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Amtrak train crashes in Montana, killing at least three

An Amtrak train traveling between Chicago and Seattle derailed Saturday evening near Joplin, Mont., killing at least three people and injuring many more, authorities said.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the casualties to multiple media outlets as efforts to rescue passengers from turned-over rail cars continued into the evening.

Amtrak officials said five cars on the Empire Builder train 7/27 went off track around 4 p.m. MST.

There were 147 passengers and 13 crew members, Amtrak said.

The accident scene was reported about 150 miles north of Helena and about 30 miles from the border with Canada.

The cause of the crash wasn’t immediately announced.

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Democratic judge under fire after slashing serial offender’s bond in half. The freed criminal went on to shoot 2 Houston police officers, killing 1.

Police in Houston, Texas, are demanding answers after one of their own was shot and killed by a serial criminal who was allowed to walk freely after a judge significantly lowered his bond.

Houston Police Officers’ Union President Doug Griffith called on Harris County Judge Greg Glass to resign this week, arguing that the Democratic judge’s failure to administer justice directly resulted in the death of one police officer and serious injury to another.

“He needs to have the integrity to step down,” the union president said, according to KPRC-TV. “Until he decides to step up and explain himself, we will continue to come after him. I will actively search for people who will run against him.”

Houston Police Department to escort body of Senior Police Officer William ‘Bill’ Jeffrey Wednesday

What happened?

On Monday, serial criminal Deon Ledet, 30 — whose lengthy rap sheet included aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, evading arrest, and most recent, felony possession — shot and killed 30-year police veteran Sr. Officer William “Bill” Jeffrey. At the time, Jeffrey was attempting to arrest Ledet on a high-level narcotics charge.

Another officer, Sgt. Michael Vance, was also shot during the arrest. His recovery process is expected to take several months. Ledet was killed in the shootout.

The incident immediately caused an uproar in the community, as police claimed the atrocity could easily have been avoided if the justice system had done its job. In short, Ledet should never have been out on the streets.

According to court records, Ledet had been arrested a whopping 18 times since 2008. In lieu of his criminal record, prosecutors were adamant that Ledet be denied bond and placed behind bars pending trial for two 2020 felony drug charges.

But Glass evidently disagreed. First, he chose to set bond. Then, in Nov. 2020, when the district attorney’s office requested that the twice-convicted felon’s bond be revoked, Glass responded by cutting the bond amounts in half, from $20,000 and $40,000 to $10,000 and $20,000.

Additionally, Ledet was supposed to be administered a GPS ankle monitor, but he never showed up for his appointment.

Suspect who killed Houston police officer, injured another has lengthy criminal history

What has been the reaction?

Union president Griffith and multiple local news reporters have attempted to reach out to Glass for comment or explanation for his actions, but the judge has so far remained silent. In June, KTRK-TV reported that Glass is one of four local justices who has not held court in more than a year and a half.

“He needs to be out in the forefront explaining himself as to why he did what he did,” Griffith said this week. “It’s sick to see this happen over and over again, and Judge Glass, you have some explaining to do.”

“He told [Ledet] he needed to get an ankle monitor and did that happen? No, it did not,” Griffith added. “His bond was revoked, and he was still out on the streets.”

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Barry Morphew charged with killing wife Suzanne sought to ‘hunt and control’

A Colorado man charged with killing his missing wife sought to “hunt and control” her after she said was leaving him, investigators alleged in court documents.

Barry Lee Morphew, 53, was charged in May with first-degree murder and other counts in the presumed death of his wife, Suzanne Morphew, who was reported missing after she didn’t return to their Salida home following a Mother’s Day bike ride on May 10, 2020.

An arrest affidavit released Monday by a judge who ruled last week that there’s enough evidence for Morphew to stand trial says investigators found that Suzanne took “clear, articulable steps” to separate from and divorce Barry starting in January 2020.

“She told her family and close friends about her intentions, secretly recorded her notes of abuse in her phone because Barry monitored it, confronted Barry in arguments that she secretly recorded with help from a friend and, finally, sent him a text four days before she disappeared saying that she was ‘done, let’s handle this civilly,’” investigators wrote in the 129-page affidavit.

Barry Morphew was arrested in connection with the disappearance of his wife, Suzanne Morphew.
Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office

Barry Morphew has insisted to investigators that the couple’s marriage was “perfect,” saying she had no intention of leaving him. But the avid hunter’s statements about his actions before and after Suzanne’s disappearance have been “proven to be false and misleading,” investigators wrote.

