Back in January, Melissa Hildebrand and her husband Kelly attended a small protest outside the Bell MTS Centre.

As Melissa puts it: If the Winnipeg Jets can play and make a living, so can the rest of Manitoba. If athletes can play sports, then it’s time to open recreational activities for children and teens who are suffering without.

However, once Melissa and her husband left the rally, they were pulled over by Winnipeg police. According to Melissa, six police officers surrounded their car, demanded their ID and wrote them tickets for attending the “illegal gathering” in front of the MTS centre. The Hildebrand family received two tickets totalling nearly $2,600!

The Hildebrands feel as though they were treated like dangerous criminals instead of Canadians simply exercising their Charter rights to express disagreement with the government lockdown in Manitoba.

And I agree with them.

That’s why we are helping them fight those tickets in court, through our largest civil liberties project to date:

We put the Hildebrands in touch with Josh Halpern. He’s the top-notch criminal lawyer who is taking on their case at no cost to them. Halpern is passionate about protecting freedom from the government, so I know he’s the right guy for the job. If you’d like to help us continue to fight for the rights of Canadians during the pandemic by fighting these outrageous lockdown tickets, please donate today at

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