I Agree GOP Are ‘Lunatics’ — Democrats ‘in the Business of Solutions’

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton said Thursday on ABC’s “The View” that she agreed with former Speaker John Boehner that the Republican Party had been taken over by “kooks and lunatics.”

Clinton then attributed a recent rise in Democratic Party affiliation to the party being about “business of solutions.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin asked, “Chelsea, after four years of GOP control, a new Gallup poll shows Democrats reaching new popularity. John Boehner was here Monday claiming his party had been taken over by, quote, ‘kooks and lunatics’ who wanted to blow up Washington. Do you agree that’s why we’re seeing this swing to the Democratic Party?”

Clinton said, “I think we’re seeing more Americans join the Democratic Party because we’re in the business of solutions. We hear every day from the White House kind of what their plans are on infrastructure. Infrastructure is repairing our bridges and tunnels. It’s also supporting the care in our country. Too often, the men and women who provide care for older Americans and youngest Americans aren’t sufficiently compensated and protected. It’s the infrastructure of high-speed internet. It’s the necessary infrastructure that is not only climate-smart but hopefully, will help do more than stop climate change, but really preserve our environment long into the future. I think it’s more that Americans are responding to that, to prognosis pragmatic solutions. That being said, I would agree with former Speaker John Boehner’s diagnosis of what has gone wrong, but the also opportunities for what can go right moving forward.”

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Trump Incited ‘Violent White Extremism Much the Way Bin Laden’ Did

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid on Wednesday’s “The ReidOut” accused former president Donald Trump of inciting “violent white extremism” and likened it to the way Osama Bin Laden did with the Islamic terrorist organization al-Qaeda.

Addressing former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, Reid said, “The idea that Afghanistan could go on forever. We can’t stay anywhere forever, especially when we got home security threats in terms of violent white nationalism that is threatening our Capital. When we have got our own former president inciting people into violence and pushing them more into this violent white extremism much the way Bin Laden you know, did, sort of inspiring people to be this way.”

She asked, “Do you feel as someone who ran DHS that we have to turn our focus here because we have our own internal terrorist threats to deal with?”

Johnson said, “My short answer is yes.”

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Fears of Diversity, White Displacement Is a ‘Principal Threat to Our Very Democracy’

Former Obama Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that white Americans with “fear over the increasing diversity of our nation” were a “principal threat to our very democracy.”

When asked about “violent white extremism,” Johnson said, “In my judgment, the long-term principal threat to national security is climate change. In the short-term, COVID-19. In the mid-term, it is what we saw vividly on January 6. There is a study out from the University of Chicago by Professor Robert Pape that does a study of the demographics of those who launched the attack on our Capitol on January 6, and it’s frightening. They tend to be college-educated.”

“They came from blue states as well as red states,” he continued. “They are all afraid of displacement. The baseless fear over the increasing diversity of our nation. What the study points out that was the tip of the iceberg. That iceberg did not evaporate on January 20. In my judgment, that’s a principal threat to our very democracy and represents a national security threat.”

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Biden ‘Paving the Way for Another 9/11’ with Afghanistan Troop Withdraw

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” that President Joe Biden was “paving the way for another 9/11” with his reported pledge for a full withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021.

Graham said, “Joe Biden has become an incredibly destabilizing American president. He took a border which was pretty calm and turned it into chaos. The Mideast had been transformed Donald Trump’s watch with the Arabs working with the Israelis and had Iran in a box. He has taken Iran and led them out of the box. They are talking about enriching uranium at 60% now which is a direct threat to the existence of the state of Israel. The Russians are challenging him in the Ukraine. Now he is withdrawing forces in Afghanistan against sound military advice.”

He continued, “To all of you listening, who remember where you were at on 9/11/2001. Our military told President Biden that if you withdraw all of our forces, al-Qaeda and ISIS will come roaring back. Afghanistan would disintegrate into civil war. And you can avoid all of that by having three to 5,000 American forces making sure that ISIS and al-Qaeda never come back to hurt us. He rejected that advice. Afghanistan is going to deteriorate pretty rapidly, al-Qaeda and ISIS are going to come back.”

He added, “He is paving the way for another 9/11. I think Joe Biden on foreign policy has been completely incompetent and destabilizing. What he’s done with the Iranians is a threat to everything we’ve accomplished in the Mideast. I just hope and pray that I’m wrong. But I knew what was going to happen in Iraq and Afghanistan is going to be worse.”

