Equity index giant MSCI to give 10,000 firms global warming ratings

FILE PHOTO: The MSCI logo is seen in this June 20, 2017 illustration photo. REUTERS/Thomas White/Illustration/File Photo

September 14, 2021

By Marc Jones

LONDON (Reuters) – Global equity index compiler MSCI is to start providing data on how much the world’s top 10,000 firms are likely to be contributing to global warning.

The firm, which runs the widely-tracked $60 trillion All Country World Index, is launching Implied Temperature Rise scores, which estimate whether a firm’s activities and plans are consistent with keeping global warming below 2 degrees Celsius.

“The idea is to get companies to change their strategies,” said MSCI’s head of ESG and Climate, Remy Briand, who estimates nearly 60% of firms still don’t disclose even the most basic environmental data.

MSCI’s new approach converts the current and projected greenhouse gas emissions, taking into consideration emissions reduction targets, of each company to an estimated rise in global temperature.

Projections are calculated by comparing those projected emissions with the global carbon budget that remains if the planet is to keep temperature rise this century below 2°C.

Briand laid out examples using two oil giants, Exxon Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell.

Exxon, which has been under heavy scrutiny https://www.reuters.com/article/us-exxon-mobil-carbon/exxon-mobil-under-pressure-on-climate-aims-to-cut-emissions-intensity-by-2025-idUSKBN28O1TL for its approach to climate change, produces a 4C rise score – a scenario that scientists warn would lead to unprecedented heatwaves, severe droughts, and a major rise in sea levels and mass flooding.

Shell produces an implied 2C rise, having set targets to cut the carbon intensity of its products by at least 6% by 2023, by 20% by 2030, by 45% by 2035 and by 100% by 2050.

“The message is to make the commitment more public,” Briand said.

His assumption is that because MSCI’s indexes and data are used by most of the world’s big investors, companies will need to have low implied temperature rise scores to encourage those money managers to park their cash in them.

There are currently no standardised rules around what the big global firms have to disclose about their emissions. Many also make misleading claims that they are on course to hit net zero targets, Briand said, by leaving out large chunks of their business when they make their own projections.

Briand said leaders going to the UN’s COP26 climate change conference in Scotland later this year should pledge to fix those kinds of problems.

“A wish would be to get net-zero commitments across the board for all companies,” he said. “If that happens, if it becomes compulsory across many countries, there will an acceleration in companies’ strategies”.

(Reporting by Marc Jones, Editing by Rosalba O’Brien)

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Oregon Schools Abandon Quality for False Equity

(diane39/Getty Images)

Oregon becomes the latest state to abandon quality in pursuit of false equity.

As a new school year unfolds and students face yet another year of learning disruptions, policy leaders across the country should be doing everything in their power to ensure every student is equipped with an education that will help them succeed. Unfortunately, some politicians lack the conviction to enact sound policy that puts students first and, instead, have embraced a race-to-the-bottom mentality.

Rather than implement plans to turn around plummeting student achievement, create new pathways for kids to access a school tailored to their needs, or innovate with strategies to customize a child’s learning experience, Oregon governor Kate Brown quietly signed a brand new bill that hands all Oregon students a high-school diploma, irrespective of whether they can read, write, or demonstrate proficiency in math.

In other words, Oregon is lowering the bar and lowering expectations, granting students the credential of an “effective” K–12 education without making sure they’re equipped with the fundamental skills they need for a successful life.

Perhaps more concerning is the fact that Brown’s intentions are in pursuit of “education equity.” Proponents of Brown’s decision claimed Oregon’s existing standards resulted in fewer minority students graduating high school. So in Brown’s upside-down world, the solution was simple: lower the bar and increase graduation numbers.

That does zero to serve students. In effect, what Governor Brown is saying is that the school system is fine; it’s the students who are broken — namely, minority students.

Frankly put, this is asinine. It’s a backwards approach that underestimates the potential of every student, and lets the system, charged with educating the rising generation, off the hook for providing kids with the quality education they deserve.

As a former governor who used data to inform policy, I didn’t have to dig much before seeing how Oregon’s approach is deeply flawed and sets students on a dangerous path.

