central bank should now turn to discussion of how its massive bondholdings may complicate its eventual decision about when to raise interest rates.

“The criteria for substantial further progress has been met…The rationale for continuing to add to our asset holdings each month has waned,” George said in remarks to the American Enterprise Institute.

While the ongoing pandemic remains a risk, with labor and goods markets still facing supply constraints and bottlenecks, she felt that those problems would ease over time and more normal patterns of consumption, work and hiring reemerge.

The challenge now for the Fed, she said, is to determine how its balance sheet, pushing $8.5 trillion in securities holdings, will complicate a coming discussion on interest rates.

Those asset holdings will remain in place even after monthly purchases fall to zero and “are depressing long-term interest rates most relevant for households and businesses…This accommodation will persist even when tapering is complete,” she said.

The Fed’s criteria for raising its short-term policy rate is that inflation is durably at the central bank’s 2% target and that maximum employment has been reached – benchmarks already hard to judge because of the pandemic.

George’s comments flag a next-stage policy debate that may pose a distinct set of tradeoffs for the Fed to consider.

In the years after the 2007 to 2009 financial crisis, there was a year between the end of the Fed’s bond “taper” and the first increase of its policy interest rate, and two years after that before the Fed stopped reinvesting the proceeds of its maturing bonds and allowed the balance sheet to shrink.

The process may happen faster this time. The bond taper is not expected to finish until the middle of next year, yet half of the Fed’s 18 policymakers feel interest rates will need to rise by the end of 2022. If inflation persists, it may leave the Fed promoting demand with low long-term rates but feeling the need to curb it with short-term rate hikes.

“Where along the yield curve would we prefer the most policy space?” George said, conjecturing the Fed might want to keep longer-term rates low by keeping its balance sheet large, but counter that stimulus with a higher short-term policy rate.That, however, might raise the risk of an inverted yield curve, an argument for shrinking the balance sheet “or at least shifting toward one with shorter-maturity assets, with a lower neutral policy rate.”

“As the economy recovers from this pandemic shock, its path is likely to confound our assumptions about what a return to normal might look like,” George said. “The same is true for the monetary policy normalization process. Both point to a long and difficult process ahead.”

(Reporting by Howard Schneider; Editing by Chizu Nomiyama and Andrea Ricci)

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Renewed Interest in ‘Tax the Rich’ Merch Line After Met Gala. – The First TV

Join the revolution for the low, low price of $58 a sweatshirt.

The self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist is enjoying renewed interest in her pricey line of clothing and accessories post Met Gala. And despite AOC’s proclamation that her dress was a statement for the working-class, her “Tax the Rich” merchandise line may be out of their price range.

TTR merch comes in six scintillating socialist styles: a sweatshirt for $58, a tee-shirt for $27, a “dad hat” for $28, a sticker pack for $10, a mug for $27, and a tote bag for $27. 

AOC’s website calls it a “movement you can wear.”

Meanwhile, the New York Post reports the designer of AOC’s dress, Aurora James, owes debts and taxes in multiple states – but received pandemic relief aid.

“While James apparently has no problem stiffing the Taxman, she isn’t shy about taking money from taxpayers — her company received $41,666 in pandemic relief aid,” the Post reports. 

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The Government’s Spying on Candidate Trump in the DOJ’s Project ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Started the Same Day Clinton Lawyers, Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele Met at Law Firm Perkins Coie

BREAKING: The Government’s Spying on Candidate Trump in the DOJ’s Project ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Started the Same Day Clinton Lawyers, Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele Met at Law Firm Perkins Coie

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AOC’s Designer Met Gala Getup Violated Ethics Rules, Complaint Says

Watchdogs allege New York Democrat also improperly accepted tickets to event

Collin Anderson • September 17, 2021 12:30 pm

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) violated House ethics rules when she accepted designer clothes and jewelry to wear at the “elite and inaccessible” Met Gala, a new complaint states. 

Ocasio-Cortez, a noted Tesla owner, “borrowed” a custom-made “tax the rich” gown provided by designer brand Brother Vellies for the pompous event. The Democrat also accepted shoes, fine jewelry, and services from professional hair and makeup artists for the outing, she revealed on social media. According to the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, an ethics watchdog group, the items constitute a violation of the House’s “gift rule.”

