NCAA officials upgraded the woman’s weight room overnight after student-athletes cried sexism on social media over their very sparse setup, according to USA Today.

Players including Oregon forward Sedona Prince had caused an uproar Friday by posting a video of the woman’s weak workout facility — a mostly empty room holding just one rack of light free weights.

The images were a sharp contrast to the men’s weight room, a well-supplied gym packed with serious equipment.

Following an outcry, NCAA officials rushed to assemble more suitable workout equipment for the women’s San Antonio practice space.

New images tweeted by @collegegameday show the large space has now been filled with heavyweights, benches, bikes and rowing machines.

The NCAA originally cited lack of space for the glaring gender disparity.

But NCAA President Mark Emmert has since admitted the athletic association dropped the medicine ball, and the NCAA vice president for basketball apologized, according to the report.

The apologizes fell flat for South Carolina women’s coach Dawn Staley, who noted that the female hooper’s food and gifts were also inequitable.

“There is no answer that the NCAA executive leadership led by Mark Emmert can give to explain the disparities,” Staley tweeted Friday night. 

“Mark Emmert and his team point blank chose to create them! The real issue is not the weights or the ‘swag’ bags. It’s that they did not think or do not think that the women’s players “deserve” the same amenities of the men.”

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