Alligator-Wrestling Doctor Convicted in Nasty Fraud Scheme: The Jaw-Dropping Numbers

Dr. Frank Patino is a living example of the saying “the higher you climb, the harder you fall.”

The charismatic character has become known for a variety of things, including his dieting system, his work as a doctor, his support of mixed martial arts, photos showing him wrestling an alligator and his many shirtless photos sprinkled across social media.

But that version of Patino has come to an end. Now his name is being associated with questionable medical practices and one of the largest health care fraud schemes in U.S. history, according to The Detroit News.

Years of investigations uncovered astonishing witness accounts of horrible personal life choices as well as the fact that Patino prescribed far more opioids to his patients than necessary, which were then leaked onto the streets, in exchange for being able to bill their insurance for unnecessary spinal injections.


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“According to the superseding indictment, Patino forced patients to submit to unnecessary and sometimes painful back injections and other procedures in exchange for the opioid prescriptions as part of a scheme to defraud Medicare of over $120 million,” reads a news release from the Department of Justice dated Feb. 26, 2020.

“The superseding indictment alleges that Patino persisted with these unlawful practices even after Medicare informed him that the injections violated Medicare’s rules and after Patino entered into a consent order with the State of Michigan that his prescription of opioids ‘constitute[d] a violation of the public health code.’”

In total, Patino was found to have given out “over 2.2 million dosage units of medically unnecessary prescriptions for addictive opioids,” which included oxycodone, oxymorphone and fentanyl.

In 2016 and 2107, Patino was the doctor who gave out the most 30-milligram Oxycodone pills in the entire state of Michigan.

Originally arrested in 2018, Patino has been sitting in jail for three years as officials were concerned he’d bail and leave the states, utilizing the rumored offshore accounts he’d set up.

The former surgeon, now 66, was reportedly thin and looking much older at a hearing in August, a shadow of his former self.


K9 Fighting for Life After Being Shot Several Times in Line of Duty

According to Forbes, Patino was found guilty by a jury on Wednesday for money laundering and multiple counts of fraud in the amount of $120 million.

His sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 20, and he could face up to life in prison for his crimes.

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Real estate magnate Robert Durst convicted of murder from 21 years ago

A California jury on Friday convicted former real estate tycoon Robert Durst in the 2000 killing of who prosecutors claim was an accomplice in his wife’s mysterious disappearance.

Jurors debated for several hours before returning the verdict. Durst faces the possibility of life in prison without parole. 

Officials claimed that Durst had murdered Susan Berman after she helped him cover up his wife’s disappearance in the early 1980s. Prosecutors had argued that the killing was motivated by fear of Berman’s knowledge of the coverup. 

The trial initially began last year before adjourning for 14 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Real estate heir Robert Durst convicted of murder in California

Article content

A California jury on Friday found multimillionaire real estate heir Robert Durst guilty of murdering his best friend Susan Berman in 2000, the first homicide conviction for a man suspected of killing three people in three states over the past 39 years.

Durst, 78, faces up to life in prison. Superior Court Judge Mark Windham, who oversaw the trial, will set a date for sentencing.

The nine-woman, three-man jury had deliberating for seven and a half hours over three days.

Los Angeles County prosecutors called Durst a “narcissistic psychopath” who killed Berman in an attempt to cover up the disappearance of his wife, Kathleen McCormack Durst, in New York in 1982.


Article content

Durst was only on trial for killing Berman in California, but prosecutors argued he murdered three people: his missing wife, Berman and a neighbor in Texas who discovered his identity at a time when Durst was hiding from the law.

Despite long being a suspect in the disappearance of his wife, a 29-year-old medical student, Durst was never charged. Prosecutors said he killed her then decided to kill Berman 18 years later because she had told others that she helped Durst cover up the crime.

Defense lawyers in turn portrayed Durst, a frail cancer survivor who uses a wheelchair, as a “sick old man,” referencing Durst’s claim he is on the autism spectrum. They noted prosecutors, who questioned him for nine days of cross examination, were unable to produce forensic evidence linking Durst to the murder of Berman, 55, who was shot in the back of her head inside her Beverly Hills home.


Article content

The trial came six years after Durst’s apparent confession in the HBO television documentary series “The Jinx,” in which Durst was caught on a hot microphone in the bathroom saying to himself, “What the hell did I do? … Killed them all, of course.”

