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The dispute between former President Trump and the three Republican Party fundraising groups — the RNC, the NRSC and the NRCC — over their continued usage of his name and image to raise money has been, according to Trump advisor Jason Miller, “resolved.”

But the “deal” is contingent upon those three groups — the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and the National Republican Congressional Committee — staying away from attacking any Trump-endorsed candidates running against their RINOs. Trump is, for the moment, defining a RINO as anyone who voted to impeach him over his alleged instigation of the attacks on the White House in January.

Trump has already endorsed one dissident Republican and is poised to endorse others as his vetting process weeds out the weak-kneed wannabes in each of those congressional districts. In February Trump endorsed a former campaign and presidential advisor Max Miller for Ohio’s 16th congressional district in 2022, over the incumbent, freshman Anthony Gonzalez. Gonzalez was one of the 10 Republican turncoats who had the temerity to vote to impeach Trump for allegedly inciting the “insurrection” on January 6.


Miller made it clear that the “deal” is off if any of the groups spend money defending those RINOs in 2022:

If the NRCC or the committee were to come in, really strong, to attack Max [Miller] … number one, that’s going to get President Trump involved in a huge way.

But I think [thanks to the deal Trump made] it’s probably safe to say that any cooperation or working with such [groups] in the future [would be] done….

He wants to make sure no … money that he’s raising [for the groups isn’t going] to support RINOs….

He’s pretty fired up about this.

This is a classic Trump maneuver: Ask for the moon, settle for the stars. In this case he has backed up his threat to starve those Republican Party fundraising groups. Within 24 hours of his CPAC speech when he announced that donors should support his Save America PAC at DonaldJTrump.com instead of the traditional Republican fundraising groups, that committee received $3 million, mostly from small donors. It now has more than $80 million on hand to enforce Trump’s goal of flushing out RINOs from the party and taking back control of the House in 2022. This far outpaces the fundraising efforts of the RNC, strengthening Trump’s message of “don’t mess with me or I’ll starve you into insignificance.”

At the moment, much of Trump’s team is vetting potential candidates to take on those other nine RINOs in 2022, making certain that they align with his America First agenda. Trump is getting significant assistance from his son, Donald Trump, Jr.

That’s just the beginning, according to Andrea Widburg, a writer at American Thinker. She noted that Trump is “getting rid of the conservative wing of the Democrat Party (not a typo) … he’s going to restore a pro-American Republican Party.”

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