DHS Touts Counter-Domestic Extremism Plan, But Rights Groups Fear Threats to Civil Liberties

At the Sept. 21 Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing on counterterrorism, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas touted a raft of new programs aimed at combating domestic extremism—many of which are raising red flags among interest groups across the political spectrum.

The new DHS plans follow a March 2021 intelligence community report that deems white supremacy and violent domestic extremism as the most dangerous terrorism threat to the homeland. Mayorkas made similar statements at the Sept. 21 hearing.

“Today, U.S.-based lone actors and small groups, including homegrown violent extremists and domestic violent extremists—who are inspired by a broad range of ideological motivations—pose the most significant and persistent terrorism-related threat to our country,” Mayorkas said.

According to Mayorkas, these “broad range of ideological motivations” include “racial bias, perceived government overreach, conspiracy theories promoting violence, and false narratives about unsubstantiated fraud in the 2020 presidential election.”

Mayorkas did not explain what he meant by “perceived government overreach” or “conspiracy theories promoting violence.” He did, however, assure lawmakers that his department is working hard to combat these perceived threats.

One of the major programs touted by Mayorkas is the newly branded DHS Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships (CP3), formerly known as the Office for Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention. In conjunction with this, the DHS is in the midst of a $77 million grant program aimed at providing state and local institutions with tools to counter extremism.

The DHS first announced CP3 in May along with a new dedicated domestic terrorism branch within the Department’s Office of Intelligence & Analysis (I&A). Mayorkas told the Homeland Security Committee that CP3 is helping expand the department’s ability to prevent terrorism and targeted violence “through the development of local prevention frameworks.”

“Through CP3, we are leveraging community-based partnerships and evidence-based tools to address early-risk factors and ensure individuals receive help before they radicalize to violence,” he said.

However, Mayorkas did not go into detail about other elements of CP3—elements that various interest groups say pose a threat to liberty.

Among the details not discussed are what CP3 says on its own site—that it “leverages behavioral threat assessment and management tools, and addresses early-risk factors that can lead to radicalization to violence.”

According to human rights activist Ed Hasbrouck, consultant to the non-profit Identity Project, this mission amounts to a pre-crime program.

“CP3’s attempts to predict future crimes are to be based on behavioral patterns— i.e., profiling—and on encouraging members of the public to inform on their families, friends, and classmates,” Hasbrouck wrote when CP3 was first announced.

“The problem, of course is that the law does not permit prosecution based solely on patterns of lawful behavior,” he wrote. “With good reason: ‘precrime’ prediction is a figment of the imagination of the creators of a dystopian fantasy movie, ‘Minority Report.’”

The Brennan Center for Justice has expressed similar concerns. Far from a conservative group, the Brennan Center agrees with the DHS and FBI that domestic extremism is a rising threat.

“Over the past five years, from Charlottesville to Pittsburgh to El Paso, attacks by people who reject our multiracial democracy have shaken our country to its core and sparked conversation about how best to address far-right violence,” the group said in a June report.

“The Trump administration, which stoked the flames of white supremacy, ended with the ransacking of the U.S. Capitol as Congress was certifying Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory.”

But the Brennan Center said CP3 and the Biden administration’s overall approach to countering domestic extremism—enhanced surveillance, profiling and the like—are the same draconian tactics government used against Muslims post-9/11.

“At a time when jurisdictions around the country are considering how to reduce law enforcement involvement in mental health and social issues, CP3 prevention activities take the opposite approach. They create structures to bring a broad range of concerns about mental health and socioeconomic conditions to the attention of law enforcement as indicators of criminality without normal safeguards,” the Brennan Center said in its June 69-page report on the issue.

Not only are the DHS/Biden plans a threat to civil liberties; they’re also proven to be ineffective, the Brennan Center said.

The Brennan Center report paid particular focus to DHS “fusion centers”—law enforcement compounds scattered throughout the United States that seek to integrate federal, state, and local intelligence. The goal of fusion centers is to create partnerships between varying agencies and the private sector to share intelligence on threats to public safety so that law enforcement has the whole picture and can “connect the dots.”

Citing congressional reports from 2012, the Brennan Center said these fusion centers have proven to be ineffective. Those reports found that the DHS spent between $289 million and $1.4 billion in public funds to support state and local fusion centers since 2003, with little results to show.

“Instead of looking for terrorist threats, fusion centers were monitoring lawful political and religious activity. That year, the Virginia Fusion Center described a Muslim get-out–the-vote campaign as ‘subversive,’” the Brennan Center said in its June report. “In 2009, the North Central Texas Fusion Center identified lobbying by Muslim groups as a possible threat.”