In 58 days spread over a year and half, including a one-year suspension after the trial began due to the coronavirus pandemic, prosecutors presented mountains of circumstantial evidence pointing toward Durst, who testified that he discovered Berman’s murdered body when he went to visit her but did not call police.

The prosecution also delved into the 2001 death and dismemberment of Morris Black, who was Durst’s neighbor in Galveston, Texas. A Galveston jury acquitted Durst of murder, even though Durst admitted he chopped up Black’s body and dumped it in Galveston Bay.


Article content

In Texas, and again in the Los Angeles trial, Durst testified that Black pulled a gun on him and was shot accidentally when the two men wrestled over the firearm in Durst’s apartment.

The California prosecutors argued that Durst murdered Black because Black discovered Durst’s identity, and Durst feared Black would turn him in. At the time Durst was using an assumed name and disguising himself as a mute woman because he feared he might be arrested by New York investigators who had reopened the case of his missing wife.

Black’s death marked the second time Durst had a dead body at his feet, according to his own testimony.

In the deaths of both Black and Berman, Durst said he at first tried to call the 911 emergency number but later decided against it, fearing nobody would believe he was not guilty.


Article content

Durst testified from a wheelchair, usually in a jail uniform but also wearing a baggy suit jacket that would have fit properly in his younger, more robust days. His voice weakened by esophageal cancer, he sounded different from the man with a confident New York accent that jurors saw in “The Jinx.”

Hard of hearing, he would often read a simultaneous transcription of the questions on a tablet.

Lead defense attorney Dick DeGuerin attempted to cast doubt on the “killed them all” audio by arguing it was edited and had been kept by the filmmakers for years before it was turned over to the authorities. Durst said the mic failed to record him say “They’ll all think I” before uttering “killed them all.”

Besides “The Jinx” audio, two other pieces of evidence appeared to damage Durst’s defense. One was the recorded 2017 testimony of Nick Chavin, a mutual friend who said Durst admitted to him in 2014 that he had killed Berman.


Article content

“I had to. It was her or me. I had no choice,” Chavin recounted Durst telling him one night after dinner at a New York City restaurant.

Durst also admitted he authored a handwritten letter to Beverly Hills police with the word “cadaver” and Berman’s address, directing them to her undiscovered body. Durst had denied writing the note for 20 years but relented before testimony began, faced with evidence the note was his.

Durst is the grandson of Joseph Durst and son of Seymour Durst, who built The Durst Organization into one of New York City’s premier real estate companies which has developed some of Manhattan’s signature skyscrapers.

Robert Durst long ago left the company, now run by his estranged brother Douglas Durst, who testified at trial and said of his sibling: “He’d like to murder me.” (Reporting by Daniel Trotta; Editing by Cynthia Osterman)



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Convicted Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin Pleads Not Guilty To Latest Charge

The former Minneapolis police officer convicted of murdering George Floyd pleaded not guilty to a civil rights violation Thursday in federal court.

Derek Chauvin was indicted for a 2017 civil rights violation against a 14-year-old boy, according to The Associated Press (AP). Chauvin is accused of using a restraint similar to the one he used against Floyd on the teenager.

The indictment alleges Chauvin held the teenage boy by the throat, hit him in the head with his flashlight, and held his knee on the boy’s neck all while the boy was not resisting, according to AP. (RELATED: Former Cop Charged In George Floyd’s Death Reportedly Eligible For Over $1 Million In Pension Benefits Even If Convicted)

Chauvin wrote in a police report from the encounter that the 6-foot-2-inch, 240-pound 14-year-old resisted arrest, reported AP. The teenage boy reportedly needed two stitches after the encounter.

Chauvin was found guilty of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter April 20 in the death of Floyd. He was later sentenced to 22.5 years in prison June 23.

George Floyd’s death in May 2020 led to protests against police across the nation.

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Two far-left activists convicted of interfering with track control systems in Washington – HotAir

Last year I wrote about two far-left activists who had been caught tampering with train tracks near Bellingham, Washington. Samantha Frances Brooks, 24, and Ellen Brennan Reiche, 28, were caught placing what is called a shunt on the tracks. A shunt is basically just a piece of wire which is connected from one side of the track to the other. That action mimics the electrical signal that is generated when a train passes over the tracks and confuses the automatic control system which is designed to prevent trains from crashing into one another.