By May 9, 2020, one day before Suzanne vanished, investigators allege it “had become clear” that Barry couldn’t stop her from leaving him.

“And he resorted to something he has done his entire life — hunt and control Suzanne like he had hunted and controlled animals,” the document reads.

Barry Morphew, center, appears in court in Salida, Colo.
Barry Morphew has insisted to investigators that the couple’s marriage was “perfect.”
KUSA via AP, Pool, File

Barry Morphew also refused to take a polygraph in the days after Suzanne was reported missing by a neighbor. The woman’s bicycle and helmet were recovered near their home, “discarded before Barry left town” in the early morning hours of May 10, 2020, according to the affidavit.

“The investigation to date indicates that these items were not indicative of an accident, an animal attack, Suzanne being a runaway, Suzanne committing suicide or Suzanne being the victim of a stranger abduction,” investigators wrote.

Authorities said they don’t believe Suzanne Morphew, whose body has not been found, is still alive. Her husband was arrested some 360 days after her disappearance, KKTV reported.

Barry Morphew, who has pleaded not guilty, was released from jail Monday after posting $500,000 cash-only bond. He left the Chaffee County lockup alongside his and Suzanne’s two daughters, the station reported.

A judge ordered Morphew to wear an ankle monitor and primarily remain in Chaffee County. His trial is expected to begin in May 2022.

Suzanne Morphew
Suzanne Morphew was reported missing following a Mother’s Day bike ride on May 10, 2020.

With Post wires

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The Pill Is Killing Women. Why Won’t The FDA Talk About It?

If you’ve watched TV in the last week, you’ve likely seen a commercial for a novel form of birth control called Phexxi. You could hardly miss it, starting as it does with “Welcome to my vagina,” and starring actress Annie Murphy from the wildly popular Emmy award-winning Canadian sitcom “Schitt’s Creek.” As the bubbly Murphy struts about in a cavernous pink bedroom, she promises that Phexxi is something that women have always wanted: an effective, “in the moment,” hormone-free method of birth control.

Phexxi was approved by the FDA over a year ago, but only in the past week has its manufacturer, Evofem, begun marketing the product in earnest. With this shiny new campaign, Evofem is betting on the recently heightened search among women for non-hormonal birth control options.

Deadly Risks and Side Effects

And it’s a good bet, as many women, like Annie Murphy herself, are waking up to the reality that the synthetic hormones found in most methods of contraception come with side effects and risks that are at best annoying, and at worst, dangerous. In fact, many women are increasingly unhappy with the birth control options available to them, fed up with side effects like headaches, weight gain, and more. And those are just the risks and side effects they know about.

When compared to women who are not on the pill or other forms of hormonal contraception, the population of women on hormonal contraception exhibits increased risk (higher prevalence rates) for the following conditions: breast cancer (19-37 percent higher risk), blood clots and other cardiovascular risks (80 percent), cervical cancer (60-220 percent), bone fracture (7 percent for COCs, and 40 percent for progestin-only), certain autoimmune diseases (Crohn’s Disease: 44 percent, Ulcerative Colitis: 18 percent, Lupus: 19-130 percent, Interstitial Cystitis: 131 percent), female sexual dysfunction, depression (10 percent for COCs, and 20 percent for progestin-only), and even attempted suicide (97 percent) and completed suicide (208 percent). When compared to women who are not on the Depo-Provera “birth control shot,” women on Depo exhibit a 40-49 percent higher prevalence for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), the virus that causes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDs). In other words, the Depo shot appears to increase a woman’s susceptibility for contracting HIV. (Data supporting all of the relative risks deduced in this paragraph by the lead author of the citizens petition, Dr. William V. Williams, can be found in the complete citizens petition, which is available for download here.)

Furthermore, an estimated 300 to 400 American women die every year from vascular diseases like heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots alone that are exacerbated by hormonal contraceptives. To put that into perspective: Meningitis killed 45 individuals (of all ages) in 2017, and most U.S. states mandate meningitis vaccination for college and university students (and let’s not even get into the number of college-aged individuals for whom the COVID-19 vaccine is now required, despite how low their risk of serious illness is).

Now, that litany of risks and side effects doesn’t sound quite right, does it? After all, women are constantly assured that birth control is safe and effective, and many are baldly told by their doctors that whatever symptoms they experience while on it are “in their heads,” or that “the pill doesn’t do that.”

FDA Ignores Concerns While Approving Iffy Products

But in 2019, the non-profit women’s health organization Natural Womanhood and a group of doctors and researchers put together a 90-plus page citizens petition to the FDA citing the robust, scientific evidence for every single one of the risks I listed above. They submitted this petition to the FDA two years ago, asking for greater transparency and evidence-based warnings about the risks of hormonal birth control in prescribing information and in product informational inserts.

