From Tom Fitton’s article for Breitbart:

I was honored to speak at this past weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which saw thousands of Americans gather to hear former President Trump and other conservative leaders.

Judicial Watch is one of the nation’s most widely supportive conservative groups and a fan favorite at CPAC. This is for good reason, as we address the rule of law crisis so many here in DC would rather avoid, as you’ll see in my CPAC remarks below:

Judicial Watch is your watchdog in Washington – Hillary Clinton knows who we are, and President Trump knows who we are. I’m not sure what Joe Biden knows, but millions of patriots across the nation know and support our heavy lifting to expose and stop government corruption.

Judicial Watch is famous for using the Freedom of Information Act to figure out what the government is up to. No one has done more to uncover government corruption – from Benghazi to Clinton emails to Obamagate to the Biden family racketeering scandal.

The rule of law protects the high and low. But the corrupt Deep State and its partisan allies subvert the rule of law. They aimed high by targeting President Trump with illicit spying and contemptible abuses of his civil rights.

President Trump is a crime victim.

Who was behind the worst corruption scandal in American history? Obama, Biden, Comey, Brennan … you know the rest.

And when Trump raised questions about this conspiracy and Biden corruption the corrupt DC Establishment was so panicked that they tried and failed to remove him from office with their first sham impeachment.

Remember the abuses of Trump are also about distraction – protecting Biden, Clinton, and other Swamp leaders from accountability for any misconduct and crimes.

Let’s talk about the new president. No other president in recent American history has been so compromised by credible corruption allegations. There is significant evidence that directly implicates President “Big Guy” Biden in criminal activity tied to Hunter Biden’s rackets in Ukraine and China and other countries.

Big Media and Big Tech, which seem to be nothing more than left wing advocacy groups, censored or covered this up for years, and the Justice Department and FBI, true to form, focused on protecting Biden while targeting Trump.

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