Kamala Harris: Border Patrol Horseback Footage Reminiscent of ‘Times of Slavery’

Vice President Kamala Harris delivers remarks next to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas before boarding Air Force Two at El Paso International Airport in El Paso, Texas, June 25, 2021. (Evelyn Hockstein/Reuters)

Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday claimed that images of Border Patrol agents swinging long reins while interacting with Haitian migrants were reminiscent of the treatment of African Americans during “times of slavery.”

“As we all know it evoked images of some of the worst moments of our history where that kind of behavior has been used against the indigenous people of our country, has been used against African Americans during times of slavery,” Harris said during an appearance on ABC’s The View.

“There needs to be consequences and accountability. Human beings should not be treated that way,” the vice president added.

The announcement comes after the media caused a frenzy by falsely portraying the videos and photos as showing agents hitting the migrants with whips. It was later revealed that the agents were in fact wielding the long reins that make it easier to maintain control of their horses, according to Border Control chief Raul Ortiz.

Ortiz said that he did not believe that the reins had been used to strike any refugees and none of the photos or videos that have circulated of the interactions appear to show the reins making contact with migrants.

George Syer, a retired horse patrol coordinator in the Rio Grande Valley and Border Patrol supervisor, told National Review that the mounted agents were acting according to standard procedure and that the primary safety priority of riders is to prevent a collision between human and horse. 

Still, the Department of Homeland Security announced this week it would be investigating the incident amid mounting concerns among members of the president’s own party over the inhumane treatment of Haitian migrants.

DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Friday that the agents shown in the images have been assigned to administrative duties and are not interacting with migrants while the investigation is under way. 

President Biden on Friday condemned the Border Patrol’s treatment of the Haitian migrants. He said the behavior of agents on horseback was “outrageous.”

“It’s horrible what you saw. To see people like they did, with horses, running them over, people being strapped, it’s outrageous,” Biden said. “I promise you, those people will pay. There is an investigation underway right now and there will be consequences.”

On Thursday, the White House announced that the use of horses at the border would be temporarily paused, a decision that received pushback from the president of the Border Patrol union’s chapter in Del Rio.

“The horse patrol unit is an effective means of apprehending immigrants who illegally cross our borders every day, along with searching for those who are sick or injured and stranded in the brush,” union president Jon Anfinsen said in a statement. “Suspending them all for even a brief amount of time takes away one of the few remaining units that have been in the field making arrests and rescues on a regular basics.”

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Lauren Boebert leads latest impeachment drive against Joe Biden, Kamala Harris

The articles of impeachment filed by House Republicans against Biden administration figures are starting to pile up.

Rep. Lauren Boebert, Colorado Republican, introduced Friday impeachment resolutions against President Biden and Vice President Kamala D. Harris, citing the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that saw U.S. forces leave behind billions of dollars in military weapons for the Taliban.

Her resolution against Mr. Biden was co-sponsored by fellow conservative Republican Reps. Andy Biggs, Jeff Duncan, Ralph Norman, Louie Gohmert and Jody Hice, while Mr. Norman co-sponsored the Harris filing.

“The Biden regime is not being held accountable,” said Ms. Boebert in a statement. “There have been no resignations, no indictments, no investigations, no congressional oversight, no outcry from the mainstream media, and no apologies—so I’m stepping up to hold Biden and Harris accountable by filing articles of impeachment for giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies and colluding with the Taliban.”

At least three previous impeachment resolutions aimed at White House officials have been introduced in the last two months by House Republicans, although the efforts have virtually no chance of advancing in the Democratic-controlled chamber.

Three days ago, Rep. Bob Gibbs, Ohio Republican, headed a group of four House Republicans filing articles of impeachment against Mr. Biden over the Afghanistan retreat, the Mexico border crisis and the president’s executive order to extend the evictions moratorium.

