Terry Barnes: The significance of this new U.S-UK-Australia security pact – and Johnson’s tilt to the Indo-Pacific

Terry Barnes advised Tony Abbott when he was a Cabinet minister in John Howard’s government.

It may have been missed in Britain midst the excitement of Boris Johnson’s reshuffle and the attention-greedy Sussexes making the cover of Time, but this week’s announcement by Boris Johnson, Joe Biden and Scott Morrison of a ‘trilateral security partnership’, to be known as AUKUS, is hugely significant.

It is to be a relationship of defence, technological and security cooperation. While it essentially formalises existing exchanges between three traditional allies, that in itself has historic strategic and geopolitical implications.

Here in Australia, this announcement is huge news. Not only is Australia formalising a security pact with her two greatest and closest traditional allies, but she is also being admitted by the US and UK into a very select club: countries operating nuclear-powered submarines. Morrison’s government is thereby walking away from a costly but irretrievably dysfunctional contract with the French to co-build a dozen conventional next-generation submarines, exposing itself to billions of dollars in termination costs.  But this hasn’t been a deal-breaker.

That AUKUS was announced, within eight months of the next Australian general election, is even more significant. It’s one thing for a conservative government to sign such a security agreement and pursue nuclear submarines. It’s quite another for a traditionally anti-nuclear and US-skeptical Labor party opposition to endorse such a radical reshaping of Australia’s national security framework. Yet it has – today publicly committed itself to the agreement should Labor win next year’s election, a possibility if opinion polls are right.

Furthermore, just weeks after marking its 70th anniversary, the joint announcement confirms that the ANZUS alliance of Australia, New Zealand and the United States is officially dead.

New Zealand suspended ANZUS almost 40 years ago, because it refused to allow US nuclear-powered ships into her ports: this week, Jacinda Ardern insisted that this bar would apply to nuclear-powered Australian submarines as well. Since New Zealand’s inflexible opposition to nuclear-powered ships sits with Ardern’s refusal to join any Five Eyes strategic arrangements that might antagonise China, AUKUS effectively kills off whatever vestiges of ANZUS are left.

Australia, on the other hand, has been increasingly vocal about the Chinese regime’s geostrategic muscle-flexing, as well as its internal behaviour. Morrison was the first world leader to demand that China account for the origin and escape of Covid-19 from Wuhan, and has given his MPs free rein to criticise China’s strategic ambitions and human rights record – despite the regime’s wolf warrior bullying diplomacy and trade retaliations. AUKUS reminds Xi Jinping that ‘little’ Australia has great and powerful friends, and that she does not stand alone in calling out his bullying.

Jinping certainly should sit up and take note of this critical new development. The two great Anglosphere powers are joining a third, Australia, in making it emphatically clear to China and the world that the Pacific and Indian oceans are not Chinese lakes. The UK and US giving Australia nuclear-powered submarine capability – with the speed, endurance and stealth that this capability ensures – means that there will be a local nuclear-powered, if not nuclear-armed deterrent straddling the approaches to busiest blue water sea-lanes in the world running through the South China Sea.

But from Britain’s perspective, this is a truly remarkable strategic development, the significance of which may not be immediately realised outside Whitehall.

AUKUS is not just sending HMS Queen Elizabeth through the Indian and Pacific Oceans to make an important but nevertheless symbolic freedom of navigation gesture to demonstrate Britain’s resistance to China’s increasingly bellicose aggression. For the first time in the half a century since she withdrew a standing presence from east of Suez, the United Kingdom is joining a formal geostrategic partnership in the Indo-Pacific.

That sends not only a starkly clear message to China: it reassures the entire Indo-Pacific region, and especially India, Japan, and South Korea – and Hong Kong and Taiwan – that their security interests are also British interests. Johnson, Ben Wallace and Liz Truss – fresh from negotiating, with Australia, Britain’s first post-Brexit free trade deal – have grasped the importance and necessity of the UK re-engaging in the Indo-Pacific strategically as well as economically.

And the United States benefits, too, in that strengthening the offensive as well as the defensive capability of a key regional ally in Australia will, in time, ease the burden of what Paul Kennedy years ago called ‘imperial overstretch’. Biden may have forgotten Morrison’s name in the leaders’ announcement hook-up, but surely realises how strategically important a politically stable, but strategically-strengthened, Australia will be to the overall peace and stability of the entire Indo-Pacific region.

