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Barely-there President Joe Biden is arguing that the federal government should spend over $6 trillion next year — a more than 20% increase over the titanic $4.8 trillion spent this year.

But that ain’t nearly enough for government’s crony-self-dealers.  They are now debating $5.4 trillion of additional spending on an endless array of fake “infrastructure” slush funds.

The only actual argument to be made against this idiocy is almost never made anywhere by anyone.  And that is: Government is AWFUL at everything.  Having them try to do anything at all ain’t very bright.  Having them try to do…everything is really very stupid.

This job requires me to consume mass quantities of political media.  Which I am sure is penance for major sins committed in this or a prior life.

Of course, most media outlets offer a broad range of perspectives  — from hard-Left to very-hard-Left.  So they are always waving their Big Government pompoms — and less politely mass-reprising the role of Oliver Twist.

But even on the non-Left outlets, those offering (often token) opposition to the endlessly increasing avalanche of government cash?  Do so in the mildest, meekest, and weakest of ways.

Arguing that we can’t afford it clearly doesn’t resonate.  We’re almost $30 trillion in debt.  Almost no one cares.  In the very near future, the debt ceiling must be yet again raised.  The last time a small contingent of sane members of Congress tried to make the debt ceiling raise an issue — rather than a perfunctory afterthought — they were roundly attacked by everyone — including lots of Republicans.

Arguing against the tax increases alleged to offset the spending clearly doesn’t work either.  The Left’s “tax the rich” idiocy has made us the most tax-the-rich country on the planet.  The top 1% already pay 40% of the taxes.  How much thinner do you want to shave the pointy end of our economy’s upside-down pyramid?  Besides which, all the REALLY rich bribe government to exempt them from the increasingly absurd “tax the rich” rates.

Very few even argue the private sector can do things better than government — which is inching towards the never-used “government is awful” argument.  And they do so as a throwaway line rather than mining the Mariana Trench-esque vein of government idiocy.

If non-Left media types started relentlessly saying government sucks — and listing government’s endless misfires — those arguing for more government would begin to look more and more and more ridiculous.  Quite rapidly, all those not arguing for a trillion-direction rollback of government would begin to look more and more and more ridiculous.

Well, maybe.  It may already be too late.  In which case — what the heck do we have to lose?  Let it fly.

Government dangles promise after promise after promise — that they never, never deliver.

On health insurance….

Obama – If You Like Your Healthcare Montage

Obama Promises to Lower Health Insurance Premiums by $2,500 Per Year


Millions Have Lost Private Insurance Under Obamacare

Obamacare Has Doubled the Cost of Individual Health Insurance

Obama’s ‘Keep Your Plan’ Promise Labeled ‘Lie of the Year’

Government is awful on health care in totality.  You want government-only medicine?  Medicare-for-All, perhaps?  Well, we’ve had government-only medicine for almost two hundred years — it’s called the Veterans Administration (VA).  How’s that been going?

VA History and Failures

307,000 Vets May Have Died Awaiting VA Care

VA Bonuses Were Incentive to Hide Wait Times

Veterans’ Group Charges VA With Failure to Fix Health Care System

Speaking of Medicare – and its bastard stepchild Medicaid.  And while we’re at it — our government retirement program Social Security….

Social Security & Medicare Shortfalls Exceed $100 Trillion Over 30 Years

More Physicians No Longer Seeing Medicare/Medicaid Patients:

“A combination of constant battles over reimbursement rates, red tape and payment below what services actually cost has simmered for a long time.  Medicare now faces the same tell-tale signs of trouble as Medicaid, the low-income health program.  One-third of primary care doctors won’t take new patients on Medicaid.”

And as the government-only VA has demonstrated for two centuries….

Medicare for All: Bad for Doctors and Patients Alike

How about government picking and choosing which energy sources we can use…?

