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Crown Publishing Group has canceled New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The imprint of Random House won’t publicize or reprint Cuomo’s book on “Leadership Lessons” that brags about his role in combating the China Virus in Empire State, the New York Times reported today.

The reason: Cuomo and his minions hid the real number of virus-related deaths.

Cuomo also faces sex-harassment allegations, some of which could be construed as assault, from five women.


Since Crown published Cuomo’s self-aggrandizing hooey on October 13, more than 15,000 people have died with the feared and possibly fatal Asiatic pathogen.

Bye-Bye Andy

Sales of American Crisis: Leadership Lessons From the COVID-19 Pandemic “had already slowed severely as the governor found himself embroiled in overlapping crises of his own making, including a drumbeat of accusations about his inappropriate behavior toward younger women and his aides’ manipulation of nursing home data,” the Times reported.

Crown spokesman Gillian Blake e-mailed the newspaper to say the publisher had “no plans” to reprint Handsy Andy’s eyewash because of the “the ongoing investigation into N.Y.S. reporting of Covid-related fatalities in nursing homes.”

American Crisis by Andrew Cuomo

Wrote Blake: “Pending the ongoing investigation we have paused active support of ‘American Crisis’ and have no plans to reprint or reissue in paperback.”

Crown has removed the book from its website.

As the Times reported last week, Cuomo and his aides deliberately fudged the number of statewide nursing-home deaths. The real figure was 50 percent more than what Cuomo and his subalterns claimed in a report published in July. They said the number was a little more than 6,000. The real figure had surpassed 9,000. 

But Cuomo had a book in mind, the Times reported. He certainly couldn’t publish his “leadership” lessons with another 3,000 dead bodies for which to account.

“Four days after the report’s publication, Mr. Cuomo said publicly for the first time in a radio interview on July 10 that he was thinking about writing a book,” the Times reported today: 

By that point, he had already begun to seek permission from a state oversight agency to earn outside income from book sales.

The book was not formally announced until the next month. It hit shelves in October and was quickly declared a best seller.

But the public got wise, and didn’t think Cuomo was the brilliant public-health strategist and all-around “leadership” genius he pretended to be:

[The book’s] sales flagged as a new wave of coronavirus infections crested over the state and the nation. That trend appeared to intensify over the last six weeks, as the governor’s public image spiraled downward as a result of a cascade of scandals.

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn have been looking into the state’s handling of nursing homes, according to three people familiar with the matter.

The Numbers

The book has sold 48,500 copies, the Times reported. Between January 23 and February 27, just 400 were purchased.

Though Cuomo is mum about how much Crown wasted on him, Vanity Fair reported yesterday that he collected seven figures.

“The talk among sources familiar with the deal is that the book sold for at least low to mid-seven figures, which is a blockbuster sum by industry standards,” VF reported.

Sex Harassment Allegations

Book sales, though, are the least of Cuomo’s worries.

Top Democrats have said he must resign because of the five women who say he sexually harassed them, and now GOP members of New York’s assembly have introduced impeachment legislation.

Minority Leader Will Barclay said “the time has come.”

Cuomo has lost the trust and credibility to lead because “there’s been one bombshell after another,” Barclay said, including the lies about nursing-home deaths and the sex-harassment allegations. Barclay also recalled Cuomo’s unspeakable behavior toward assemblymen.

Because Cuomo said he won’t resign, and invited action by the legislature, Barclay said, “We think it’s time to commence impeachment.”

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