To be sure, in Britain this announcement was overshadowed by other events. But in the longer term, AUKUS may well be part of any tangible and lasting legacy of Boris Johnson’s premiership.

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FAA grounds Fox News drones in Texas near sheltering migrants

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) instituted a two-week flight restriction over the city of Del Rio, Texas, late Thursday — preventing Fox News from operating a drone that it had been using to capture images of thousands of migrants sheltering under a bridge as they wait to be picked up by Border Patrol.

The FAA’s website said the temporary flight restriction (TFR) over the Del Rio Port of Entry and the International Bridge was put in place for “special security reasons,” but did not elaborate.

In a statement, the FAA said, “The Border Patrol requested the temporary flight restriction due to drones interfering with law enforcement flights on the border. As with any temporary flight restriction, media is able to call the FAA to make requests to operate in the area.”

Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin told Tucker Carlson on Thursday night that he found the timing and location of the TFR “a little bit curious.”

A temporary flight restriction was put in place for “special security reasons” at the International Bridge in Texas.Fox News

“I just want to point out, Fox News has been at the border for the better part of seven months now,” Melugin said. “We’ve been using the drone the entire time. It’s never been an issue. All of a sudden, the last 24 hours, we start showing these images at this bridge and a TFR goes up. We can no longer fly.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who was in Del Rio Thursday night, slammed the restriction as “ridiculous” and said he had “never seen anything like that.”

“The drone footage started this morning, and people across the country were horrified, and I guess the political operatives at the Biden White House saw that and decided the last thing they want is Fox News actually reporting on what’s happening down here,” he said.

Cruz told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that the scene under the bridge was “the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen. Right now, as we’re speaking, there are 10,503 people under that bridge. It is packed in as a mass of humanity. The scope of it, until you see it … it just goes on and on and on. Infants, little children, people struggling enormously.”

Fox News has reported that most of the migrants who wait under the bridge are Haitians and their numbers have increased from around 4,000 Wednesday morning to the number quoted by Cruz Thursday night.

“This is a man-made crisis,” the senator said. “Eight days ago, on Sept. 8, under that same bridge, there were between 700 and 1,000 people. That was what was coming a day — about 1,000, sometimes 1,100 — but it would range between 700 and 1,100.

“Then, eight days ago on Sept. 8, the Biden administration made a political decision: They announced that they were no longer going to fly deportation flights back to Haiti,” Cruz added. “Eighty-five percent of the people under there are from Haiti. They’re fleeing from Haiti … There were about 900 Haitians who were getting ready to board the flights when the political operatives in Washington canceled the flights.

Sen. Ted Cruz described the scene where migrants were sheltered under a bridge as “the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen.”
Sen. Ted Cruz described the scene where migrants were sheltered under a bridge as “the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen.”
Getty Images

“Well, what happened?” the Texas Republican asked. “Those 900 people, they all pulled out their cellphones and they emailed their friends and they emailed their families and they texted their friends and their families. That was eight days ago … eight days later, and 700 people have grown to 10,500 because the word has gone out: If you’re from Haiti, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have said, ‘We have open borders, come to Del Rio and they will let you in.’”

In Austin, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott initially announced Thursday that he had directed state law enforcement to close six ports of entry and claimed federal officials were “requesting our help as their agents are overwhelmed by the chaos.”

Hours later, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) tweeted that US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had asked the agency if “we would be able to assist them with shutting down ports of entry in the Del Rio sector and we prepared to do so.

“Our partners have advised us that shutting down ports of entry is no longer part of their strategy,” DPS added.

Abbott then issued a second statement, which said the Biden administration “has now flip-flopped to a different strategy that abandons border security and instead makes it easier for people to cross illegally and for cartels to exploit the border.

“The Biden administration is in complete disarray and is handling the border crisis as badly as the evacuation from Afghanistan,” the governor added. “I have directed the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard to maintain their presence at and around ports of entry to deter crossings.”