Even Michael Moore Now Knows: ‘Green Energy’ – Is Neither Green Nor Energy

We Shouldn’t Be Surprised Renewables Make Energy Expensive Since That’s Always Been The Greens’ Goal

The Dark Side of Renewable Energy: Negative Impacts of Renewables on the Environment

The ‘Green Energy’ Lobby is About Cronyism – Not Polar Bears

Biden’s Infrastructure Bill: Green Handouts for the Politically Connected

Government can’t do ANYTHING.  Those of you still rooting for that massive “infrastructure” spending…?

Federal ‘Infrastructure’? State-Local Government and Crony Bail Outs and Slush Funds

Obama Admitted $787 Billion Stimulus Was Utter Failure – ‘There Were No Shovel Ready Jobs’

And of course — government awfulness in general….

50 Examples of Government Waste

Bizarre Examples of Wasteful Government Spending

The Poison of Government Corruption and Abuse of Power

So when government promises this….

Infrastructure Framework Has $65 Billion for Universal Broadband

Oh look — it’s government-only Broadband-for-All….

Meanwhile, in Ways and Means:

“House Ways and Means Committee Democrats tucked in a proposed tax credit for local governments that run their own broadband networks, which Democrats say are better attuned to local needs. Republicans and the telecom industry broadly oppose municipal broadband projects, complaining local governments lack the scale and expertise for network building.”

Oh, look — Republicans timidly saying “local governments lack the scale and expertise for network building.”  That’s an inch in the direction of “government is AWFUL at everything.”…

Broadband Boondoggles:

“For decades, local governments have made promises of faster and cheaper broadband networks. Unfortunately, these municipal networks often don’t deliver or fail, leaving taxpayers to foot the bill. Explore the map to learn about the massive debt, waste and broken promises left behind by these failed government networks.”

Because government is AWFUL at everything.

And, oh look — this government trip is totally unnecessary:

“(A)ccording to the Federal Communications Commission, 99.99% of the U.S. population has access to one or more internet service providers offering cable, DSL, fiber, fixed wireless, satellite or another type of internet service….”

We’re already there.  Thanks exclusively to the private sector — and not at all to government.

We’ll end this ceaseless cavalcade of soul-crushing government idiocy – with this….

Government Hall of Fame Inductees to Be Unveiled Next Week:

“Dr. Anthony Fauci. Colin Powell. Madeleine Albright….

“These are just a few of the luminaries who have been inducted into the Government Hall of Fame in the two years since Government Executive created the prestigious honor.

“Now we’re about to unveil this year’s class, along with the visionaries, directors, pathfinders, partners and defenders whose outstanding achievements have made them the winners of this year’s Theodore Roosevelt Government Leadership Awards.”

And no, most unfortunately — that isn’t the Babylon Bee.

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HS football coach’s controversial advice to player divides internet: ‘Just had a young man come in before practice and quit, and I couldn’t be happier!’

A high school football coach’s advice to one of his varsity players has divided the internet after he encouraged the teen to quit the team.

According to a Friday Newsweek report, the coach in question is Kurt Hines, head football coach at Coronado High School in Coronado, California.

What are the details?

Hines shared a clip on social media Thursday explaining what he told a young football player who came to see him with intentions of quitting the team.

“I just had a young man come in and quit,” a smiling Hines said in the beginning of his video. “I truly could not be happier.”

He continued, “This young man was struggling all season with making it to practice, with committing. Never looked happy; some stuff going on. But I couldn’t be happier because he came in, things washed, shook my hand, I said, ‘Sit down for a minute.’ He started to explain how his family has always been a football family. ‘They’ve always loved it, my father, my brother.’ I stopped him, I said, ‘Do you love it?'”

Hines said that the unnamed student, clearly relieved to be honest with the coach, heaved a great sigh of relief and responded in the negative.

“I said ‘I’m proud of you,'” Hines recalled. “I just saw his whole countenance change. He just smiled from ear to ear. I said, ‘You’re doing the right thing.'”

