One of Health Canada’s COVID-19 Task Force staffers sent an email last autumn discussing the “next three years” of Wuhan virus infections.

James Van Loon forwarded an email from Statistics Canada staffer Deirdre Hennessy on October 18, 2020 with a comment about how, in the “absence of a vaccine,” the Trudeau government expect infections to last for years:

Deirdre pulled together this helpful table on impacts of moving to peaks and valleys on total health demand (I am assuming this is over the next year). Changes are significant. N95 down 60% or so. (not surprising. In the absence of a vaccine, peaks and valleys spreads the infection of people out over the next 3 years.) 

There is no change in PPE usage in nursing/private as a result of this change — is that because all the demand in those environments is prophylactic use?

You can read the email thread for yourself below.

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