The latest controversy erupted one day after it was confirmed that border officials had encountered 208,887 migrants at the southwestern frontier in August. That total, while slightly down from the 213,534 migrants encountered in July, marks the first time that more than 200,000 migrant encounters have been recorded in consecutive months since February and March 2000 (211,328 and 220,063, respectively).

Through the first eight months of this year, officials have stopped 1,323,597 migrants attempting to cross the US-Mexico border.

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Biden’s dad worked for corrupt union that got federal funds: book

A new book says President Biden’s father got a job in the 1980s at a scandal-plagued union group that continued to collect federal funds despite concern among officials in DC about financial irregularities.

Joe Biden Sr.’s role with the Council for Labor and Industry (CLI) in Philadelphia is not widely known and may represent an early instance of the Biden family cashing in on the senator-turned-president’s power — preceding examples involving first son Hunter Biden and the president’s brother Jim Biden.

The Bidens: Inside the First Family’s Fifty-Year Rise to Power,” by Politico reporter Ben Schreckinger, hits shelves Tuesday and includes an account of the elder Biden’s late-career transition in the 1970s from used car salesman to real estate agent.

Biden Sr. at first found success selling properties in Delaware, but when the early-’80s recession and housing slump hit, “he landed a client with less exposure to market forces,” according to an excerpt of the book shared with The Post.

The CLI was a quasi-governmental organization run by union members with public financing, ostensibly to promote employment. The organization and its members were dogged by accusations of illegal behavior.

Biden Sr. is believed to have worked with the group for at least 4 1/2 years — during which time the US Commerce Department’s inspector’s general office in 1985 alleged misconduct and recommended a cessation of federal funding, the book says.

Ben Schreckinger’s new book on the Biden family suggests then-Sen. Joe Biden played a role in helping out his father’s crooked union in Philadelphia.
Win McNamee/Getty Images

The funding was not cut off, however. It’s unclear what role if any then-Sen. Biden played in that decision.

The book says “investigators at the US Commerce Department’s Inspector General’s Office discovered financial irregularities and recommended that the department cut off its funding to the council, but they were overruled by superiors.”

Congress has oversight powers and can exercise indirect influence over federal agencies, though the Republican Reagan administration controlled the executive branch at the time.

Later, when CLI collapsed under further scandal, “the US Department of Housing and Urban Development weighed in with a report that faulted the city Commerce Department for failing to keep the council in check.”

Joe Biden with his mother and father Joseph R. Biden Sr. in the 1970's.
Joe Biden with his mother Catherine and father Joseph Sr. in the 1970s.
Biden archives

Biden Sr. placed a series of newspaper ads — signed J.R. Biden — in the Philadelphia Inquirer in December 1981 and January 1982 on behalf of CLI, offering to rent space at a warehouse complex, the book says.

CLI operated the Wissahickon Industrial Center in Philadelphia at the time. In 1981, Philadelphia officials axed CLI’s contract to store city voting machines at the facility because of water leaks and faulty temperature control — apparently explaining the available space on offer by the elder Biden.

Biden, first elected to the US Senate from Delaware in 1972, is a long-time ally to labor unions, including in Pennsylvania. In 1979 he was the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO’s keynote speaker for its annual dinner in Philadelphia.

CLI was originally known as the Council for Revitalization of Employment and Industry in Philadelphia — or CREIP — but was renamed after James Mahoney, a state AFL-CIO official who was treasurer for the CLI, was indicted on tax and mail fraud charges in late 1979. He pleaded guilty to offering contracts to businesses if they did free work on his home.

The rebranded CLI faced many subsequent legal issues. In 1982, the union group owed $500,000 in unpaid city taxes

According to businessman Rich Thoma, who worked with CLI, Biden Sr. was still working at the group’s headquarters in June 1986.

Thoma told Schreckinger that he saw Biden at the office the same day that CLI’s then-executive director James Toomey allegedly attempted to extort him by saying that a dispute over loan terms could be resolved if he gave the organization a stake in his hard disk storage company, called People & Technology. Toomey has since died.

Joseph Robinette Sr. and Catherine E. Finnegan’s burial site at the Brandywine Roman Catholic Church in Wilmington, Delaware.
Joseph Robinette Sr. and Catherine E. Finnegan’s burial site at the Brandywine Roman Catholic Church in Wilmington, Delaware.
Saquan Stimpson – CNP

CLI folded after losing the support of Pennsylvania Democrats.