He continued, “Football is not for everyone. I couldn’t be happier. Coaches, support your players if they want to be great. And if they want to be great in something other than football, support them just the same.”

Hines’ video has since gone viral and amassed more than 1.6 million views at the time of this reporting.

What has been the response?

Social media users lit up Hines’ post, and at the time of this reporting, the video has more than 900 remarks.

For every negative comment saying that Hines ought to have encouraged the teen to finish the season before quitting, there were an equal number of comments supporting the coach’s decision to support the teen in leaving behind something that was not in his heart.

According to the report, one fellow high school football coach from Ohio wrote, “What did he do in its place? If he is doing nothing then being part of a team, learning work ethic and learning life lessons is more than just quitting. The easiest thing to do is quit. I believe that being part of something even if the love is not there is better.”

Newsweek also quoted a former football player, who added, “I quit 2 times, 1st before Sr yr of high school but a great coach talked me back, it was best move of my life. 2nd during 2 a days Jr. yr of college, I’ve regretted it ALL my life! Quitting’s easy — keeping on is hard! Bad lesson to teach. I strongly disagree with your position.”

The outlet added that one particularly turned-off commenter responded, “Sir, I am a youth football coaching legend, and when my kids quit my team, I tell them their life will be all downhill moving forward and that I hope to never see them again.”

Another wrote, “When I was a sophomore in high school, I walked into my basketball coach’s office and told him I quit. He basically told me no chance. It was a long road, but I ended up playing at university of Hawaii after high school. Then played 7 years pro overseas. I grew to love the game.”

Other users pointed out that they believed his support of the student was constructive and positive.

Newsweek reported that one user wrote, “Awesome job coach! Thank you for being accepting of the young man’s decision and supporting him. I know it was hard for him to do that. To everyone saying ‘He shouldn’t quit’ or ‘Should’ve made him finish them he could quit’ what the hell is wrong with y’all?”

“The whole ‘always finish what you started, never quit’ mentality is why we have so many people stuck in jobs and relationships that make them miserable,” another user tweeted. “In turn, they end up making others around them miserable as well. Know yourself. Trust your gut and do what you believe in.”

Another chimed in, “Great Coaching! The best coaches and mentors support people in figuring out what they want & don’t want to chase with their time and energy. And I bet you’re the kind of guy who’d also help him find his next coach or mentor when he wants one. You Rock!”

“Lotta negativity in this thread but I’m supporting this 110%,” one user wrote. “It’s not ‘quitter’ mentality. It’s finding yourself. Watch this kid he’s talkin’ about do something extraordinary. Can the internet give a round of applause for anything?”

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Internet Watchdog Says Ex-Intelligence Community Officials Are Echoing Big Tech Talking Points

A warning by former national security officials about the dangers of regulating technology companies is in lockstep with arguments made by Big Tech chief executives, according to a report from an internet watchdog group.

A group of former intelligence community officials sent a letter Wednesday to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy arguing against the passage of a series of antitrust bills advanced in the House Judiciary Committee in June.

The warnings echoed talking points made by groups lobbying for the tech industry and major tech firms themselves, according to a report by the Internet Accountability Project, a nonprofit conservative advocacy group focused on issues related to Big Tech.

The intelligence community officials argued the bills would make the U.S. less competitive with China and could even compromise America’s national security. 

“Congress risks undermining America’s key advantage vis-à-vis China by pursuing domestic legislation that threatens to impede U.S. companies and their ability to pursue such innovation,” the officials wrote.


Watch: Biden’s Ugly Coughing Repeatedly Interrupts Entire Speech Rallying for Gavin Newsom

“We believe more deliberate analysis is needed to examine the detrimental impact these bills could have on our strategic competition with China.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly invoked the threat of China in testimony before Congress arguing against regulation and antitrust enforcement, the IAP found.

In testimony before the Senate in 2018, Zuckerberg warned that regulating the development of innovative technologies should be avoided, “or else we’re going to fall behind Chinese competitors.”