Seemingly little has improved since then.

Just earlier this month, NBC News revealed an investigation into fusion centers. The report starts with an anecdote of Mike Sena, the president of the National Fusion Center Association, bragging that Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (NCRIC) helped stop a mall in Santa Clara.

The NBC News found that Sena was apparently stretching the extent to which his fusion center helped.

“We don’t have any information showing that NCRIC was involved,” said Steven Aponte, a San Jose Police Department spokesperson.

The Brennan Center says in its June report that the Biden administration is inappropriately involving law enforcement in social problems and should focus on “community investment, not criminalization.”

“Communities around the United States should not need to sign up for a counterterrorism program to get resources for their schools, universities, places of worship, or social institutions,” the Brennan Center said.

“Government commitments should directly address these as social problems rather than treat those experiencing them as potential violent criminals, and should wall off programs addressing social ills from law enforcement across levels of government.”


Ken Silva covers national security issues for The Epoch Times. His reporting background also includes cybersecurity, crime and offshore finance – including three years as a reporter in the British Virgin Islands and two years in the Cayman Islands. Contact him at ken.silva@epochtimes.us

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Sec. Mayorkas Demonstrates His Absolute Cowardice in Front of Congress – RedState

Day three of “whip-gate” is upon us despite the fact that we’ve had all the facts concerning the outrage since the moment it started. Border Patrol agents on horseback were doing crowd control and twirling their reins, a taught technique to keep illegal immigrants from getting too close and being harmed by the horses.

Yet, because everything must be turned into a racial issue these days, the media immediately ran with the false narrative that white guys on horses were whipping black guys. “It’s just like slavery,” they screamed from their primetime TV slots.

But while that kind of ridiculous outrage was expected from the low-intellect crowd in the national media, what was far worse was the fact that the White House didn’t come to the defense of the CBP agents involved. Instead, they’ve been playing into the false narrative from the beginning, likely seeing it as a useful distraction from the actual humanitarian disaster at the border they’ve caused.

Today, DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas continued to slander the Border Patrol, this time in front of Congress in what can only be described as a gross spectacle.

This is total cowardice. Those CBP agents report to Mayorkas and were just doing their job. They were following policies overseen by DHS that are in place to actually keep the illegal immigrants safe. For Mayorkas to not forcefully defend his agents by explaining to Congress exactly what happened is just sick stuff. He knows the facts. He knows that crowd control is necessary when you have tens of thousands of people crossing the border illegally at one geographical location.

Further, Mayorkas knows that a rein being twirled is nowhere near the most important issue at the border right now. Yet, this absolute political hack is playing into the media’s narrative precisely because he thinks it will protect him and Joe Biden from their failures. There’s being cynical and then there’s whatever that is.

Those CBP agents aren’t robots. They are people with careers and families. To drag them through the mud while knowing they did nothing wrong is pathological, but nothing about this administration surprises me anymore.

Later, Mayorkas also mentioned “domestic terrorism” because citing non-existent threats to distract from real ones is what the federal government does at this point.

It’s so prominent that most people probably can’t even name the last “domestic terrorist” attack that took a life. And good luck even defining domestic terrorism in this case. It seems to be a label the government applies when convenient, not when factually necessary.

While I don’t doubt there are some crazy people out there, it’s clear that the “threat” posed by them is incredibly overstated to the point of absurdity. Thousands of people a year die in gang-related killings. How about doubling the number of investigations on that front instead of continuing to obsess over so-called “violent extremism” that hardly ever seems to materialize.

But I digress, Mayorkas is unfit. He has no business holding the role he holds, and his betrayal of the law enforcement officials who serve him proves that.

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White House Border Narrative Collapses as Reporter Again Corrects Psaki and Even CNN Calls out Mayorkas – RedState

We reported Monday on some pretty insane claims being made by various White House officials regarding matters directly related to the ongoing southern border crisis.

There was press secretary Jen Psaki, who told Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy the White House had a COVID assessment policy that was working at the border in part because Title 42 was still in place.

“We are expelling individuals based on Title 42, specifically because of COVID, because we want to prevent a scenario where large numbers of people are gathering,” she stated.

Then later there was Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas proclaiming that “our borders are not open,” easily a contender for the “lie of the year.”

