Trudeau’s brain trust floated the idea of wearing garbage bags in a proposal concerning the rationing and re-use of medical gowns.

The option to wear “heavy duty garbage bags” was on display in an email referring Health Canada (HC) sent from the PMO’s Issues Advisor Sabrina Kim to staffers Matt Stickney, Rick Theis, Alyx Holland and Lamothe Colleen:

SUBJECT: Supplies Call Readout – March 29

…HC to also provide guidance on best practices re: rationing of gowns/ gown re-use

Work to explore fall backs should everything else be insufficient for ex:

■ heavy duty garbage bags (need read from HC if viable)

You can read the proposal below, which also touches on a recommendation to charter flights to China because the Trudeau Liberals “can’t just rely on scheduled flights anymore,” after a donation of test kit swabs from the Chinese firm Ali Baba was delivered 48 hours late due to an Air Canada cancellation.

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