“When I brought up the Chinese Internet companies, I think that that’s a real — a real strategic and competitive threat that, in American technology policy we should be thinking about,” Zuckerberg said.

Do you think the similarity of these arguments is alarming?

The tech executive repeated his warning in testimony before the House Judiciary Committee in 2020, arguing that antitrust laws should maintain market “openness” to preserve American companies’ competitiveness in the global market.

“China is building its own version of the internet focused on very different ideas, and they are exporting their vision to other countries,” Zuckerberg said.

“There are plenty of other companies out there that are willing and able to take the place of the work that we’re doing,” he said in an interview with Vox.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai and the Computer & Communications Industry Association, a tech industry group, have made similar cases, arguing against serious antitrust enforcement due to the threat of China, the IAP found.

Pichai argued in testimony before the House Judiciary Committee that lawmakers should be careful to preserve “America’s competitive technological edge in the world.”


Senators Demand Google Cease ‘Unacceptable Bias’ of Pro-Life Views

“Our teams of engineers are helping America solidify its position as the global leader in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and quantum computing,” Pichai said.

The CCIA sent a letter to the chairmen and ranking members of the House Judiciary Committee and its antitrust, commercial and administrative law subcommittee over the antitrust bills in June, arguing the legislation would have “long-lasting impacts” on “the U.S. as a leader of innovation worldwide.”

“We request that the Judiciary Committee refrain from holding a markup on these bills until after it holds legislative hearings on each bill to ensure that academics, experts, and the general public are provided with an opportunity to provide comment and analysis on these bills,” CCIA Vice President of Public Policy Arthur Sidney wrote.

The IAP argued the close relationships many of the national security officials have with Big Tech could explain the similar arguments, pointing out numerous financial ties it found between several of the officials and several major tech companies.

“There are many DC policy wonks who rely on the Big Tech platforms financially,” Mike Davis, IAP president and founder, told the DCNF. “They don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them.”

Dan Coats, one of the signatories of the letter and a former director of national intelligence, serves as a senior policy adviser for law firm King & Spalding.

The firm represented Google, one of its clients, before the antitrust, commercial and administrative law subcommittee during its investigation of major tech companies in 2020.

Susan M. Gordon, another signatory and former principal deputy director of national intelligence, serves as a consultant for the Center for a New American Security, a think tank funded by Google and Amazon.

Several other signatories work for think tanks and strategy firms that receive funding from major tech companies, the IAP found.

Content created by the Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities of the DCNF’s original content, please contact

A version of this article appeared on the Daily Caller News Foundation website.

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CNN Released Asinine Pro-Vaccine Headline Then Tried to Memory Hole It, but the Internet Is Forever – RedState

CNN just jumped the shark, then swam back around and jumped into the tank with it anyway as its latest headline just murdered any chance of their vaccine push being taken seriously by anyone except leftists and CNN die-hards.

On Wednesday, CNN released a story about a woman named Candace Ayers who, despite being vaccinated, still managed to get the virus six months later and died of COVID-19 according to her death certificate. While sad, it’s one of many stories about breakthrough infections that happen nearly every day.

However, CNN’s positions on vaccines are extreme to the point where they’re encouraging people to shame others who have refused to get the jab. This extremism probably didn’t cause them to stop and think about what they were doing before they reported on the story, but in the interest of making people hate and despise the unvaccinated, they decided to make the title of the story a quote that appeared in Ayers’s obituary.

“She was vaccinated but was infected by others who chose not to be. The cost was her life,” read CNN’s title for the article.

Perhaps someone with a little more sense decided to make the change, or perhaps the ridicule from the headline made them understand how ridiculous it sounded, but they soon changed it and now it reads: “In her obituary, a family says a mother’s Covid-19 death could have been prevented if more people were vaccinated.”

At the bottom of the article, a correction says that an earlier version “mischaracterized breakthrough infections.”