As noted yesterday, Doocy’s colleague Bill Melugin wasted no time in knocking down Mayorkas’ claim, stating that “I can tell you that is a tough pill for border agents to swallow. They talk to us off the record and they roll their eyes,” and then gesturing to the thousands of illegal immigrants camped out at the Del Rio, Texas/Mexico border behind him as evidence that Mayorkas was being dishonest.

He also debunked Psaki’s claim, noting that it’s “not always” true that migrants are expelled under Title 42. “Tens of thousands have been released,” he reported while confirming during a live segment that there were “no vaccine mandates” and there was “no COVID testing” going on at the southern border.

Unfortunately for the Biden White House, their official narratives about the deteriorating situation at the border continue to crumble as even CNN is not letting them get by on not calling out the out of control disaster for what it is:

Melugin, too, weighed in again, correcting Psaki on her bizarre statement about foreign nationals being treated differently than migrants on COVID testing and proof of vaccination because migrants are “not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time”:

In short, the lies being uttered by this White House about the border crisis are being debunked rapid-fire now, almost before they can even tell them. While Melugin has been a consistent media force against the Biden administration’s routine gaslighting on the border crisis going back months, CNN is a new participant in the reality checks, proving once again that even the Biden Apologist News Network has its limits as to what they’ll accept at face value from the Biden team.

When you’re a Democrat and you’ve lost CNN…

Related: Joe Biden is Avoiding the Media Again and Reporters Are Starting to Notice

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Fox News Reporter Bill Melugin Busts Mayorkas, Psaki Big Time on Ridiculous Border Claims – RedState

There’s your standard gaslighting and then there is the Biden White House’s gaslighting, which many in the administration have turned into an art form as we’ve seen just in the last 24 hours alone.

First, it was White House press secretary Jen Psaki responding to questions from Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy about why there was a different standard for foreign nationals traveling to the United States and illegal immigrants crossing the southern border into the United States in terms of requiring proof of a recent negative COVID test as well as proof of full vaccination status.

Foreign nationals are now required to have both to gain entry into the country while the migrants surging across the southern border are treated much differently, with no such standard. Here’s how Psaki responded:

“As individuals come across the border, they are both assessed for whether they have any symptoms, if they have symptoms, the intention is for them to have to be quarantined,” Psaki said, referring to migrants crossing into the U.S. “That is our process.”

When pressed further, Psaki said the situations could not be compared.

“They are not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time,” she said. “I don’t think it’s the same thing. It is not the same thing.”

Then later there was DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas proclaiming as the cameras rolled that “our borders are not open.” If the situation weren’t so deadly serious and dire, it would be a laughable claim, but it’s not funny at all, and the videos taken over the last several days prove the point, with the humanitarian crisis growing by the hour.

Bill Melugin, a Fox News reporter who has been on the ground reporting live on the deteriorating situation at the border for weeks now, heard about the statements from Psaki and Mayorkas and fact-checked them both on Twitter and in various live segments on the network:

Townhall.com senior writer Julio Rosas has also done extensive on-the-scene reporting from the border, and shared this video of him questioning Mayorkas and Mayorkas dodging the question:

Melugin’s response to Mayorkas remarks to Rosas? “Unbelievable.”

Who are you going to believe? Guys who have all but literally been embedded with illegal immigrants and border patrol agents day and night for months now oftentimes under very dangerous conditions or an administration that would rather gaslight than give some much-needed straight talk? I know which ones I’ll trust.

Related/Flashback: Reporter Blows White House Script on Release of COVID-Positive Migrants Right out of the Water

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DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Signals the Tame Media to Begin Gaslighting America by Proclaiming ‘Our Borders Are Not Open’ – RedState

Like so many other disasters unfolding under the inept, malicious, ice cream-fueled regime of “President” Joe Biden, it is sort of difficult to comprehend the scope of what is happening. Try this from the imminently Democrat- and Biden-friendly, tame, and thoroughly stump-broke crew at Good Morning America.

This crisis is merely the tip of the iceberg. For the past eight months, the Biden bunch has deliberately sabotaged a relatively orderly border situation bequeathed to them by our last actual President in favor of attracting as many new Democrat voters as possible before 2022.

The situation around the Del Rio bridge is so out of control that the Biden White House directed the Federal Aviation Administration to shut down the airspace so that Fox News could no longer use their drone to transmit video of what was happening (see Fox Reporter Outfoxes Biden FAA After They Try to Stop His Drone Coverage of Huge Illegal Alien Influx). Think about that for a moment. The Biden White House was so terrified of what was happening on the border that it took action to prevent the media from reporting on it. In fairness, this only affected Fox News, specifically Bill Melugin of Fox’s Los Angeles affiliate, because no one else seems curious. Still, this is the kind of thing that one expects in the banana republic that Biden is trying to create here (we already have fraudulent, pre-planned election outcomes).

