2019 Floyd Evidence Allowed In

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2019 Floyd Evidence Allowed In

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Posted on 03/19/2021 7:15:01 PM PDT by Varsity Flight


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To: Varsity Flight

Video from 2019 evidence allowed in.

Pattern of behavior. Pill injestion

posted on 03/19/2021 7:16:51 PM PDT
by Varsity Flight
( “War by the prophesies set before you.” I Timothy 1:18)

To: Varsity Flight

posted on 03/19/2021 7:17:33 PM PDT
by Magnum44
(…against all enemies, foreign and domestic…)

To: Varsity Flight

Good. It clearly shows that Floyd’s difficulty breathing began well before he was restrained by Chauvin while he was sitting in the back of the police car. He was having a heart attack.

posted on 03/19/2021 7:17:36 PM PDT
by RC one
(When a bunch of commies start telling you that you don’t need an AR15, you really need an AR15)

To: Varsity Flight

All such cases should allow a mandatory top ten felonies of the criminal who passed away to be allowed for the jury to see.

posted on 03/19/2021 7:18:27 PM PDT
by frank ballenger
(End vote fraud, harvesting,non-citizen voting & leftist media news censorship or we are finished.)

To: RC one

It won’t matter. They could have every cardiologist on the planet testify it was the drugs that killed him and not the officer.

The narrative has been woven and that’s all that will matter.

Recall hands up don’t shoot was fake.

St Skittles was fake.

Rodney King was fake.

The facts are there for anyone to verify.

When this trial begins avoid urban areas and concentrations of blacks. It won’t be pretty.

posted on 03/19/2021 7:21:34 PM PDT
by ealgeone

To: Varsity Flight

Some of the evidence. Not all of it.

To: ealgeone

The medical examiner’s report showed: “no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation”

Floyd was on the ground for almost 9 minutes being strangled to death by Chauvin and, yet, there are no signs of neck trauma, head trauma, conjunctival petachiae? Nothing?

And Floyd was complaining of difficulty breathing when he was in the back of the car?

That’s well past reasonable doubt.

posted on 03/19/2021 7:37:57 PM PDT
by RC one
(When a bunch of commies start telling you that you don’t need an AR15, you really need an AR15)

To: ealgeone

I won’t argue that he wasn’t on drugs and didn’t have a heart attack. But putting your knee firmly on ones necks for nine minutes isn’t going to help the defense lawyers. Especially when he says he can’t breathe.

To: Magnum44

Because the Prosecutor wants a notch on his belt, not justice.

posted on 03/19/2021 7:40:10 PM PDT
by Rurudyne
(Standup Philosopher)

To: Varsity Flight

The only hope this cop possibly has is in the Federal appeals courts.

To: Varsity Flight

The left wants a not guilty verdict so the cities will burn again!

posted on 03/19/2021 7:40:58 PM PDT
by GraceG

To: ealgeone

>When this trial begins avoid urban areas and concentrations of blacks. It won’t be pretty.

I think it will be the same result as Trayvon/Zimmerman. There are jurors on the jury that seem they won’t be swayed by public opinion. Also, Floyd has the exact same behavior during the 2019 arrest as the 2020. Reluctant, but not rebellious, then breaking down and crying for sympathy. It’s a pattern of behavior.

Add that to the toxicology report numbers, him having COVID, and MPD allowing the knee to the head hold, and it’s pretty clear the worst Chauvin can get is negligence.

What I want to know is – what implications does Chauvin working the same disreputable club as Floyd exist? Floyd was a multiple felon – why was he hired? Was he the drug dealer for the club? That’s the direction I want the defense to go into.

posted on 03/19/2021 7:41:10 PM PDT
by struggle

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