As I noted when the pair were caught, there had been more than 40 such shunts were placed on tracks nearly Bellingham last year. In one case a train carrying hazardous materials was fooled into automatically breaking (thinking there was another train up ahead). The breaking was so sudden that one of the couplings came apart and the train was separated into two parts. Authorities noted that this could have led to a derailment in a residential area. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.

While local authorities and a joint terrorism task force (JTTF) were trying to figure out who was responsible, someone wrote an anonymous letter to It’s Going Down, the pro-Antifa news site. That letter described placing shuts on tracks in Washington and encouraged others to do likewise to show solidarity with an indigenous protest that was taking place in Canada at the time. I wrote about the Canadian protests here.

In any case, Brooks and Ellen Brennan Reiche were caught last November by accident because they stepped in front of a game camera:

The camera transmitted a photo showing one person standing on the tracks and what looked like a second person crouched over the tracks. Deputies were sent to investigate and while they were headed to the location a Deputy Chief opened his laptop and witnesses a track signal appear and disappear at the location where the individuals had just been seen, as if someone were tampering with the tracks. At that point he contacted the JTTF task force.

When authorities arrived at the location, Brooks and Reiche tried to run for it but stopped after police identified themselves. They claimed they had lost their keys and were looking for them on the tracks. Asked if they had a flashlight or a phone to help them look, Reiche said she’d left her phone in her car nearby. Authorities looked at the car and took a photo of the “Indigenous Land” sticker above on the bumper (see above). Remember, these track shunt actions were originally done in solidarity with indigenous protesters in Canada.

Police found a shunt on the tracks in exactly the location where the photo had been triggered earlier and Reiche was holding a paper bag that contained rubber gloves, a Makita drill with a wire brush attachment and some insulated wire “similar to what had been used in previous shunting incidents.” Authorities noted that in previous incidents the tracks had been scuffed with something like a wire brush to ensure a solid connection to the wire.

They were caught red handed. Brooks pleaded guilty on July 9 of this year and Reiche, who was a former field organizer for Washington state Democrats, was tried and found guilty by a jury last week:

A 28-year-old Bellingham, Washington woman was convicted today in U.S. District Court in Seattle of violence against a railroad carrier, announced Acting U.S. Attorney Tessa M. Gorman. Ellen Brennan Reiche, was one of two people arrested on the BNSF Railway tracks near Bellingham, near midnight on November 28, 2020. Reiche was convicted of placing a ‘shunt’ – a device that interferes with train signals – on the tracks. The jury deliberated about three hours following the two-day trial. Reiche faces up to 20 years in prison when sentenced by Chief U.S. District Judge Ricardo S. Martinez on December 17, 2021…

In her closing argument, Assistant United States Attorney Sok Jiang told the jury, Reiche “disrupted the signal system designed to stop trains from crashing into each other or crashing into cars…. A car driving through the intersection (near the shunt) would not have warning that a train was coming.”

Brooks will be sentenced next month and is also facing up to 20 years, though I assume because she pleaded guilty her sentence will be lighter than Reiche’s.

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Dems Elect Convicted Murderer Who Is Still In Jail

Joel Caston was elected to serve on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission in DC.

Caston received 35-years-to life for committing murder at the age of 18. He was also a drug dealer at the time.

Caston is currently still in jail but he is up for parole in December.

Conservative Brief reported: 

TRENDING: Full VIDEO: The Gateway Pundit Interviews President Donald Trump (Updated)

Voters in Washington, D.C., chose a convicted murderer who is still serving time in prison to serve on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission.

Joel Caston, who was elected commissioner for 7F07 in Ward 7, told the Washington Informer that things were “going well” and he has a new appreciation for elected officials.

“Working a few weeks as a commissioner makes me realize the hard work elected officials perform. It makes me respect public officials even more. As an elected official, you are navigating moving pieces. Plus, you are constantly meeting with your constituents and colleagues,” he said.

Caston has been behind bars since 1994 for first-degree murder; he received a 35-years-to-life sentence in 1996, but he’s up for parole in December.

This comes thanks to liberal voting laws in Washington, D.C.

Prisoners are now allowed to cast ballots from jail.