Now Department of Homeland Security (hah!) Alejandro Mayorkas has been dispatched to the border to say that everyone needs to move along because there is nothing to see here.

“Our borders are not open.”

Really, Scooter? Because if the border was open, I’m not how it would look all that different from what we see right now.

According to news reports, the only people in danger of deportation are Haitians (why, you might ask yourself, would they be singled out?) with catch-and-release being in full effect for everyone else.

This is just another of those things where the overly clever, amoral,  high-functioning imbeciles with which Joey Soft Serve has surrounded himself have been overwhelmed by easily foreseeable events. The signals that Biden and his fluffers gave early in his maladministration clearly encouraged illegal immigration. His flaccid response to the challenge at the border just confirmed how weak and silly he is. And now we’re on the brink of a full-blown humanitarian crisis where people could die. But, as we’ve seen with Afghanistan and the Wuhan virus, the one thing this bunch is good at is killing folks to make a point.

But you can bet, just as the bought-and-paid-for stenographers tried to portray the Afghanistan disaster as another Berlin Airlift (see If You Think Afghanistan Is a Disaster You’re Missing the Big Picture. Get Ready to Be Told It Is the New Berlin Airlift), they are going to report Mayorkas’ lies as the truth and demand that we all believe it.




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Homeland Security Secretary to Travel to Mexico Border

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas plans to travel to the U.S.–Mexico border amid the illegal immigration crisis there.

“I will be traveling to the border myself,” Mayorkas said on CNN on Sunday.

Mayorkas did not say when or where he would be going and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) did not respond to emailed questions.

Thousands of illegal immigrants, many from Haiti, have amassed in recent days under the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas, highlighting the Biden administration’s failure to stem the surge in illegal immigration since President Joe Biden took office in January.

Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano, a Democrat, has repeatedly appealed to administration officials to take notice of what’s happening, singling out Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Lozano said he updated Mayorkas on the latest updates on Sunday morning and was “grateful to receive an immediate plan of action.”

Illegal immigrants bathe and play on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande, the international boundary with Mexico, in Del Rio, Texas, on Sept. 18, 2021. (Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times)
Epoch Times Photo
Thousands of illegal immigrants amass in Del Rio, Texas, on Sept. 16, 2021. (Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times)

DHS closed checkpoints in Texas on Friday and began expelling some of the immigrants over the weekend.

The agency surged some 400 agents and officers to the area to try to get the situation under control. It also helped move thousands of the immigrants to other processing locations to alleviate the crush in Del Rio and started talks with the immigrants’ home countries on accepting them back. The White House, meanwhile, directed federal agencies to work with the Haitian government and other governments to provide assistance to immigrants once they’re flown back to where they came from.

Beyond those steps, “the Biden Administration has reiterated that our borders are not open, and people should not make the dangerous journey,” DHS said in a statement Saturday, adding, “Individuals and families are subject to border restrictions, including expulsion. Irregular migration poses a significant threat to the health and welfare of border communities and to the lives of migrants themselves, and should not be attempted.”

“We certainly are experiencing a challenging situation, but we are surging resources and we have a multi-pronged approach to this,” Mayorkas said on CNN. He also said the Department of Defense was going to provide resources; the department did not return an inquiry.

Mayorkas said Haitians who arrived before July 29 would get temporary protected status but that those who arrived later would be repatriated.

The White House has not commented on the situation. White House press secretary Jen Psaki did not hold a briefing on Friday. Biden left Washington Friday for a weekend vacation in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where he ignored questions from pool reporters. Harris appeared at a college football game in Washington on Saturday to do the coin toss.

Zachary Stieber


Zachary Stieber covers U.S. news, including politics and court cases. He started at The Epoch Times as a New York City metro reporter.

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President Biden Is Presiding Over the Worst Surge of Illegal Immigration in America’s History – RedState

President Joe Biden is making history in more ways than one. Not only is his administration involved in a horrifically botched attempt to extricate U.S. citizens, allies, and troops from Afghanistan, it is also presiding over the absolute worst surge in illegal immigration in the nation’s history.