Oregon’s students are already underperforming. Between 2016–17 and 2018–19, all Oregon students trailed the national average in the state’s four-year high-school graduation rate. Black and white students were about 10 percent lower than the national average for their peers. Oregon’s students deserve a quality education, not artificial attempts at “education equity.”

As you peel back the onion, the sting gets worse. According to the 2019 Nation’s Report Card, more than 60 percent of Oregon fourth- and eighth-grade students are reading below grade level.

As Florida’s governor, I faced a similar challenge, but I believed then, as I do now, in the potential of every student. Instead of lowering expectations, we raised them — and demanded excellence from our educators and our schools. Back in 1998, the year I took office, Florida’s graduation rate was an appalling 52 percent, the worst in the nation, with only 42 percent of black students graduating on time. And our fourth-grade students’ reading abilities lagged behind the national average by more than a half-grade level.

After more than two decades of increased rigor, higher expectations, and steady improvement, Florida’s high-school graduation rate is now 87 percent, which is above the national average and represents a 35-point increase. Even more impressive is the performance of Florida’s black, Hispanic, economically disadvantaged students, students with limited English proficiency, and students with disabilities: They are all graduating high school at above and beyond the national average. And our fourth graders now read six points above the national average — representing a 13-point increase. This significant academic growth demonstrates that when you raise expectations, kids rise up to meet them. Just look at Florida’s Hispanic students who are today reading at nearly half a grade above their peers.

The best form of education equity is setting high expectations for all students, providing resources to help underserved students meet those higher expectations, and offering more choices and flexibility to families so they can craft the best education for their children.

Governor Brown need only to look to other parts of the country to know her approach doesn’t work. Twelve years ago, Minnesota similarly lowered expectations, and by the 2018–19 school year, graduation rates for Minnesota’s black students and economically disadvantaged high schoolers was around 10 percent lower than their peers on the national average. Despite ample evidence, Oregon isn’t alone in their backward thinking on this. California and Virginia also lowered their student expectations in pursuit of social justice, and it’s just a matter of time before more progressives follow suit and embrace this regressive, harmful approach to education.

Three decades ago, President Ronald Reagan reminded us that our country’s potential and greatness is “never more than one generation away from extinction.” Now more than ever, education is critical to the success of our children and our nation. The effort political leaders, policy leaders, administrators, educators, and parents pour into the rising generation pays off in dividends. But for every corner we cut, for every student who is shortchanged, for every student who isn’t given the education they deserve, we aren’t reaching a more “equitable” state — but rather we’re plummeting on a downward spiral.

I believe that every student can achieve their God-given potential and graduate high school with the ability to read, write, and do math. And I refuse to accept the belief that the education system — now funded at nearly $1 trillion — cannot do more to meet the needs of each and every child. Rather than taking the easy way out and simply writing kids and their futures off, Governor Brown should do the hard work to fix her state’s flawed adult-centric system that’s clearly failing its children.

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Scoop: HHS is reviewing all doctors’ orders for monoclonal antibodies. Rep. Chip Roy wants to know why.

A Republican lawmaker is demanding to know why the Biden administration appears to be limiting the ability of doctors to order early treatment medications for COVID-19 patients.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) on Monday sent a letter to Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra inquiring about a recent change in HHS policy that limits orders and shipments of monoclonal antibody treatments to HHS-approved administration sites.

“As you know, antibody treatments such as bamlanivimab, bamlanivimab/etesevimab, and casirivimab/imdevimab were approved under Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) and have been shown to be effective in treating COVID-19 patients,” Roy wrote to Becerra.

“Providers across the country, including providers in Texas, have utilized these treatments, aiding in effective treatment of COVID-19 patients. Unfortunately, numerous doctors and healthcare professionals who serve COVID-19 patients are reportedly being denied or limited orders for these treatments by HHS,” he wrote.

Monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapy is a treatment for COVID-19 that studies have shown is effective at reducing the risk of hospitalization and death for patients with mild to moderate illness who receive early treatment. The Food and Drug Administration has granted emergency use authorization for mAb therapies to treat mild to moderate COVID-19 in adults and children older than 12, and the treatment has been promoted across the ideological spectrum by figures like Dr. Anthony Fauci and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

On Sept. 3, HHS announced that because of a “substantial surge” in the demand for and use of mAb treatments, the federal government would make changes to “help promote optimal and equitable use of the available supply of monoclonal antibodies.”

