The Los Angeles woman suspected of slaying her three young children had been “unwell” for months — and was embroiled in a bitter custody dispute with their father, according to reports Sunday.

Liliana Carrillo, 30, was supposed to hand the kids over to her ex-boyfriend on Sunday — a day before they were found slain inside their apartment, the distraught father, Erik Denton, told the Los Angeles Times.

Denton said he sought custody of the children — ages 3, 2 and 6 months — after Carrillo began acting mentally unstable.

“Liliana was very sick, and this is not – she was not herself, and it’s been going on for several months that she has been unwell,” Denton’s cousin, Teri Miller, told KTTV on Sunday.

Their dad is “devastated,” Miller added, saying that Denton had repeatedly reached out to the Department of Children and Family Services and police because he knew Carrillo “needed help.”

Court documents cited by the LA Times show that Denton sought custody of the two girls and a boy on March 1 in Tulare County family court.

He also requested a temporary emergency visitation order on March 4 — and petitioned for a mental health evaluation of Carrillo, the records show.

In response, Carrillo sought a temporary domestic violence restraining order against Denton on March 12 in Los Angeles County Superior Court, the report said.

The orders Denton requested were drawn up at a March 26 hearing. Another hearing in the case was scheduled for April 14.

Denton told the Times he tried to get local authorities to intervene, but “in LA they wouldn’t help. The LAPD would not get involved.”

“He’s also frustrated with the system, because the system failed them,” his cousin added. “The system failed these kids.”

Neighbors said the children were mostly seen with their grandmother. She was the one who discovered their bodies on Saturday morning.

Carrillo was arrested hours later in Tulare County, about 200 miles north of LA, after apparently fleeing the scene. She also allegedly ditched her vehicle and carjacked another before being caught.

A since-deleted Instagram account believed to belong to the mom linked to a blog called “Live Love Laugh Freely” that she appeared to have kept in 2013, before she had kids, according to the Daily Mail.

Many of the posts included inspirational messages. One of them was about her irritation the MTV reality series “Teen Mom.”

“All of these mothers that have been presented have in my opinion, and forgive me if this offends anyone but it is my opinion and I hold strongly to it, just idiot after idiot. I do not feel pity for them,” she wrote, according to the Mail.

“Believe in yourself,” she reportedly added. “And summon strength from within to push you to do the best you can do. This world is limitless. You are your own worst enemy.” 

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