You might not recognize the name Dr. Mark Trozzi, but an interview with this doctor was indeed aired on Rebel News last year. We didn’t use his name and we distorted his image and voice, given that what he had to say was politically incorrect and Dr. Trozzi feared his career would be at risk. However, he recently reached out to Rebel News saying he is now willing to go on the record, consequences be damned.

In our first on the record interview with Dr. Trozzi, he blows the whistle on the polymerase chain reaction test, a.k.a., the PCR test commonly being used to test for COVID-19.

This test is very much in the news these days, especially with regards to international air travel. But what exactly is the PCR test? And more importantly, how accurate is it?

Alas, Dr. Trozzi alleges that the PCR test is not really a bona fide test, but rather, it is “a trick.”

Furthermore, he says it was never meant to be used as a diagnostic test in the first place, because it is “very manipulative.” That makes the PCR a faulty test indeed, given that it does not necessarily pick up fragments of COVID-19 in the first place. And this, in turn, means that the number of false positives produced is staggering.

So why is the PCR test being used? Alas, Dr. Trozzi feels it has less to do with science or medicine and far more to do with political meddling.

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