While Rebel teams were on the ground in Toronto and Montreal to cover protests in those citiesRebel News contributor Mattea Merta was in Saskatoon to cover demonstrations held against similar COVID-19 restrictions in Saskatchewan.

Protest organizer Tamara Lovie of Saskatchewan Freedom Revolution explained this protest had been 11 months in the making, and that demonstrators were fighting to hold on to their freedoms.

Protesters not just from Saskatchewan, but Alberta and British Columbia also travelled to Saskatoon to show their support.

Pastor Tobias Tissen, who was featured on Rebel News after he was charged for organizing a protest, as well as for hosting drive-in church services, spoke at the event.

Organizers say the energetic crowd numbered just over 1,000 when everyone had assembled in Saskatoon.

Displaying their love of country, the demonstrators sung the national anthem.

Much like in Toronto and Montreal, once the speakers had wrapped up, the group went for a march, chanting and holding signs along the way.

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