“The gift rule for members of Congress is very clear and is in place for good reason. Members simply cannot accept anything of value that isn’t on the short list of permitted items,” FACT executive director Kendra Arnold said in a statement. “This is a case where the member’s own words should trigger an investigation—not only did she state that she did not pay for an item, she also implied that she was given the ticket because of her ‘responsibilities in overseeing’ the gift-giver. This entire situation is exactly what the House’s gift rule is designed to prevent.”

Ocasio-Cortez did not return a request for comment.

Under House ethics rules, a gift that is not based on a “personal friendship” must not exceed $50. If a gift is provided “on the basis of a personal friendship,” it “must be under $250.” In addition to Ocasio-Cortez’s custom dress—which is reportedly valued at “hundreds of thousands of dollars”— jewelry company Mejuri gave the Democrat $515 worth of free bling. Ocasio-Cortez also used a pair of shoes—valued at $614—from the same company that provided her gown.

“The use of these tangible items and services has value and it does not appear that any of the exceptions to the gift rule would apply,” FACT’s complaint states. “It does not matter whether the items were ‘borrowed’—the use of an item confers a benefit upon the member that is a gift under the ethics rules. Specifically, the ethics rules provide that any tangible item is a gift if it is used.”

FACT is not the first watchdog group to cry foul at Ocasio-Cortez’s controversial Met Gala appearance. Both the American Accountability Foundation and National Legal Policy Center filed complaints alleging that Ocasio-Cortez improperly accepted tickets—valued at $35,000 each—to attend the event.

House ethics rules allow members to attend a charity event for free, but they must receive an invite directly from the event’s organizer. While Ocasio-Cortez received her tickets from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the gala is organized by fashion media company Condé Nast, with global chief content officer Anna Wintour personally approving all invitations. Ocasio-Cortez sat at Wintour’s table, according to the New York Times.

For Arnold, the unclear invitation process should prompt an investigation.

“In the present case, it is not entirely clear how the invitations process worked,” Arnold wrote in FACT’s complaint. “While the event is held to benefit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it is organized by a for-profit company, Condé Nast, and all invitations must be approved by a single individual, Anna Wintour. Therefore, the Office of Congressional Ethics should investigate to determine whether both of the qualifications for a charitable event exception were met.”

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BuzzFeed Investigation: ‘Peg the Patriarchy’ Met Gala Outfit Appropriated from ‘Fat, Queer, POC’

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez grabbed all the headlines from this week’s Met Gala with her “Tax the Rich” dress, letting another even more outrageous message outfit fly under the radar that’s now facing charges of “classic appropriation” and “colonialism.” Strap in (ahem) for the ridiculous.

It began on Monday at the Met with model Cara Delevingne wearing a white top designed by Dior to look like a bulletproof vest that read, “Peg the Patriarchy.” (Pegging is a term coined by gay activist Dan Savage to denote when a woman wears a strap-on dildo and penetrates a man.)

“It’s about women empowerment, gender equality — it’s a bit like, ‘Stick it to the man,’” Delevingne explained on the red carpet.

Of course, feminist geek site The Mary Sue found people upset about the phrase for the most absurd reasons:

While a lot of people did appreciate Delevingne’s outfit and the message on it, lots more found it misguided and in poor taste. Some felt the language was homophobic and depicted pegging as an inherently demeaning act meant to put one in their place, so to speak. (Delevingne identifies as pansexual but that doesn’t mean she can’t still engage in homophobic rhetoric.) There’s also an implication that anal pleasure isn’t something straight cis men (aka “the patriarchy”) might already enjoy. And others simply wondered why the patriarchy was worthy of sexual gratification in the first place.

Somehow, the story got weirder, as BuzzFeed reported with an article on Wednesday that hilariously began, “Luna Matatas had just wrapped up teaching a BDSM class on Monday night when she went to Twitter to share highlights from the session.”

Turns out, Matatas, a self-described “fat, queer, POC…working twice as hard just to do what I’m already amazing at” because of business barriers “[f]rom censorship to patriarchy to racism,” had trademarked the phrase “Peg the Patriarchy” in 2015 but got no credit from the model or her famous designer, which she dubbed “colonialism.”

Matatas said to BuzzFeed News the moment felt “very David and Goliath.”

“When I realized the designer was Dior, I was like ‘Oh, God,'” Matatas said. “It’s classic appropriation. We’re talking about people with a lot of privilege. It really would have been so easy for us to link arms and lift each other up.”