Caston got 47 votes from his fellow inmates.

100percentfedup reported:

Thanks to the liberals in Washington DC who passed a law allowing prisoners to vote in elections, Carson won his election in a landslide, picking up 47 of the 48 votes he received from fellow prisoners.

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Woman convicted in Slender Man attack to be released Monday

One of the two Wisconsin teens convicted in the 2014 “Slender Man” stabbing will be released from custody on Monday, following a judge’s ruling. 

Anissa Weier, 19, was convicted in 2014 in the attempted murder of her classmate, alongside her codefendant Morgan Geyser. Both admitted to stabbing their classmate repeatedly in an effort to please a fictional online horror character by the name of Slender Man. 

Weier was sentenced to 25 years in a Wisconsin psychiatric facility for her part in the attack. According to the Associated Press, the teen was granted early release by a Waukesha County Judge Michael Bohren citing her improved mental health condition. 

Weier is not completely free, however. The judge ordered her to a conditional release program which includes GPS monitoring, supervised living arrangements with her parents, and continued psychiatric care.

Because of the nature of the crime, the judge did order that Weier be restricted from using the internet outside her home, and directed the state Department of Corrections to monitor her social media activity. 


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CONVICTED RAPIST Reached The U.S. On Afghan Evacuation Flight With Potential Terrorists

It seems that he will remain in our country due to the power of parole, special permission that is supposed to be reserved for exceptional humanitarian cases.

This is just one rapist that was discovered. How many convicted rapists and terrorists on watchlists slipped through the gaping holes?

Of the more than 120,000 evacuated, only 5% or less were Americans. The other Americans were left stranded in Terror-led Afghanistan.

A man who had been convicted of rape and deported from the U.S. was allowed to board an Afghan evacuation flight and reach America, law enforcement sources say.

When American citizens were having trouble catching flights out of Kabul, Ghader Heydari made it on an Ethiopian Airlines charter flight for evacuees.

Border officials flagged the 47-year-old on his arrival at Washington Dulles International Airport. They appear to be the first to have spotted his criminal and immigration history and derailed his entry.

They are bringing far too many people in far too quickly to be able to effectively vet them,” said Ken Cuccinelli, a deputy secretary at Homeland Security in the Trump administration.

Heydari’s exact path to entry is not clear, though it’s unlikely he holds a Special Immigrant Visa. Those were reserved for Afghans who provided significant support for the U.S. in the war effort.

It’s also not likely he is a refugee, given his immigration history.

That leaves parole, a power the homeland security secretary has to grant admission to the U.S. in exceptional humanitarian cases. Most Afghans evacuated to the U.S. appear to be parolees rather than having official immigration status.

The Times has reached out for comment from the Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection, the agency that mans the ports of entry, including Dulles.

A senior administration official briefing reporters last week said security checks were supposed to be completed outside the U.S.

“That happens at the transit hubs, and it happens before individuals are allowed into the United States,” the official said. “That’s, in particular, with the biometric and biographic security screenings that our colleagues in the intelligence community and law enforcement and other counterterrorism components of our government are doing.

So that is where we are doing that work to ensure that however it is — whatever is happening on the ground at HKIA, before individuals are allowed into the United States, they receive that security vetting,” the official said, using the acronym for Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Either that process wasn’t followed in the case of Heydari or his rape conviction and deportation weren’t enough to keep him off the evacuee flight.

Heydari came to the U.S. as a refugee sometime in the previous century and was granted a green card in 2000.

A man whose name and age match Heydari‘s pleaded guilty to rape in Ada County, Idaho, in 2010. He served more than five years in a state prison and was released on supervision in December 2015, according to state records.

He was ordered deported by an immigration judge in 2016 and was removed in 2017.

When Heydari arrived in the U.S. on the evacuation flight, officials tried to persuade him to cancel his request to enter, formally known as withdrawal of application for admission, but he appears to have refused.

The U.S. ended its military mission Monday after evacuating more than 116,000 people since Aug. 14. Only a tiny fraction — 6,000 to 7,000 — were Americans. Hundreds of Americans who wanted to leave were stranded as the final flight departed, though U.S. officials said they had plans to help them.

Many of the evacuees were Afghans. Some, like Heydari, have been airlifted to the U.S. Others were taken to third countries for more processing.