Breakthrough cases are fairly common, and sadly over 14,000 of these cases result in hospitalization or death according to the CDC. The Delta variant, in particular, is one of the primary reasons for breakthrough cases given its high infection rate. For the most part, reports say vaccination makes contracting COVID-19 milder, but this is all skipping over the most important part of the story.

The vaccination didn’t save Ayers. It didn’t save thousands and thousands of people before her either. It didn’t even stop the spread.

So if it doesn’t work to prevent the disease from spreading, including to those who are already vaccinated, then why is the left pushing it so hard to the point where the federal government wants to illegally mandate it and the mainstream media wants to otherize people who won’t get it?

The is backward lunacy where the inmates have taken over the asylum.

Regardless, CNN’s headline sparked these very thoughts in people’s heads and changed it in order to prevent the spread of a much more dangerous virus…common sense.

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China’s Zhao Wei spotted after gov’t erased her from web

One of China’s biggest movie stars who was mysteriously scrubbed from the internet last month has now surfaced back in her hometown.

Zhao Wei was spotted by fans at a mobile services provider store in Wuhu in eastern China on Tuesday, according to photos being widely shared online.

The 45-year-old, who is one of the country’s wealthiest and most beloved actresses, posed for photos with some fans.

It marks the first time Zhao has been spotted out in public since she was erased from the internet by the Chinese government on Aug. 26.

Beijing has refused to explain her sudden disappearance.

But it came amid a wider crackdown by the Community Party on the entertainment industry – or what it called “chaotic” celebrity fan culture.

On Tuesday, Zhao Wei was spotted at a mobile services provider by residents in her hometown of Wuhu.

Chinese video platforms have taken down films or TV shows that Zhao starred in or directed, citing “relevant laws and regulations”.

Her name has also been scrubbed from online casting lists.

Zhao Wei was spotted at a mobile services provider.
Zhao Wei is the latest celebrity to be targeted by the government, although it is not clear what she may have done.

In addition to acting, Zhao has directed a number of award-winning films and gained a huge social media following with 86 million fans on Chinese social media site Weibo throughout her career.

Her online disappearance has sparked fears that other celebrities will be inclined to embrace the Community Party’s regime.

It is unclear what, if anything, Zhao did that could have resulted in the government targeting her.

Zhao is just the latest Chinese celebrity or high-powered figure to be targeted by the government.

14 BLADES, (aka GAM YEE WAI, aka JIN YI WEI), Wei Zhao, 2010.
Zhao Wei is one of China’s wealthiest and most beloved actresses.
©Weinstein Company/Courtesy Eve

Actress Zheng Shuang became embroiled in a surrogacy controversy back in January. Soon after, Shanghai tax authorities started investigating her and then fined her 299 million yuan last month for tax evasion.

And entrepreneur Weihong “Whitney” Duan, who was once the poster woman for the Chinese dream, simply vanished on Sept. 5, 2017.

Her ex-husband Desmond Shum, who is living in exile in Great Britain with their son, now 13, has written a book about her disappearance called ‘Red Roulette: An insider’s story of wealth, power, corruption, and vengeance in today’s China’.

Shum still doesn’t know whether Whitney is languishing in one of the Party’s “black jails” or if she was secretly executed. 

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Google Bans Pro-Life Orgs’ Ads Across Platform, Effectively Wiping Them from Internet

The Big Tech overlords at Google have made their final decree: If you attempt to save the lives of innocent children, you will be punished.

On Thursday, Google restricted several pro-life groups, including Live Action — the most influential pro-life organization in the world — from sharing pro-life ads, including those that promote an abortion pill reversal hotline.

Live Action founder Lila Rose took to Twitter on Tuesday to condemn Google for officially siding with the abortion industry.


$181 Million Settlement Means Americans in 24 States Who Bought Chicken Between 2009 and 2020 Could Be Eligible for Payout

“The now-banned Abortion Pill Reversal ads had been approved by Google & running for over 4 months, spending over $170,000 & directing 100s of moms to the abortion pill reversal hotline,” Rose wrote. “Abortion activists knew the ads were making a difference, so they had Google shut them down.”