In 1989, a nonprofit contractor accused the organization of misconduct and state labor secretary Harris Wofford — a future Democratic US senator — called for criminal probes. The city cut off funds.

The White House did not offer comment on this story.

“The Bidens” contains other reporting on the often murky links between Biden and his family’s business ventures, which drew harsh coverage in last year’s presidential campaign — most notably for apparent connections between the then-candidate and his son’s business relationships in Ukraine and China.

Then newly-elected Delaware Senator Joe Biden in Washington DC, on December 13, 1972.
Then newly elected Delaware Sen. Joe Biden in Washington DC, on Dec. 13, 1972.

According to a book excerpt published by The Post, Jim Biden openly boasted about selling influence to his older brother as he and Hunter Biden sought to take over a hedge fund based in New York.

“Don’t worry about investors,” he allegedly told a corporate executive “We’ve got people all around the world who want to invest in Joe Biden… We’ve got investors lined up in a line of 747s filled with cash ready to invest in this company.”

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Biden’s coughing questioned during White House briefing

It’s nothing to sneeze at.

President Biden’s persistent coughing and clearing his throat while addressing the public sparked questions at the White House briefing on Thursday about the health of the president — after he paused several times to clear his throat during his speech on tax hikes minutes earlier.

“Many of us were in the East Room watching the president, we’ve seen him on many occasions where he had a repeated cough. What is the situation with that cough and is it a concern?” asked NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell. 

“It’s not a concern,” said White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

“We have a doctor who travels with him, obviously who checks in if it is ever warranted, and certainly that continues to be the case, as it has been since the beginning of his presidency,” she added.

“Is there an explanation for why he coughs so frequently in situations like that?” O’Donnell pressed.

President Joe Biden pauses to cough during remarks on the economy in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC on Sept. 16.

“I don’t think it’s an issue of concern. I think there are a range of reasons why we may need to clear our throat or we may have a little light cold, and that’s certainly something that presidents, elected officials, reporters, spokespeople can confront,” Psaki responded, ignoring the frequency with which Biden’s public comments have been interrupted by his phlegmy delivery. 

Later in the briefing, Psaki was asked when Biden would get a physical examination.

“I know this is an understandable question. I don’t have an update. He will get one soon. And when he does, we will make sure you all are aware of it and get the information,” she said.

Biden, 78, often stops during speeches or public remarks to clear his throat.

It’s become so common that the hashtag #Bidencough exists on social media. 

“Biden coughing, gagging and phlegm gurgling is making me ill. Every television speech full of this. Give the man water PLEASE,” one user wrote on Twitter after the president’s East Room speech.

U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the economy during a speech in the East Room of the White House in Washington, U.S., on Sept. 16.

After he coughed and was hoarse while speaking in December after the Electoral College confirmed his victory in the 2020 election, aides said he was suffering from a slight cold. 

More recently, the president hacked at several points during a speech Monday in California in support of Gov. Gavin Newsom in the recall election, causing him to apologize and even pause to take a sip of water. 

During the presidential campaign, his doctor, Kevin O’Connor, told the Wall Street Journal that Biden is fit to serve as president, but also noted that he is being treated for high cholesterol, acid reflux disease and seasonal allergies.

Acid reflux often forces him to clear his throat, O’Connor said.

“This may also contribute to occasional cough and sinus congestion,” O’Connor wrote in a medical statement. “He has received endoscopy to rule out any more significant disease.”

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France Criticizes Biden After Nuclear Submarine Deal Between US, UK, Australia

The French government on Wednesday issued an angry response to the United States’ agreement with the United Kingdom and Australia to provide Australia with nuclear submarines.

French Minister Of Europe and Foreign Affairs Jean-yves Le Drian and Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly, in a sharply worded joint statement, said the decision that was announced by President Joe Biden “is contrary to the letter and spirit of the cooperation that prevailed between France and Australia, based on a relationship of political trust as well as on the development of a very high-level defence industrial and technological base in Australia.”

“The American choice to exclude a European ally and partner such as France from a structuring partnership with Australia, at a time when we are facing unprecedented challenges in the Indo-Pacific region, whether in terms of our values or in terms of respect for multilateralism based on the rule of law, shows a lack of coherence that France can only note and regret,” the statement added.

