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“When it comes to free speech activities, regulation is just another word for censorship,” Constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead says in a commentary warning of the dangers of Big Tech censorship of social media free speech.

In his video commentary, “Techno-Censorship: When Censoring ‘Disinformation’ Becomes Silencing Truth,” Rutherford Institute President Whitehead cautions against short-sighted tolerance of censorship – especially when it comes to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook:

“Whatever powers you allow the government and its corporate operatives to claim now, for the sake of the greater good or because you like or trust those in charge, will eventually be abused and used against you by tyrants of your own making.”

“Welcome to the age of Techno-Fascism,” where government and corporations collude to dictate self-serving “realities” under the pretense of protecting the public from disinformation, Whitehead says:

“Clothed in tyrannical self-righteousness, Techno-Fascism is powered by technological monsters, both corporate and governmental, working in tandem to achieve a common goal.

“Thus far, the tech giants have been able to side-step the First Amendment by virtue of their non-governmental status. But, it’s a dubious distinction at best. Certainly, Facebook and Twitter have become the modern day equivalents to public squares, traditional free-speech forums with the Internet itself serving as a public utility.

“But, what does that mean for free speech online? Should it be protected or regulated? When given a choice, the government always goes for the option that expands its powers at the expense of We The People.”

“Moreover, when it comes to free speech activities, regulation is just another word for censorship,” Whitehead explains, warning against the Orwellian dangers of “pervasive censorship creep”:

“The steady, pervasive censorship creep that is being inflicted on us by corporate tech giants with the blessings of the powers that be threatens to bring about a restructuring of reality straight out of Orwell’s ‘1984’ – where the Ministry of Truth polices speech and ensures that facts conform to whatever version of reality the government propagandists embrace.

“Orwell intended ‘1984’ as a warning. Instead, it is being used as a dystopian instruction manual for socially engineering a populace that is compliant, conformist and obedient to Big Brother.

“Nothing good can come from techno-censorship.”

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