HHS acted to temporarily limit immediate orders and shipment of mAb treatments “only to administration sites with HHSProtect accounts and current utilization reporting.” The agency also announced that it would review “all orders” by doctors for “alignment with utilization.”

Roy wrote that these changes appear “appeared to have an immediate effect on the ability to expeditiously care for and treat COVID-19 patients.”

Roy’s letter asks the department to clarify whether there is a current or expected shortage of monoclonal antibody treatments in the U.S. Noting that HHS said the change was “temporary,” Roy also asked, “When does HHS plan to revert to normal procedures for ordering these antibody treatments?”

In a statement to TheBlaze, Roy slammed the Biden administration for “impeding on providers’ ability to best serve their patients.”

“The last thing HHS should be doing is impeding on providers’ ability to best serve their patients, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Roy. “This recent HHS order will further prevent doctors from being able to treat their patients and prevent their patients from receiving the care they need when they need it. The federal government should not be in the business of dictating healthcare; the American people deserve answers on why and under which authority HHS made this decision.”

Read the letter:

Roy Letter to Becerra – Antibody Treatment 9.13.21.pdf

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One Of The Wealthiest School Districts In US Reallocates COVID-19 Relief Funds Toward ‘Equity’ Programs

  • One of the wealthiest school systems in the U.S. unveiled plans to reallocate COVID-19 relief money to promote “equity” programs and a “welcoming” and “culturally responsive” student learning environment, according to the district’s website.
  • Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) school board voted to approve the plan on Aug. 26, which said it would use $78.8 million, originally allocated for COVID-19 relief, to support efforts such as “equity professional development for school teams.”
  • According to an FCPS “Acceptance Agreement,” the district agreed to pay Panorama Education $1,845,660 over a five-year stretch for a screening survey, but parents can opt their children out of it.

One of the wealthiest school systems in the U.S. unveiled plans to reallocate COVID-19 relief money to promote “equity” programs and a “welcoming” and “culturally responsive” student learning environment, according to the district’s website.

Fairfax County Public Schools’ (FCPS) school board voted to approve the plan on Aug. 26, which said it would use $78.8 million, originally allocated for COVID-19 relief, to support efforts such as “equity professional development for school teams.”

FCPS was awarded $188.6 million from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) III Fund as part of the American Rescue Plan, which focused on “delivering direct relief to the American people, rescuing the American economy, and starting to beat the virus.”

The district’s plan says funding for schools will be allocated based on “size, poverty, English learners, special education, and achievement” to “directly support student social emotional needs.”

The district agreed to pay Panorama Education $1,845,660 over five years for a screening survey, but the school system’s website states that parents can opt their children out of it, according to an FCPS document. The FCPS website recites that questions to be asked of students each semester from “grade 3-12” may include “How confident are you that students at your school can have honest conversations with each other about race?” and “How often do you think about what someone of a different race, ethnicity, or culture experiences?”

Mark Zuckerberg’s $1 billion Startup:Education fund is just one among several prominent supporters of PDE, according to Boston Business Journal.

“It’s outrageous Fairfax County Public Schools is collaborating with a for-profit company funded by Mark Zuckerberg,” Parents Defending Education (PDE) Vice President of Strategy and Investigations Asra Nomani told Fox News. “His involvement today with surveys examining students’ mental health is beyond the pale. Schools must stop trying to manipulate students and focus instead on educating students.” (RELATED: REPORT: Biden’s Education Department Has Closer Ties To CRT Group Than They Admit)

PDE is a non-profit “fighting indoctrination in the classroom,” and the group criticized the social and emotional learning initiatives that FCPS is using $23.3 million of the ESSER funds for, Fox News reported.

“Social and emotional learning” has been a focus of the Virginia Department of Education in the past, and critics see that focus a pipeline to left-wing ideology, Fox News reported.

“If you are talking about social-emotional learning, but not equity, you are not talking about SEL,” said Dr. Lorenzo Moore, according to Panorama Education.