Mr. Biggs led articles of impeachment filed Aug. 10 against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, accusing him of “willfully” refusing to enforce U.S. laws against illegal immigration at the southern border.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia Republican, took a second stab Aug. 20 at impeaching the president. She first introduced articles of impeachment against Mr. Biden in January over his son Hunter Biden’s work for a Ukrainian energy company while the senior Mr. Biden was vice president.

In a Friday statement, Mr. Hice pointed to the 13 U.S. service members killed in an Aug. 26 attack at the Kabul airport during the chaotic evacuation, saying that Mr. Biden has been “woefully derelict in his most basic duties as president.”

Afghanistan is well on its way to becoming a terrorist superstate that will threaten the region, the world and the American homeland for years to come, and the responsibility falls entirely on President Biden’s shoulders,” Mr. Hice said.

Ms. Boebert, who was mocked on social media for initially sending out a press release that misspelled “impeach,” said that the vice president was “complicit in all of this.”

She can’t hide as the incompetent border czar, and she can’t hide from her moral and legal duty to remove Joe Biden via the 25th Amendment due to his clear inability to ‘discharge the powers and duties of his office,’” said the first-term congresswoman.

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Jen Psaki sidesteps questions about VP Kamala Harris’ role in stemming Haitian migration

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday sidestepped questions about whether Vice President Kamala Harris, the administration’s border czar, has worked with Haitian officials to stem the migration of refugees.

When pressed on what steps Ms. Harris took to address the Haitian migrants who flooded the border town of Del Rio, Texas, Ms. Psaki pivoted to discuss an immigration bill.

Saying it is “a long-term effort,” Ms. Psaki described the vice president as deeply involved in the issue but declined to identify any steps she has taken on Haiti.

“As it relates to Haiti, as it relates to our broken immigration system, the clear step that needs to be taken is an immigration bill that needs to pass Congress,” she said.

She then blamed Republicans for the lack of progress on a comprehensive overhaul of immigration laws.

“There are a lot of Republicans out there giving speeches about how outraged they are about the situation at the border,” she said. “We’re a little tired of the speeches and we’d like to partner on solutions or steps that we can take.”

In her role spearheading the White House effort to address the root causes of illegal immigration, Ms. Harris this summer released a sweeping strategy to improve economic conditions, human rights and combat organized crime in Central America through “policy, resources, and diplomacy of the United States.”

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WEIRD. Kamala Harris Giggles Comparing Phony US Border Patrol Agents on Horses to Times of Slavery (VIDEO)

WEIRD. Kamala Harris Giggles Comparing Phony US Border Patrol Agents on Horses to Times of Slavery (VIDEO)

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Two Fully Vaccinated Hosts from “The View” Asked to Leave Studio After Testing Positive for Covid Shortly Before Kamala Harris Interview (VIDEO)

Two Fully Vaccinated Hosts from “The View” Asked to Leave Studio After Testing Positive for Covid Shortly Before Kamala Harris Interview (VIDEO)

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VP Harris Victory Lap on ‘The View’ Falls Apart as COVID Explodes on Set

Friday was a rough day for “The View” as two hosts were kicked off mid-show after testing positive for COVID-19 moments before Vice President Kamala Harris was slated for an in-person interview.

Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro, both of whom are fully vaccinated, were informed by production that they needed to leave the set.

“There seems to be something happening here that I’m not 100 percent aware of, can someone please appraise me of the situation?” co-host Joy Behar asked.

“Two of you to step off for a second,” a crew member said. “And we’re going to bring you back later.”

“Ana and Sunny have to leave, and we’ll tell you why — we’ll tell you why in a couple of minutes,” Behar interjected. “So should I introduce the vice president?”


Trump’s Surgeon General Says He Tried to Refinance His Mortgage, But Biden Admin Pulled a Dirty Move to Stop It from Happening

The liberal talking head then preceded to introduce Harris — but was stopped by the production team.

Behar and co-host Sara Haines continued to make awkward small talk before cutting to a commercial break.