“Meanwhile, Google is permitting abortion facilities to advertise next-day abortions & abortion via mail,” she went on. “This is a blatant, political double standard: Google is ok with ads promoting life-ending drugs, but not life-saving treatments. Where’s the ‘choice?’ for women, Google?”

Also among the ads banned is a video called “Baby Olivia,” a medically accurate animation of human development in the womb.

Apparently, Google doesn’t want the world to know what an unborn child looks like before it’s torn apart by abortion procedures.

The bans came after the Daily Beast ran a hit piece on Live Action’s ads, demanding that Google take action against them.

In the piece, published Tuesday, the Daily Beast’s “gender reporter” called the “abortion reversal” treatment promoted by Live Action “unproven” and “potentially dangerous.”


Facebook’s AI Bugs Out in an Ugly Way, Labels Black Men ‘Primates’

In a subsequent statement, Rose responded to these claims.

“Google disingenuously cites ‘unreliable claims’ as their reason to ban the promotion of Abortion Pill Reversal, but has obviously failed to understand the FDA-approved treatment that the reversal technology uses,” Rose said.

“Live Action and pro-life medical professionals across the country are proud to promote the Abortion Pill Reversal regimen, which involves an FDA-approved, bioidentical pregnancy hormone called progesterone that has been used for dozens of years to prevent miscarriage and has already saved thousands of lives.”

With Big Tech companies officially siding with the abortion industry to the point of banning pro-life content, the future of the pro-life movement has come into question.

In the age of social media and social distancing, if Big Tech decides to ban life-saving pro-life information resources from all platforms, will the movement be able to grow?

Thankfully, there’s no doubt the movement will nevertheless persevere, although Google’s draconian measures are likely to impede that progress.

In the meantime, innocent unborn children, those who look just like Baby Olivia, will continue to face daily slaughter.

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China wants a more socialist internet – HotAir

No matter how much trouble China causes for the rest of the world, it’s nothing compared to what the Chinese Communist Party inflicts on its own people. The country recently passed a sweeping collection of new laws intended to get the nation “back on track” in terms of its Communist Party roots. Those found not to be in compliance can quickly find themselves in trouble with authorities and have their “social credit score” reduced. Others are sent away on compulsory “vacations” so they can be “reoriented.” In the CCP’s latest announcement, however, they are moving away from the various rules regarding how people behave in public or in their own homes and expanding further into regulating how their citizens behave online. This initiative is being described as a way to have a more “civilized” internet. Of course, their definition of civilized means toeing the party line in all virtual forums. (Reuters)

China will step up efforts to promote a “civilised” internet by strengthening oversight over the likes of news sites and online platforms and encouraging them to promote core socialist values, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported on Tuesday.

After years of runaway growth and rapid change, China’s regulators have been to trying to strengthen control over society with more stringent supervision of a range of sectors from technology to education and entertainment.

Cyberspace should be used to promote education about the ruling Communist Party and its achievements, according to guidelines published by the State Council, the news agency reported.

Right off the bat, you will notice that the first type of websites they want to crack down on are news sites. It’s not as if they weren’t already controlling the spin of how news is covered or what stories are allowed, but now their news sites will need to “promote education about the ruling Communist Party and its achievements.” People who make use of online streaming services to publish videos or participate in discussion forums will be monitored to ensure that they are promoting socialism and the values of the revolution.

Stories involving sacrifice for the good of the party will be promoted. Examples of “decadence” or aspiring to gain wealth will be quashed. Any males appearing effeminate or “weak” will soon find themselves offline. Also banned will be “historical nihilism”, which they describe as an attempt “to use the past to question the party’s leading role or the “inevitability” of Chinese socialism.”