“SEL and equity are two sides of the same coin. In fact, they’re both on both sides of the same coin,” Moore said. “When we set goals to raise the racial consciousness of our entire district, it means that we have to change the mindsets of people.”

In May, FCPS faced pushback for its “Anti-Racism, Anti-Bias Curriculum Policy Survey,” which was supposed to be a way for parents and community members to “build a vision of educational equity for every child by name and by need.” In July, parents in the district also petitioned to recall members of the school board for failing to do their duty and preventing in-person schooling during the pandemic.

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Refreshing Curriculum with “Antiracist Design Tenets”—U.S. Invests Millions to Bring Racial, Ethnic Equity to STEM Education

Weeks after giving a private college hundreds of thousands of dollars to “identify any existence of systemic inequities” in science, technology, engineering, and math fields (STEM), the government is doling out nearly $2 million to address racial and gender disparities in high school computer education. The money will come from the National Science Foundation (NSF), which was created by Congress seven decades ago to promote the progress of science, advance national health and prosperity and secure the national defense. With an annual budget of $8.5 billion, the NSF funds more than a quarter of research conducted at U.S. colleges and universities, where theft of intellectual property by Communist China is pervasive.

While the NSF is one of the government agencies that has long permitted Chinese Communist scientists to steal billions in taxpayer-funded research, it is also keeping up with the current climate of political correctness. A few days ago, the agency awarded two public universities a total of $1.9 million to “address the historical and current racial and gender disparities in participation in high school computer science education.” The project is part of a broader program called Researching Equity and Antiracist Learning in Computer Science (REAL-CS) that focuses on expanding participation for black, indigenous, “Latinx” (the new, politically correct gender-neutral term for Latino or Latina) and Pacific Islander students by addressing systemic barriers in high school computer science education. REAL-CS is designed to sustain another publicly-funded, “equity-focused” initiative called Exploring Computer Science (ECS) dedicated to “democratizing” the field by increasing opportunities for “traditionally underrepresented” high school students after a study identified disparities along “race and socioeconomic lines.”

The recent NSF allocations will go to the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Oregon. UCLA, which has its own CS Equity Project, is getting $1,026,000 from the NSF to help prepare teachers nationwide to reach thousands of minority high school students to take “an equity-focused CS course,” according to the grant announcement. The University of Oregon will receive $873,999 to do the same.Overall, the key goal of REAL-CS is to create the necessary conditions and capacity in high schools that lead to equitable participation of students of color in high-quality computer science classes,” according to the NSF. The agency assures the costly program will create systemic change by increasing the use of racially and culturally inclusive practices, refreshing existing curriculum and supplementary curricular materials with antiracist design tenets, and conducting deep qualitative research nationwide that investigates equity-oriented teacher beliefs and practices.

Weeks before awarding the UCLA and Oregon grants, the NSF gave a private liberal arts college in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania more than a quarter of a million dollars to uncover “any existence of systemic inequities and advancement barriers related to gender, race, and ethnicity in STEM faculty.” The $271,594 grant will fund a project at Bucknell University, which has an enrollment of 3,724, that uses quantitative and qualitative data to develop and implement a plan to remove such barriers. “This project will bring significant insights into issues facing women and underrepresented minority (URM) faculty that are unique to STEM disciplines and in a primarily undergraduate institution that strives to enhance diversity in students, faculty and staff,” the NSF writes in the grant announcement. The project is part of a larger initiative called Self-Assessment of Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Equity (AGREE) in STEM Faculty that aims to uncover systemic inequities centered around recruitment, retention, and promotion processes facing women and faculty members underrepresented in STEM disciplines.

The NSF has been embroiled in its fair share of scandals over the years. Most recently, the agency was outed along with several others, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Department of Energy’s (DOE) national laboratories, for long permitting Communists working in the U.S. to steal scientific research. This was the subject of a scathing U.S. Senate report that determined billions of dollars in scientific research funded by American taxpayers have been stolen by China and the U.S. government has no viable plan to stop the ongoing theft of the highly valued intellectual property, which congressional investigators assure “has contributed to China’s global rise over the last 20 years.” The NSF was also embroiled in a porn scandal years ago in which employees spent significant portions of their workdays watching, downloading and e-mailing pornography on government computers without ever getting caught.