Even Delevingne’s status as a co-owner of a sex toy company who describes her sexuality as “like a pendulum swinging” wasn’t any match for Matatas in the woke victim hierarchy.

But Matatas said white, cisgender people like Delevingne “don’t face the same kinds of challenges because of their social location.” Matatas said small businesses in the sex industry like hers face constant censorship on social media for their content, which hurts their brand awareness and growth.

Her small brand could never access the same advertising scale or influencer resources that big-name brands like Dior can because of these barriers. Even performing sexuality on a red carpet without consequence is a privilege, she said.

The Mary Sue also criticized Delevingne, “[T]here’s something especially sinister about seeing a woman who self-identifies as a feminist and an activist co-opt a progressive message taken from an artist to wear to a high-profile arts fundraiser.

Yeah, that’s what’s sinister about “Peg the Patriarchy.” These people are so woke they’re unconscious.

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Second Ethics Complaint Filed Against AOC Over Accepting Pricey Tickets to Met Gala for Herself and Her Boyfriend

Second Ethics Complaint Filed Against AOC Over Accepting Pricey Tickets to Met Gala for Herself and Her Boyfriend

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Manages to Add More Layers of Blunders to Her Met Gala Stunt – RedState


As the press fawns, AOC is approaching a level of self-parody.

The annual Met Gala returned this year and it was every bit the ludicrous affair that it always has been. It was choked with not just garish but insipid fashion choices, thirsty self-involved celebrities, and a press corps covering it all as if it were not simply a stunted hoedown filled with carnies on a much larger scale budget.

The big takeaway was Alexandria Ocasio Cortez peacocking on the red carpet in a white mermaid gown with bold script that said “Tax The Rich” on the back. It is clear this was a desperate move on her part, by wanting to partake in this cotillion of the elites while preserving her “support for the little people” street cred. “See guys, I am one of you by sticking it to the man — as I sip Boerl & Kroff while dining at a $250,000 table.” She claimed to have punctured the 4th wall of excess and spectacle with her appearance, all while indulging in the excess, and she was feted by the press as they declared her to be a fashion icon for her bold choice. Seriously.

As has been pointed out, Antoinette Ocasio-Cortez was so tone-deaf with this stunt she requires a Miracle Ear, but even beyond the obvious hypocrisy of appearing at an event so elite only 1% of the one-percenters were acceptable to attend, she managed to step on her tongue in a few ways in explaining away her stunt. She of course plays the victim in the aftermath, claiming she was attacked in the form of body-shaming, or somesuch complaint.

I and my body have been so heavily and relentlessly policed from all corners politically since the moment I won my election that it’s kind of become expected and normalized to me. 

This is the woman who used her body as a billboard for a political cause. She had a slogan emblazoned across her backside, requiring that gazes fall across her form in order to have her message delivered. Now she is taking on the role of an objectified victim. This trends right into that dichotomy we have seen from feminists in recent years; a performer can writhe onstage in exposing fashions and she will be called an example of female empowerment, but the moment a male appreciates the visuals he is a sexist predator.

This is AOC demanding we look at words scrawled across her ass and then cattily sneering, ‘’My eyes are up HERE!’’ These are hardly the only objectionable moves by her.

She struggled to explain how her message on behalf of the downtrodden was legitimate considering it was delivered via a high-end fashion designer’s ball gown, one costing $3,000. She also was at the event that carried a $30,000 ticket price, possibly in violation of gifting laws applied to politicians. While this is unlikely to stick, she still waved it off by stating how the dress was on loan, and she was an invited guest to the function. No surprise to hear this from the former bartender on a government salary who inexplicably has two expensive residences and tools around D.C. in a luxury Tesla; her receiving a borrowed gown and a comped ticket to a free dinner is completely on-brand for Alex From The Bronx.

AOC also tried to justify her gown selection by stating how she was actually supporting the designer, Aurora James. As AOC described her, James is “a sustainably focused black woman immigrant designer.” Well, we have to buy into the immigrant designation if that applies to someone from Ontario, Canada. So like many of the other attendees, she was sporting foreign fashions at the event with the themeIn America: A Lexicon of Fashion.”

