Richard Grenell, the former former acting director of National Intelligence during the Trump administration, was mistakenly listed by Google as the president of the United States on Saturday.

A Google search for “President of the United States” showed both current President Joe Biden and Richard Grenell.

Grenell responded to the Google gaffe on Twitter, saying, “I will run up the stairs without tripping and then announce a plethora of Executive Orders.”

Grenell also joked he would order “multiple desalinization plants to be built in California,” and “new Nuclear power plants to be built in California.” He added that Eric Swalwell would lose “his security clearance.”

Republican lawmakers have sought to remove Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell from the House Intelligence Committee over reports he was involved with a Chinese spy. (RELATED: Report: Alleged Chinese Spy Raised Money For Eric Swalwell, Planted Intern In His Office)

Grenell has called for Swalwell to be removed from the committee, citing Chinese influence on members of Congress.

He told Fox News’s Sean Hannity in December, “Look, my point … is that what’s the tip of the iceberg is members of Congress, governors, local officials being leveraged by the Chinese — this has been going on for years, and Eric Swalwell has been part of the distraction campaign.”

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