Jesus Take the Wheel! Maxine Waters Compares Border Agents to Slavery Overseers – RedState

There was a popular phrase going around a few years ago that people would use when the world seemed to be going to hell in a handbasket. That phrase was: JESUS, TAKE THE WHEEL!! Today, I’m going to tell you about the Jesus, take the wheel inspiration I had for this piece. Now, you may think the humanitarian crisis occurring on our southern border, with Haitian refugees camping out in shanty towns under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, would be my Jesus, take the wheel moment but it’s not.

You may think watching on television hordes of illegal aliens, literally from all over the world, crossing our open southern border and basically asserting squatters’ rights — with absolutely zero push back from our federal government — would be my Jesus, take the wheel moment. But that’s not it either.

Or could it be the fact that the Biden/Harris Administration now admits they are flying and bussing Haitian immigrants all over the country to destinations only known to them and the government? Many of the Haitian migrants are not being tested for COVID or any other communicable diseases.

I pointed out recently how inconsistent the Biden/Harris Administration’s policy has been concerning illegal Haitian and Hispanic migrants on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” program.

You would start getting much warmer towards my Jesus, take the wheel moment if you focused on the border patrol whip controversy and the shameless demagoguery of poverty pimps like Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Waters, incredibly, said yesterday that the images she saw of Haitians being “whipped” by border patrol agents was WORSE than when it happened during slavery. Wow.

“I’m pissed, I’m unhappy and I’m not just unhappy with the cowboys who were running down Haitians and using their reins to whip them. I’m [unhappy] with the administration. We are following the Trump policy…he is the one that does not follow the constitution and would not allow those seeking refuge to petition to get into the country. What the hell are we doing here? What we witnessed takes us back hundreds of years. What we witnessed was worse than what we witnessed in slavery … cowboys with their reins, again, whipping black people.

The Left is on a mission in this country to delegitimize the police and make them the enemy of the people. Any person with at least a room temperature IQ knows that law enforcement is the thin blue line between civil society and complete anarchy — something the Progressive Left (especially those in Portland and at BLM rallies) seem to embrace as their revolutionary weapon of choice.

That mission is now coming full circle — even to our border patrol. Because of demagogues like Waters, and others, the White House has announced that border patrol agents in Del Rio will no longer be able to ride horseback on patrol. Yes, they capitulated to the radical Left internet warriors and a completely false narrative. Due to political correctness, the Administration has now made these agents’ jobs much harder, and more importantly, much more dangerous. And that’s what makes me say: JESUS, TAKE THE WHEEL!

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Nickelback’s Unfortunately Timed Anniversary – RedState

It may seem like the height of frivolity to, on a day such as this forever marked by the bloodstains of innocents and heroes, discuss any other anniversaries on this date. Yet, even in the face of horror, life continued on 9/11. Ecclesiastes 3:4 tells us there is a time to grieve and a time to dance. There is a sense of comfort in looking back and seeing how the commonplace and the ordinary remained standing that day. Lives were lost, yet life remained.

Nickelback, the band everyone hates yet has still sold over 50 million albums, released its sophomore effort Silver Side Up on September 11th, 2001. A more unfortunately timed release date is difficult to imagine, but there it was. The album’s debut single “How You Remind Me,” spent almost a year on the Billboard charts, including a stint at #1. The album has sold over six million copies in the United States alone. If this is the face of a band universally despised, every other band on the planet should immediately switch gears and go for deliberate unpopularity.



While there are definitely aspects one can criticize about Nickelback — Chad Kroeger’s raspy voice becoming monochromatic after a while, limited musical palette, a lyrical obsession with sex, sex, and more sex — the band has more than a few surprises in store for those who care to listen. Witness the third single off of Silver Side Up, a brutal takedown of marital abuse (caution: language).



Or, from a more recent album, a lyrical sentiment that is quite appropriate for today’s hate-driven world.