On Wednesday, Biden joined Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to jointly announce the creation of an enhanced security partnership targeting the Asia-Pacific region to share submarine technology with Australia.

During the announcement, Biden made reference to France and said the country has a substantial presence in the region, adding that the United States considers France a “key partner and ally in strengthening the security and prosperity of the region.”

“The United States looks forward to working closely with France and other key countries as we go forward,” Biden said, without elaborating.

But during the same announcement, Morrison confirmed that Australia pulled out of a reported $66 billion deal with France to produce nuclear submarines. Instead, he added, Australia will produce nuclear-powered submarines using UK and U.S. technology.

Le Drian on Thursday described the announcement as a “stab in the back” to France, adding that “trust has been broken.”

The foreign minister also excoriated Biden for embarking on a “brutal” and “unilateral” decision that he described as reminiscent of foreign policy moves made by his predecessor, President Donald Trump.

Following the angry missives, Johnson and Morrison on Thursday both stressed that France is still an important ally in the region. Johnson described the France-UK relationship as “rock solid” during an interview, reported the BBC, while Morrison said that French officials were “good partners.”

“Of course they’re disappointed,” Morrison said in response to the joint statement from Le Drian and Parly, reported The Associated Press. “They’ve been good partners. This is about our strategic interest, our strategic capability requirements and a changed strategic environment and we’ve had to take that decision.”

The Epoch Times has contacted the White House for comment.

Jack Phillips

Senior Reporter

Jack Phillips is a reporter at The Epoch Times based in New York.

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Doddering White House Resident Rants About GOP Governors and Spins Conspiracy Theories – RedState

The local White House resident emerged today to give a short speech about something or another. To be honest, I’m not really sure what the occasion was, but the result was more ranting about the evils of Republican governors mixed with conspiracy theories about gas prices. You see, nothing that is transpiring is Joe Biden’s fault. Rather, it’s the fault of shadowy partisans purposely trying to kneecap his presidency.

Yeah, that’s it.

For once, Biden’s shot wasn’t really aimed at Ron DeSantis, though, he’s no doubt on Biden’s mind here. Instead, he was likely aiming at Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves, who recently hit Biden’s order as tyrannical (fact-check: true). Further, the mention of children here is, as has been shown many times, nonsensical. One, there’s not even a vaccine approved for use in children yet (12 and under), so how does not having a federal vaccine mandate affect them? Two, if the worry is about exposing children to COVID-19 via unvaccinated adults, the science says healthy children are at essentially no risk, and that includes developing so-called “long COVID.” In short, Biden just wanted to mention children because he thinks he can emotionally manipulate people.

Regardless, I would define the worst kind of politics as being those that use the federal government to stomp on individual rights under the guise of a crisis. Given that, Biden is projecting enough here to operate a movie theater. Everything he’s doing or is responsible for, he puts onto others.

That theme continued when he suggested high gas prices were the result of a conspiracy.

What evidence is Biden speaking of? Oil prices are hanging around their highest point in the last year. Are we to believe there’s some secret agreement to keep gas prices high to hurt Biden’s presidency? Or is the more logical explanation that canceling pipelines and federal leases actually have an impact? I’m going to go with the latter.

Finally, the president whined about billionaires.

If you’ve followed my prior articles, you know my thoughts on this. If major corporations don’t want to pay higher tax rates, they should stop bankrolling Democrat candidates. Wall Street overwhelmingly supported Joe Biden. Now, he’s trying to raise the capital gains tax to 25%. I’m not personally in favor of that, but I also think the electoral dynamics will never change until these woke corporations and financial firmers feel the pain of their choices a bit. Hopefully, it’s a lesson they only have to learn once.

Past that, Biden seems to be suggesting that major corporations got rich during the pandemic by sheer chance or some form of corruption. No, they got rich during the pandemic because politicians like Joe Biden supported pointless lockdowns and strangled small businesses. That’s why Amazon is thriving while Main Street is dying.

I’m old enough to remember when Biden used to brag about the buck stopping with him. He was going to be a president who took responsibility, unlike that dirty orange man. Yet, here we are, with yet another embarrassing performance in which the president pretends his policies have no effect on the country. They do, and those effects have been terrible.