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Colorado University Hosts Teacher Training to Fight the ‘White Supremacy’ of ‘Productivity’ – RedState

Are you a perfectionist?

Do you feel a sense of urgency?

If so, I have horrible news.

And the revelation comes courtesy of the University of Colorado-Boulder.

The school recently hosted a seminar for teachers and graduate students on employing equity in class.

The Equitable Teacher Conference’s official webpage defines “equity mindedness”:

The outlook, perspective, or mode of thinking exhibited by practitioners who call attention to patterns of inequity in student outcomes, and are willing to assume personal and institutional responsibility for the elimination of inequity.

That sounds as if teachers — not students — are responsible for students’ grades.

If so, it’s quite a shift from ways of old.

Then again, equity is a major divergence from American equality, and change begets change.

Campus Reform reports it obtained slides from one of UC-Boulder’s training sections, billed as “Anti-Racist Pedagogy and Decolonizing the Classroom.”

The segment waxed on the nation’s increasingly common “C” word:

Settler colonialism fundamentally relies on a logic of not-seeing. In particular, a not-seeing of indigenous people’s lands in order to allow their colonial takeover and a not-seeing of how anti-immigrant xenophobia, white supremacy, and settler colonialism are mutually reinforcing.

Examples of the concept’s perking popularity:

Seattle Tells Its White Teachers to ‘Bankrupt’ Their Privilege and Acknowledge Their ‘Thieved Inheritance’

Cornell University Announces It’s on Stolen Land During Commencement, Doesn’t Commence to Giving It Back

Per the seminar: Up with decolonization, down with whiteness, masculinity, and western civilization:

Critique the (white western masculine) disembodied rationality focus of the education system.

Why send such a message? Perhaps that will be answered by future historians.

Meanwhile, UC-B wants those presiding over students to “help [them] become conscious of the assumptions and standards around bodies that were part of their colonial training (appropriate bodies, attractive bodies, bodies as indicators of meaning/morality).”

The workshop goes deep on social justice.

The practice sounds a bit like empowerment, but it’s also aimed to keep everyone “psychologically safe”:

  • Social justice includes a vision of society in which the distribution of resources is equitable and all members are physically and psychologically safe and secure.
  • Some experts define teaching for social justice as having beliefs with an emphasis on ethical values, care, and respect.
  • Everyone in a just society will be able to develop and exercise their intellectual, social, emotional, and expressive capacities.
  • In a just society, everyone affected by a decision will have a part in making the decision.

And if teachers really wanna sock it to colonialism, they’ll put the kibosh on productivity.

Singing a song’s a superior substitute:

  • Resist colonial and neoliberal coercion around time and productivity
  • Consider flexible deadlines; giving multiple choices for due dates (for instance, over a week)
  • Consider suspending penalties for late work — prioritize full engagement rather than timeliness
  • Slow down the hurried pace of higher education by opening class with a freewrite, guided meditation, or song related to class themes
  • Openly discuss the impact of time scarcity on the learning process
  • Help students become conscious of the colonial morality around the use of time (worth=productivity)

And here’s where you come in.

The reason for all the above is that the opposite of equity (which seems substantially similar to communism)…is cruelly KKK-ish.

From the documents:

Cultural Norms of White Supremacy:

  • Perfectionism (Are students encouraged with a productive failure model?)
  • Sense of urgency (Is there a culture of stressful decision making?)
  • Quantity Over Quality
  • Individualism

Of course, such claims are nothing novel.

As laid out in “A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction: Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction” — used by the Oregon Department of Education to wipe out whiteness — characteristics of Caucasian calamity are (in part) as follows:

  • Perfectionism
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Quantity Over Quality
  • Worship of the Written Word
  • Only One Right way
  • Paternalism
  • Either/Or Thinking
  • Power Hoarding
  • Individualism
  • Objectivity

Back to teachers being responsible for students’ grades: If pupils were allowed to prioritize productivity, maybe they could earn good grades through merit.

For now, such a notion appears to be losing favor.