While I have no inclination to set my Rory Gallagher CDs aside in favor of all Nickelback all the time, the band is at worst listenable and at its best, genuinely moving for all the right reasons (no pun intended). Nickelback filled a need in the 2000s for radio-friendly hard rock. It gave us a diversion from the War on Terror. The endless debate over Nickelback’s artistic merits, to its detractors the lack thereof, remind me of a t-shirt I saw a few years back featuring the silhouette of a soldier in battle and the inscription, “They risk their asses so we can run our mouths.”

Life did go on both during and after 9/11. This is the way it has always been and will always be until the final day, when Christ returns to the earth. Until that day, we who remain must go on, honoring those no longer here by carrying on with our own allotment of days on this earth. We remember those lost, and mourn. Yet we celebrate when new life comes. God remembers that we are dust, yet He values our presence when we are alive so much He sent His only-begotten Son to die for us, so we could spend eternity with Him.

Whether Nickelback will be one of the house bands in heaven is unknown. But who knows. Maybe God liked “How You Remind Me” as much as most everyone else did — whether they admit it or not.

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Netflix ‘Gay James Bond’ Cartoon Embraces Demonic Eroticism, Calls Jesus ‘Her’

Netflix apparently thinks pop culture is not gay enough. On Thursday, September 2, the streaming service premiered an animated “gay James Bond” cartoon, Q-Force, about a group of homosexual secret agents. The raunchy cartoon, with plenty of animated penis shots, includes anti-Christian mockery and demonic imagery.

While the “gay Bond” lead Steve (Sean Hayes) is cringe-y, the Q-Force team’s computer hacker Stat (Patti Harrison) is dark and into the demonic. Stat loves a fictional anti-Christian soap opera called Cobblestones about a “town where the devil owns the only factory and ghosts have sex with nuns.” She watches clips from it throughout the series.

In the episode, “WeHo Confidential,” Stat watches a scene from the show while chatting with an artificial intelligence voice she has fallen in love with. The whole set-up gets very weird.



Angel: Shrimp Christ cursed us angels to be formless. But that I’m not in a body only means I have more light to shine on you child!

Stat: I like that angel ’cause sometimes I want to be a fleck of light instead of stuck here in meatspace.

AI: Yes, but I understand why the nun wishes she could see the spirit. May I…show you what I look like?

Stat: Hey, do you want to like…

AI: Yes. Yes, very much.

Stat and the devil AI then have a sexual interaction. This is just the latest combination in LGBTQ pop culture of gay eroticism and devil imagery. Last March, homosexual rapper Lil Nas X, who is popular with kids, premiered a music video in which he did a very sexual lap dance for the devil.

In the final Q-Force episode, “The Hole,” Stat talks about one of her favorite Cobblestone storylines set in “middle school where Jesus got her period.” Yes, Stat says “her” when referring to Jesus. Stat also has her picture taken in a mocking costume of a Catholic nun. Mocking Catholic nuns and Christian imagery in general is a common practice in gay culture. There is even a San Francisco-based group of gay and trans “fake nuns” called “the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” that hosts drag queen story times.

Needless to say, garbage like Q-Force is the sort of original programming you would expect from Netflix. After all, it is a streaming service with a big pedophilia problem whose shows, regardless of age, regularly include satanism, gay propaganda and the occult. 

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Over 60% of born-again Christians between 18 and 39 say Jesus isn’t only way to Heaven; Muhammad, Buddha also valid paths to salvation, study finds

A new study has found that over 60% of born-again Christians in America between the ages of 18 and 39 believe that Jesus isn’t the only way to Heaven — and that Buddha and Muhammad also are valid paths to salvation, the Christian Post reported.

What are the details?

The outlet — citing the results of Probe Ministries’ Religious Views & Practices Survey — also said that for those in that age group, over 30% say they either believe that Jesus sinned just like other people or aren’t sure.

In addition, the Christian Post said the study shows a “striking decline” in evangelical religious beliefs and practices over the last decade. The study added that the percentage of self-proclaimed believers who now hold to pluralism has gone up.