Princeton Policy Advisors recently released a report showing a dramatic upswing in apprehensions at the border.  Author Steven Kopits noted the sharp increase in border apprehensions in July:

Customs and Border Protection reports that Border Patrol apprehended 199,777 persons at the US southwest border in July. This represents an increase of 21,000 over June and was 23,000 higher than our dire forecast of one month ago. Further, July apprehensions were nearly twice the level of the next highest July in the last twenty years, that is, July 2000 of the Clinton administration, when 114,000 migrants were arrested.

Kopits goes on to state that Princeton Policy Advisors “can now make plausible forecasts for the balance of the fiscal and calendar year based upon 2000, the prior worst year in US history.”

Of the fiscal year ending September 30, Kopits noted that it would “rank as only the fourth worst year in US history.” He pointed out that former President Donald Trump was in office for four months during this fiscal year, which may have explained why the numbers weren’t worse.

However, the 2021 calendar year is a different story.

Kopits wrote:

Calendar year 2021 will almost certainly be recorded, by a large margin, as the worst in US history for southwest border apprehensions. The administration is currently tracking 1.75 – 1.80 million apprehensions at the border, as much as 200,000 higher than the next closest year. Barring a draconian change of policy, a record for the calendar year is all but in the bag.

To those who have been paying attention, this projection is not exactly a shocker. Shortly after taking office, President Biden began dismantling most of the policies and programs put in place by the Trump administration. In an effort to appear as the anti-Trump, Biden reversed procedures that were curbing the flow of illegals into the United States.

Indeed, it was Biden’s rhetoric and actions upon becoming president that resulted in the swarm of migrants surging at the border. The Democrats have repeatedly denied that the president’s conduct attracted migrants to make the perilous journey to the southern border. But all it took was footage and pictures of migrants marching to the border wearing t-shirts which read “Biden Let Us In,” to debunk that particular claim.

Even worse, this state of affairs has made life difficult for agents working with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Border Patrol. Both agencies are stretched thin, which has provided more opportunities for illegals to cross the southern border. While the administration has constantly downplayed the severity of this issue, there have been indications that they are fully aware of how dire the situation is.

Leaked footage showed Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitting that “if our borders are the first line of defense, we’re going to lose and this is unsustainable.”

The administration has begun taking some steps to decrease the flow of individuals trying to enter the country illegally. A couple of weeks ago, White House press secretary Jen Psaki explained that the U.S. is now flying those caught trying to illegally cross the border into Mexico’s interior – further away from the border. This is intended to discourage these folks from making repeated attempts to violate America’s immigration laws. However, it seems that it is too late at this moment.

As the border crisis worsens, it will become nearly impossible for the Biden administration to continue lying about it. At some point, this issue will come to a head and something will need to be done. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the president is up to the task so the nation might not see any real action until 2024.

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20 House Republicans slam ‘wide-open border,’ press DHS Secretary Mayorkas for info amid ongoing crisis

In a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, 20 House Republicans demanded information related to the massive migrant influx along the nation’s southern border.

The legislators noted that if they do not receive the response to their various inquiries by Sept. 6, they will take action to require the department to respond.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported a whopping 188,829 southwest land border encounters for the month of June. A court filing last week noted that according to preliminary data, CBP probably encountered around 210,000 people in July.

“These numbers are appalling and are a direct result of the Biden Administration’s weak border policies and your lackluster performance as the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. DHS’s mission is ‘with honor and integrity, we will safeguard the American people, our homeland, and our values.’ Frankly, you are not fulfilling that mission,” the letter stated.

The lawmakers sought various pieces of information, including a tally of migrants who illegally entered the country and got taken into CBP custody since Jan. 20, the amount of federal funds obligated or spent in connection with caring for migrants who illegally entered the U.S. since that date, and more.

Jan. 20 is the date that President Biden was inaugurated as the 46th U.S. president.

The lawmakers asked about the amount of migrants who illegally entered America since that date “who were apprehended by CBP and have a connection to a Mexican drug cartel,” and they sought other information as well.

The letter declared, “We request that you respond to the below questions by September 6, 2021. If no response is received, we intend to introduce a resolution of inquiry under clause 7 of House Rule XIII that will require your Department to respond. The American people and migrants seeking to come here deserve better than the chaos of a wide-open border. Without such a foundational mechanism as enforcement of the rule of law, you cannot begin to uphold the words of DHS’s mission.”

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GOP lawmaker announces plans to file articles of impeachment against DHS secretary over border crisis

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, a top member of President Joe Biden’s Cabinet, will be targeted with articles of impeachment by an Arizona lawmaker fed up with the border crisis.