After a cursory request for a few additional pieces of information from the FDA (which was promptly provided to them by the research team), Natural Womanhood has heard nothing in response but crickets. This is despite the petition garnering over 150 public comments, many of them from the families of young women who have died as a direct result of their use of birth control.

Women are, quite literally, dying for better birth control. Hence the perennial search for “hormone-free birth control,” and why the Phexxi site is emblazoned with “Hormone Free” in big, bold letters under a confident-looking Murphy. But even hormone-free Phexxi comes with its complications: it’s a gel that works by altering vaginal pH to make it extra inhospitable to sperm, which is why women who have recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) are discouraged from using Phexxi, and why the most commonly reported side effects are “vaginal burning, vaginal itching, vaginal yeast infection, urinary tract infection, vaginal area discomfort, bacterial vaginosis, and vaginal discharge.”

“Women also reported genital discomfort, pain while urinating, and vaginal pain,” continues Phexxi’s safety information panel. “Some male partners reported genital discomfort.” But hey, nothing like itchy, burning genitalia to get folks in the mood, right?

Additionally, Phexxi is about 93 percent effective with perfect use and about 86 percent effective with typical use, putting it roughly in the same efficacy range as condoms. (The other popular hormone-free option of birth control — the copper IUD — is 99 percent effective, but comes with its own significant risks and side effects, including a nasty habit of breaking and migrating in women’s bodies).

What the FDA Would Do If It Cared About Women’s Health

It’s interesting that the FDA has chosen to ignore the petition I mentioned above, yet has continued to approve birth control products like Phexxi in the meantime. Is it because they know, on an as-yet publicly unacknowledged level, that women both want and need safer, non-hormonal options for family planning? Or is it that they just want there to be as many products on the market as possible for preventing pregnancy — side effects and risks be damned?

After all, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was at least temporarily yanked from the market after being linked to far fewer cases of blood clots than is typical for hormonal birth control use (yes, even if a woman isn’t a smoker or over age 35). Yet birth control seems destined to remain a sacrosanct, permanent fixture of our Pharma landscape, and without transparent acknowledgment from public health officials that it might be a possible source of a myriad of issues, from increasing rates of anxiety and depression in teen girls, to our autoimmune epidemic, to skyrocketing breast cancer rates, just to name a few.

If our public health officials really cared about giving women all of the options and information needed to prevent pregnancy, they’d speak more honestly about fertility awareness methods (FAMs) — the only truly side effect-free forms of effective family planning available — instead of actively discouraging their use, and wrongfully maligning them as the ineffective, outdated “rhythm method.” (By the way, many modern FAMs have both perfect and typical use rates that far outpace Phexxi’s.)

But at the very least, the FDA should better inform women and their doctors about the evidence-based risks and side effects of hormonal contraception. Then physicians might stop gaslighting women into thinking that their negative experiences on birth control are imaginary.

If you’d like to help better protect women and be part of the movement to light a fire under the FDA when it comes to the harms of synthetic hormones, I encourage you to sign and share Natural Womanhood’s petition today.

Grace Emily Stark is the Editor of Natural Womanhood. Her writing has been featured in multiple outlets, and in 2019, she was awarded a Robert Novak Alumni Fund Journalism Fellowship. Follow Grace’s writing at

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European rights court rules Russia was behind Litvinenko killing

FILE PHOTO: The grave of murdered ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko is seen at Highgate Cemetery in London, Britain, January 21, 2016. REUTERS/Toby Melville

September 21, 2021

LONDON (Reuters) – The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday that Russia was responsible for the 2006 killing of Alexander Litvinenko who died an agonising death after he was poisoned in London with Polonium 210, a rare radioactive isotope.

“Russia was responsible for assassination of Aleksandr Litvinenko in the UK,” the court said in a statement on its ruling.

After moving to Britain, Litvinenko, a former FSB officer and whistleblower, become a vocal critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

(Reporting by Guy Faulconbridge; editing by Michael Holden)

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New Evidence Reveals How Biden Set Free ISIS-K Member Who Ended Up Killing 13 Service Members by Suicide Bomb: Report

When 13 United States service members were killed last month by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan, it was clear the Biden administration’s rushed exit from the country had cost innocent American blood.

New information now suggests the administration is even more culpable than it initially appeared.

According to India’s Firstpost, the ISIS-K suicide bomber has been identified as Abdul Rehman. He was a jihadi who had been in Afghanistan’s Bagram prison for the last four years.