You may find yourself wondering how a nation with literally billions of citizens, most of whom are online at this point, could possibly monitor the activities of all those people Not to worry. The companies hosting any such internet platforms will be made responsible for “supervising” the activities of users. And your fellow users will be regularly encouraged to help “supervise” you, with rewards for those who rat out their fellow participants and punishments for those suspected of not being sufficiently vigilant.

Earlier this summer, I listened to an interview with a Korean journalist who traveled to western China in an attempt to find out what sorts of controls the government imposes on the Uhigers and any other suspect populations. Most people refused to even speak to him, but one witness described how every aspect of their movement and communications can potentially be monitored at any time. And that’s how China manages to gain such a huge margin of control. You never know when somebody is listening to you, either in a group of people or over your phone. People are mysteriously removed with no notice or reason given, sometimes never to be seen again. So people become so frightened of their own government that they are too afraid to speak and they are quick to report any “suspicious” activity by their neighbors. A failure to do so could mean that you are the next one heading to a reeducation camp.

All of this is known and established. And yet we still have people here in the United States, even including some elected officials, who rush to China’s defense. It’s simply mind-boggling.

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Biden’s Ninth Circuit Nominee — Was Just Unanimously Overturned by the Ninth Circuit – RedState

One reason President Donald Trump was so revolutionary was because he appointed many, MANY judges who acted as judges are supposed to act (his three Supreme Court misses notwithstanding).

Election 2020: You Can Never Have Too Many Constitutionalist Judges and Justices

Perhaps the most revolutionary move was Trump’s transformation of the historically, notoriously leftist and anti-Constitution Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Ninth Circus Court No More? Trump-McConnell’s Judges Have Made Huge Differences Everywhere:

“Trump’s consistent fealty to constitutional jurists – and (then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch) McConnell’s prioritization of getting them confirmed – is paying huge dividends all across the country.

“Especially in the Ninth Circus.

“‘With Ten Appointees on the Ninth Circuit, Trump Seeks to Tame His Nemesis’

“The Court’s entire judge population is twenty-nine.  More than 1/3 of them – are now Trump judges.

“Trump’s Reshaping of ‘Ninth Circus’ Appeals Court Has Stopped a Lot of ‘Liberal Judicial Activism.’”

Unfortunately, we are now addled with anti-Constitution, exceedingly awful President Joe Biden.

Biden Announces 5th Wave of Judicial Nominees as Democrats Aim to Maintain Quick Pace of Confirmations to Federal Bench

And Biden seems intent on reclaiming the crown jewel of judicial idiocy.

Judge Lucy Koh Tapped for 9th Circuit in Latest Batch of Biden Judicial Nominees

If ever there was a poster child for judicial activism in the service of government cronies — it’s Lucy Koh.

The Egregious Damage One Activist Judge Can Do

Get Big Media’s glowing appreciation of Koh’s radical anti-judging….

In Silicon Valley, Lucy Koh is the Law:

“Her rulings at times have broken legal ground….

“Koh’s interest in the law, friends and colleagues say, is rooted in an idealistic sense of justice – in the law as an agent for change.”

Translation: Koh likes to ignore the Constitution and the law.

And make stuff up so as to impose her personal policy preferences – ‘break new ground’ so as to be an ‘agent of change’ – rather than remain within the confines of the Constitution and the law.

And Judge Koh’s latest really big ruling – was omni-directionally awful.

An Obama Judge Could Singlehandedly Kill US Intellectual Property and National Security

Judge (Lucy) Koh’s Qualcomm Coup:

“Her sweeping antitrust ruling kneecaps the firm and 5G competition.”

Judge Koh’s ruling didn’t just kneecap Qualcomm – it kneecapped any patent holder anywhere in the world doing business in the United States.

But Judge Koh’s ridiculous ruling – was even more damaging than that.

She single-handedly, unilaterally rewrote large swaths of the United States’ patent system.

Oh: And Koh imposed all of this judicial insanity in service of monster-crony, Big Tech IP thief Apple (Market Cap: $2.47 trillion).