What are the details?

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) announced Friday intentions to file articles of impeachment against Mayorkas over the Biden administration’s handling of the ongoing migrant crisis.

Biggs said he would file the impeachment articles in the “coming weeks.”

In a statement, Biggs called Mayorkas “a threat to the sovereignty and security of our nation,” citing the number of migrants that have been released into the U.S. despite being infected with COVID-19.

As a result of his actions and policies, America is more in danger today than when he began serving as Secretary. He is willfully refusing to maintain operational control of the border and is encouraging aliens to enter our country illegally.

Under his direction, DHS is systematically releasing COVID-19 positive aliens into our communities, subjecting the American people to unnecessary and avoidable risks. Secretary Mayorkas is failing to faithfully uphold his oath of office and is presiding over a reckless abandonment of border security and immigration enforcement, at the expense of the U.S. Constitution and the security of the United States.

Is the border crisis worsening?

While news of the border crisis in the mainstream media has dropped off, border authorities reported an all-time record high number of migrant unaccompanied children were intercepted in July — more than 19,000.

Meanwhile, more than 210,000 migrants overall were stopped by border authorities last month, the Associated Press reported. The figure increased by more than 20,000 compared to June, and represented the highest total in over 20 years.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) — the Democrat most outspoken against the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis — sounded the alarm last month, noting the migrant surge has increased over the summer months, which is unusual considering the scorching desert heat of south Texas.

“I’ve seen the 2014 surge, I’ve seen the 2019 surge, and now the ’21. Usually, you have high peaks from March, April, May, and June. But now we’re in July and going into August and we’re not seeing this stop,” Cuellar said on Fox News.

Even more alarming are the mass of migrants being released from U.S. custody without notices to appear in court and those being released who are infected with COVID-19.

Reports indicate that more than 50,000 migrants have been released without a court date; and although they are told to report to an immigration office, just 13% have done so. Meanwhile, nearly 20% of migrant families who were released from Border Patrol custody tested positive for COVID-19 over recent weeks, NBC reported.

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Biden Administration Finally Gets Tough On Illegal Immigration…Against Cubans – RedState

Seeking asylum from a Communist government that kills and starves you? Well, too bad. You might come here and vote the wrong way and the Biden administration can’t have that.

Illegal immigration has been a massive problem ever since the Biden administration took power in Washington, and Democrats were content to pretend that the border crisis wasn’t that bad.

It is, and they know it.

So far, they’ve sent Kamala Harris to countries south of the border for “investigative” reasons to see why illegal immigrants have come streaming across and even visited a safe border town with a friendly representative willing to shill over her, and she only did that because Trump was about to beat her to the border she didn’t really want to visit in the first place.

But now Democrats are finally ready to get serious about illegal immigration and have said in no uncertain terms that if you come here illegally, we’ll deport you faster than you can say “communism.” If you’re the illegal immigrant in question, you’ll probably be saying “communism” a lot, because the only immigrants the Democrats seem to be willing to really deport are Cubans.

As Nick Arama previously reported, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stated that he isn’t playing around with illegal immigrants from the people fleeing communism.

It’s interesting that Democrats are willing to turn a blind eye to everyone else as they stream across the border, resulting in the largest border crisis of our time, but they won’t tolerate Cubans. Why?

Because if they get here and become American citizens, they’ll very likely vote Republican. As Pew Research showed in 2020, Cubans tended to identify and vote for the Republican party more than any Hispanic group:

Nationwide, 58% of Cuban registered voters say they affiliate with or lean toward the Republican Party, while 38% identify with the Democratic Party or lean Democratic, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted July 27-Aug. 2. By comparison, around two-thirds of Hispanic voters who are not Cuban (65%) identify as or lean Democratic, while 32% affiliate with the Republican Party.

Cubans tend to turn out more for elections than other Latino groups as well. So these Cubans flee communism, come here seeking asylum, work to become U.S. citizens, and then when looking at which party to vote for, they notice the Democrats leaning toward policies and spouting rhetoric that look and sound an awful lot like the kind of policies and rhetoric they fled.

They can’t pull the lever for Republicans fast enough.

The Biden administration can’t have that. All the rhetoric about being soft on those fleeing to America for a better life only applies to people who wish to vote for Biden and his fellow Democrats.

This is just another drop in the bucket of proof that Democrats don’t actually care about people in need. What they care about most is power, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get it including refusing people who are actually, legitimately seeking asylum from a government that murders and starves them in the name of political superiority.

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