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American Policing Is ‘Dumb and Dangerous and Discriminatory’

Tuesday on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” network commentator Van Jones called the policing “methodology” used in the United States “dumb and dangerous and discriminatory.”

Jones said, “The reason those young people are out there and folks are out there tonight is because people are losing faith in the system. The reason that young man —people say, why didn’t he do what he was told? Please understand there are two different Americas here. If when you see a police officer, you see the badge and not all those weapons, you are in one part of America. If when you see a police officer, you see all those weapons and don’t see the badge, it’s because your experience has been they don’t come at you with respect. They don’t come at you with trust. They come at you with force. When people see somebody coming at them armed who has never treated you with respect, you can panic.”

He continued, “The deeper problem is that the policing methodology that we have in the country right now is both dumb and dangerous and discriminatory. It is dumb to have all of these cops out here with all of these weapons, tasers and pepper spray and batons and guns and dogs and drones, pulling people over for like little, what do you call it, your taillight’s out? You are going to throw that much firepower against communities on stuff like that? Send them something in the mail. It’s just dumb to direct this much firepower. No other country does this. This much-armed personnel against such petty offenses. That’s dumb. And it’s dangerous for both sides because why are you pulling all these people overdoing this stuff? Everybody is terrified. Everybody’s afraid. It’s discriminatory because, first of all, they pull people of color over all the time. The numbers are completely clear on this. Then the interaction is completely different.”

He added, “The first thing you have got to do is you have to say we need to completely, as Obama said, reimagine policing. We don’t need this much firepower going after little petty stuff. It’s dangerous for everybody and discriminatory, and everybody knows it.”

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Biden’s Empathy ‘Is Iconic’ — He’s ‘So Present and So Kind’

Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner praised President Joe Biden’s address at the memorial ceremony for slain Capitol police officer Billy Evans Tuesday on the network’s coverage of the service.

Biden said, “My prayer for all of you is that the day will come when you have that memory, and you smile before it brings a tear to your eyes. I promise you it is going to come. It just takes a while. But when it comes, you will know because he’s still with you. He is still in your heart.”

After Biden concluded his remarks, Faulkner said, “We have just watched the president of the United States give his words of kindness and empathy like he does so well. He is iconic at it. So present and so kind. In these times, those words may not mean yet a lot to those children, Logan and Abigail. The president used some big words. But he was speaking to the family of officer Billy Evans and to those children to think ahead in the future his words will come into focus for them.”

She continued, “Billy Evans left a legacy with those children, and in the last few minutes, you could see before the president spoke and then after as he walked by to again give his condolences to the family sitting there at the top left of your screen. Abigail had dropped something on the floor and the president bent down. You watched it. We watched it together, bent down to pick it up to give it to her and her brother Logan sitting next to her sitting between adult family members there.”

She added, “Consoler-in-chief is a role that every president unfortunately plays in America. And we watched this moment of grief and we feel for the family and we understand the sacrifice because we have watched it play out. We know the meaning of law enforcement in our lives. Particularly at the U.S. Capitol.”

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Tucker Carlson Is Mainstreaming ‘White Supremacist Propaganda to your Neighbors’

CNN anchor Don Lemon said Friday on his show “Tonight” that Fox News host Tucker Carlson was mainstreaming “white supremacist propaganda to your neighbors and your family members.”

Lemon said, “We got to talk about what’s happening over on the propaganda network, the Fox propaganda network. I don’t concern myself of what the other guys are doing. But let me tell you why I am doing this because this is the mainstreaming of white supremacist propaganda to your neighbors and your family members, and it is coming from Tucker Carlson who is promoting the so-called replacement theory. Theory is really too good a word for it. It’s a lie. The lie that liberal elites are plotting to replace the white population with immigrants of color.”

In a video from Fox News, Carlson said, “I know that the left and all the little gate-keepers on Twitter become literally hysterical if you use the term ‘replacement.’ If suggest that the Democratic Party trying to replace the current electorate, the voters now casting ballots with new people, more obedient voters from the third world. But they become hysterical because that’s what’s happening actually. Let’s just say it that is true.”