Apple was stealing Qualcomm’s IP — and wanted the court to ratify its massive heist.  And Koh was happy to oblige — no matter how far she had to warp the law to deliver the cronyism.

How awful was Koh?:

“Judge Koh refused to hear from two dozen witnesses put forward by Qualcomm.  And went whole hog with Communist Chinese cellular company Huawei.  That also happens to be a direct competitor of Qualcomm.

“Judge Koh cited Huawei – 134 times in her 233 page order.

“Because Judge Koh didn’t care about…you know, facts and dubious Communist Chinese witnesses and stuff.  She cared about imposing her personal Leftist policy preference.”

Leftist Judge’s ChiComm #1 Witness in Awful IP Theft Ruling – Is a Massive IP Thief

How exceedingly awful was Koh’s ruling?

When the Ninth Circuit Court Unanimously Says You’ve Gone Too Far Left….

Appeals Court Throws Out Antitrust Ruling:

“A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (unanimously) reversed a 2019 ruling by a federal judge who found that Qualcomm had abused its monopoly position in wireless chips and overcharged mobile phone makers for its patents….

“The District Court judge, Lucy Koh,…(issued) a 233-page decision that could have forced Qualcomm to renegotiate its licensing contracts with phone makers and license its technology to rival chip makers.

“But the appeals court panel was not persuaded.

“In a 56-page ruling, the judges concluded that Qualcomm had no duty under antitrust law to license its competitors. They also ruled that Qualcomm’s policy of not supplying chips to any handset maker that had not licensed its patents did not work like an illegal surcharge on chips sold by competitors.

“‘Anti-competitive behavior is illegal under federal antitrust law,’ the judges wrote.  “Hyper-competitive behavior is not.”

The Ninth Circuit totally obliterated Koh’s ruling — and her alleged legal thinking behind it.

And now Biden has nominated Koh for a promotion — to the Ninth Circuit.

The court that totally obliterated Koh’s ruling and her alleged legal thinking behind it.

Those Court colleague lunches should be really…interesting.

You only promote Koh if you’re primarily interested in destroying the judiciary, IP, the economy, and the country.

Good times.

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Russia tightens grip on internet, bans VPNs

The Russian government has blocked six virtual private network (VPN) providers ahead of the country’s parliamentary elections. The move is intended to strengthen the government’s grip over the proliferation and dissemination of information in the age of disinformation.

The six VPN services blocked from use by Russia’s federal internet regulation agency Roskomnadzor include the very popular ExpressVPN and NordVPN services. Other services included in the ban are IPVanish, Speedify VPN, Hola! VPN and KeepSolid VPN.

Announcing the ban, Roskomnadzor stated that the bans were justified because they enabled users to circumvent existing state censorship protocols “to access prohibited content such as child pornography, and narcotic drugs,” according to TechRadar.

Bloomberg reports that the ban on VPN services come amid the country’s tightening of guidelines for tech companies. Both Google and Apple have run afoul of the communications watchdog’s regulations, which is expected to hold them guilty of election interference if they fail to remove an app by Alexei Navalny, Vladimir Putin’s most vocal critic.

Bloomberg reports:

Russia has ramped up its attempts to control access to information in the run-up to parliamentary elections this month, deeming numerous independent media groups as “foreign agents” subject to punitive restrictions and regularly fining international platforms including Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Facebook Inc. for failing to remove content flagged as illegal.

VPNs help circumvent restrictions on internet traffic and provide users with anonymity and greater security. Roskomnadzor said it has created a “white list” for software and apps that use VPNs for technical reasons that will be allowed to continue.

“Plans to block VPNs are just another move to strengthen governmental control over online communications,” NordVPN told Bloomberg in a statement, noting that Russia can ban websites and services without a court order. 

In 2019, NordVPN destroyed its servers in Russia after the federal government demanded access to their private data. The company says it intends to continue providing its service to Russians “through available channels” but did not clarify how it intends to do so.

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