Since former President Donald Trump left office in January, 2021, mainstream media cable networks have seen a sharp decline in viewership, particularly CNN. The anti-Trump news network has lost 45% of its prime-time viewership since January in light of the Biden presidency and the Andrew Cuomo scandals. Neilsen Media research shows that in light of the nursing home and sexual assault scandals surrounding New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, that his brother Chris Cuomo’s CNN show, Cuomo Prime Time, has lost an average of 600,000 viewers since the scandal broke. Chris Cuomo has refused to cover the scandals plaguing his brother, which has likely contributed to the already declining viewership at CNN.

CNN is not the only network to lose viewership in the midst of Trump’s exit from Washington. MSNBC has seen a sharp decline in viewership, losing nearly 26% of its audience. Fox News has lost 6% of its viewers since the start of the year. It is unlikely that viewership of mainstream cable news networks is going to see a rise in viewers until former President Trump begins to resurge into public life. Until then, mainstream news networks will likely continue to take a hit in viewership.

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