Not coincidentally, whiteness is additionally set to wane:

School District Hosts Year-Long Anti-Whiteness Training to Fight ‘Curricular Violence’ in Math

Federal Employees Receive Anti-Racist Training, Including the Lesson That ‘Virtually All White People’ Contribute to Racism

Professor Reveals List of America’s ‘Whitest Law Schools,’ Proposes an End to Testing to Eliminate ‘Excess Whiteness’

Stanford’s New Research Lab Calls out Causes of America’s ‘Racial Hierarchy’: Public Education and Ostensible Meritocracy

California University Eyes ‘Radical’ BIPOC Honors Program Based on Equity Instead of Grades

It’s a new day and a new way of accomplishing things.

The outdated method looked to work fairly well; but as it turns out, it was all a ruse:

So go out into the world, and be neither objective nor productive.

Thank you for your equity.



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AAs Public Pushback Mounts, McAuliffe Buries ‘Equity’ Agenda

VA Dem nixes pledge to ‘eliminate racial disparities’ in education as VA parents blast ‘equity initiatives’

Terry McAuliffe
Former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe (D.) / Getty Images

Collin Anderson • August 25, 2021 5:00 am

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe quietly removed race-focused language from his campaign website’s education page as voters pushed back on “equity initiatives” in public schools.

McAuliffe has made “equity” a chief theme in his campaign for a second term in the governor’s mansion, tying racism to issues such as education, the economy, and criminal justice. In mid-August, however, McAuliffe removed his pledge to “eliminate racial disparities” from the top of his campaign’s K-12 education page, screenshots reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon show. The Democrat also nixed the term “equitable” from the top of four issue pages on his campaign site.

The move came just weeks after a Trafalgar Group poll showed McAuliffe with a narrow lead over Republican Glenn Youngkin. It also came as Democrats in Virginia and across the country expressed concern over “equity initiatives” in public schools. In Loudoun County, for example, parent groups have collected thousands of signatures to recall school board members who have endorsed critical race theory.

The changes to McAuliffe’s campaign site suggest the Democrat is attempting to play both sides of the issue. McAuliffe in June called critical race theory “another right-wing conspiracy” that is “totally made up by Donald Trump and Glenn Youngkin.” At the same time, the Democrat collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from teachers’ unions that have defended teaching critical race theory in public schools.

McAuliffe did not return a request for comment.

The Democrat has not changed his full K-12 education plan, which is aimed at “ensuring that every child has access to an equitable, world-class education.” But removing race-focused language such as “equitable” from prominent positions on his campaign site could reflect an attempt to distance himself from critical race theory while remaining in his union allies’ good graces. 

McAuliffe has received nearly $1 million from the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers, the nation’s two largest teachers’ unions. One week before the NEA contributed $400,000 to McAuliffe’s campaign, union president Becky Pringle said her members “are not going to be afraid” to teach critical race theory in schools, because they “know that to not teach it, we are not telling the truth.”

Youngkin, meanwhile, has placed his opposition to critical race theory at the center of his campaign. The Republican in May pledged to “make sure our kids learn real math, not a political ideology.” 

McAuliffe and Youngkin are set to square off in November. McAuliffe leads the Republican by four points, according to the RealClearPolitics polling average. President Joe Biden won the state by 10 points in November.

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Michigan State to require two equity and inclusion courses to graduate

Michigan State University recently published a 77-page diversity, equity and inclusion framework that lists dozens of goals to infuse the progressive ideology into every aspect of campus life, from curriculum to hiring practices to funding priorities.

Among the recommendations is to implement “a minimum of two DEI-related requirements in the formal curriculum for undergraduate students,” the document states.

Another stated goal is to establish a “curriculum task force … to identify ways to incorporate DEI within university-wide undergraduate requirements.”

The framework also recommends adding a “required component to New Student Orientation” focused on diversity, equity and inclusion.

To address the graduation gap, the public university plans to offer more one-credit courses and what it calls “inclusive learning communities.”

The framework also recommends the establishment of an “institutional social justice research fund” for racial equity and justice studies, as well as part of the university’s budget specifically earmarked for diversity, equity and inclusion research.

The plan also calls for a prioritization of hiring minority and underrepresented faculty and staff and requiring search committees to undergo and unconscious bias training.

It also seeks the creation of professorships that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.