Security analysts have warned of the danger involved with the massive airlift of people from Afghanistan to the U.S. and holes in vetting.

The airlift was billed as a chance to get Afghans who assisted the U.S. war effort out of the country as part of a promise for their help. Those Afghans are supposed to be eligible for the Special Immigrant Visa.

But the airlift turned into a free-for-all. Relatively few Afghans brought to the U.S. have been approved for SIVs or cleared as refugees. Most appear to have been entered under Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ power of parole, special permission that is supposed to be reserved for exceptional humanitarian cases.

Rep. Thomas P. Tiffany, Wisconsin Republican, toured Fort McCoy in his home state on Friday. Of the 2,000 Afghans being held there, not a single one was an SIV holder, he said.

“I still do not have a clear idea of the vetting process. They say that people are fully vetted, but we ask what does that mean? We take biometric data, those type of things, but I said what do you tie it back to?” Mr. Tiffany told The Washington Times.

Given that the Afghan government has fallen and the Taliban are now in charge, it’s not clear what access the U.S. has to verify records.

“We want to know what people’s history is, and I get the sense they’re just pushing these people through,” Mr. Tiffany said.

A lack of information was the same issue the U.S. faced during the Obama years when the administration vowed to welcome tens of thousands of Syrians escaping their country’s civil war but struggled to vet them with a government the U.S. was trying to topple.

Authorities have spotted some potential security risks among the Afghan evacuees.

More than 100 prospective SIV recipients were flagged as potential matches to names on U.S. intelligence watch lists, Defense One reported.

One man evacuated from Kabul has potential ties to the Islamic State group. That person was evacuated from Afghanistan to another country to undergo vetting. Unlike Heydari, he was not brought onto U.S. soil.

Donald Trump Jr. shared the article on Twitter with this message.

The Gateway Pundit reported last week that, at least 100 evacuees out of thousands who fled the country are currently on the U.S. terror watch list and at least one evacuee has ties to ISIS.

These unvetted “refugees” are terrorists and criminals, and some have already been deported for their lewd and violent behavior.

President Trump says that this level of incompetence and destruction will lead to another 9/11 attack that we need to be prepared for.

This is all on our leadership. They actually trusted the Taliban to vet evacuees and safely evacuate Americans. Instead, The Taliban blocked Americans and pushed extremists to the front.

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Great. Deported convicted rapist makes it to U.S. with evacuation – HotAir

It’s not as if we weren’t aware that some of this would be going on, but I’ll confess that I didn’t think these stories would start coming out so quickly. It’s also worth suggesting that if we have to take one from column A or one from column B, I suppose I’ll go with a criminal illegal alien than an actual member of ISIS. But it’s still not a great situation. The incident in question, reported at the Daily Wire, involves 47-year old Ghader Heydari. He emigrated to the United States in the 90s and somehow qualified for a green card in 2000. But he pleaded guilty to a rape in Idaho in 2010. After serving five years in prison, he was released but his green card was revoked (obviously). He was ordered to be deported, which happened in 2017.

Fast forward a few years and Heydari somehow winds up back in Afghanistan. Then, during the disaster we saw unfold this month in Kabul, he somehow winds up on an Ethiopian refugee flight out of the country. Where does he wind up next? You guessed it. Washington Dulles International Airport. Thankfully, his name raised a red flag and he was arrested yet again.

A man who boarded an evacuation flight out of Afghanistan has been detained by U.S. law enforcement officials on U.S. soil after it was discovered that he was previously deported after being convicted of rape.

“When American citizens were having trouble catching flights out of Kabul, Ghader Heydari made it on an Ethiopian Airlines charter flight for evacuees,” The Washington Times’s Stephen Dinan reported. “Border officials flagged the 47-year-old on his arrival at Washington Dulles International Airport. They appear to be the first to have spotted his criminal and immigration history and derailed his entry.”

The report said that Heydari was being held at the Caroline Detention Facility in Bowling Green, Virginia and that it’s not clear how he got on the flight given that it was “unlikely” that he had a Special Immigrant Visa or that he was a refugee.

We can perhaps take some comfort from this story in the fact that the system seems to have worked, albeit a bit after the fact. Heydari was eventually flagged and not allowed to simply disappear into the interior of the country and he can now be processed like any other criminal illegal alien.