More from the outlet:

The study, which interviewed 3,100 Americans ages 18 to 55 in 2020 and looked at various other previous studies, saw a drop in “basic biblical worldview” — God’s attributes, the accuracy of the Bible, salvation and Jesus being sinless — from 47% in 2010 to 25% in 2020 among born-again Christians.

The drop in the “expanded biblical worldview” — beliefs about Satan and morals being objective — went from 32% in 2010 to 16% in 2020.

“So, the percentage of Born Again Christians with a biblical worldview (of either type) has been cut in half over the last decade,” the study says, according to the Christian Post, adding that it compared the 18-29 age group from 2010 with the same age group 10 years later, now 30-39. “This result is a startling degradation in worldview beliefs of born-again Christians over just 10 years.”

Kerby Anderson, president of Probe Ministries, said that means even born-again Christians “can have a false view of Jesus Christ and embrace a pluralistic worldview” and that “pastors and church leaders just can’t assume any longer that the members of their church or Christian organization have a biblical worldview,” the outlet reported.

The Christian Post said Anderson attributes the disturbing fall of biblical views — especially among younger Christians — to the media.

He said they are “not paying attention” and are “focused — nearly exclusively, it seems — on their phones, social media and other content they deem more compelling,” the outlet said.

Anything else?

The Christian Post added that an article about the study’s findings on the Probe Ministries website explains that in the Roman Empire in AD 60, biblical-worldview Christians made up fewer than 1% of the population — but “three hundred years later, virtually the entire empire was at least nominally Christian.”

“If we will commit ourselves to ‘proclaiming the excellencies of Him who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light,’ God will bring revival to our land,” the article adds, the outlet noted.

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Scarborough Scolds ‘Death Cult’ Parents Think ‘Jesus’ Will Protect Kids From COVID

Earlier this week, with Joe Scarborough away from Morning Joe, we noted Mika Brzezinski imitating one of his repetitious rants. She accused people dubious about masks/vaccines of belonging to a “death cult.” Brzezinski deployed the “death cult” phrase no fewer than eight times during her spiel.

Joe, back this morning, bought into Mika’s “death cult” trope. Scarborough was responding to a report from NBC’s Kerry Sanders, who said that a Collier County [Naples area] mom who was sending her children to school without masks was doing so because “we believe our faith will protect us.”

That set Scarborough off. Scarborough scratched his head at the idea that parents were relying on “Jesus” to protect their children. He also questioned whether Jesus wanted 600,000 people to die from Covid. 



SCARBOROUGH: I just, makes me scratch my head when I hear reports of parents saying we’re going to ignore doctors, we’re going to ignore science, and Jesus is going to take care of our children. So we can act reckless medically. Jesus is going to take — do they think that Jesus decided to kill over 600,000 people with the Covid virus? 

It’s, it’s, it’s — I would say it’s beyond anything I’ve seen, except sadly, it’s consistent with much of what I’ve seen over much of the past five years. Other than now, in what Mika calls a death cult, we have parents who are willingly sending their kids into schools, less safe than medicine suggests they could be or that their doctors, their own family doctors, would suggest they could be if they took some simple precautions.

In what Mika calls a death cult, we have parents who are willingly sending their kids into schools, less safe than medicine suggests they could be.”

It is ugly for Scarborough to call people with deeply-held religious beliefs members of a “death cult.” Would Scarborough have done so if the person sending her kids to school without masks was a devout Muslim? For that matter, Sanders didn’t say that the mom in question was a Christian: Scarborough simply assumed it when “faith” came up. 

Joe Scarborough calling parents who rely on Jesus to protect their children from Covid members of a “death cult” was sponsored in part by Allstate and Sleep Number.

Here’s the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:01 am EDT

KERRY SANDERS: I was in Naples yesterday, that’s Collier County. First day of school there, kids all excited showing up to school. And I talked to some parents and some kids about wearing masks. Interestingly, one parent with their children not wearing masks said, we are not wearing masks because we believe our faith will protect us. 

