Propagandist Don Lemon has apparently risen high enough in the ranks of the wokicenti to be an expert on “healing racism in America.”

On March 16, in an interview with “conservative” commentator Meghan McCain on the daytime talk show The View, the leftist CNN host took his own advice, “If you’re gonna lie, go big,” when he launched into a ludicrous tirade taking aim at Christians and patriots alike.

In one segment, responding to McCain’s question about advice for the black community on how to end racism (McCain, who is white, had already noted that racism is a “burden that whites need to shoulder”), Lemon took the conversation in a wildly absurd and racist direction. First, he called on Americans to “start teaching the true history of the country, the history that African Americans brought to this country…. And to start being realistic about God and the Bible.”

He suggested the first action step should be placing a “true depiction of Jesus in [their] homes.” According to Lemon, this means hanging a picture of “either a black Jesus or a brown Jesus.” He went on to say, “we know that Jesus looked more like a Muslim or someone who is dark than someone who is blonde, a blonde-looking carpenter.”

For viewers with even basic biblical knowledge, such an inane comment is perhaps most appalling because Lemon, equipped as an anchor with the potential to reach millions of Americans, may truly believe that the “popular depiction [of Jesus] in churches and in our homes and that we see all over the media” is that of a blond-haired, blue-eyed Swede. Oh and in case you were wondering — Lemon thinks you were, as he takes the time to point out — “Bethlehem [Jesus’s birthplace] is not in Sweden.”  


Tragically, identity politics, of which Lemon is an avid believer (unless he’s a closeted Christian), have advanced the idea that rather than being individuals, people are better off isolated in groups and labeled according to traits over which they have zero control. To those who agree with Lemon, the level of melanin in a person’s skin determines one’s worth and destiny.

Of course, this notion is antithetical to the principles guiding civil rights leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who called Americans to judge one another on our character, not the color of our skin.

Placing Jesus in a category and asserting that he “looks like a Muslim,” because now ethnicity is a religion, Lemon unabashedly pushes a progressive agenda grounded in divisive propagandist rhetoric that accentuates an emphasis on skin color. Moreover, according to Lemon, Jesus’s Jewish identity means he was “black or brown.” In fact, a great many number of Jews are light-skinned. Some Ashkenazi Jews, for example, whose origins trace back to the Holy Land, with communities migrating later to Western Germany and Northern France, are ginger-haired and blue-eyed.

Elsewhere in the interview, as reported by PJ Media, McCain elicited Lemon’s reaction on the recent Vatican ruling that reaffirms the Roman Catholic Church’s 2,000-year-old doctrine that states, “marriage is between one man and one woman and thus homosexual acts are illicit. Therefore, the church cannot [offer a sacramental blessing] on same-sex weddings because that would lead to confusion about the doctrine of marriage.”

Yet, in what appears to be a kowtowing to the activist media, the Vatican later clarified “that priests could bless individuals with same-sex orientation if they committed to following the church’s teachings, and the ruling did not call homosexuality a ‘choice.’ ”

For Lemon, the ruling and the Catholic doctrine are “not what God is about.” “I respect people’s right to believe in whatever they want to believe in…. God is not about hindering people or even judging people.” One wonders if Lemon has read one page of the Bible. In the Old Testament alone, an abundance of examples exist demonstrating God’s harsh judgment against those who do not repent for the sins He detests.

Lemon continued, “to put [religion] in the context of race… Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said the most segregated… time on earth is 11 a.m. on a Sunday morning.” Conveniently, Lemon’s Doublespeak flips King’s words to fit his own narrative. Lemon clearly advocates for identity based on race instead of identity based on an individual’s character.

For his statements, Lemon has received some conservative backlash, with the Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti tweeting the interview as “the Gospel according to Don Lemon.”

One takeaway from Lemon’s diatribe is that conservatives need to start speaking up, raising our voices loudly, and calling out the insidious and thunderous lies told by leftists who are taking up the mantel of racism in all areas of American society. While they are difficult to listen to, if we ignore the Don Lemons of the world, this country will continue its descent into “wokeness” and the adoption of destructive, regressive ideologies that take us back into a Jim Crow chapter of American history, when racism and bigotry were truly alive and well.

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