To address faculty who experience incidents of unfair treatment, discriminatory practices, and microaggressions, the framework recommends establishing some sort of task force to determine and implement “restorative practices to allow those who have been harmed by behaviors and acts of bias to experience healing and redress.”

The plan may also tackle the literal campus through its recommended “cultural audit of architecture, physical edifices and spaces to ensure they are representative of the diversity that exists within the university community.” The task force would focus especially on building names, the framework states.

The plan also calls for the creation of all-gender restrooms in all existing and future campus facilities and a “centralized office to provide formalized services for DACA students.”

Also on the list of recommendations: increase funding and resources for the Gender and Sexuality Campus Center.

It also calls for the public university to hire more vendors and suppliers using women, minority-owned, veteran and LGBTQIA-led businesses.

The College Fix called and emailed Michigan State University’s media affairs division for comment but has yet to hear back.

MSU spokesperson Dan Olsen told the Lansing State Journal that campus leaders are “exploring the feasibility of those recommendations.”

“The next step is to determine what appropriate metrics should be put forward, and then implementation,” he said.

The framework was released after 18 months of planning, according to a MSU news release.

The Lansing State Journal reports the undertaking was launched “following several incidents of racism and racial bias on campus. In October 2019, a Black student found what appeared to be a toilet paper noose taped to her door in Bryan Hall.”

However the toilet paper noose incident has been debunked as a Halloween prank.

For more on this story, visit The College Fix.

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The Left Turns on Gavin Newsom Over COVID Vaccine “Equity” Plan – RedState

If anything, Gavin Newsom has proved himself to be completely inept as Governor of California, earning him every bit of frustration directed at him as well as the current effort to recall him from office.  Whether it has been homelessness, fires, crime, schools, roads, or any of the other issues on which he has failed, Newsom continues to explain away the ire he faces as “The Republican Recall.” (ProTip:  It isn’t.)  If Newsom were truly convinced of the source of the recall effort, he would know he has nothing to worry about as every Republican in the state could turn out to vote and they would still lose.  Newsom knows he is in trouble, and now it appears that the very base he has been relying on, may be turning on him, as well.

In February, Newsom “outsourced key components of California’s vaccine rollout to the private sector,” according to a report in the Washington Post.  Newsom allocated 28 million dollars for consultants and an insurance company to ensure “equity” in the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines, an effort that allegedly did not affect the distribution of the vaccine.

From the Washington Post:

“Equity is a useful catchphrase, but the work was either nonexistent or completely nontransparent,” said Kim Rhoads, a health advocate and physician researcher at the University of California San Francisco. About 45 percent of eligible Black residents and Latino residents are fully vaccinated in California, according to state data, compared to nearly 60 percent of the eligible White population. “The numbers speak for themselves,” Rhoads said.

I have previously commented on this discrepancy because it is one that the left has created themselves.  I obviously think that government incompetency plays a huge part in this, as well as this idea that people of certain ethnicities are incapable of thinking and making decisions for themselves, I think the problem is deeper than that.  For the last several years, the left has fostered a belief that minorities are victims of government, whether it is from the police, or schools, or the courts.  They have told minorities that they are not to trust government, as government and the institutions of which it is comprised inherently will victimize them.  In many ways, they are not wrong.  They cannot, however, help to spread this belief and then act shocked when minorities actually believe it.

If you think of all the schemes that government has created to get people to get vaccinated, it shows that the distrust they have fostered has now finally come home to roost.  In California, they also created a lottery of prizes for people who had gotten vaccinated.  Furthermore, it is in Newsom’s (and the rest of the CA Government’s) ignorance that they make plans to “increase” equity, without first admitting the government’s role in using Black Americans like lab rats. (See: Tuskegee Experiment.)

The issue isn’t equity.  It is government.  It always has been, and it likely always will be.  As Newsom thinks he can throw money at the situation, there are those on the left who are going to be angry with the fact that he didn’t do more to push for minorities to get vaccinated, and the millions of dollars he spent for plans to do that, might as well have been flushed down our 1.1-gallon low-flush toilets.  Knowing Newsom and the amount of crap he is full of, that likely would have backed up and flooded the restaurant at the French Laundry.

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