. . . 

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Willie, I just — I just, makes me scratch my head when I hear reports of parents saying we’re going to ignore doctors, we’re going to ignore science, and Jesus is going to take care of our children. So we can act reckless medically. Jesus is going to take — do they think that Jesus decided to kill over 600,000 people with the Covid virus? 

It’s, it’s, it’s — I would say it’s beyond anything I’ve seen, except sadly, it’s consistent with much of what I’ve seen over much of the past five years. Other than now, in what Mika calls a death cult, we have parents who are willingly sending their kids into schools, less safe than medicine suggests they could be or that their doctors, their own family doctors, would suggest they could be if they took some simple precautions.

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When Faith and Politics Coincide Instead of Collide – RedState

The other day, I wrote a post discussing More Power To Ya, the freshly remastered and re-issued 1982 album by pioneering Christian rock band Petra. The post began thusly:

Those of us who remember 1982 with affection for more than having a real President, although that is certainly a great place to start, might also recall it as a time when Christian rock was beginning to emerge from the shadows as something more than a novelty heralded by the few and at best ignored, if not actively opposed, by the church at large.

Imagine that … a writer on a conservative website saying something nice about Ronald Reagan on that website. Shocking, ain’t it?

Anyway, someone in a Facebook group focusing on classic Christian rock noticed the post and linked to it. This initiated two lines of discussion. The first discussed how cool is was that someone had written about a beloved band on a major website. The second was “hey, wait a minute — the writer was a MEANYPANTS TO JOE BIDEN!!!”

Again, imagine that … a writer on a conservative website saying something not so nice about Joe Biden on that website. Stunning, ain’t it?

The argument over whether, and if so where, faith and politics intersect has been a hot button issue in this country since routine public acknowledgements of faith by political leaders became increasingly rare in the 20th century’s latter portion. It was at one time a commonly accepted notion that the United States had been founded on a fusion of theist and Christian fundamentals; the Declaration of Independence unequivocally states the rights of humanity are divinely ordained. To paraphrase wedding vows, what God has put together let no government rend asunder.

Jesus had little to say about politics; He had far bigger fish to multiply. He did say pay your taxes, which makes one wonder why more Democrats aren’t waving at least that part of the Bible around while ignoring all of that icky stuff about personal responsibility and sin and repentance. Jesus’ message was repentance, have faith in Him, and take care of one another’s needs. Not lateral it off to the government or the next person over. You do what you can, the next person does what they can. Individual and group effort. Humble, personal work.

While there is no Scriptural justification for assigning party affiliation, there is plenty of justification for examining motives and methods when considering political issues in the light of faith. We are familiar with ridiculous governmental overreaches, such as the infamous Obamacare versus Little Sisters of the Poor case. Or when political leaders proclaim their great faith yet support murdering unborn children. The list goes on of government officials believing they somehow have the ability to play God by dint of pretending to be God.

Referring back to Reagan, this observation by Robert Morrison says much:

Reagan’s achievements can be attributed to the fact that Reagan did not seek to persuade us that he was really smart, or that he knew better how to run our neighborhood schools, our local communities, our churches and synagogues, and our voluntary associations, than we did.

In short, Reagan had faith in the people who had faith in God. None of us who have faith are perfect or have all the answers. A surefire sign of not having all the answers is believing you have all the answers. But, if we were perfect, then we wouldn’t need a Savior. And boy, do we all need One. Rather, The One.

So no, I’m not going to apologize for incorporating faith into my politics, for faith is of far greater importance than politics. Neither am I going to disparage the faith of someone who sees political matters differently than I, for again faith is of far greater importance than politics. As the apostle Paul noted, although slightly out of context but still applicable — if on some point you think differently, that, too, God will make clear to you.

In the meanwhile, listen to Cephas Hour and buy some music by Petra and The Choir and Oden Fong and Rachel Wilhelm. You will be benefiting yourself by doing so.

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Baby Jesus statue beheaded (again) at Catholic church in Sudbury