Indian authorities learned Rehman was allegedly part of a plot from ISIS-K to stage suicide bombings in New Delhi, where his father frequently traveled for business. The authorities had him arrested and incarcerated in Bagram prison in 2017, Firstpost reported.

Indian intelligence officials said he was handed over to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency by the Research and Analysis Wing, India’s foreign intelligence agency, in September 2017.


Boeing Investigating After Discovery on New Air Force One Jet

Yet when President Joe Biden began implementing his reckless and ill-planned withdrawal strategy in Afghanistan, chaos ensued. This very chaos allowed thousands of suspected and convicted terrorists to escape Bagram unscathed on Aug. 15, including Rehman.

Just 11 days later, Rehman allegedly carried out the attack that killed 13 American service members and well over 100 civilians.

“America’s disorganized retreat from Afghanistan has led to hundreds of highly competent and highly committed terrorists being set free to rejoin the Islamic State, al-Qaida and other terrorist groups,” an officer who worked on the Rehman case told Firstpost.

“Literally a decade’s work on counterterrorism has been undone by the U.S.’ failure to secure key prisoners in Bagram.”

Should Biden be held responsible for the death of 13 US service members?

Those are pretty damming words from an officer who was reportedly involved personally in the counterterrorism effort.

While it may sound dramatic, Rehman’s deadly actions showed just how quickly things can get off track in terms of terrorism. If other prisoners who escaped also end up participating in violence, it will not be that far-fetched to suggest that the Biden administration undid many if not most previous counter-terrorism efforts in the region.

Firstpost reported that Rehman was selected to lead the bombing plot in New Delhi because he was familiar with the area. But after intercepting communications, India’s RAW was able to send in an agent posing as a jihadi.

The agent convinced Rehman he had amassed enough people and explosives to carry out the attack, which led Rehman to communicate with his commanders. The CIA was then able to exploit those conversations and arrest Rehman.

He was sent on a special flight to Kabul, Afghanistan, where the CIA led an investigation. Questioning by the CIA alongside Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security exposed multiple ISIS leaders, whom the U.S. then killed via drone strikes in 2019.


Graphic Content Warning: Thug Enveloped in Flames While Trying to Firebomb Israeli Border

“There’s no clarity on what happened to Abdul Rehman between his escape from Bagram and the suicide attack,” an intelligence official said. “It is possible he wanted revenge, or that he was persuaded by his old jihadist friends to atone for his role in the killings of his associates in this manner.”

Obviously, the path to apprehending Rehman was long and meticulous. All that work was wiped away in a matter of days thanks to the Biden administration’s incompetence.

To make matters worse, Rehman is just one of the thousands of prisoners who escaped Bagram in August. Who’s to say others are not going to be seeking revenge as well?

We already knew that Biden’s incompetence led to horrible conditions at the Kabul airport and ended with thousands of Americans stranded in Afghanistan.

The fact that the administration’s incompetence also led to the escape of thousands of terrorists, at least some of whom are willing to commit suicide bombings and kill civilians, is just the icing on the hugely disappointing cake.

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Deep State “Foreign Policy” is Killing Christians Worldwide

All around the world, the fruit of the U.S. government’s so-called “foreign policy” is becoming clear to see: the slaughter and persecution of Christian communities. In this episode of Behind The Deep State, host Alex Newman, senior editor of The New American, explains how this pattern can be seen in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, the Ivory Coast, and more. An occasional incident of Christian persecution as a result of the Deep State-controlled “foreign policy” establishment might be explainable as stupidity or an accident. But today, the pattern is too clear and ubiquitous for that to make sense. Plus, when you see the persecution of Christians by the Deep State escalating in America and Europe, it should be no surprise that those same evil individuals and organizations unleashing terror and hate against Christian communities in other nations, too.

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Psaki’s Response Is Bad When Asked About the Mistake of Drone Killing Children – RedState

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was back at the podium today after ducking out on Friday, avoiding answering on a manifold of crises for Joe Biden and the administration.

Psaki was asked about the admission on Friday by the U.S. CENTCOM that the drone strike in Kabul that they had previously claimed took out an ISIS member coming to attack the airport in fact didn’t take out any ISIS people — that it just killed 10 innocent people, mostly from one family, with seven children being killed.

Psaki’s response? That he knows what loss is like because he’s personally suffered loss and “overseen it.”

