From Chris Farrell’s op-ed for The Daily Caller:

The year-long official panic over the COVID-19 pandemic is giving way to sober analysis of some of the disastrous public policy choices made in response to the virus.

One such overdue reckoning is coming for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who seemingly caused thousands of needless deaths by shipping infected elderly people to nursing homes, placing the most dangerous among the most vulnerable. His administration then covered up the number of deaths it caused, recently justifying the move on the grounds that the truth would have been politically inconvenient. The governor who received an Emmy award for his “masterful” televised coronavirus briefings is now facing an FBI investigation and calls to resign.

Another prominent public figure ripe for a second look is Dr. Anthony Fauci. New documents show that he and other health officials initially concealed knowledge of the origins, nature and scope of the pandemic, placing American at risk while helping China avoid justifiable blame.

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