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FDA shows skepticism on COVID-19 booster shots ahead of key meeting

The Food and Drug Administration refused to take a definitive stance on the need for a booster shot of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine ahead of a key meeting Friday — despite the Biden administration publicly backing a third dose.

A 23-page FDA briefing document released Wednesday details the evidence its advisory panel will consider Friday to determine whether a booster dose is necessary and when Americans need to get them.

But the agency said overall data indicates currently authorized vaccines “still afford” protection against severe COVID-19 disease and death.

“There are many potentially relevant studies, but FDA has not independently reviewed or verified the underlying data or their conclusions,” FDA reviewers wrote in the 23-page report.

“Some of these studies, including data from the vaccination program in Israel, will be summarized during [Friday’s] meeting.”

The Food and Drug Administration refused to take a definitive stance on the need for a booster shot.
REUTERS/Andrew Kelly/File Photo

The FDA also noted that observational studies can have “known and unknown biases” that can impact their reliability, but suggested it would primarily consider research on how the vaccines are working on Americans, which “may most accurately represent” their effectiveness.

The careful approach by the agency comes after President Biden and the country’s top health advisers said that booster shots would be needed.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, said in August he was “certain” that Americans would need a third dose eight months after their second shot, but that the White House was “open to data” suggesting the dose should be available sooner.

The Biden administration’s plans to move forward with recommending COVID-19 booster shots led to two senior officials resigning from their positions within the FDA over frustrations with the stance.

Pfizer says an extra dose it gave to 306 people around six to eight months after their second dose put virus-fighting antibodies at levels three times higher than after the previous jabs.

The antibodies also appear to be able to stave off the contagious Delta variant currently surging across the country.

The careful approach by the FDA comes after President Joe Biden and the country's top health advisers said that booster shots would be needed.
The careful approach by the FDA comes after President Biden and the country’s top health advisers said that booster shots would be needed.
Jeff Gritchen/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images

To back up its case, Pfizer provided the FDA data out of Israel, where boosters were offered over the summer. A study tracked about 1 million people 60 and older who were far less likely to get infected, translating to “roughly 95 percent” effectiveness amid Delta’s spread.

The data, however, did not indicate how long the heightened protection lasts, according to a study that was published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine.

With Post wires

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Man Follows Woman Around Target, Harassing Her for Not Wearing a Mask – RedState

I wrote earlier about CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo taking up the Biden talking points, calling people who were unvaccinated “stupid” and advocating they be shamed.

This is incredibly hateful and divisive, in an environment where many on the left have already been whipped up by the fear porn about COVID. This only whips up more and makes crazy people think they have license to go after people.

Like this crazy video of a man, who is wearing a mask and a sticker that says he’s been vaccinated, following an unmasked woman, who says she has natural immunity, around a Target. He follows her around the store and tries to shame her, pointing at her like the aliens out of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, as though encouraging people to get her. He says there’s a “state regulation” which she correctly states would not necessarily be a law (i.e. something passed by a legislative body of representatives of the people).

Several people, who are wearing masks, try to intercede. They tell him to stop harassing her, to leave her alone. They tell him he’s vaccinated, (essentially then so why are you so concerned). He tells her, “You’re making a bad decision, you’re a bad American.” No, she’s a great American, because she understands the basic concepts of freedom inherent in being an American. He doesn’t. He wants to impose his will on her, regardless of what she wants, regardless of her immunity or the facts of her situation. She sarcastically responds, “Yeah, I totally am.” “And I voted for Trump,” she said defiantly, which other people in the store cheered. Another person came to her defense, saying that her mother was vaccinated and still ended up in the hospital. “It’s her choice,” the other woman said.

You can see a store employee intervene at one point, stop the man from continuing to follow the woman as she gets on the checkout line. And he still wants to push past him and go after the woman.

If the man thinks the woman not wearing a mask is so dangerous, why is he following her around the store? It doesn’t even make sense. It’s all, again, about virtue-signaling and imposing control.

How does anyone think that acting as this man is acting is normal or appropriate behavior? But it’s the words from people like Biden, Lemon, and Cuomo that give cover to this kind of lunacy that we keep seeing from such crazy people.

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