But the process seems to have failed at several stages so officials are seeking answers to a number of questions. It’s virtually impossible that he would have been granted a Special Immigrant Visa given his previous history. So why was he put on one of the flights heading to the United States rather than being held in a third country while his background was checked? One possibility is that he was granted parole by DHS, which can be done during a humanitarian crisis.

Another possibility is that there was just so much panic and confusion during the final days and hours of the evacuation that people were just being waived through if there was room on the flight for anyone. Or it could be a combination of both of those factors. But that doesn’t explain how he got on the second flight to Washington.

Don’t take this as a suggestion that a comparative handful of these cases (and there have been others already) means we shouldn’t have evacuated or rescued anyone. It’s just an acknowledgment that we still have to run down all of the names and check them against all of the available records. It’s a time-consuming process and the odds are that we’ll miss some bad apples here and there, but we obviously have the ability to do at least some level of competent screening if we caught this guy. Far more worrisome is the possibility that the next guy we don’t catch during screening actually will turn out to be an ISIS agent.

Given enough time, we’ll get this all sorted out. And sooner or later we should get some answers as to how the situation in Afghanistan was allowed to fly so far out of control so quickly. Or at least I hope so. You might want to keep your fingers crossed for a bit longer on that one.

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Convicted Rapist Who Was Previously Deported Ends Up in US After Boarding Kabul Evacuation Flight: Report

A convicted rapist previously deported from the U.S. recently returned on an evacuation flight from Kabul, Afghanistan, according to a new report.

The Washington Times reported Monday that Ghader Heydari, 47, boarded an Ethiopian Airlines charter flight for evacuees from Kabul and “was flagged by border officials on his arrival at Dulles Airport, who appear to be the first to have spotted his criminal and immigration history and derailed his entry.”

Heydari is reportedly being held in Bowling Green, Virginia, at the Caroline Detention Facility.

In 2010, a man matching Heydari’s name and age pled guilty to rape in Ada County, Idaho. He served more than five years in prison before being released in 2015 and was deported in 2017, according to the report.

The news comes after Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz toured the Fort Bliss military base in El Paso, Texas, on Friday, arguing Afghan refugees should not come to the United States without a full security vetting.


Coroner Confirms COVID Vaccine at Fault for News Presenter’s Death

“Touring the Dona Ana camp at Fort Bliss this morning, where Biden admin plans to house 10,000 Afghan refugees,” Cruz tweeted.

“We should rescue Afghans who’ve assisted the US military, but they should go to a neutral & safe third country. They should NOT come to US w/o a FULL security vetting.”

Cruz’s comment followed a leaked State Department cable reported on Tuesday that noted less than seven percent of the Afghanistan evacuees on Aug. 23 were Americans.

Should Afghan refugees be fully vetted before entering the United States?

The Biden administration airlifted thousands of refugees while U.S. citizens remained trapped in the nation controlled by the Taliban, according to the report.

“NEW: Leaked State cable with evacuation numbers (as of Aug 23 at 1500 ET): Total manifested since midnight Kabul AUG 23: 483 AMCITS, 6,425 Afghans natls, 8 3rd country/unknown. Total = 6,916,” Politico reporter Alex Ward tweeted on Tuesday.

“Total manifested since op began: 4,407 AMCITS, 21,533 Afghans, 642 TCNs. Total = 26,582.”


Senator Dubs Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle ‘The Mona Lisa of Incompetence’

Some Americans are concerned over the number of Afghan refugees that will be living on U.S. military bases.

“Pentagon: Afghan refugees will be housed at McGuire AFB in New Jersey, in addition to Fort McCoy in Wis., Fort Bliss in Texas and Fort Lee, Va.,” Lucas Tomlinson, the Pentagon correspondent for Fox News, tweeted on Monday.

“US military installations at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, Fort Lee, Virginia, Joint Base McGuire-Dix, Lakehurst, New Jersey, and Fort Bliss, Texas are taking Afghans as they come into the US for further processing,” CNN reported.

On Friday, three additional military bases were added.

“The Department of Defense has authorized two additional military installations in Virginia to house Afghan refugees — Marine Corps Base Quantico and Fort Pickett, a National Guard training center an hour southwest of Richmond,” reported.

“And Pentagon spokesman John Kirby announced Friday that Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, also has been added to the list.”

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