He added, “This matters on a bunch of different levels, but on a basic level, it is a voting rights question. In a democracy, one person equals one vote. If you change the population, you dilute the political power of the people who live there. So every time they imported new voters, I become disenfranchised as a current voter. Everyone wants to make a racial issue out of it. ‘Oh, the white replacement theory.’ No, this is a voting rights question. I have less political power because they’re importing a brand new electorate. Why should I sit back and take that? The power that I have is an American, guaranteed that birth is one-man and one-vote, and they are diluting it. Why are we putting up with this?”

Lemon said, “What is he talking about? A lot of talk about diluting the political power of the current electorate, which is mostly white people. The white votes should not be diluted. That’s what he’s saying. He’s talking about voting rights, one person, one vote. He’s twisting those concepts for his own end. What ends are those? to fuel up the audience with a false sense of grievance, grievance outrage to justify voter suppression based on anger, fears and lies and insecurity and racism.”

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‘Eldercare’ Is Infrastructure that Makes Americans Thrive

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Thursday on MSNBC’s “All In” that President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure package includes eldercare “because having that kind of infrastructure in place is part of what makes it possible for Americans to thrive.”

Hayes said, “Senator Marcia Blackburn of Tennessee tweeted that Biden’s proposal is about anything but infrastructure. $400 billion towards elder care. I was obviously horrified to think you would try to hoodwink Americans into support eldercare. Is that true?”

Buttigieg said, “So guilty as charged. We are supporting eldercare, caregiving economy, making it easier to age in place, and have community-based care because having that kind of infrastructure in place is part of what makes it possible for Americans to thrive. Again not sure why that’s being singled out given that it is something that the American people believe we ought to do, but as somebody who wants to put us on the spot defending that, that’s a job I’m happy to take up.”

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January 6 U.S. Capitol Incident as Bad as Pearl Harbor Attack

Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) Wednesday on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” likened the January 6 Capitol Hill riot to the 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Cohen said, “We just celebrated Passover. On Passover, Jewish people are instructed over two centuries to remember 2,000 years, over 2,000 years, to remember that we were in bondage, and we escaped. Remember that day, and to teach people about it. January 6th is a day like that. It’s a day that should be remembered in America because our democracy was at stake. It was under attack as much as Pearl Harbor was an attack on our country, for people to suggest that it wasn’t that big of a deal. It was just some folks who were demonstrating and protesting. Most of the people were good people, fine citizens going up to protest, malarkey. This was an attack on the United States Constitution. They wanted to upset the Electoral College and make Donald Trump the president, to eliminate people who stood in his way, which included his vice president and the speaker of the House. They wanted to intimidate the Congress.”

He added, “What Donald Trump said on that day, you won’t have a country if you don’t go up there and fight, fight hard. When he said you won’t have a country, he was saying the Blacks, the Jews, the minorities, the gays, they’ll be in charge and you, the white, straight, Evangelicals here with me today, your country will not be yours. You will not have a country. He was telling them to go take your country back from the Blacks, the Jews, the gays, the different people that they do not like. And that was a call from Trump, and it was racist as could be. And he was involved, in my opinion, with all these folks, Roger Stone was, the whole team was, they were trying to take over. He doesn’t give up. He didn’t want to give up power. He liked being president.”

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Some Republicans Told Me They Would Vote for Up to $1 Trillion on Infrastructure, Raise Taxes

Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) said Wednesday in a video from Punchbowl News shown on MSNBC that several Republicans have told him “they would be willing to vote for something up to $1 trillion” on President Joe Biden’s infrastructure package.

Anchor Geoff Bennett said, “One of the president’s closest allies, Delaware Democratic Senator Chris Coons suggested to  Punchbowl News today that this jobs and infrastructure package could this package could get Republican votes only if it’s smaller. Here is what he had to say. Take a look.”

Coons said, “I do think there that there is an opportunity here for us to come together around a smaller package. By smaller, I mean hundreds of billions of dollars that is directly targeted at hard infrastructure. Several fairly seasoned senior Republicans have surprised me by saying they would be willing to vote for something up to $1 trillion, and they’re willing to raise some taxes to pay for it.”

Bennett said, “Leigh Ann, does that track with your own reporting? Do you think Congress could move on this by Memorial Day, just a few weeks from now?”

NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell said, “Well, Senator Coons said there are some Republicans who will be willing to spend up to $1 trillion on infrastructure. I’ve actually spoken to a couple of those, including Senator Kevin Cramer of North Dakota.”

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