After the break, Behar informed the audience of the situation.

“So since this is going to be a major news story any minute now,” she said, “what happened is that Sunny and Ana both apparently tested positive for COVID. No matter how hard we try, these things happen, they probably have a breakthrough case, and they’ll be OK, I’m sure, because they’re both vaccinated up the wazoo, you know, a lot of vaccines.”

According to Newsmax reporter Alex Salvi, Behar was seen coughing several times throughout the show despite not testing positive with her co-hosts.


‘The View’ Defends CNN Analyst in the Most Bizarre Way – Nothing Is Off Limits for Liberals

Shortly after the chaotic start of the show, Harris conducted the interview from another part of the building, wearing headphones because of the rushed nature of the situation.

The vice president used the softball interview, paired with the unusual situation, to promote vaccines.

“Sunny and Ana are strong women and I know they’re fine, but it really also does speak to the fact that they’re vaccinated and vaccines really make all the difference because otherwise we would be concerned about hospitalization and worse,” Harris said.

This bizarre caught-on-camera moment serves as a product of the time.

Although the interview was already going to be a free pass for Harris, the situation took some of the pressure off her performance.

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Kamala Harris Throws the CBP Under the Bus Because It’s All About Distraction – RedState

As I previously reported, Kamala Harris appeared on “The View” earlier today.

Perhaps I should say, she appeared remotely from a room in the same building after it was announced that just before her interview on the show, that two of the hosts had tested positive for COVID — Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro. The two hosts were then pulled off the show, live, on the air.

The show took questions from the audience for several minutes while they set up an alternative feed to interview Harris so as not to have her near any of the hosts.

But when they did interview her, they continued to push the false story of the CBP treatment of the Haitian illegal aliens at the border in Del Rio, Texas.

Sara Haines asks her about the Border Patrol agents “inhumanely corralling Haitians.” The agents were not “inhumanely corralling” people — they were trying to prevent them from entering illegally.

“I was outraged by it, it was horrible, and deeply troubling…[T]here needs to be consequences…Human beings should not be treated that way and it also evoked images of some of the worst moments of our history” where such ‘”behavior” has been used like in times of “slavery,” Harris claimed.

This is insane. There were no whips and no one was whipped by anything. But that hasn’t stopped them from pushing this story. Notice how she’s not mentioning the whips anymore because they know it’s a lie but they’re still pushing it anyway, not defining what is “horrible.”

Comparing this to slavery is further defaming these CBP agents who were already defamed with false allegations. It’s also diminishing the actual ills of slavery when you are comparing agents doing their job at the border with slavery. Harris isn’t the first Democrat to resort to this shameful claim — Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) made the same claim yesterday. They’re both just going beyond the pale with that comparison.

Kamala being Kamala, she also couldn’t help cackling during her statement. What exactly is funny about any of this? She actually laughed when she talked about such “behavior” being used against “indigenous people.” I’m not sure what would be funny about that.

What she never asks is if this is so horrible, then how did it happen on her watch? What is she doing going on a television show when this is going on, if this is such a horrible thing? How did she let it happen?

The Biden-Harris Administration is going to completely throw these CBP guys under the bus for this and throw away the key over a completely invented media/Democratic narrative. Meanwhile, no one is talking about their bad border policies anymore and the thousands of people flooding across the border and camping under bridges. Which is the whole point behind why they are going along with all this narrative, because it succeeding in distracting from the greater issue, which is totally their fault and for which they should be held accountable.

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Chaos breaks out live during ‘The View’ as co-hosts test positive for COVID-19 mid-show — with VP Kamala Harris backstage

Chaos erupted on the set of “The View” on Friday after co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro tested positive for COVID-19 mid-show.

What are the details?

Co-host Joy Behar was just beginning to introduce Vice President Kamala Harris to the show when producers yanked Hostin and Navarro from the stage, a report from the Daily Beast says.