Note how in every picture of AOC’s gown she is seen without her safety mask. Not only is this in defiance of New York City’s newest mask ordinance, but it is also in violation of Alex’s own pledge. She said months ago that as the mask orders were coming down that she would not be changing her desire to wear a mask. NYC got hit so hard that I think some of us are going to take time adjusting as we feel comfortable. Personally I’m going to keep wearing my mask in shared indoor public spaces like elevators, subway, grocery store, etc.”

Just not at opulent mega-star events with the millionaire set. Also worth pointing out is that in all of the glamour shots from The Met you’ll see AOC posing and beaming radiantly, as the help in the background were required to mask up. Life and death COVID safety measures are only for the rabble. 

But AOC cares for the little people – if you listen to her speeches, she is heartfelt about the plight of those working-class types; just don’t follow her actions. For you see, as she expresses the right words claiming allegiance with the workers she is perfectly content to have them doting on her at these garish galas. Behold as she exits the event and has a team of workers carrying the hem of her dress on the way to her carriage to depart the affair.

And there is more. As she is touting the tired socialist ‘Eat the Wealthy’ messaging of taxing the rich, the event she attended was a charity function. These donations are used by her very targets as a form of avoidance of the confiscatory federal requirements, as the rich use such opportunities as a tax haven. This is something Benjamin Bronfman is surely familiar with. Who, you may ask? He descends from the Lehman family and is the son of former Warner Brothers CEO Edgar Bronfman, as well as a family descendant of the Seagrams distillery fortune. He is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

He is also dating Aurora James, the woman who designed the Tax The Rich dress. To say this was all a posturing move for the sake of appearances is beyond a doubt at this point. But the media still swooned over the celebrity politician, which leads to another dose of misdirection. As her dress was criticized and pointed out in conservative outlets there was a backlash from some on the left and in the press. 

Only issue, those on the right were not paying daily attention to AOC’s account and reacting the moment she posted pictures of herself in the dress. It was in reaction to the flood of media who were pushing out her appearance and lauding her for her bravery, and raving about what an iconic appearance it had been for her. This is outrage at a reaction, not the initial provocation in the press.

It is just a repeat of the same defense offered by AOC herself — the problem is not in her hypocrisy, it is in those on the right who noticed it.

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Kevin McCarthy goes after AOC for Met Gala ticket

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the “leader” of the Democrat Party during an interview after the congresswoman attended the Met Gala, full of the nation’s wealthiest socialites, sparking an ethics complaint against her over concerns about Ocasio-Cortez’s hypocrisy.  

“I’m not quite sure as a member of Congress how you legally can go there,” McCarthy told Fox News. “You can’t accept a ticket so I’m not sure how that works.” 

McCarthy said that Ocasio-Cortez could have used funding from her campaign to pay for the event if the event was a fundraiser, but as the event was not, Ocasio-Cortez would have to use her personal funds.  

“She’s the leader of the Democratic Party,” McCarthy said. “And think about it. She doesn’t call herself a Democrat. She calls herself a socialist Democrat.” 

AOC was blasted across social media after attending the event wearing a “Tax The Rich” designer dress, where individual tickets reportedly cost $30,000 and tables $200,000 to $300,000.  

The congresswoman defended her attendance at the event, saying those who criticized her were “haters,” claiming, “New York elected officials are routinely invited to and attend the Met due to our responsibilities in overseeing and supporting the city’s cultural institutions for the public.” 

“I was one of several in attendance in this evening,” she added. 

Thomas Jones, the founder of the American Accountability Foundation, wrote to the Office of Congressional Ethics demanding that they open up an investigation into AOC over the incident.

“The American Accountability Foundation is writing today to request that you immediately open an investigation of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14) for accepting an impermissible gift to attend the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala (the Met Gala),” the complaint said. “If during your investigation you discover any possible violations of campaign finance law, we urge you to share that information with the Federal Elections Commission.

“Specifically, we believe Representative Ocasio-Cortez has violated clause 5 of Rule XXV of the Rules of the House of Representatives (commonly known as the Gift Rule) by accepting admission to the Met Gala, an event whose per-seat costs is reported to range from $35,000 to $50,000, without having a permissible exemption to allow the acceptance of the lavish gift,” the complaint continued. “If Representative Occasion-Cortez has used campaign funds to pay for this ticket, she has also violated FEC prohibitions on campaign funds being used for entertainment purposes.” 

According to the Daily Mail, the Metropolitan Museum of Art claimed on Tuesday that it “comped” Ocasio-Cortez and her boyfriend, as well as New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife.  

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