Clyburn: Kemp Stole the 2018 Election from Abrams

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Clyburn: Kemp Stole the 2018 Election from Abrams

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| 26 Mar 2021

Posted on 03/27/2021 8:41:30 AM PDT by MarvinStinson

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) said that no one thinks Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) “did not steal the election fair and square from Stacey Abrams.”

Clyburn said, “Nobody believes that he did not steal the election fair and square from Stacey Abrams. And what he’s doing now is codifying that which he used his administrative authority to do when he was secretary of state, when he took so many people off the roll. And I guarantee you that was the difference in his having won that election and having stolen it fair and square.”

AD Host Chris Hayes then asked, “Just quickly Congressman, because you said steal fair and square. I just want to be clear about what you’re alleging here. I think, my understanding, is you’re saying that in purging voter rolls, the use it or lose it provision of Georgia law, such that if people don’t vote in consecutive elections, they get knocked off the rolls, that was the decisive difference in Brian Kemp’s race against Stacey Abrams. that’s what you’re saying.”

Clyburn responded, “That’s exactly what I’m saying. And I’ve been around this business a long time, I know what purging is used for. And we all saw how strategic that purging was. And we all saw that a lot of people got purged who should not have been purged.”

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To: MarvinStinson

That is an attack on our elections and a direct threat to our Democracy.

I have already contacted the FBI Senator Clyburn.

posted on 03/27/2021 8:43:39 AM PDT
by KC_Lion

To: MarvinStinson

How is purging voter rolls stealing?

If anything, it prevents stealing an election.

posted on 03/27/2021 8:45:52 AM PDT
by BenLurkin
(The above is not a statement of fact. It is either opinion, or satire. Or both.)

To: MarvinStinson

Wait, what? How does one steal something fair and square? Or not steal something for that matter. demonicRATS are weird.

posted on 03/27/2021 8:46:15 AM PDT
by Texas Eagle
(If it wasn’t for double-standards, Liberals would have no standards at all.)

To: KC_Lion; MarvinStinson

As I wrote on another thread:
Shouldn’t these people be banned from Twitter, per policies?

posted on 03/27/2021 8:47:10 AM PDT
by monkeyshine
(live and let live is dead)

To: MarvinStinson

Clyburn and Abrams believe that black people should have the right to vote multiple times to make up for the sins of the past.

If they have to use fraud to overcome the Tyranny of the Majority, that’s Righteous.

That’s what the stupid skank Jocelyn Benson in Michigan believes too. As does Kathie Boockvar.

They are all lying, they know exactly what happened in 2020, and they were part of it.

posted on 03/27/2021 8:47:15 AM PDT
by Regulator
(It’s Fraud, Jim)

To: MarvinStinson

Abrams is the most dangerous woman in America. She almost stole the Kemp race and figured out how to many votes they needed to steal the Presidential election. Her institution of vote theft techniques must be stopped. I fear the SCOTUS will reverse this last piece of GA voting legislation and she will steal the Gov seat the next time.

posted on 03/27/2021 8:48:05 AM PDT
by MHT

To: MarvinStinson

And for Trump and two Republican senators to have lost the election means that the GA SoS turned a blind eye to thousands of illegal voter registrations which Kemp directed GA law enforcement to ignore. Now that they accomplished the goal of rigging GA’s election for whatever bribe they received, they are trying to restore the status quo ante to aide Kemp’s reelection effort. Now, things will get interesting.

posted on 03/27/2021 8:49:13 AM PDT
by Dr. Franklin
(“A republic, if you can keep it.”)

To: KC_Lion

Evil white hating is not a senator.
its time to redistrict this demon out of office

posted on 03/27/2021 8:49:26 AM PDT
by ncalburt
(Gop DC Globalist)

To: MarvinStinson

If it was done “fair and square” then it was not stealing.

posted on 03/27/2021 8:49:30 AM PDT
by Michael.SF.
(Never do anything illegal, when you are doing something illegal.)

To: MarvinStinson

that explains everything. if republicans maintaining voter roles is “cheating”, then anything they have to do to even the playing field is justified.

then, their blatant cheating isn’t cheating because it’s merely reestablishing electoral parity.

that’s exactly the morally relativistic thinking that liberals love.

To: MarvinStinson

We live in a time when whoever screams the loudest, wins.


posted on 03/27/2021 8:49:52 AM PDT
by E. Pluribus Unum
(Anti-racism looks suspiciously like racism.)

To: MarvinStinson

I thought it was forbidden to state that an election was stolen.

posted on 03/27/2021 8:49:57 AM PDT
by Jeff Chandler
(Pathetic Pierre Delecto, the Pestiferous Potentate of Enchanted Chones.)

To: KC_Lion

There are no words printable to describe buffoon clyburn and his ignorant rant.

To: MarvinStinson

Does this mealy mouthed buffoon offer any documented proof of voters being purged from the rolls illegally?
And why didn’t the “reporter” ask him for that proof?

To: Regulator

Stalinists lie. Always

Whatever advances their agenda, they are for.

posted on 03/27/2021 8:50:39 AM PDT
by a fool in paradise
(Lean on Joe Biden to follow Donald Trump’s example and donate his annual salary to charity. )

To: E. Pluribus Unum

“The loudest mouths will hail the new found way, to be King for a Day!” – XTC

posted on 03/27/2021 8:50:49 AM PDT
by dfwgator
(Endut! Hoch Hech!)

To: MarvinStinson

Then how did Biden “win” Georgia? Perhaps that lady who was videotaped running the same ballots through the machine over and over can offer some insight.

posted on 03/27/2021 8:51:04 AM PDT
by Texas Eagle
(If it wasn’t for double-standards, Liberals would have no standards at all.)

To: MarvinStinson

Because any election lost by a Democrat is, by definition, illegitimate.

posted on 03/27/2021 8:51:47 AM PDT
by E. Pluribus Unum
(Anti-racism looks suspiciously like racism.)

To: KC_Lion

The Democrats claim Republican election theft because, obviously the Democrat woulda won. That is their evidence. In 2020 the republicans came up with a couple of shiploads of evidence and some Democrat bragging about how they were going to steal it.

posted on 03/27/2021 8:52:06 AM PDT
by arthurus
( covfefe0)

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