“There seems to be something happening here that I’m not 100% aware of,” Behar said. “Can someone please apprise me of the situation?”

An off-camera voice could be heard asking the two to “step off for a second.”

The two left the stage while a confused-looking Behar then asked the off-camera producers if she could continue introducing Harris when one person shouted “yes.”

She began, but another off-camera voice shouted “no!”

Behar, stalling for time at that point, joked, “OK. Shall we dance? Let’s do a tap dance.”

She soon called for a commercial break.

Following another commercial break, Behar told the audience what happened behind the scenes.

“OK, since this is going to be a major news story any minute now, what happened is, Sunny and Ana both apparently tested positive for COVID,” she revealed. “No matter how hard we try, these things happen, they probably have a breakthrough case and they’ll be OK, I’m sure because they’re both vaccinated up the wazoo, you know, a lot of vaccines!”

According to a report from the Daily Beast, she then added that Harris was still set to join the table after it had been “wiped down.”

What followed next, the outlet reported, was a “chaotic attempt to take questions from masked audience members without microphones.”

Harris still had yet to arrive onstage at that point.

Shortly thereafter, a producer informed Behar and remaining co-host Sara Haines that they would remotely interview Harris despite her being in the building.

With only 10 minutes left in the segment, Harris appeared via livestream from elsewhere in the building.

According to People, Harris addressed the co-hosts’ disappearance and said, “Sunny and Ana are strong women and I know they’re fine. But it really also does speak to the fact that they’re vaccinated, and vaccines make all the difference because otherwise we would be concerned about hospitalization and worse.”

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Two Hosts of “The View” Pulled off Show Right Before Kamala Harris Interview Because of COVID – RedState

“The View” planned to have Kamala Harris on the show today.

But then, right before she came on, the ABC show apparently found out that two of its hosts, Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin, had both tested positive for COVID, despite both being fully vaccinated. None of the show’s hosts were wearing any masks.

So, they pulled the two of them live on the air, as Harris was waiting backstage. Now, this is pretty crazy, and you may not see the like again.

A confused Joy Behar then had to fill in the chaos, announcing what had happened, and that her co-hosts wouldn’t be interviewing Harris live on air because of what had just happened.

They delayed the interview with Harris and filled in the time taking questions from the audience for several blocks of the show, while they worked to set up doing a remote feed from Harris elsewhere in the building. But, they did later interview Harris remotely, with her in another room, for a short period of time.

Harris shamelessly continued to lie about the CBP whip story. As we previously reported, even the photographer who took the pictures that the Biden administration and media are using to lie about the CBP has said there was no whipping going on. If they want to continue to lie about it, then Harris, who was supposed to be solving the border problems, should be hauled on the carpet for it.

According to the White House, Kamala Harris had no contact with “The View” co-hosts.

Because of the exposure to Hostin and Navarro, that raises the question if Behar and the other co-host, Sara Haines, will now have to quarantine.

So, a couple of questions. How did they not test them before they went on the air — why did they wait until the middle of the show? Or was this only because Kamala was coming on? It’s really not the best way to operate, when they could have exposed Harris.

It’s also ironic because “The View” hosts are always preaching about COVID and slamming the unvaccinated over the issue, yet here they are, coming down with it despite being vaccinated, and seemingly very close to exposing Harris.

People were just stunned that it all rolled out, live on air.

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Host, co-host of ABC’s ‘The View’ test positive for COVID-19 before on-set interview with VP Harris

The host and guest host of the ABC-TV daytime talk show on Friday each tested positive for breakthrough cases of COVID-19  ahead of a scheduled interview with Vice President Kamala Harris.


The host was Sonny Hostin and the guest host was Ana Navarro. Neither interacted with Harris, a White House official told CNN

The vice president instead conducted the interview from a remote location after a delay.

“The View” host Joy Behar said during the show Hostin and Navarro each were fully vaccinated.

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