Quick to dismiss Trump’s return?……. I strongly disagree. Trump is a Leader and a Doer. He is the best man for the job…..”You are fired”….More then half the population definitely want to see Trump back in charge. These numbers are growing daily.
(His family can start a massive media outlet for truthful news. They are awesome.)

As for trying to find another Candidate, it is a waist of time. We know who Trump is and what he stands for. We know his abilities….What got in his way was corruption of the Democrats/OBAMA and many others including many compromised Republicans, Globalist, some of Trump’s own advisers, etc. Too big of list to write now. It’s time for action, take names later.

The issue isn’t who should be in the White House, the election was clearly fraudulent, and Trump won. President Trump should be in the White House.

The issue is who is in the White House, how he got there, his obvious handlers, and how America has been compromised…..this issue includes the Supreme Court, and why the Branches of the Military are not assembled to defend the Constitution is the biggest disappointment of all. If they are planning to step in and right the wrong, there is no time like the present. I am ready for it, what are they waiting for?

However the military doesn’t react, they act on strict rules, and contingency plans. If they are planning to step up, they are making sure they cover all the bases: Legality, Constitutionality, and preparing to arrest all parties guilty of of the Coup d’etat. This kind of planning takes time. In order to carry this out it takes precision, and painstaking efforts to ensure that when they counter the Coup they have the right team members in place to ensure strict integrity, security, and that no one involved in returning the correct Administration to Office has compromised the mission.

If the Military is compromised, the issues are definitely worse….but I don’t believe that the Military is compromised. Too many Military members are hardcore Patriots. They are just as pissed off, or more so then you or I. They too have families, wives, husbands, and children.

Have faith in our democracy, our military, and above all, the Lord.

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