Yes, Biden has suffered a lot of loss. But he and Psaki keep pulling it out whenever he gets into trouble and they use it as an emotional shield to try to blunt any criticism and questions. That’s just wrong and quite frankly an offensive use of the deaths of his children. We’ve all experienced loss. It’s not an excuse for incompetent action that got 13 Americans and more than 170 Afghans killed. It’s not an excuse for drone striking a family on very thin-reed evidence. Maybe you could show you actually care about the people killed by concentrating on them and not deflecting with this move?

If it was really a tragedy to Biden, he wouldn’t have gone off to the beach after being informed, he would have stayed in town and apologized for it. He couldn’t be bothered, leaving the military to take the heat for it.

Then Fox’s Peter Doocy pointed to the continuing potential problem here: the “intelligence” that this was supposedly based on and on which they claim they will depend in the future. How much is that “over the horizon” capacity — which the Biden team including Psaki bragged about — worth now with the acknowledgement of how wrong this strike was?

Psaki then claimed that this strike and the prior drone strike which they claim took out two ISIS-K people were “self-defense strikes,” not “over the horizon” strikes — despite the fact that she and the Biden Administration had called them “over the horizon” and evidence of that capability. So she’s just completely changing the facts from how the strikes were previously described.

Why? Because once again this shows how incompetent they were and completely throws that claim under the bus. Plus they still haven’t provided support for the first drone strike against “ISIS-K” being “successful.” They wouldn’t even provide the names of the alleged “high-level” people. That’s how you know something is wrong there, as well.

Is anyone going to be held accountable for this tragic mistake? Nope, it’s the Biden Administration, where no one is responsible for anything.

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New Haven cop Robert Ferraro charged with killing fellow officer in Vegas DUI crash

A Connecticut police officer was charged with killing a fellow officer in a DUI crash in Las Vegas on Friday.

New Haven Officer Robert Ferraro, 34, was speeding in a 2020 Rolls Royce with two fellow cops on board when he allegedly lost control and crashed into an occupied car parked in a private driveway, according to KVVU-TV.

The Rolls Royce then smashed into utility poles, landscaping and a fire hydrant before overturning and ejecting front seat passenger Joshua Castellano, who was also a New Haven officer, the outlet reported.

Ferraro was charged with DUI resulting in death and reckless driving resulting in death or substantial bodily harm. He was held on $100,000 bail, according to the station.

New Haven’s Acting Chief of Police Renee Dominguez described Castellano as “always happy to be here,” the article said.

New Haven police officer Robert Ferraro was charged with DUI resulting in death and reportedly held on $100,000 bail.

“Officer Castellano served our community for seven years. We’re thankful for Officer Castellano’s service; he will be greatly missed,” New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker reportedly said.

In addition to the three officers, the mangled car had reportedly been carrying two passengers from Texas.

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Who Will Pay for Killing 7 Children? – RedState

In the movie “American Sniper,” Chris Kyle is warned by his spotter, “If you’re wrong, they’ll fry you.” The spotter was right.

Rules of Engagement (ROE) have changed over the years, but a constant has been the likelihood that the target is a “bad guy” (confirm it) and that if confirmed, the strike can and should minimize or avoid collateral damage.

On October 3, 2009, COP Keating was attacked. Keating was a combat base located in likely the worst spot for an American base of operations. It was only a mater of time before Keating was hit, because it was located at the bottom of valley — surrounded on three sides by high mountains — in the middle of bad guy country. It was a killing ground, and everyone who saw it knew it. It was a disaster in the making, and it ended in being nearly overrun by 400 bad guys. Eight Americans paid with their lives for senior officer criminal incompetence.

Were the officers who decided to locate Keating in a fish bowl punished? No. Lower officers were punished, but not the O-6s and above. The fall guys were majors and captains.

The Kabul drone strike that killed an aid worker and at least 7 children was approved by general officers and the president. It turns out that the people killed were loading water into a car. There is zero chance that they “knew” that this was a “bad guy” — because he wasn’t a bad guy. They also had eyes in the air, and should have known that there would be massive collateral damage, and there was.

Biden’s handlers will deflect blame, and it is almost a certainty that the general or generals who green-lighted this debacle will escape punishment. When “bad calls” are made, when ROEs are violated, officers below the rank of colonel are punished because every disaster needs a fall guy. It won’t be generals. General Milley called it a “righteous” strike.

It won’t be Biden either. But the blood is on Biden’s hands.

ROEs are in place for a reason. They sometimes impede combat operations, but sometimes they prove to prevent a disaster. Biden pulled the stops, and now, 10 innocent people are dead because of it.

Biden gave the “go” for a strike that murdered 7 children — all because Biden wanted a headline. He got one, just not the one he wanted.

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