The Global Elite and the Bureaucracy that advises them are Happy that CCP Gain of Function Technology in Weaponizing Viruses will be how they accomplish the goal of depopulating earth !!!!!

THIS will be the END of HUMANITY if these Bio-4 Labs are not Routinely Inspected like Nuclear Facilities !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These links of Top Biologists who advise the Globalist Government Officials from Bush and Obama administrations show the THINKING and WHY they will look the other way on Controlling Bio-level 4 Labs .
Nina Fedoroff and Paul Ehrlich are 2 top Biologists who have advised Bush and Obama administrations about Global over population due to food and Environmental issues , so you can see why the Elitists are seeing this weaponization of Viruses as KEY to their goals of depopulation and will look the other way as the Chinese Communist party continues to develop more and MORE potent Pathogens !!!! THIS IS WHY WE MUST DEMAND BIO Labs be treated like we INSPECT Nuclear Weapons facilities !!!!!!!!!!
Here Adviser to Bush and Obama Biologist Nina Fedoroff shows you what Bureaucrats think , This is why Constitutional Principles are being Ignored !!!!!
Nina Fedoroff talking about Food Riots and Environmental crises do to overpopulation concerns ,
Biologist Paul Ehrlich who advised Obama and His Thinking ,…rld-is-doomed-according-to-paul-ehrlich,12617

Heres a “Oh gee Sorry ” way to Keep thinning the herd that I bet NOTHING will be done about !!!!
You can see HOW and WHY the Goal of the Globalists is now the GREATEST Challenge for Humanity !!!!

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